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(/NATIONAL/) Latest Nor'easter Could Dump a Foot or More of Snow (/weather/northeastbracing-blizzardconditions-latestnoreaster/4822219/? cat=12678)


Teen Killed, Woman Hurt when Package Explodes at Texas Home (/national/deadly-package-explosionaustin-texas-home/4822312/?cat=12678) 03/12/2018 12:12 PM A teenager has died and a woman is seriously injured after a package exploded at a home in Austin, marking the second such explosion this month at a home in Texas' capital city...

(/weather/northeastbracing-blizzardconditions-latestnoreaster/4822219/? cat=12678)

Nepal Police say at Least 50 Dead in Plane Crash at Airport (/national/planecrash-kathmandunepal-airportfatalitiesinjuries/4822126/? cat=12678)


MOST READ STORIES (/national/planecrash-kathmandunepal-airportfatalitiesinjuries/4822126/? cat=12678)

NYPD Confirms 5 Passengers in NYC Helicopter Crash are Dead (/national/newyork-policedepartment-confirmsfatalities-helicoptercrash/4822109/? cat=12678)

(/national/newyork-policedepartmentconfirmsfatalitieshelicoptercrash/4822109/? cat=12678)

Rally Shows FreeWheeling, MediaBashing Trump Here to Stay (/politics/pennsylvaniarally-shows-freewheeling-mediabashing-presidentdonald-trump-here-tostay/4821608/? cat=12678) 2 Killed, 3 Critically Injured in NYC Helicopter Crash (/national/federalaviationadministration-sayshelicopter-crashes-innew-york-city-eastriver/4821709/? cat=12678)

Deadly Braham Crash Investigation: Did Teen Driver Completely Stop, Yield Right of Way? (/news/braham-areahigh-school-students-gavinbutenhoff-alexis-hasser-killedcrash-mora/4822085/)

Sheriff: Minnesota Man Kills Wisconsin Woman, Toddler in Florida (/news/minnesota-man-kills(/news/minnesotawisconsin-woman-toddlerman-killsin-florida/4821450/) wisconsin-womantoddler-inflorida/4821450/)

Family Shares Close Call With (/politics/pennsylvaniaCarbon Monoxide rally-shows-free(/news/pfeifer-family-shareswheeling-mediaclose-call-with-carbonbashing-presidentdonald-trump-here-to- monoxide-exposure-sourcedfrom-garage-furnace-/4815155/) stay/4821608/? cat=12678)

(/national/federalaviationadministrationsays-helicoptercrashes-in-newyork-city-eastriver/4821709/? cat=12678)

KSTP Traffic Round-Up: Semi Rollover Delays Traffic Along Hwy 52 in Inver Grove Heights (/traffic/kstp-trafficround-up-monday-march-122018-semi-rollover-highway52-inver-groveheights/4822267/)

Florida Police Nab Suspect in Minneapolis Murder (/news/authorities-in-floridaarrest-minneapolisfebruary-27-murder-suspectantwan-darnell-cosey-onbus-in-fort-waltonbeach/4821592/) (/national/historic-vote-china-legislature-allows-president-rule-for-life/4821684/?cat=12678)

Historic Vote in China Will Let President Rule for Life (/national/historic-vote-chinalegislature-allows-president-rule-forlife-/4821684/?cat=12678) In one swift vote, the rubber-stamp legislature opened up the possibility of Xi serving as president for life, returning China to the one-man-rule system that prevailed during the era of Mao and the emperors who came before him ...

Third Nor'easter in 2 Weeks on the Horizon (/weather/thirdnoreaster-in-two-weeks-onhorizon-for-eastern-seaboard/4821692/?cat=12678)

Trump Administration's Words, Deeds on Africa are Colliding (/national/trumpadministrations-words-deedson-africa-arecolliding/4821514/?cat=12678)

(/weather/thirdnoreaster-intwo-weeks-onhorizon-foreasternseaboard/4821692/? cat=12678)

(/national/trumpadministrationswords-deeds-onafrica-arecolliding/4821514/? cat=12678)

Critics Across Partisan Divide Assail Florida's New Gun Law (/national/critics-across-partisandivide-assail-floridas-new-gunlaw/4821286/?cat=12678)

Trump Believes North Korea Will Keep Word on Missile Tests (/national/trump-believes-northkorea-will-keep-word-on-missiletests/4820950/?cat=12678)

Trump Announces Stiff Trade Tariffs, Unswayed by Warnings (/national/trumpannounces-stiff-tradetariffs-unswayed-bywarnings/4818691/? cat=12678)

(/national/criticsacross-partisandivide-assailfloridas-newgunlaw/4821286/? cat=12678)

(/national/trumpbelieves-northkorea-will-keepword-on-missiletests/4820950/? cat=12678)


Soon After Governor Signs Gun Bill, NRA Sues to Block It (/national/soonafter-governor-signs-gun-bill-nra-suesto-block-it/4820621/?cat=12678) Weeks after their children were gunned down in the worst high school shooting since Columbine, parents of the victims stood in the Florida Capitol and watched Gov. Rick Scott sign a farreaching bill that places new restrictions on guns ...

