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August 2015 Volume 40, No. 1

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Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season



FINE ART & FRAMING University Village 206.525.2400

16 VERDI’S KING LEAR Jonathan Dean


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Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season


FROM THE GENERAL DIRECTOR Welcome to Nabucco, the first production of our 2015/16 season. One of the pleasures of constructing a season of opera is the resonances or chance comparisons that unexpectedly spring up during the planning process; and this season is no exception. We open with Verdi’s Nabucco, and we close with Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman. Both works provided their respective composers with their big breakthrough, and both were premiered a mere nine months apart. Stylistically, they couldn’t be more different, but each piece provides us with a fascinating starting point against which we can measure the creator’s development towards his full maturity as a composer.

In Verdi’s case, we think of him as the person who moved Italian opera away from the classic recitativearia structure of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries towards the throughcomposed style of his later works. This shift, in turn, paved the way for Puccini and his fellow verismo composers to move opera to the form of continuous narrative that we generally accept as the norm for drama, be it in the theater or on the screen. Verdi’s style changed fairly swiftly. Compared with the deft fluidity of Rigoletto, written just nine years later, Nabucco can seem slightly formulaic and four-square; but that would be to do it a disservice, for the writing of Nabucco is very much conditioned by the theatrical circumstances at the time of its composition. Today, we sit in a darkened auditorium, with three-dimensional scenery sitting on a stage lit by sophisticated electric lighting. Back in 1842, however, going to the opera was a vastly different experience. The auditorium would have been lit more brightly than the stage, in order that the audience could read the libretto while they watched. With twodimensional scenery and the stage picture enhanced mainly by the footlights, the singers were invariably placed forward on the stage, and would have been able to see the faces of their audience. The result would have been much greater contact between the audience and the performers than we are used to today. Verdi’s audience would have felt that arias were being sung directly to them, rather than listening in on the private thoughts of the characters, as we do when the houselights are off. This is the first time that Seattle Opera has ever staged Nabucco, and so we have taken this opportunity to offer you a slightly experimental approach to the way we present the work, one that aims to capture something of the experience that Verdi’s first night audience would have had, albeit with a more contemporary “take.” We have therefore inverted the relationship between the stage and orchestra pit in order to bring the singers forward and give you a sense of that direct singer-audience communication of the 1840s. And by the use of projection, we replace the flown painted scenery of yesteryear, yet retain the ability both to suggest the location of the action, and to transition deftly from one scene to the next. Together, we hope to create an evening that is both compellingly new, but also honors the grandeur and depth of Verdi’s great opera.




2014/15 Season*

Chairman John F. Nesholm

President Maryanne Tagney

Treasurer Gary Houlahan

Secretary Jonathan Caves

Vice Presidents Thomas H. Allen Brenda Bruns, M.D. Steven A. Clifford Robert Comfort James D. Cullen Robert Fries Diana Gale Richard Gemperle Ron Hosogi Kelly Jo MacArthur

Brian Marks Bruce R. McCaw Louise Miller Steven C. Phelps James David Raisbeck Jonathan Rosoff Stephen A. Sprenger John Sullivan William T. Weyerhaeuser

Directors Willie C. Aikens Richard Albrecht Kim A. Anderson Toby Bright Gregory Chan, M.D. Janice C. Condit Charles B. Cossé Susan MacGregor Coughlin Susan Detweiler, M.D. Carolyn Eagan Paul Goodrich Jeffrey Hanna Jim L. Hodge Kennan Hollingsworth, M.D. Bruce Johnson Mary Justice Lily LaMotte Jay Lapin

Thomas A. Lemly Laura Lundgren Tom McQuaid James Melhorn Rosemary W. Peterson Tom Puentes Matthew Segal Martha Sherman John Starbard Russell F. Tousley James Uhlir Moya Vazquez Susanne Wakefield, Ph.D. Joan S. Watjen Judith A. Whetzel Scott Wyatt

*The 2015/16 Seattle Opera Board will be sworn in on September 9, 2015.


Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

FROM THE PRESIDENT After nine years of collective work in the cultural community, the State Legislature has passed “Cultural Access Washington” legislation—the first, vital step in securing ongoing funding for a huge variety of arts, scientific, heritage, and cultural organizations, including, of course, Seattle Opera.

Connie Bloxom John M. Bloxom Jr. Beverly Brazeau Norma B. Croco David R. Davis Jane Davis Hester Diamond Mildred K. Dunn Betty Hedreen Susanne F. Hubbach Victoria Ivarsson Donald L. Johnson

Duff Kennedy Lynn J. Loacker May Lui Wah Lui Betty McCurdy James G. McCurdy Linda Nordstrom George S. Schuchart Sr. Judy Schuchart Eulalie Schneider Virginia B. Wright

Honorary Life Members Beverly Brazeau Donald L. Johnson

Michael M. Scott

Seattle Opera Foundation Jeffrey Hanna, President James D. Cullen Sandra B. Dunn Jay Lapin Everil Loyd

Steven C. Phelps Anne M. Redman Maryanne Tagney, ex officio Michael Tobiason Moya Vazquez

Past Presidents Norma B. Croco Albert O. Foster† Max E. Gellert† Harold H. Heath† H. Dewayne Kreager† Francis A. LeSourd† James M. McDonald Jr.† Stanley N. Minor

John F. Nesholm Sheffield Phelps† Steven C. Phelps Russell F. Tousley Richard S. Twiss William T. Weyerhaeuser Howard S. Wright†


Advisory Board

With heartfelt gratitude we recognize the work of everyone who made this historic legislation happen. With 88 “yes” votes in the State House and 33 in the Senate, we can’t thank everyone individually here, but I do want to call out the prime sponsors of the bill— Senator Andy Hill and Representative Larry Springer. And, of course, it would have gone nowhere without the support of House Speaker Frank Chopp.

Now Cultural Access WA goes to the municipalities that have expressed interest in supporting their local arts community in this way. We have operagoers from all over the state, and from many parts of the US, but as Seattle Opera is based in King County, that is where we turn our attention at this time. We will keep you up to date as things progress, because it will take a public vote to put the funding in action. And that isn’t the only positive news. Some of you probably remember that Seattle Opera has been looking for a “Permanent Home” for some time. With the phenomenal growth of the South Lake Union neighborhood, we do not have an option for long-term residency in our current (leased) headquarters at John Street and Boren Avenue, beyond 2018. At that point it would make sense to consolidate all the opera activities—administration offices, scene shop, costume shop, rehearsal space, chorus room, box office, etc.—under one roof. And that roof will be right next to McCaw Hall on the site of the old Mercer Arena. It’s an elegant solution that is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Work on the Mercer Arena site began in 2004, and the city memorialized the lease agreement in 2007. But that project, along with many others, had to wait out the recession. It sprang back to life 18 months ago, with a team of board, staff, real estate, project management, political strategy, fundraising, and construction experts to kickstart (or re-kick-start) the project. Currently, the work to introduce the elected officials of Seattle, King County, and Washington State to the opportunity is underway. Their support is critical to our success.

Peggy O’Brien-Murphy, Seattle Opera Guild Gail Neil, Seattle Opera Chorus Eoin Hudson, BRAVO! Eric Han, The Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Association

There is much hard work ahead of us before our “dream home” is ready for occupancy, but we are encouraged that our elected officials recognize the impact that this organization will have on the livability of our region. The latest session at the State Legislature not only delivered the Cultural Access Washington bill, but capital money for Mercer Arena to ensure energy efficiency in our new building, critical to any modern rehearsal and production facility and essential for being a good steward of our community. A special “thank you” to Representative Hans Dunshee and the members of the House and Senate capital committees for their leadership.

† Deceased

Things are looking up—we know it will not be easy to undertake a project of this magnitude while still producing great opera and simultaneously designing ways to offer expanded access to communities we currently have difficulty reaching. But with our elected officials and you, our “opera family”—long-time and new—on our side, we know we can do it.

Representatives to the Board

—Maryanne Tagney, President, Seattle Opera Board of Directors Nabucco




Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

NABUCCO Music by Giuseppe Verdi Libretto by Temistocle Solera Premiere: Milan, Teatro alla Scala, March 9, 1842



Carlo Montanaro

Ginette Grenier†

Seattle Opera Premiere



François Racine

Duane Schuler



Robert Bonniol, MODE Studios, principal designer

Joyce Degenfelder


Jonathan Dean

Performed at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall: August 8, 9m, 12, 14, 15, 19, & 22, 2015. In Italian with English captions. Performances 7:30 p.m. Matinee 2:00 p.m. Latecomers and those who leave during the performance will not be seated once the music begins. Part I: 43 minutes. Part II: 30 minutes. Part III: 27 minutes. Part IV: 25 minutes. After Part II, there will be one 30-minute intermission.

Robert Schaub, in collaboration with Seattle Opera’s Technical Department



(in order of vocal appearance) ZACCARIA


Christian Van Horn† (8/8, 12, 15, and 22) Andreas Bauer† (8/9, 14, and 19)

Karen Early Evans


Russell Thomas

Gordon Hawkins (8/8, 12, 15, and 22) Weston Hurt (8/9, 14, and 19)



Jamie Barton†

Jonathan Silvia



Mary Elizabeth Williams (8/8, 12, 15, and 22) Raffaella Angeletti† (8/9, 14, and 19)

Eric Neuville




Philip A. Kelsey

Thomas Bagwell, Philip A. Kelsey, David McDade, Allen Perriello


Dan Wallace Miller CHORUSMASTER


Yasmine Kiss

John Keene

† Seattle Opera debut Eric Neuville, Russell Thomas, and Mary Elizabeth Williams are former Seattle Opera Young Artists. Scenery and costumes built by Seattle Opera Scenic Studios and Seattle Opera Costume Shop. English captions by Jonathan Dean © 2015 Seattle Opera. Makeup provided by M·A·C. Opera presentation and production © Seattle Opera 2015. Copying of any performance by camera, audio, or video recording equipment, and by any other copying device, and any other use of such copying devices during the performances is prohibited. Nabucco



Ancient Jerusalem and Babylon, capital of the Assyrian Empire 587 BCE




The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The Hebrews, that is, the people of Judah, pray as the armies of Babylon, led by King Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar), sack their city. The High Priest, Zaccaria, urges the Hebrews not to despair—they have captured Nabucco’s daughter, Fenena, and are holding her hostage. Zaccaria entrusts her to Ismaele, nephew of the king of Judah, not knowing that she and Ismaele are in love. (Earlier, when Ismaele was captive in Babylon, Fenena had fallen in love with him and helped him escape.) Abigaille, Fenena’s half-sister, surprises the lovers. She, too, loves Ismaele, but he rebuffs her. Suddenly, Nabucco and his army march into the temple. Zaccaria confronts Nabucco and threatens to kill Fenena, but Ismaele protects his beloved. The Hebrews curse Ismaele as a traitor, and Nabucco orders the destruction of the temple.

