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OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE COURSE SYLLABUS & ADMINISTRATION Spring 2013 Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education Wounspe Ihuniyan Hci Lakota Oyate Kin Akta Ic’icakagapi Kte lo

Name of Course: On-Site Construction III

Course Number: CAR 214

Department: Vocational Education

Credit Hours: Four (4)

Location: Construction Yard or other Building Site

Time & Day: Wed, Thurs, Fri

Instructor’s Name: Staff Email: [email protected] Phones: 455-6043 Mobile: Office: 455-6043 Office Hours: M-F 9-4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________

This course is a Practicum and hands- on study of the various tools and materials used in construction and proceeds into the study of foundation systems and materials, floor systems and roof systems used in any type of residential construction and/or remodeling. Other emphases will be on sustainable building construction, and other research projects including but not limited to greenhouses,

Course Description (Waunspe Oyakapi):

Prerequisites: Developmental Math and R&W courses- see Pre-Program Entrance Requirements Required Text and Materials:

Construction tools and safety equipment as required by your trade.

Course Goal: See catalog and handbook program goals # 1— 6, inclusive, for Electrical Technology, General Construction and Plumbing Technology. Learning Objectives (Wounspe Taku Unspepi Kte Kin He Le E): Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

    

Practice creativity and problem solving skills Provide practical advice toward developing key initiatives and traits for advancing in the Construction Industry Promote Safety Develop effective communication and solid teamwork Present quality workmanship


Project-based assessment by evaluator, and occasional surveys or other student, faculty and community perspective

Instructional Methodology- Practicum or hands-on construction at the building site at the direction of the faculty of the carpentry, plumbing and electrical trades and others as appropriate, such as architects, engineers, and the building owner or representatives . Course Rationale Hands-on practical construction experience is a necessary complement to academic preparation for the construction field including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other

specialty trades such as HVAC , concrete, etc. The skills that an individual possesses in manual operation and assembly of construction materials, tools and equipment combined with the academic knowledge, mathematical skills, codes and construction reckoning is an essential pairing of concrete and abstract knowledge on the construction jobsite. Homework: no/none, but it is advisable for students to review prior coursework and texts relevant to the construction at hand. Reading Load: n/a

Type & Amount of Writing Load: Lakota Perspective Provided Through: This course stresses Wolakotakiciapi of “learning Lakota ways of life in the community”. This course is based on the values of mutual respect and generosity (woohola na wochantognakapi), seeking to advance each individual’s knowledge through their continuing hard work (fortitude- wowalitake) and willingness to learn new information and viewpoints, as well as to demonstrate it, by speaking in front of the group (bravery-woohitike); all undertaken in an environment of complete truthfulness, trust, integrity and humility. We will do this by embracing the teaching of our ancestors as we learn new ways. (Waunspe wicakiyapi ki iglutanyan ihani unpi kun hena itan waunspe tokeca uha ayin kte.) Evaluation and Grading: A scoring system will be used. The following points will be used to determine your grade:

   Daily  points  per  week  Times  number  of  weeks   Max  points 

Weekly   attendance  and team  work &  skills  


15 2,250 Percent  90%‐100%  80%‐89%  70%‐79%  60%‐69%  59%‐below 

Total Points  1800‐2000+  1600‐1799  1400‐1599  1200‐1399  0‐1199 

Grade  A  B  C  D  F 

A = Superior Quality Work = Demonstrated concept mastery by scoring 90% or better. B = Good Quality Work = Demonstrated concept mastery by scoring 80-89%. C = Satisfactory Quality Work = Demonstrated concept mastery by scoring 70-79%.

D = Marginal Quality Work = Demonstrated weak concept mastery by scoring 60-69% F = Demonstrated concept mastery below the acceptable mark of 59%, which is well below what may be required in the business world. W = Withdrawal = A student may withdraw from a course by filling out a Drop Card to be recorded by the Registrar. The student must sign this form if you drop yourself. A Drop Card may/can be filled out and signed by a counselor/instructor for lack of attendance. College Policy on Grading and Change of Grades: http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 9 and 10 Course Requirements, Expectations of Students: Because the on-site construction is subject to weather and other delays, you should be on time for class and expect to attend for the entire six (6) hours per day. In addition, opportunities arise where students may complete longer days or attend on-site exercises on the week end. Since the majority of grading points are awarded for attendance and team work, it is essential that you be there when these activities take place. You must have the proper tools and safety equipment as well, so be prepared tith the proper gear or you may be restricted from the site. Remember that all active OLC property, including our on-site construction areas that may belong to other entities are No Smoking sites, No Tobacco, and there may be children or other community members present so that your language and behavior need to be strictly controlled or you may be restricted from the activity at the discretion of the faculty or administrators. Attendance and Tardiness http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 8 Policies on Academic Honesty http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 43 Standards of Conduct Policy http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 38 ADA Policy http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 37 Electronic Information Resources Acceptable Use Guidelines http://www.olc.edu/~wwhitedress/studentservices/Docs/OLC_Handbook.pdf see page 41 Department Specifics:


Week # 1


Go over syllabus, explain grading system, (Get Started).

Topical Content developed on a Semester–by--semester basis



OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE COURSE SYLLABUS & ADMINISTRATION Spring 2013 Rebuilding the Lakota Nation through Education Wounspe Ihuniyan Hci Lakota Oyate Ki...

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