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WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test - Set 1 - Exam Manzil


WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test – Set 1 By Dipankar Roy - October 25, 2017

Hello Friends, i hope you are enjoying our Education Social media Platform. Today we are going to solve 50 very important Question from History. This 50 question WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test – Set 1 will definitely boost your preparation for upcoming examinations like WBCS , SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, IBPS, RRB and others state Level exams.

Topic : WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test – Set 1 Number of Question : 50 (Very Useful for upcoming examinations – WBCS)

Question #1: Who was the Greatest ruler of Pratihara Dynasty Vatsyaraj Mihir Bhoja Harichandra Rajyapal

Question #2: In his early life Ashoka was a – Saiva Buddhist Ajivak None of the above

Question #3: Where did Bhil revolt take place? Chotonagpur Singbhum Satara Khandesh

Question #4: Whom did the Gadar Party plot to kill? Kingsford Hardinge II Tegart Northbrooke

Question #5: How many signs have been found in Harappan Script? 250 300 400 450

Question #6: The distribution of power between centre and states is based on – Govt of India Act Indian Independece Act 1947 Morley Minto reforms 1909 None of the above

Question #7: Adi bahara was the title of Tansen Mihir bhoja Harischandra vattarak

Question #8: Nitisar was the counter part of the which of the following book? Ranghubansam Srimadkanta Mudra Rakshas Arthasastra

Question #9: Who founded Indian Reform Association in 1870? Abanindra Nath Tagore Debendra Nath Tagore Keshab Chandra Sen Raja Rammohan Roy

Question #10: According to Brahminical Text Chandragupta Maurya was Sudra Brahman Vaishya Kshatriya

Question #11: In which year was passed the congress resolution on Fundamental rights and National Economic Ploicy? 1929 1930 1931 1932

Question #12: Who introduced at first the objective resolution of the constitution of India? J.L Nehru Dr. Rajendra Prasad B.N. Rao Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar

Question #13: “Gol Gumbuz” – is the largest dome in India and second largest dome in the world next to St. Peters Basillica in rome. The Dome build in the year 1656 by ? Allauddin HUssein Muhammad Adil Shah Akbar Babur

Question #14: Who massacared Buddhists? Mihir Kula Chandra Gupta Skanda Gupta Hussein Shah

Question #15: The word Jana means? province Tribe Village People

Question #16: What proposal were made in “August Offer” ? Complete independence of India gradually Dominion Status Provincial Autonomy None of the above

Question #17: In which place was the session of Indian National Congress held in 1946 when Tebhagha movement started in Bengal? Kanpur Lucknow Bombay Meerut

Question #18: Aitchison Commission of 1886 was concerned with Educational reform Judicial Reform Civil Service Reform None of the above

Question #19: Who among the following is considered to be the “Father of the Idea of Pakistan” ? Mh. Ali Jinnah Muhammad Iqbal rahamat Ali None of them

Question #20: Which is the Earliest Literary source of the history of india ? Puran Manu Smriti Rigveda Upanishad

Question #21: Who were the overlords of the Rashtrakutas? Chalukya Pallavas The ganges Chalukya of Vengi

Question #22: Who established to promote the cause of indian independence the Homrule society, popularly called “India House”, was established in London? Lala Hardayal Shyam Ji krishna verma V.D. Savarkar Dayananda Saraswati

Question #23: The rule established by Md. Ghori lasted for nearly – 200 250 300 350

Question #24: Firoj’s last military campaign was in – Deccan Bengal Sind Orissa

Question #25: Who were Nayaks ? Feudal chiefs Military officers Military Commander Military Governors

Question #26: In order to investigate the Jalianwalabagh Massacre which committee was formed by the British Government ? Nehru Commission Hunter Commision Floud Commission Cripley Commission

Question #27: Who was known as Father of Trade Union Movement ? N.M joshi N.M Lokhande M.N. Roy S.A Dange

Question #28: At which place was the all India Khilafat conference held in 1919? Kolkata Bombay Delhi Lucknow

Question #29: Who was the last king of Brahmani Kingdom ? Kalimullah Shah Amir Ali Muhammad Shah Qasim Ali

Question #30: Bhamani Kingdom was divided into how many provinces? 15 20 25 26

Question #31: Who associated with Great Calcutta Killing in 1946 ? Allabhakas Liakut Ali Rahamat Ali Md. Iqbal

Question #32: Mahmud Gawan awas the Prime Minister of — Mahmud Shah I Mahmud Shah II Mahmud Shah III Mahmud Ali

Question #33: Who was the first general of A.I.T.U.C ? N.M. Joshi Lala Lajpat Rai Dewan CHamanlal None of them

Question #34: Rail Transport in West Bengal was Introduced in — 1854 1853 1855 1856

Question #35: Asfaqullah was accrued in which conspiracy case? Kakori Conspiracy Case Nasik Conspiracy Case Merut Conspiracy Case Lahore Conspiracy Case

Question #36: Humayun Tomb was constructed by — Akbar Salim Haji Begum Gulbadan

Question #37: Lok Nath Bal is associated with – Alipur Conspiracy Invasion of European club of Chittagong Plunder of Chittagong Army none of the above

Question #38: Mosque building reached its peak under the reign of – Shah Jahan HUmayun Akbar Aurangjeb

Question #39: Assam was captured by babur Aurangjeb Humayun None of them

Question #40: Who among the secretary of State for India at the time of the foundation of Indian Congress? Lord morley Lord Elgin Lord Cross none of them

Question #41: Who among the following did not attend the first session of Indian National Congress at Bombay ? S.N. Banerjess W.C. banerjess K.T. Telang Bedruddin Tyabji

Question #42: Hindus were regarded the privillaged class during the rule of – Akbar Shah Jahan Aurangjeb Babur

Question #43: Who wrote the Book “Muntakab-ulTwarikh’ ? Abul Fazal Badauni Faizi Himayudh

Question #44: Muntakab-ul-Lubab was written during the rule of — Aurangzeb Shah Jahan Babar Akbar

Question #45: Who among the following viceroys become a victim of one of the convicts during his visit to the Andamans ? Lyton Ripon Curzon Mayo

Question #46: Who said, ” The congress movement was neither inspired by the poeple nor devised of planned by them” ? Lord Dufferin Lord Curzon Lala Lajpat rai Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Question #47: Who was the first Propunder of the doctrine of “Passive Resistance” ? Aurobindo ghosh G.k. Gokhale M.K. Gandhi B.G Tilak

Question #48: Battle of Plassey fought during the rule of ? Alamgir II Alamgir I Farukhsiyar Ahmed Shah

Question #49: Who said, ” Muslims were fools to ask for safeguads, and the Hindus were greater fools to refuse them.” ? Abul Kalam Azad Subhash Ch. Bose Muhammed Ali Jinnah J.L. Nehru

Question #50: The trident-shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent Budhha Dhamma Sangha Nirvana


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WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test - Set 1 - Exam Manzil

WBCS Preliminary History Free Mock Test – Set 1 By Dipankar Roy - October 25, 2017 Hello Friends, i hope you are enjoying our Education Social media...

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