Nabucco’s palace in Babylon. Abigaille has found a document proving that Nabucco is not really her father—that she is in fact the daughter of slaves. She intends to conceal the document and destroy Nabucco and Fenena. The High Priest of Baal (the Babylonian god) informs Abigaille that Fenena, appointed regent while Nabucco wages war, has freed Ismaele and the Hebrew captives. Dismayed by Fenena’s treason, the Priest suggests that Abigaille should be the one to rule Babylon. He has already begun spreading the rumor that Nabucco has fallen in battle. Abigaille vows to seize the throne.

In the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The High Priest urges Abigaille to have the Hebrews put to death. Before she can give the order, the mad Nabucco wanders in. Abigaille tricks him into signing the death warrant for the Hebrews. He finds out too late that he has consigned Fenena, now a Hebrew, to be killed. Abigaille tries to remind Nabucco that she, too, is his daughter, whereupon Nabucco looks for the document proving that Abigaille is the daughter of a slave. She rips the paper to pieces. Realizing his powerlessness, Nabucco pleads in vain for Fenena’s life.


Zaccaria prays for inspiration to persuade the Babylonians to renounce their false idols. The Hebrews are furious with Ismaele for sparing Fenena, but they soften when they discover that she has converted to their religion. The rumor that Nabucco is dead reaches the palace. Supported by the Babylonians, Abigaille demands the crown from Fenena. But at that moment Nabucco himself enters. He declares that he is no longer king—he is God. A thunderbolt strikes him down and he goes mad. Abigaille grabs the crown and proclaims herself ruler of Babylon.

On the banks of the Euphrates. A group of enslaved Hebrews rests from forced labor, and in the chorus “Va, pensiero,” their thoughts turn to their beloved Zion. Zaccaria inspires them with a prophecy of the destruction of Babylon and the holy fire of courage.

PART 4: THE SHATTERED IDOL From his prison Nabucco watches Fenena and the Hebrew slaves being led to execution. Desperate, he prays to the God of the Hebrews for forgiveness. He promises to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. His strength and reason are restored. A band of soldiers, led by the loyal Abdallo, frees him from his prison. He resolves to regain his throne, punish the traitors, and save his daughter. The Hebrews are about to be sacrificed to Baal. Fenena serenely prepares for death when Nabucco rushes in and stops the sacrifice. He declares he will rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem and worship the God of the Hebrews. All join in prayer. Abigaille, who has taken poison, confesses her crimes, begs forgiveness of Fenena, prays for God’s mercy, and dies. Nabucco frees the Hebrews, and everyone unites in praising God.

Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season


JOYCE DEGENFELDER Hair and Makeup Designer (Los Angeles, CA)

Soprano (Torino, Italy) Seattle Opera Debut Recently: Abigaille, Nabucco (Opéra national de Lorraine and NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo); Tosca, Tosca and Amneris, Aida (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Upcoming: Suor Angelica and Giorgetta, Il trittico (Teatro dell’opera di Roma); Lady Macbeth, Macbeth (Theater St. Gallen)

Seattle Opera Debut: Parsifal (’03) Previously at Seattle Opera: Ariadne auf Naxos (’15); Semele (’15); Tosca (’15) Recently: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (ACT Theatre); Carmina Burana (Spectrum Dance); Othello (Seattle Shakespeare Company) Upcoming: Bloomsday (ACT Theatre); Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Seattle Children’s Theatre); View from a Bridge (Seattle Repertory Theatre)



Mezzo-Soprano (Rome, GA) Seattle Opera Debut Recently: Fricka, Die Walküre (Houston Grand Opera); Verdi Requiem (Toronto Symphony); Azucena, Il trovatore (Cincinnati Opera) Upcoming: Adalgisa, Norma (Los Angeles Opera); Waltraute and Second Norn, Götterdämmerung (Washington National Opera); Fenena, Nabucco (Royal Opera Covent Garden)

Soprano (Seattle, WA) Seattle Opera Debut: First Handmaiden, Turandot (’12) Previously at Seattle Opera: Mistress of Novices, Suor Angelica (’13) Recently: Soloist, Gala Concert (Vashon Opera); Soloist, Evening of Operetta (Tacoma Musical Playhouse); Tosca, Tosca (Seattle Opera Guild); Upcoming: Donna Anna, Don Giovanni (Tacoma Opera); Gertrude Stein, After Life (Music of Remembrance)

ANDREAS BAUER Zaccaria Bass (Frankfurt, Germany) Seattle Opera Debut Recently: Vodnìk, Rusalka, and Fiesco, Simon Boccanegra (Oper Frankfurt); Hermit, Der Freischütz (Semperoper Dresden) Upcoming: Filippo II, Don Carlos, and Daland, Der fliegende Holländer (Oper Frankfurt); King Henry, Lohengrin (New National Theatre, Tokyo)

GINETTE GRENIER Costume Designer (Montréal, Quebec) Seattle Opera Debut Recently: Gianni Schicci and Suor Angelica (Opera McGill); La vie Parisienne (Théâtre Lyrique de la Montérégie); L’Aiglon (Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal) Upcoming: Little Women and L’elisir d’amore (Opera McGill); Une nuit à Venise (Théâtre Lyrique de la Montérégie)

ROBERT BONNIOL MODE Studios, Principal Designer Video Design


Robert Bonniol is a director and production designer. At Seattle Opera he designed projections for Parsifal in 2003 and the KeyArena simulcast of Madama Butterfly in 2012. Other opera credits include projection design of War and Peace at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, Frobisher for Calgary Opera, and Don Giovanni for Banff Centre. He designed the TED Conferences from 2010 to 2012, the MTV Music Awards, on tour for Lenny Kravitz and other performers, and massive scale projection mapping for Marvel Universe Live, a co-production of Marvel Studios, Walt Disney, and Feld Entertainment.

Baritone (Phoenix, AZ) Seattle Opera Debut: Amonasro, Aida (’92) Previously at Seattle Opera: Porgy, Porgy and Bess (’11); Count di Luna, Il trovatore (’10); Donner/Gunther, Der Ring des Nibelungen (’09) Recently: Porgy, Porgy and Bess (Bergen International Festival); Nabucco, Nabucco (Opera Carolina); Scarpia, Tosca (Lyric Opera Kansas City) Upcoming: Rigoletto, Rigoletto (Vancouver Opera); Alberich, Der Ring des Nibelungen (Washington National Opera); Scarpia, Tosca (Cincinnati Opera)


ROBERT SCHAUB Set Designer (Seattle, WA)

Baritone (Houston, TX) Seattle Opera Debut: Giorgio Germont, La traviata (’09) Previously at Seattle Opera: Ford, Falstaff (’10) Recently: Carmina Burana (Pacific Northwest Ballet); Renato, Un ballo in Maschera (Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras); Germont, La traviata (Boston Lyric Opera) Upcoming: Germont, La traviata (New Orleans Opera); Scarpia, Tosca (Houston Grand Opera); Talbot, Mary Stuart (Seattle Opera)

Robert Schaub has been Seattle Opera’s Technical and Facilities Director for more than 24 years, overseeing much of what an audience sees onstage, including lighting, scenery, and props. He played a key role in the development and realization of designs for McCaw Hall. Schaub is the recipient of a 2001 Eddy (Entertainment Design) award for his work on Seattle Opera’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. He made his Seattle Opera design debut in 2011, partnering with Robert Dahlstrom on the set design for Die Zauberflöte. He is also the set designer for Seattle Opera’s world premiere An American Dream.

CARLO MONTANARO Conductor (Cecina, Italy) Seattle Opera Debut: Don Quichotte (’11) Previously at Seattle Opera: Speight Concert (’14); The Consul (’14); La bohème (’13) Recently: Simon Boccanegra (Oper Frankfurt); La fanciulla del West (Hamburgische Staastoper); Il barbiere di Siviglia (Opéra national de Paris) Upcoming: Mary Stuart (Seattle Opera); Carmen (San Francisco Opera); Rigoletto (Tietr Wielki, Warsaw)

ERIC NEUVILLE Abdallo Tenor (Waupaca, WI) Seattle Opera Young Artist: 2009/10; 2010/11 Seattle Opera Debut: Normanno, Lucia di Lammermoor (’10) Previously at Seattle Opera: Scaramuccio, Ariadne auf Naxos (’15); Nathanaël, Les contes d’Hoffmann (’14); First Priest, Die Zauberflöte (’11) Recently: Tamino, Die Zauberflöte (Tacoma Opera); Soloist, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (Seattle Symphony); Soloist, Carmina Burana (Austin Symphony) Upcoming: Ulysses, Pénélope (Vespertine Opera); Laurie, Little Women (Madison Opera)

FRANÇOIS RACINE Stage Director (Montreal, Quebec) Seattle Opera Debut and Artist of the Year: Bluebeard’s Castle/Erwartung (’09) Recently: Orfeo (Music conservatory of Montréal); La Vie Parisienne (Théâtre Lyrique de la Montérégie); Bluebeard’s Castle/Erwartung (Canadian Opera Company) Upcoming: Madama Butterfly (Opéra de Montréal); Le nozze di Figaro (Montréal University); L’elisir d’amore (McGill University)

