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Your Mine Life - How long do you really have?


Your Mine Life How long do you really have?

How to 3D Print from any Mining Software for free. How to 3D Print from any Mining Software for free. Surpac, Deswik, MineSite, DataMine, Vulcan or any other mining software for that matter. Really this method will work for any software that can export a solid to DXF. The steps for 3d printing are very simple. All you will need is a free software called FreeCAD and your chosen slicing program. I use Cura but there are a ton of options to chose from, just make sure that it matches up with your printer. Most open source printers use GCODE which is sent straight to the computer. From your chosen mining software. Go to FILE – Export to DXF and then save the dxf where you are going to find it. Now in FreeCAD. First you will need to start a new project then Import the dxf by going to File – Import DXF and importing it from the location you specified beforehand. One you have the solid imported, you can edit it here or export it straight to STL. This is the filetype which most of the Slicing programs use. Now you import that STL file into the slicing software and you can edit all the parameters which are needed for the print. There is a bit of trial and error with this. Feel free to ask me some questions. Also every printer is different and will be able to withstand different speeds of different layer thicknesses. Most printing companies will be able to deal with an STL file very easily and simply and doing these first couple of simple steps will cut down any “consulting” fees significantly. December 10, 2017


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Getting made redundant from your dream job. In all honesty I struggle to think of anything worse.. I know there is many many worse things.. but its hard to think about it when your in it. Waking up at 6am to find a txt message.. ”all employees are to meet at the town hall for a special announcement at 8am” Here I am thinking that there was an accident.. No! you have been made redundant… and your not allowed back on site.. FUCK. What now? I spent years getting trying to get this job. Hundreds of hours of overtime when I got it. Just to keep this place going. I loved my job. It was part of me. My identity. My well being.. and all I get is a fucking txt… It’s not personal they say. That doesn’t help they way I feel. Didn’t you see it coming? No. I didn’t and what sort of question is that… Life goes on, and hopefully I am able to obtain the same passion and purpose again. Probably in a more mature light. Note If you are not feeling great about being made redundant.. or about anything really. Mensline is a great free service that you can call anytime of the day. The number is 1300789978. November 26, 2017


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Net Worth November 2017 As this is my first net worth post I am going to cover some principles that I use to calculate it. If you have ever read the blog early retirement extreme his philosophy for calculating net worth does not include any money that is stashed away in retirement accounts or anything that you own that isn’t earning money essentially. I plan on taking the same approach however I will also be listing my Super as an amount outside of this calculation. Current net worth Cash My plan is to keep at least 12 months expenses in cash at this time as my work is very turbulent. I have just started a new job and as such I am within the probation period. Once this period passes I may look at reducing this figure and placing more of it into shares. Ubank – $24,401.29 Investments Sharesight Figures -$12,878 Currently holding all Australian shares My general plan is to all hold all index finds or LIC’s however I have made a few mistakes at this early stage and bought $1000 in an exploration company which is down 40%… At least it isn’t a huge amount of money and lesson learnt never to buy a small exploration company ever again… My other holdings are VAS and AFI. I am leaning towards putting more into AFI due to its DSSP program which I will explain at a later date. I also have about $3k in TLS as it is currently extremely cheap. Super Australian Super $49,294 Net Worth = $37,279.29 Net worth including super = $86,573.29 November 26, 2017

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Why FIFO pay (per hour) is shit. “What!… FIFO pay sucks???” “I’ve never heard this before…” “Everyone always goes on about how much Fly In Fly Out pay is the best money going around.” Well I am here to tell you that it is all a massive scam. Now to understand where I am coming from you will have will need to understand the principles behind the book Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin Basically one of the main steps of this book is to calculate your effective hourly rate of pay taking into account every single minute of the day which you associate with your job. This includes, getting ready for work, making your lunch, driving time, extra courses or “networking events”, and in the case of FIFO work…. every single hour that you are on site or on the way to site. I.e. The Minute you leave home until the minute you get back home, because, lets face it.. would you be doing it otherwise? I will share some quick figures with you. Average mining salary / wage is about $140,000 per year in Western Australia. A typical roster for an office based position is 8 days on, 6 days off, usually 12 hour shifts. The last FIFO job that I did was this exact roster. I would depart my house at 5am, catch a flight at 6am and then return home to my house 8 days later at 6pm on a Wednesday evening. This is really an ideal case as most people working on site would need to overnight on the way to work which they were leaving home at 1pm on a Tuesday and then not getting home until midnight on the following Wednesday. Now calculating the time away from home for each swing (period of work) I come up with a total of 205 hours that I needed to spend away from home for an 8 day swing. This doesn’t include sleeping time when I get home (due to exhaustion etc.) Now chuck in another 100 hours for professional development. (This year I did about 500 as I was doing a course) That’s a total of 5330 hours associated with work, realistically a very conservative number. Now I can subtract Annual leave of two swings per year. (if you take it….) That brings us back to 5020 hours per year. (much more reasonable… right) Now our big FIFO salary needs to do its bit for Australia.. minus tax we are down to $97,768 a year. Divide $97,768 by 5020 we have….. $19.47 an hour in your hand Bar work doesn’t sound to bad now. Disclaimer I would like to say that some links on this page are “affiliate links”. If you click these links and proceed to make a purchase on the linked website, I will get a small amount of cash. Using the links will be no more expensive to you (and in some cases will be cheaper for you!). These are all services I personally use and recommend if you want to start a blog website. If you would prefer that I didn’t get any money, then you can use google to find the websites instead and make your purchases as normal. November 26, 2017

Your Mine Life

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Your Mine Life - How long do you really have?

Your Mine Life How long do you really have? How to 3D Print from any Mining Software for free. How to 3D Print from any Mining Software for free. Sur...

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