3 Hostages, Gunman Found Dead in California Veterans Home (/national/3-hostagesgunman-found-dead-incalifornia-veteranshome/4820396/?cat=12678)

(/national/3hostagesgunman-founddead-incaliforniaveteranshome/4820396/? cat=12678)

Florida Governor Signs Gun Restrictions 3 Weeks After Attack (/national/floridagovernor-signs-gun-restrictions3-weeks-after-attack/4820283/? cat=12678)

Florida School Shooting Calls Released; Gun Bill on Governor's Desk (/national/florida-schoolshooting-calls-released-gun-billgovernors-desk/4819397/? cat=12678)

South Korea: Trump to Meet With North's Kim by May (/news/trump-to-meet-withnorthe-korea-kim-jong-un-bymay/4818882/?cat=12678)

Spanish Women Strike as Europe, Asia Mark Women's Day (/national/spanishwomen-strike-europeasia-mark-womensday/4817799/?cat=12678)


(/national/floridagovernor-signsgun-restrictions3-weeks-afterattack/4820283/? cat=12678)

(/national/floridaschool-shootingcalls-releasedgun-billgovernorsdesk/4819397/? cat=12678)



PHOTO GALLERIES (/PHOTOGALLERIES/) Liebling Ends Gubernatorial Campaign (/news/representative-tina-liebling-dflends-campaign-minnesota-governorgubernatorial-race/4822381/?cat=12695)


PHOTOS: 45th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show (/news/photo-gallery-45th-annualtwin-cities-auto-show/4819997/? cat=12695)


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(/news/trumpto-meet-withnorthe-koreakim-jong-un-bymay/4818882/? cat=12678)

Alabama: 1 Student Dead, Another Hurt in School Shooting (/national/alabama-1student-dead-anotherhurt-in-schoolshooting/4817380/? cat=12678)

Alabama: 1 Student Dead, Another Hurt in School Shooting (/national/alabama-1-student-dead-another-hurt-in-schoolshooting/4817380/?cat=12678)


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KSTP-TV 2 hours ago

Under the proposed bill, the option for school districts to use the money to pay for school resource officers would be eliminated, but the rest of the levy would stay the same.

Senate Bill Would Eliminate State Fundin A bill introduced in the Minnesota Se… KSTP.COM

DIGITAL EXTRAS (/DIGITALEXTRAS/) FULL NEWSCAST: 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS at 10 Sunday (/news/10-pm-fullnewscast-5-eyewitness-news-sundaymarch-11-2018/4822310/?cat=12157)

A 17-year-old girl was killed in a shooting at dismissal time Wednesday at an Alabama high school and a 17-year-old male student was injured, authorities said, adding they were investigating it as accidental .. (/national/alabama1-student-deadanother-hurt-inschoolshooting/4817380/? cat=12678)

UK Police: Russian Ex-Spy was Attacked with Nerve Agent (/national/united-kingdom-police-say-russian-ex-spy-attacked-with-nerveagent/4816859/?cat=12678)

FULL SPORTSCAST: 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS at 10 Sunday (/news/10-pm-fullsportscast-5-eyewitness-news-sundaymarch-11-2018/4822309/?cat=12157)

Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench in the southwest England city of Salisbury on Sunday, triggering a police investigation led by counterterrorism detectives ... (/national/unitedkingdom-policesay-russian-exspy-attackedwith-nerveagent/4816859/? cat=12678)

Watchdog Report: Failed VA Leadership Put Patients at Risk (/medical/watchdog-report-failed-va-leadership-put-patients-atrisk/4817047/?cat=12678) The 150-page report released Wednesday by the VA internal watchdog offers new details to its preliminary finding last April of patient safety issues at the Washington, D.C., medical center ...


(/news/10-pm-full-sportscast-5-eyewitnessnews-sunday-march-11-2018/4822309/? cat=12157)

Spring RV Show Returns to US Bank Stadium (/news/spring-rv-show-returnsto-us-bank-stadium/4821328/? cat=12157)

(/medical/watchdogreport-failed-valeadership-putpatients-atrisk/4817047/? cat=12678)



KSTP Traffic Round-Up: Semi Rollover Delays Traffic Along Hwy 52 in Inver Grove Heights





Malala Yousafzai Working on Book about Refugees (/entertainment/malala-yousafzai-book-little-brown-booksrefugees-we-are-displaced/4822420/?cat=12584) The next book from Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai is a story of refugees...


(/BUSINESS/) Minnesota Farmland Prices Drop in 2017 (/business/minnesotafarmland-prices-drop-in2017-minnesotadepartment-ofrevenue/4822462/? cat=12196)

Minnesota Farmland Prices Drop in 2017 (/business/minnesota-farmland-prices-drop-in-2017-minnesotadepartment-of-revenue/4822462/?cat=12685) Minnesota's farmland prices dropped last year as the agriculture industry continues facing low crop prices and reduced income...



West Side, 4 Stories: Development Features Movable Building (/technology/west-side-four-stories-the-shed-development-featuresmovable-building-/4821792/?cat=12510)

Funeral Set Friday for Ex-North Dakota Gov. George Sinner (/news/funeralservice-set-for-former-democraticnorth-dakota-governor-george-sinnerdied-at-89/4821694/?cat=12196)

After five years of construction, a $25 billion mini-city has been taking shape on Manhattan's West Side where officials once wanted to build an Olympic and NFL stadium ...

'Iconic' Mazeppa Building Lost to Fire (/news/fire-destroys-iconic-downtownmazeppa-building-wds-bar-and-grillecause-of-fire-underinvestigation/4821675/?cat=12196) 45th Twin Cities Auto Show Underway in Minneapolis (/traffic/45thannual-twin-cities-auto-showunderway-minneapolis-conventioncenter/4821490/?cat=12196) State Patrol: Alcohol a Factor in Rollover Crash that Killed 1 in Martin County (/traffic/minnesota-state-patrolincident-report-26-year-old-fairmontwoman-myra-guzman-killed-rollovercrash-martin-county/4821543/? cat=12196)

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