DUANE SCHULER Lighting Designer (Elkhart Lake, WI) Seattle Opera Debut: Norma (’94) Previously at Seattle Opera: Don Giovanni (’14); The Consul (’14); Fidelio (’13) Recently: Turandot (Teatro alla Scala); Don Pasquale (Gran Teatre del Liceu); La donna del lago (Metropolitan Opera) Upcoming: Bel Canto (Lyric Opera of Chicago); Tosca (Houston Grand Opera); Béatrice et Bénédict (Glyndebourne Festival)

JONATHAN SILVIA High Priest of Baal Bass-Baritone (Kirkland, WA) Seattle Opera Debut: First Villager, Pagliacci (’08) Previously at Seattle Opera: Luther, Les contes d’Hoffmann (’14); Imperial Commissioner, Madama Butterfly (’12); Second Armored Man, Die Zauberflöte (’11) Recently: Alidoro, La Cenerentola, and Ramfis, Aida (Skagit Opera); Leporello, Don Giovanni (Vashon Opera) Upcoming: Oroveso, Norma (Skagit Opera); Enrico, Anna Bolena (Puget Sound Concert Opera)

RUSSELL THOMAS Ismaele Tenor (Miami, FL) Seattle Opera Young Artist: 2002/03 Seattle Opera Debut: Foresto, Attila (’12) Previously at Seattle Opera: Hoffmann, Les contes d’Hoffmann (’14); Foresto, Attila (’12) Recently: Manrico, Il trovatore (Cincinnati Opera); Faust, Faust (Detroit Opera House); Pollione, Norma (Palau de la Musica, Valencia) Upcoming: Turiddu, Cavalleria rusticana (Deutsche Oper Berlin); Pollione, Norma (Los Angeles Opera); Stiffelio, Stiffelio (Oper Frankfurt)



Bass-Baritone (Long Island, NY) Seattle Opera Debut Recently: Narbal, Les Troyens (San Francisco Opera); Four Villains, Les contes d’Hoffmann (Bayerische Staatsoper); Colline, La bohème (San Diego Opera) Upcoming: Alidoro, La Cenerentola, and Frère Laurent, Roméo et Juliette (Lyric Opera of Chicago); Colline, La bohème (Metropolitan Opera)




Donna Baldwin Jennifer Ceresa Serena Eduljee Melanie Hingson Dana Johnson Laura Loge Linda Mattos Heather Mullin Jessica Noronha Eleanor Stallcop-Horrox Shelly Traverse Kimberly Waite Erin White Eliza Woodyard

Linda Baird Annalisee Brasil Lorraine Burdick Laura Eichelberger YeonSoo Lee Cheryse McLeod Lewis Rachelle Moss Elizabeth Peterson Melissa Plagemann Allison Brooke Robertson Susan Salas Heidi Vanderford

Nathan Barnes Joel Cummings Jon Farmer Dustin Kaspar Ian Loney German Mendoza Joshua Quesada Karl Marx Reyes Logan Skirm Colin Ward

Artur Girsky Adrianna Hulscher Victoria Parker

Jonathan Burnstein Jennifer Godfrey Travis Gore



Mara Gearman, Principal Timothy Hale, Asst. Principal Wesley Dyring Alison Farkas Joseph Gottesman Sayaka Kokubo Laura Renz Julie Whitton

Alexander Lipay, Principal Wendy Wilhelmi


Engish Horn



Soprano (Philadelphia, PA) Seattle Opera Young Artist: 2000/01 Seattle Opera Debut: Leonora, Il trovatore (’10) Seattle Opera Artist of the Year, 2011: Serena, Porgy and Bess Previously at Seattle Opera: Tosca, Tosca (’15) Recently: Wally, La Wally (Dallas Opera); Abigaille, Nabucco (Oper Stuttgart, Welsh National Opera, Savonlinna Festival); Aida, Aida (Teatro Massimo) Upcoming: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth (Theater St. Gallen); Norma, Norma (Florida Grand Opera); Elisabetta, Mary Stuart (Seattle Opera)

Cordula Merks, Concertmaster Jennifer Bai Mariel Bailey Eugene Bazhanov Brittany BouldingBreeden Jennifer Caine Timothy Garland, Asst. Principal Michael Jinsoo Lim Mikhail Shmidt Clark Story Jeannie Wells Yablonsky Arthur Zadinsky

SUPERNUMERARIES Shawn Kavon Mark Kerr Rich Lewis T.J. Mustard Tyrone Olds

Andrei Panicerschi Clay Sales John Smilgin Kevin Swantek

Violin I

Violin II Michael Miropolsky, Principal Kathleen Boyer, Asst. Principal Evan Anderson Natasha Bazhanov Linda Cole Denise Dillenbeck Xiao-po Fei

Eric Han, Principal Bruce Bailey Roberta Downey Chuck Jacot Joy Payton-Stevens, Asst. Principal Karissa Zadinsky


Bass/Baritone Daniel Aarthun Michael Dunlap


Paul Gauger Craig Grayson Glenn Guhr Michael Heitmann Tom Hingson Woong Kim Kwangsuk Ku Gregory Lewis Dierre Lopez Misha Myznikov Julian Reisenthel Jonah Spool Revere Taylor Brett Youngquist

Horn Jeff Fair, Principal Cara Kizer John Karschney Richard Reed

Trumpet James Ross, Principal Tony Di Lorenzo

Wendy Wilhelmi



Sam Schlosser, Principal David Ritt Stephen Fissel

Ben Hausmann, Principal Stefan Farkas Stefan Farkas, Principal

Clarinet Laura Deluca, Principal Craig Rine


Seth Krimsky, Jordan Anderson, Principal Principal Paul Rafanelli Joseph Kaufman, Asst. Principal

Cimbasso Chris Olka, Principal

Timpani Michael Crusoe, Principal

Percussion Michael Clark, Principal Matt Kocmieroski Rob Tucker

Harp Valerie Muzzolini Gordon, Principal John Carrington

BANDA Flute/Piccolo



Personnel Manager

Robin Peery

Mike Gamburg

Keith Winkle

Scott Wilson


Assistant Personnel Manager

Oboe Shannon Spicciati


Horn Joe Berger, Principal Matthew Berliner


Sean Osborn, Principal Vince Green Jennifer Nelson

Jonathan Hill


Keith Higgins

Matt KocmieroskI

The Orchestra is composed of members of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Rotating members of the string section are listed alphabetically. Nabucco



Staff and Services Directory Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, owned by the City of Seattle, is managed by Seattle Center in partnership with Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet.


McCaw Hall Operating Board:

Robert Nellams, Director; Seattle Center Kelly Tweeddale, Executive Director; Seattle Opera Ellen Walker, Executive Director; Pacific Northwest Ballet



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EDUCATION SPONSORS Your support nurtures the creative spirit of storytelling for arts lovers of all ages. With your help, Seattle Opera engages our community in schools and neighborhood centers across the region.

Greer Grimsley (Scarpia) and Ava (playing the role of a choir child) backstage at McCaw Hall for Seattle Opera’s January 2015 production of Puccini’s Tosca.

These programs and many more continue to deepen our community’s relationship to opera and art.


Ava Messinger was only 7 when she first sang onstage in Driftwood Players’ production of Annie. Since that first show, Messinger, now a 12-year-old sixth-grader at Terrace Park Elementary in Edmonds, has numerous credits on her theater résumé, including Hello, Dolly; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; and singing with Seattle Girls’ Choir. As a member of Seattle Opera’s Youth Opera Chorus, she’s also sung on the McCaw Hall stage, performing in such productions as La bohème, Tosca, and Wagner’s Ring Cycle. “One of the biggest differences between opera and musical theater is that in opera, it’s just so much bigger. Even if you don’t have a huge role, it’s still amazing to hear all of those voices around you. It’s very loud, of course!”

Experience Opera goes behind the curtain for dress rehearsals, opera discussions, costume shop tours, and more. Youth Opera Chorus (with upcoming auditions on September 1!) is a no-experience-required opportunity for students to join together for fun performances and exciting learning opportunities. Opera Time delivers opera and storytelling to pre-K through secondgrade students, enriching their classroom experience.

Ava became interested in opera in 2012 after participating in one of Seattle Opera’s oneweek opera camps. Programs like these and other Experience Opera activities connect Seattle’s youth to the art they love, and Seattle Opera donors make these programs possible! Thanks to our donors, we can provide financial aid for families and schools in need and continue to improve the artistic experience. As Ava’s dad Mike Messinger noted, “We were impressed with everything about the way [the opera camp] was run, as well as with the quality of the final performance. My daughter found her niche with other great and passionate kids.” For more information about Youth Opera Chorus and upcoming opera camps and workshops, visit MoreOperaFun.

Heartfelt thanks go out to the sponsors of Seattle Opera’s learning and engagement programs in the 2015/16 season.

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VERDI’S KING LEAR By Jonathan Dean

When Giuseppe Verdi was growing up in the farmland northeast of Parma, he served as an altar boy in the local church. Later in life, Verdi liked to tell the story of the day

when he, seven years old, became so entranced by the music coming from the organ loft he failed to notice that the priest had asked him to hand up the wine. The priest kicked the distracted boy, and little Peppino tumbled down the stairs. But he didn’t cry; instead, he glared up at the priest and said, “May you be struck by lightning,” an uncouth but familiar oath in that land of wide-open fields and sudden storms.

King Lear in the Storm, Benjamin West > 16

The strange thing about the story is that priest was indeed struck by lightning and killed, eight years later. Verdi was the one who found the corpse, blackened by soot. Who can say how Verdi made sense of this terrifying experience? Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

Most of us can be grateful that the idea of being struck by lightning is more familiar to us from cartoons than from life. For Verdi it was real, just as it was when it inspired those ancients— whether Hebrew, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, or Norse—to worship angry sky gods who expressed displeasure by casting down bolts of thunder and lightning. Lightning that smites someone like the vengeance of an angry God is idiomatic in the poetry of Italian opera librettos. But Verdi seemed to have channeled it firsthand, just as he had experienced, in the three years leading up to the writing of Nabucco, what seemed like three blasts of a personal curse: the deaths, in quick succession, of his son, daughter, and wife. Inescapable family curses propel the plots of many great Verdi operas, including Rigoletto, Il trovatore, and La forza del destino. But the mightiest of these was the one that got away: King Lear, Verdi’s favorite Shakespeare play and a work that he tried several times to make into an opera. The composer loved the image of the arrogant old patriarch, crazed with grief and fury, cast out by his vicious daughters, trying in vain to command the thunderstorm: You sulphurous and thought-executing fires, Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts, Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder, Strike flat the thick rotundity o’ the world! The furious power and bleak outlook of King Lear resonate with most of Verdi’s mature musical dramas, including his magnificent Requiem. But the closest he ever came to completing a King Lear opera was in fact Nabucco, his first great success and the opera that propelled him to fame and fortune. Nabucco has much in

THE MUSIC UNITES US ALL, STAGE AND AUDIENCE, RICH AND POOR, ITALIAN AND HUMAN. common with King Lear: both fabled mad kings of antiquity, both tormented by wicked (and ultimately suicidal) daughters, both full of surprising tenderness toward the “good” daughter who has gone her own way. In both works, a man discovers his humanity only after being reduced to the state of a beast.


Verdi’s Nabucco is a literary descendent of King Lear through the source for Solera’s libretto, an 1836 French play. Curiously, the Nabucco libretto was not originally intended for Verdi; first it was offered to Prussian composer Otto von Nicolai, who dismissed the libretto as nothing but “Rage, invective, bloodshed, and murder.” Yet those were the very qualities that appealed to the young Verdi. Certainly the libretto inspired in Verdi music of a raw, intense, barbaric power, unlike anything that had ever been heard in Italian opera. People went mad for it; at La Scala, there were 75 performances of Nabucco in 1842 alone. The trick, with the blazing fury of Nabucco as with the wild nihilism of King Lear, is leavening the cruelty and violence with a contrasting element that makes it bearable—a ray of sunlight through the darkness, a hint of love or warmth. Contrast is built into the libretto, written according to the strict musical laws of bel canto, which demand that gentler slow movements precede vigorous fast movements. Solera accordingly gave Verdi opportunities to show a little tenderness: the prayers of Fenena and Zaccaria, or Abigaille’s lovely cavatina, in which this harpy, whose psychotic coloratura has shredded many a soprano voice, remembers experiencing compassion and yearns once again to connect with others. But even Nabucco’s “gentle” slow movements can be tense and terrifying: the big ensemble finales to the first two acts both begin slowly because Nabucco is doing his utmost to contain his explosive rage. In the end, however, there’s one moment in the opera that more than compensates for Nabucco’s excess of frenzy, fury, and coloratura lightning bolts: “Va, pensiero.” It was a stroke of genius on Solera’s part to add this scene, inspired by Psalm 137. An unprecedented aria for chorus, “Va, pensiero” turns standard opera protocol on its head. That is, before Nabucco the chorus was there to provide background support. With this piece, the mass of simple humanity becomes the principal character for the first time. They begin in unison, singing a humble kind of slow folk song; then they burst into glorious harmony on the words arpa d’or (golden harp). They sing of shared nostalgia and sorrow, suffering and solidarity; their music unites us all, stage and audience, rich and poor, Italian and human. Yes, Verdi had a special affinity for hurling lightning bolts of sublime musical power. But it’s his ability to give voice to this wondrous cry of humanity that is his most precious gift to us.



Even before the first downbeat, you will see that Seattle Opera is up to something new with these performances of Nabucco.

First, you’ll see the orchestra onstage—not in the pit. Maestro Montanaro will raise his baton toward the brass section to begin Verdi’s overture with its beautiful hymn, the oboes and clarinets will introduce the melody of the famous “Va, pensiero” chorus, ending with the rousing marches. When the singers enter, they will be on a stage that stretches into the auditorium. These singing actors, their voices, will be closer to you than ever before. Stage director François Racine is aiming to bring the drama closer to Seattle’s audiences as well. “We’re putting the theatrical aspect in front,” Racine says. In short, the creative team has decided to break the “fourth wall”—that imagined barrier that exists in theater, separating the stage from the audience.


Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

Nabucco is rarely staged this way. It’s a grand opera, in the tradition of Aida, with a huge—and hugely important—chorus. The brilliance of Racine’s focus is that the central drama of the principals won’t get lost in the pomp and pageantry of the Babylonian soldiers or the sea of longing and anguish of the exiled Hebrews. Because at the heart of Nabucco’s drama—as Racine interprets it—is Shakespeare. “What is dramatic and really interesting,” he says, “is the relationship between Nabucco and his adopted daughter Abigaille and the fight for power between the two. It becomes a Shakespearean relationship.” He aims to bring that power struggle and Nabucco’s madness right up close, including a scene at the end—Abigaille’s own madness and demise—that sometimes gets cut from Nabucco productions. But of course the drama cannot happen at the expense of the music. When General Director Aidan Lang first proposed the idea to place the orchestra onstage, Seattle Opera’s technical department was charged with figuring out how it would sound. Could this work at McCaw Hall? They held a tech rehearsal—put the orchestra upstage, singers downstage and listened from all parts of the house. They changed the placement of the monitors so the singers could see the conductor’s downbeat while he was situated behind them. The rehearsal passed the sound test with flying colors, though no one could deny that the sound was different without a proscenium (the part of the stage framed by the curtain). Technical Director Robert Schaub—also the set designer for Nabucco—has his own way of describing the effect. He says, “The voice is in the room.” Again, the shattering of that fourth wall. The focus on Shakespeare goes hand in hand with other aspects of the set design. Like Shakespeare’s Globe, the sets will be minimal and stylized, all working toward the focus on the drama. There will be no huge set changes to slow down the story’s dramatic momentum. One challenge for the creative team was finding out how to create Babylon—a civilization known for its power and massive architectural innovations—and how to represent that in a pared down Shakespearean theater. < Set concept image courtesy of Robert Bonniol, MODE Studios

The answer came to them through an innovative use of projections. The projections couldn’t be “overtly architectural,” says video designer Robert Bonniol. “It’s a risk if you go too far toward realism because it won’t look ‘real.’” Paired with Racine’s wish that the set be an active, layered experience with mystery and spaces that offer psychological depth, Bonniol says, they are aiming at projections that are “not a canvas but a window, a space.” For example, in terms of the Jewish temple, we won’t be looking at an exact replica of “the” Temple of Jerusalem, but at an image that suggests a temple, and that we know was built by the Hebrews.

THE SET [IS] AN ACTIVE, LAYERED EXPERIENCE WITH MYSTERY AND SPACES THAT OFFER PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPTH. There will be a lot of visual cues—from costumes to set images— that will allow the audience to differentiate immediately the world of the Hebrews from the world of the Babylonians. “For the Jews,” Bonniol says, “everything is very linear, very defined. Religious and philosophical laws, and their cultural moral compass—belief in law is strong, belief in God is strong. Their temple is constructed of 90 degree angles and objects. But we also had to indicate its ruin, so it’s also fragmented, destroyed.” For the Babylonians, Bonniol says, “everything is subject to interpretation. The moral compass is slippery,” so we should see a difference in their architecture and the interpretations of the Tower of Babylon to the Hanging Gardens. Bonniol also went so far as to research how dictators have used architecture in service of their power, as a psychological tool, looking at Nazi architects and considering how Abigaille might use her space to wield her power. Thinking of ways that the space can reflect the psychology of the characters is in keeping with Racine’s focus: Nabucco will be in a physical jail cell and also a jail cell in his mind. Racine relishes the opportunity to work on a new production, though he doesn’t break with convention lightly. “My job is to tell the opera’s story, not to advance my own agenda,” he says. He is quick to point out that there is precedence in the opera tradition for his decisions: opera characters had been addressing the audience directly for hundreds of years before Nabucco. With this production of Nabucco, we’re allowing Verdi to address the audience as well, in the hopes that you will hear his music and experience the power of his drama anew.




Costume Shop Manager Susan Davis grew up abroad—Japan, Ethiopia, Egypt, among other places—

She first came to Seattle in 1989 to work in Seattle Opera’s Costume Shop as a cutter. Several years later she co-founded her own company, Period Corsets, which sold handmade undergarments designed for use in theaters, and it was through this work that she learned the nuts and bolts of running a sustainable costume business. Since 2002, she has run Seattle Opera’s Costume Shop with the same eye for detail and an amazing capacity for coordinating her extraordinary team to make a bolt of fabric into the exquisite symbol of a character. —Jessica Murphy Moo


I met Ginette in New York in April. We spent the week walking the Garment District, looking for samples and selecting the fabrics. It’s a great way to get to know the designer because we’re together 15 hours a day, three meals a day, coffee break if we’re lucky. We worked late into the night every night. I hadn’t worked with Ginette before, so I had to get a sense of her work style and her aesthetic—what colors and textures of fabrics she is drawn to.


Thirty or so…and we visited each several times throughout the week. On Saturday, Ginette flew home, and I had the last-minute things to go purchase. I probably went to seven stores and bought things at each store.


Yes, for a new build, though sometimes we shop in LA. We go store after store and we cut samples. I can’t choose on my own—it’s her vision—and she can’t choose on her own because she doesn’t know budgets or if we need 50 yards or 15 yards, that sort of nuts-andbolts work. She is the artist. Any of that practical stuff is me. 20


and inherited her mother’s love of beautiful textiles. By her college years, she had taught herself to sew, got her first job in a costume shop, and a career was born.

CAN YOU TELL ME SOME OF THE IDEAS BEHIND THE NABUCCO COSTUMES? We’re making a clear visual distinction between the Babylonians and the Hebrews. The Hebrews are in more earthy colors and browns and natural fibers and linens and cottons. The Babylonians are in royal blue with gold accents; you can tell they’re more well off, the rulers.


This show is more suggestive. It’s really a world that Ginette and stage director François Racine have created, inspired by real images, whether that’s paintings or textiles from days gone by. This means the cutters can add some creativity, which is fun; whereas if you’re making a nineteenth-century frock coat, the seams are in the same place no matter which frock coat you look at.


The best times are when the singer looks in the mirror and says, “Oh, I totally feel like [fill-in-the-blank character]… You nailed it.” That’s the most gratifying. Our goal is to have the costumes enhance the performance experience on several levels: for the singer who is wearing it, for their colleagues onstage with them—we want Abigaille to recognize Nabucco—and of course for the audience. Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

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Paul Goodrich and Shannon Sperry Jeffrey and Rosario Hanna H Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hedreen Ron Hosogi Victoria Ivarsson Firoz and Najma Lalji Laura Lundgren Bruce R. McCaw Erika Nesholm Kirsten Nesholm ^ = Opera Star Monthly Donor

Tom and Gretchen Puentes † Anne M. Redman Jeff and Martha Sherman Stephen A. Sprenger with Dr. Jay D. Sprenger † H John Sullivan and Paula Stokes Ev Trout Jim and Camille Uhlir Moya Vazquez H Susan Winokur and Paul Leach Scott and Jenny Wyatt

H = Encore Society Member

Donors continued next page


CROWN DONOR SOCIETY DIAMOND Anonymous (3) Kim A. Anderson John Bates and Carolyn Corvi Bill Boris Marshall and Jane Brown H Brenda Bruns, M.D. and Richard Deininger † William B. and Ann S. Burstiner H Drs. Darlene and Gregory Chan Dr. Alexander Clowes and Dr. Susan E. Detweiler H Charles and Sandra Cossé

$10,000 - $14,999

Norma B. Croco H Debra Dahlen and Robert Fries John Delo and Elizabeth Stokes H Dr. William Etnyre and Mr. David Claus H Merrie Good Dr. Martin L. Greene Hylton and Lawrence Hard J. Marilyn Holstad H Bruce E.H. Johnson and Sandra E. Davis

Gavin Lambie Jay and Linda Lapin Winnie and Ven T. Lee John and Mary Ellen Matthews James and Lora Melhorn † H Brendan Murphy Sarah Navarre H Linda Nordstrom Steve Phelps H Jonathan Rosoff and Kristin Winkel Eric and Margaret Rothchild

James T. and Barbara Russell H Matthew Segal and Corrie Greene Amy Sidell Rose and the late John Southall H John Starbard Russell F. and Sarah M. Tousley H Don and Gloria Swisher H Virginia and the late Bagley Wright

SAPPHIRE Anonymous (2) H Jack Aldrich Pamela and the late Dr. Harold Amoss Betty Azar and Larry Harris Beatrice and William Booth John and the late Joyce Bozeat Phillip and Beverly Brazeau Gary Bromberg Dr. Joseph and Barbara Buchman

$7,500 - $9,999

Heidi Charleson Joe Bailey Cole Norma and Alex Cugini Laurie and William Daniel H Tim Dreyling Marc D. and Maria Erlitz Dave and Cheryl Hadley Dr. M. Elizabeth Halloran Linda Hanika Frederick and Catherine W. Hayes

Adrian and Jane Hobden Drs. Mary and Marvin Hoffert John and Pamela Jolley Aidan Lang and Linda Kitchen Andrea C. Lewis Dr. Lois Lowden-Lunde Paul and Yaffa Maritz Dale and Shirley Martin Marcella McCaffray Stafford and Louise Miller †

Walter C. Moore and Susanne M. Forderer Lev and Isabella Novik John Stefanchik Beryl A. Thompson H Dean and Kelly Tweeddale Drs. Robert and Phyllis Tyson Hans H. van der Velden David and Romayne Watt Sally Anne West Wayne Wisehart

EMERALD Anonymous (9) ^ H † Lee Acton and Lucinda Wilson George Allen Steve and Bonnie Baker Ronald L. Barclay Joshua and Megan Barnard Ralph and Catherine Bauman Lynly Beard Ward Beattie Paula Begoun Donna Berube Neil M. and Kathleen Bogue H Stephen Brenner Brian Bross and Bonnie Daniels Lisa Bury and John R. Taylor † H Susan Buske Ruth Cannon Karen Carlson-Iffert and Jena Marie Myers Michael and Gayle Charlesworth Leslie Chihuly Dow Constantine and Shirley Carlson George and Carolyn Cox Marc and Maud Daudon Suzanne DeWitt and Ari Steinberg David and Helen Dichek Virginia Dombrowski Michael G. Dryfoos and Ilga Jansons H

Lois Gamble Duncan and George Rolfe Jeanne E and Michael Milligan Carolyn and Lindsey Echelbarger K. Carole and the late William Ellison Carol and Philip Fortuna Maureen Frisch Donald and Ann Frothingham Nina Fuller Diana Gale and Jerry Hillis H Ruth and the late Bill Gerberding Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gilbert Peter Goldman and Martha Jane Kongsgaard Mr. and Mrs. David Haley Jenny Hartley H Ann and Glen Hiner Barbara Howell H Janet Stanton and Arthur Hurd Linda James † Cassandra and Tom Johnston Ed Kim Dan and Pat Kinney Frances J. Kwapil H Jon and Eva LaFollette Carla and Don Lewis Lex Lindsey and Lynn Manley Kathleen Lofstedt and Susan Lofstedt

† = Donor to Learning and Engagement Programs


$5,000 - $7,499

^ = Opera Star Monthly Donor

Fowler Martin and Barbara Warren William B. Maschmeier and Patricia Haggerty H Lillian C. McDermott Dr. and Mrs. John McFatridge Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. McManus Jerry Meyer and Nina Zingale Donald and Linda Miller Richard Mills and Karen Covington Karen Rose Mitchell Egon and Laina Molbak Dr. and Mrs. Dudley T. Moorhead Heidi Munzinger and John Shott † Christopher L. Myers and Judith Schoenecker H Diana C. and Angela C. Oberti Gordon H. Orians Charles and Teruko Pace Gayle Peach Drs. Lester and Keiko Permut Barbara B. Peterson Anne Phelps Judy Pigott Lori and Bill Price Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Purdy H Carolyn J. Purnell and Wes C. Uhlman Douglass and Katherine Raff

Alice and Dick Rapasky Dana Rasmussen Joy Rogers and Bob Parker Lupe Salazar and Barry Bolding Irwin and Barbara Sarason H Betsy R. and Jason Schneier, MD Janet Sears H Janet and Thomas Seery Karen and Michael Souter Patricia Spotanske Carolann and Gary Steinhoff Robert Stewart and Harriet Winkelman R. Patton Swaim and Sandra Gurosko N. Donn Talenti and the late Julian Patrick Pamela and Ronald Taylor Jennifer Thill Ian L. Thompson, M.D. H Mrs. Charlotte Totten † Dr. M. R. Tribble and Gary Tribble Judy Tsou and David Carlson Terrence Turner Vilma Vojta George and Jean Wagner Dr. and Mrs. Mike Waring Bill and Carol Warren H Ms. C. A. Wen and Mr. David Garlow Mary A. and David L. Williams Kenneth and Rosemary Willman

H = Encore Society Member Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season


Donors continued next page Nabucco

Great opera makes a great city. The SOWING Circle is a group of women dedicated to being both active leaders in the local arts community and strong supporters of Seattle Opera, ensuring that the arts in Seattle remain vibrant, excellent, and accessible to all who wish to participate.

photo © Jonathan Vanderweit

$3,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (11) H • Robert L. and Rosemarie Anderson H • In Memory of Robert L. Autrey • Martha K. Bargren • Dr. Aaron Barnes • Peter and Jane Barrett • Jillian Barron and Jonas Simonis • Holly and Brent Beckstead • Anna Bergman ^H • Janice Berlin • Joseph Borden and Sara Marks • J. Cleve and Judith Borth • Jay and Carol Bowditch • Rebecca Boyd • Betty R. Carter H • Jack T. Cashdollar • Royce F. Church • Frances and Gerry Conley • Stephanie Cook • Sandra and Richard Counts • David Darrow • Jane and David R. Davis • Michael and Natalie de Maar • Mary Dickinson • Clinton Diener and Diane Lasko • Blair and Laura Dillaway • Frank Dreyer • Steven Driscoll • Lauren Dudley • Kenneth Duncan and Tanya Parish • Duane and Laura Eichelberger • Julie Elliott • Michael Emanuel • Laura and Robert Emmerichs • Kristina Erickson • Jack and Marsha Firestone H • Mary and David Flowers • Steve and Susan Ford • Jim Fox • Celia and Toby Freeman • Marie and Richard Haase • Kristina Haight • Paul and Becky Haley • Richard M. Halffman • Dr. and Mrs. Fred I. Hasegawa • Terrill and Jennifer Hendrickson • Hans and Heidi Herrmann • B. Lane Hill • Terry and Jane Hipolito ^ • Connie and Dan Hungate • Michael and Zhenya Hyman • Laurence Jewell • Marshall and Kelly Johnson • Jeanne Kanach • Martha Noerr and T. Jeffrey Keane • Travis and Suzanne Keeler • Dr. Brian A. LaMacchia • OConnell Latino • Gordon D. Lazerte • Jeanne Marie and the late Rhoady Lee • Geo and Carol Levin • Henry Li • Estela Martinez • Terry McCarthy • Renate McVittie • Anne Meeker • Dr. and Mrs. David L Mehlum • Michael and Elaine Michaelidis • Bruce and Elizabeth Miller • Patricia and Paul Mitchell • Sue Montgomery • Tatiana Moore • Diana Neely • John W. Nemanich, M.D. and Ellendee Pepper, M.D. • Lois H. North • Ralph and Wanda Nuxoll • Jacob Page • Meg and Ovidio Penalver • Edward A. and Eleonore Pottenger • Megan and Greg Pursell ^H • Mr. J. Karl and Mrs. Christina Ris • Richard and Nancy Robblee • Sharon Robinson • Frances Rogers and the late Fred Rogers • Ansel Rognlie and David Steindl • Cornelius and Penny Rosse H • Paul L. Rowe and R. Michael Sereno • Ron and Susan Runyon • Frederick and Connie Scheetz • Jane and John Simpson • A. McNair Smith, M.D. • Christopher Snow • Mari Stamper • Jane and Alec Stevens H • Ann and Daniel Streissguth • Dennis Tierney and Grace Grant • James Toomey • Evelyn M. Troughton H • Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Vail • Barbara and John Ward • Kathryn Williams • Jerry and Nancy Worsham • Leslie and Tachi Yamada • Jennifer Zaccardo

UPCOMING 2015/16 SOWING CIRCLE EVENTS Sun., Aug. 30 Garden Party Tue., Nov. 17

Wine Music Chocolate

Wed., Feb. 3

MadArt—Rick Araluce

Wed., Feb. 24 Mary Stuart Dress Rehearsal and Reception

JOIN THE SOWING CIRCLE TODAY! CALL 206.676.5516 E-MAIL [email protected] VISIT 29



$1,500 - $2,999 Anonymous (22) † H • John Abrams and • Dr. and Mrs. T. K. Greenlee Jr. • Christopher Karl Compton • Stephan Adler • John and Gross • John and Amy Gunnar • Dr. and Mrs. Marlies Amaya • Carlton C. Anderson • Dr. J. Joel E. Haas • Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Pete Hale • M. Anderson and Ms. Lynn Gabriel • Shirley Catherine Haley • Tania and Tim Halladay • Anderson • Barrie and Margaret M. Austin • Mrs. Gail A. Halpern • Steven T. Haney • Dr. Phillip Baldwin and Layne Goldsmith • Kirk Kenneth Hapke and Dr. Robert Delisle • David Barker • Redmond J. and Suzanne W. Barnett and Carole Hardy • Samuel and Catherine • Tim and Tony Barrick • Dr. Bertha Barriga Hardy • Dr. H. Hasche-Kluender and H. Shahri • Ruth and Dr. Ronald J. Beck • Barbara G. • Candy Havens • Trafton Haynes • Michele Bedell • Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Judith Bendich and Daniel Heidt H • Drs. Raquel and Russell • Robert Bergman • Rebecca Black • Verle Hicks • Andrew and Delney Hilen • Michael M. Bleese • Leslye and Robert Bohrer • Cyd C. and Jana M. Hobbs • Cynthia C. Holdren, Scofield Boyd • Milkana and Colin Brace • M.D. and Robert A. Gold • In Honor of Norm John Brazel • Alec and Maddy Brindle • Hollingshead • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Houston Gilbert and Mary Ann Brokaw • Mr. and Mrs. III • Robert Howell and Jackie Bardsley • Robert Bruland • David C. Brunelle • Lydia Dr. Gary and Janice Hudak • Pamela Hughes Budak • Katharine Bullitt • Carl Bunje and and Robert Munoz • Darrell and the late Patricia Costello • Roger K. Burk and Meg Ruth Jackson • Renan Jeffereis and Gail Murch • Lisa Burkett • Rosemary P. Burkhart Kaminishi • Robert C. Jenkins • Charles E. • Dianne F. Calkins • Corinne A. Campbell H and Joan Johnson • Darryl and Kathleen • Jeanne and Jon Cantalini • Eugene Carlson Johnson • Gary and Susan Jones • Susan • Gerard Centioli • Donna Cheesebrough • and Gary Jones • Jeaneen C. Jones • Ken and Sandra Chiodo and Harry DeTurk • Elaine Karen Jones • Chris Kalinski • Michael and and Eric Clark • Heinke Clark H • Conni and Nancy Kappelman • Peter Kelly • George E. Doug Clarke • Adelle and Monte Clements and Mary P. Kenny • Daniel Kerlee and Carol • Tom Coffey and Ron Sheriff • Dr. Allen Wollenberg • Nancy J. King • Joyce and Roger Colic • Patricia and Ted Collins • Frank and Kirk • W. M. Kleinenbroich • Margaret Dean Joan Conlon • Dr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Coyle Kleyn • Albert and Elizabeth Kobayashi • • James Crouse and Lee Oatey-Crouse • Richard Koch • Thomas and Linda Koch • Ted Greg and Gina Crumbaker • Gavin Cullen Korolak • Kenneth Kreer • Brian and Peggy and David Jamieson • Stephen L. and Joan Kreger • Kathy Kreps • Ursula Kuepfer and Cunha • Richard Cuthbert and Cheryl Redd • Jon Paddock • Eric and Janice Lamers H • Jacqueline Davenport • Frederick B. Davis Don and Kristi Larson • Melissa Lattimore • and Ms. Harriet Platts • Thomas DeBoer and Margaret Leiberton and Dr. R. Venkatesan • Durga Doriasamy • Wendy H. del Valle • John Nancy and Charles Lennstrom • Mrs. Maria J Demakas • Greg and Pamela DeMichillie • Levenson • Margrit R. Boswell Lindal H • Stuart and Joanne Depina • Donald Desalvo Stanton J. and Lucille Linden • Major General and Susan Wagner • Corinne Dixon • Doug Timothy and Mrs. Timothy Lowenberg • Mark and Robin Doucette • Steven Drury • Patricia P. Lutz • J. L. Mabrey • Robert Mack • Duncan Dubrow † H • Maria M. Durham † • Glenn and Maclean • Claire Madsen • Edith Maffeo • Bertha Eades ^ • Karen Easterbrook and Alex Jon Magnussen • Catherine Banchero and Sutton • Philip Edry • Elaine Eigeman and Stephen K. Malshuk • Jean Manwaring • Daniel Schalke • Pamela Elderkin • Dr. and James Martinek • Kathleen Maryatt • Peter Mrs. William N. Elledge • Erin and Bill Ellis • A. Mathisen • David and the late Leslie Helene Ellner • John Erickson • Karen and Mattson H • Barbara J. Mauer • In memory of Elizabeth Faye • Victor and Patricia Feltin • Sue M. Maule • Louise McAllister • Kathryn Gerald B. Folland • Jordan Forbes • Russell McAuley • Dorothy E. McBride • Sarah McCoy R. Fosmire and Nancy J. Fosmire H • Dean and Jim Buchanan • Caroline McCullam • and Mary Fournier • Gregory and Kathleen Sharon McGrayne and George Bertsch • Dr. Fowler • Russell Frank • Carole Fuller and William McKee • Gwynn Meden • Gunda and Evan Schwab H • Ben, Charlotte and Carrie Uwe Meissner • Greg Meldahl H • Suzanne Fulton • Thomas Funk • Joyce E. Ferm • Merriman • Dolly and Dave Milkowski • Janet A. George • Genevra Gerhart • Dr. and Abraham Miller • Barbara and Jim Miller • Mrs. Robert Gibbons H • Sharon Gill • Claire Howard and Catherine Miller • Ronald E. and Michael Gordon H • Kristopher K. Gould • Miller and Murl G. Barker • Terri Mitchell and Curt and Janet Graeber • Douglas Granum and Therese MacIsaac • John Morris • Ernesto Jane Shanaman Munoz • Andrew Murphy and Michelle Duffy

• Suzanne Myklebust • Beth Naczkowski • Eunice Nakao and Roy Tribelhorn H • Susan H. Nivert • Craig Norton and John French • Martha Nussbaum • Roger J. Oliver and Carol Hahn • John W. O’Meara • Joan Ostendorff • Sarah M. Ovens H • Dr. Roy C. and Patricia R. Page • Mary and D. Pat Patterson • Jocelyn Phillips and Warren Bakken • Kathleen Pierce • Karen M. Place • Sylvia B. Pollack and Molly McGee • Juliette Powell • Ken Powers • Jack and Carolynn Prelutsky • Thomas and Marilyn Price • Michael Raftery • Ann Ramsay-Jenkins • Catherine Ramsey and Thomas Ball • Robert Reece • Mary Lou Reed • Dr. and Mrs. Edward Reifel • Harry F. Reinert and Cecilia M. Paul • Steven and Fredrica Rice • Sheri Richardson and Rick Lappin • Richard Robbins • Paul A. and Mary Ann Roberts • Arnold and Rosalyn Rom • Lawrence R. Ross • Marguerite Russell • Norman and Elisabeth Sandler • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scheidel • Eckhard Schipull • Mrs. Chella Schmidt • Garry and Ruth Schneider • Judith A. Schweikhardt • Paul and Lorrie Scott • Allen and Virginia Senear H • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Shaeffer • Dr. Anita Shaffer • Lynn and Kathryn Olson Sharp • John W. Showalter • Bernard and Susan Silbernagel • Susan Simons • Evelyn E. Simpson ^H • Landry Slade and Gretchen Van Meter • Mr. and Mrs. William Smith • J. Andrew and Sue W. Snyder • Yana Solovyeva and Igor Zverev • Mario and Karen Sorci • Alan and Bonnie Steele • Anne Steele • Chuck Stempler and Sally McKenzie • Dr. and Mrs. Morton A. Stenchever • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stephanus • Mary Stowell • Frederick B. Strom • Diane V. Summerhays • Duane and Barbara Swank H • Christine Swanson • Aggie and Chick Sweeney • Teruhisa and Yasuko Takeuchi • Marvin Theimer • Tamlyn P. Thomas • Thomas and Lisa Tocher • Arthur and Louise Torgerson • John and Anne Trench • Edith Ulatoski • Joan Underwood • Manijeh Vail • Don Van Dyke ^ • Case van Rij • William A. Vance • Alice and Bill Van Pelt ^ • Dallas and Shirley Viall • Betty L. Wagner H • Judith Warshal and Wade Sowers H • Dr. and Mrs. Brownlee Waschek • Carolyn Wasteneys • Ralph and Virginia Wedgwood • Norman Weeks • Julie and Mike Weisbach • Richard D. Weller • John and Jane Whiteley • Julie Wieringa H • Mary Ellen Williams • Kevin Wilson and Emily Evans • Pat Wilson • Steven and Gail Wish ^ • Robert and Diahann Witter • Albert and Angelina Yen • Charles A. Zaragoza H • Gregory A. Ziuzin, CPA • Christian and Joyce Zobel

GARNET Anonymous (27) H • Harlan and Asja Adams • David and Heidi Adkisson • Charles Adrianse † • Amir Afrassiabi • Marianna Alexandersdottir † = Donor to Learning and Engagement Programs


$1,000 - $1,499 • James and Anita Allen • Reverend and Mrs. John M. Allen H • Victor and Lisa Allen • Mary Ann Allen • Paul G. Allen • Susan Allen •

^ = Opera Star Monthly Donor

Connie J. Alley • Richard Altig • Ronald Andersen • Byron L. and Pauline P. Anderson • Gilbert and Mary Jane Anderson •

H = Encore Society Member

Donors continued page 32 Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

CAPITAL SUPPORT We are in the early stages of a capital campaign to build our permanent home at Mercer Arena adjacent to McCaw Hall. We deeply appreciate the vision and generosity of the following early donors. List reflective of contributions to the capital campaign totaling $5,000 or more received between July 1, 2005, and July 1, 2015. In-kind donors are noted with an asterisk. To learn more, contact Capital Campaign Manager Jackie Ernst at 206.676.5535 or [email protected]

Anonymous (4) Mr. and Mrs. Willie C. Aikens Richard R. and Constance Albrecht Thomas H. and Linda L. Allen Kim A. Anderson Virginia Anderson Jack and Connie Bloxom Toby Bright and Nancy Ward Brenda Bruns, M.D. and Richard Deininger Lisa Bury and John R. Taylor Jonathan Caves and Patricia Blaise-Caves Steven and Judith Clifford Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company* Robert and Loretta Comfort Janice C. Condit Charles and Sandra Cossé Susan M. Coughlin and John Lauber Dr. Susan E. Detweiler and the late Dr. Alexander Clowes Chris and Carolyn Eagan Sally and John Endriz Jack M. and Marsha S. Firestone Debra Dahlen and Robert Fries Diana H. Gale and Jerry Hillis Richard and Mary Beth Gemperle Natalie Gendler Shannon Sperry and Paul Goodrich Jeffrey and Rosario Hanna Heartland* Dr. Kennan H. Hollingsworth Ron Hosogi Gary and Parul Houlahan


H. David Kaplan Janet Wright Ketcham Foundation Kreielsheimer Endowment Fund The Hot Chocolate Fund Laura Lundgren Marks Family Foundation James and Lora Melhorn Stafford and Louise Miller NBBJ* Nesholm Family Foundation Pacifica Law Group* The Peg and Rick Young Foundation Rosemary Peterson to honor the late Richard H. Peterson Steven C. Phelps Tom and Gretchen Puentes James and Sherry Raisbeck Jonathan Rosoff and Kristin Winkel Eulalie Schneider Judith Schoenecker and Christopher L. Myers Seattle Opera Guild Stephen A. Sprenger John F. Starbard Paula Stokes and John Sullivan Maryanne Tagney and David Jones Russell F. and Sarah M. Tousley James R. Uhlir and Camille M. Uhlir Moya Vazquez WA State Dept of Commerce Jay and Susanne Wakefield Judith A. Whetzel Jennifer and Scott Wyatt



Love opera with friends? You’ll love WAM!


Wagner and More (affectionately known as WAM) is a social group for opera lovers that provides events and activities throughout the year. Enjoy private concerts, special lectures, engaging receptions, and more.

UPCOMING 2015/16 WAM EVENTS Sat., Aug. 22 Meet Aidan Reception Thu., Oct. 1

Fall Social

Sat., Oct. 31 Met HD Tannhäuser Broadcast and Lunch Discussion Sat., Nov. 7

A Genius in Exile and Reception

Dec. 4-7

San Francisco Trip

Plus many more throughout the year! $60 Annual Dues provides discount event fees and member-only activities.

JOIN WAM TODAY! CALL 206.389.7669 E-MAIL [email protected] VISIT


Grieg Anderson • Dr. Larry S. Anderson • Rebecca Andrews • Dr. Fred and Dita Appelbaum • Susan Arnold-Aldea and Dr. Gabriel Aldea • In memory of Joseph S. Axup • Nancy Bachant and Kevin Freeman • Jere L. Bacharach and Barbara Fudge • Thomas and Stephanie Baker • William and Madeleine Ball • Ivan G. Barker • Dr. Sanford C. Barnes and Dr. Calvin L. Tregar • Diann Barry • Mike Barta and Cynthia Shelly • Kathryn Bartholomew and Richard Beuthel • Douglas and Maria Bayer • Charles and Marie Bender • Diana N. Bennett • Dr. and Mrs. Forrest C. Bennett • Marianne Bergstrom • Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Best • Andrea Bettger • Dona Strombom Biermann • Terri Blair • Deborah J. Bowen • Mr. Alan Boyd • Bonita and David Brewer • Thomas and Virginia Brewer • Herb Bridge and Edie Hilliard • Marcela Brink • Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden • Richard Brown • Aleta Brunkel • Dr. Boyce Burdick • Alan A. Butchman • Cy and Kathleen Butler • Sonya Byrd • Dr. and Mrs. Norm Cadman • William F. Calderhead • Joe and Dorothy Canavan • Renee and Darrell Cannon • Barbara A. Capron and David A. Holm • Mary Carey • John Carmichael • Eric Carnell and Angela Walker • Alicia Carnevali • Stan and Mary Case • Ellen and Paul Chatel • Dr. Sterling Clarren • Jack Clay • Fran Clifton • Joyce M. Clise • Seth Cohen and Cindi Berkovich • Jene Colin • Mike and Yoko Colpitts • Amy H. and Larry Corey • Charles Cowan and Rhonda Levitt • Collett Cox • Jan and Jack Creighton • Roger and Emma Crew • In Memory of James H. Crichton • Alexander Cross • Rachel Crum • Barbara L. Crutcher • Sara Culver • Barry Davison • Sherry De Leon • Angela de Oliveira • Ann De Lancey • Anne Denman • Mary Desjardins • Diane Divelbess • Johanna and Bill Dock • Teresa Donahue • Zander and Hilary Doroski • Candy Dumars • Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su • Patricia DuRuz • Carol Jean Ehlers • Richard D. Eidal • Ian and Maria Einman • Dr. Sadek El-Alfy • Russell Elliott • Jeannie Gayle Engle • Dr. and Mrs. Milton T. English • Paul and Lois Evans • Mrs. Gerry Fardal • Juli Farris • Edward Faust • Craig and Kerri Feeney • Dr. Raya Fidel • Gerry and Betsy Finkel • David Fliegel • Stockton and Janice Forrest H • Priscilla A. Fortiner • Nancy Fowler • Clive and Shari Freidenrich • Alan and Linda Freyd • Virginia and Albert Furtwangler • Cheryl Gagne • Bernard Garbusjuk • Dennis Gibb • Leslie Giblett H • Denise Goforth • Laura and Dan Margineanu • Dale Goldmann • Inger A. Goranson H • Gene O. Graham • Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Grayston • Brian Grimes • Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gross • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Grossman • Ivan and Gerlinde Gruber • Brett B. Gutsche, MD • Brian Hahn and Mary Klubben • Adrian Hanauer • Judy Haney, Luana Joslin-Lester and James Lester • Donors continued page 35 Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season


Seattle Opera is most grateful for the following generous donors for their support of special events and projects throughout the 2015/16 season. These organizations and individuals continue to benefit our community with these engaging programs. Listed below are commitments of $5,000 and more as of July 13, 2015.

PRODUCTION AND PERFORMANCE SPONSORS Nabucco Seattle Opera Foundation Kreielsheimer Endowment Fund Russell Investments— August 9, 2015 Eulalie Schneider— August 15, 2015 Susan and Furman Moseley— August 19, 2015 Bernard Griffin— August 22, 2015

An American Dream True-Brown Foundation

The Pearl Fishers Marks Family Foundation

The Marriage of Figaro Ann P. Wyckoff Microsoft

ARTIST SPONSORS Nabucco Gary and Parul Houlahan—Mary Elizabeth Williams Joan Snelson—Russell Thomas Jay and Susanne Wakefield—Christian Van Horn

The Marriage of Figaro Joan and the late Craig Watjen—Caitlin Lynch

Mary Stuart Jan Condit—Mary Elizabeth Williams

EVENT SPONSORS Delta Air Lines—2015/16 Dress Rehearsals Classical KING FM—Experience Opera Media Sponsor

Events related to An American Dream received funding from OPERA America’s Opera Fund.

Mary Stuart Maryanne Tagney and David Jones Lenore M. Hanauer

The Flying Dutchman ArtsFund Office of Arts & Culture | Seattle In Memory of Mary Lou Everett—May 7, 2016

Sponsorships and benefits can be customized to meet your giving priorities. For further information, please contact Director of Development Lisa Bury at 206.676.5530 or [email protected] Nabucco


AMUSEMENTS Gifts of Artistic Expression


Located on the Kreielsheimer Promenade Level of McCaw Hall. Open two and a half hours prior to curtain and during intermission. Shop Amusements online at

Visit to find trailer videos, photos, and interactive guides about Nabucco, plus all the operas onstage this season.

Nabucco CD


Take home the soul-stirring music of our 2015/16 season opener with this complete 1984 recording from Deutsche Grammophon. Features Plácido Domingo, Piero Cappuccilli, Evgeny Nesterenko, Ghena Dimitrova, and Lucia Valentini Terrani. Giuseppe Sinopoli conducts the Chor & Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin. 2-disc box set. $41.95

New Brand Merchandise Seattle Opera unveiled its dramatic new logo and color scheme at our July 11th Season Kickoff Event. A wide variety of garments, gifts, and souvenirs—from T-shirts to mugs to magnets— are now available so you can show and share your passion. Prices vary. Be sure to visit the shop to explore the entire collection of all the fun and stylish new items on display.

Projecting Place Seattle Opera has been using video projections to enhance its theatrical storytelling for years. Hear from MODE Studios Principal Designer Robert Bonniol and Technical Director Robert Schaub about the collaboration, research, and creative process that go into creating the images and interpretation of ancient Babylon you see projected onstage.

Many Voices, One Song Meet Seattle Opera’s acclaimed Chorus! And see what goes into the rehearsal and staging as they prepare for their essential part in Nabucco. Five chorus members will walk through their preparations for the famous “Va, pensiero” and show us the other ways they take part in Seattle’s local music scene.

One-Minute Trailer A montage of dress rehearsal footage from Seattle Opera’s Nabucco.

Meet the Nabucco Artists Hear the artists talk in depth about their roles. Each of their unique interpretations shows why no two performances are alike!

AUDIO PLAYER Musical Excerpts Sample audio clips and highlights from Nabucco.



Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season


† = Donor to Learning and Engagement Programs Nabucco

Mallory Paxton • Dr. Robert A. Pearlman • Tomas Perez • Dr. Mary Lee Peters • John and Catherine Petrek • Don and Sue Phillips • Dr. Zaiga Alksne Phillips^ • Sean Pierce • Doris Pieroth • Richard Plunkett and Marilyn MasonPlunkett • Vicki L. Pogorelc • Dean A. Pollack and Lizabeth A. Wilson • Lynda & Dan Porter • Suzanne Powell • Richard and Karen Prince • Lynn Prunhuber and David Stobaugh • LaVern and Frances M. Puddy • J.T. and Suzi Pundt • Carol Ann and Thomas Quinsey • Judith Ramey • Buddy Ratner and Cheryl Cromer-Ratner • Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Reichenbach • Jane Remsberg and Jerome Anderson • Robert Rich • Lanse and Rebecca Richardson • Nancy Ritzenthaler and Albert Odmark Jr. • Joyce C. and Saul Rivkin H • Catherine and Thurston Roach • Leigh and the late Ivy Robinson • Johann Rocholl and Marta Johnson † • Robert Rodriguez-Lawson • Frank Romeo • Angelamaria Ross • Weston Roth • Thomas and Patty Ruehle • Helen Runstein • Joanna Ryan • Tim Saito • Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Salzer • Werner E. and Joan Samson • Jean Sanders • Debra Santos • Mrs. R. Scheumann • James L. Schindler H • Daniel Schneider and Antje Evertz † • Lidia Schwarz • Jean E. Schweitzer • Charles and Maria Schweizer • John and Joan Scott • Mary Scott and Ron Rogers • Christine Seyfried and William Catterall • Marilyn Sherron • Craig and Nancy Shumate • Evelyn and Leroy Smith • Peter Smith • Stephanie Solien • Mr. and Mrs. James Solimano • David and Jannie Spain • Sheila Squillace • Martin and Carol Stacey • Shannon and Donna Stafford • Kathleen Stamm • Ms. Carol Starin • Carlyn Kaiser Stark • Drs. Gordon and Mary Starkebaum • Christoph and Ellen Stauder • Carlyn J. Steiner • Sheila and Craig Sternberg • Marion Stewart • Richard M. Stewart • Charles and Susan Stillman • Jane Stockert • Larry Stonesifer and Ron Angress • Kent and Linda Streissguth • Howard and Vivienne Strickler • Charles Surine • M. and H. Sussman • Bob Swoffer • Herschel Tabiando • Fredric and Marilyn Tausend • Mary C. Tevis • Michael P. Theisen, M.D. • Mary Anne Thorbeck • Patricia Thorpe • Robert Thorson and Leone Murphy • Gertrud Tobiason • Julie Trautmann • Rae Tufts H • Dennis and Dorene Tully • Janet Turpen • Izabella and Andrzej Turski • Marjorie and Thomas Tyler • Lance Vail and Terri Traub • Dr. Mark Veigl and Charles West • Padmaja Vrudhula • David Wachter • Morris and Penny Wade • Cynthia Walk • Maggie and Doug Walker • Mary and Findlay Wallace • Jost Wanden • Roger A. Ward • Ruth and Todd Warren • William and Marilyn Watson • Marc Wautier • Tom and Joan Wekell • Ms. Dean Weldon • Kathleen and Christopher White • Stephen and Leslie Whyte • Carolyn Wilhite • Joseph L. and Susan Willhoft • Michael Williams • Karyl and Norman Winn H • Ann K. Wittkowsky and Katherine L. Powell • Craig Wolfe • Vaew Jon Wongsurawat • Larry and James Woods-Palmer • Glen and Cathy Wyatt • Frank and Virginia Wyland • Marvin Yamaguchi • Nancy and Stanley Zeitz • Mrs. Louis J. Zorotovich

^ = Opera Star Monthly Donor

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Wolfram and Linda Hansis • Benson and the late Pamela Harer • William Harleston and Coral Hanevold • Gini Harmon • Susan Harney • Nancy and Hamilton Harris • Karen Harvey and Steve Shelton • Dr. Geraldine A Hashisaki • Donald Hatch • Janice Hayes ^ • Mr. and Mrs. Jahn R. Hedberg • Ian Hellen and Paula Cerni • Eileen Hershberg • Jean M. Large and Fred F. Herzberg ^ • Peter D. Hiatt • Martha Himber and Bernard Evans • Molly Hite • Mary Hjorth • Judith and Alan Hodson • H. Lee Holcomb • Norm Hollingshead’s Opera Plus † • Bob Holtz and Cricket Morgan • Jim Horne • Gerald and Gladys Hoshijo • John Hrncir • Nicholas Huppe • Drs. James Hurley and Leslie Dierauf • Bruce and Judy Hutchison • John and Annick Impert • Ms. Roslyn Isseroff and Mr. Arthur Huntley • Duke and Brenda Jackson • Ann Janes-Waller and Fletch Waller • Dr. Robert Janes and Jonna Kaplan • Paul and Susan Jason • Warren and Mary Jane Jessop • Clarence and Rosa Johnson • Mark J. Johnson • Spencer Johnson and Braiden Rex-Johnson • James L. Johnston and Vivian Mendenhall • Harvey Jones and Nancy Iannucci • Ron Joshua • Gilbert Joynt • Pat and Paul Kaald • David L. Kalberer and Martha C. Choe • Donna Kaufman • Patricia and Kieran Kealy • Marlyn and Gordon Keating • Virginia King • Robert Kirkman and Gakyung Chung • Carol Koch • Robert H. Koehler • Timothy Konich • Barbara Konkle and Peter Kollros • Dr. George S. Kriz • The Kuzeja Family • June R. Kvarda • Isabelle S. Lamb • Thomas A. and Kathleen B. Lemly • Francesca Leonetti • In memory of Mr. Norman Levin and Mr. Martin Hochfeld • Mark and Vanessa Levine • Jerry and Marguerite Lewis • Stefan Lewis • Gerald Lim • Micheal Lofstedt • Thomas Edwin Long • Dr. Nancy Buffington ^ • Ellen Mack • Robert Mack • Patricia A. Magnuson • Peggy and David Mainer • Christopher Maley • Brian Malone • Barbara Maly • Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Mandelkorn • Dr. James E. Marcia • Paul and Mary Jo Martin • John R. Mason • Jerri Matson • Carolyn T. Mattern • Michael and Rosemary Mayo • David McClure • Philip McClure • Mary H. McConnell • Cathy McCown • Patricia McDonald-Scott • Margaret McGraw • James McIntire and Christina Koons • Brian and Lillian W. McKee • Therissa McKelvey and Heli Roiha • Karen and Rick McMichael • Bruce and Emmanuelle Meaker • Francisco Medina • John and Martha Melcher • John and Susan Meyer • James and Karen Mhyre • Carolyn and Roger Miller H • Elaine Miller • Robert and Jean Miller • Juris Mindenbergs • Connie Missimer Carlson • Ludovic and Ghizlane Morlot • D.C. Morse Jr. and Jan Marchbanks • Peter O. Mueller • Brian Muirhead • Carmen Murphy • Mary Murphy • George and Ellen Naden • Linda and J. Patrick Naughton • Jennifer Nazarko • Eric and Mary Nelson • Marilyn W. Newland • David Nicol • Laurence and Barbara Nobles • Worth Norton • Pamela A. Okano H • Rosemarie Oliver • Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Olson • Margaret and John C. Pageler • David and Meg Mourning • Soo Park and Jeff Rosenfeld • Teresa Parker • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parks •

A Perfect Setting for any Celebration (206) 285-7846 WWW.THERUINS.NET 570 Roy Street, Seattle WA 98109

H = Encore Society Member 35

Your passion for opera creates a positive impact for our shared community. Support the art you love today and for future generations, ensuring arts for all!



Leave a strong legacy by making a gift toward the Endowment at Seattle Opera Foundation. Endowed funds go toward specific programs to safeguard your particular passion around Seattle Opera. These include world premiere commissions, learning and engagement programs, artistic sponsorship, and much more. This past year, more than $2 million was allocated to Seattle Opera from the Endowment to support our annual operations—the largest single gift all season!


To learn more about the Endowment at Seattle Opera Foundation, please contact Planned Giving Officer Janell Johnson at 206.676.5534 or [email protected]

Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

FOUNDATION Anonymous (6) Linda and Tom Allen Kim A. Anderson Rosemarie and Robert L. Anderson The Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation Bill Ballantine Frank Baron Lois Baugh Henriette Baum Egon Baumann The late Jane K. Beamish C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust Lee Blackstock Jack and Connie Bloxom The Boeing Company Neil M. and Kathleen Bogue Helen M. Bosley The late Mrs. Louis Brechemin Edward S. Brignall Dr. Joseph and Barbara Buchman William B. and Ann S. Burstiner Louis Burzycki C.D. Stimson Company Doris H. Caka Joseph Brancucci and William Carley Julie Case Rebecca Chawgo Arnold Hay Chin Heinke Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Clarkson Dan and Karen Clements The Clowes Fund, Inc. Drs. Alexander Clowes and Susan Detweiler † Norma and Alex Cugini James D. and Wendy Cullen Barbara Daniels John and the late Carmen Delo † Mildred King Dunn

The Seattle Opera Foundation is a separate 503(c)(3) organization to hold unrestricted and restricted funds for Seattle Opera’s benefit. The donors listed below have made contributions of $25,000 or more for endowment purposes with outright gifts, estate gifts, or irrevocable planned gifts through a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity from 1968 through July 13, 2015.

Epic Metals Corporation Foundation Mrs. Marlies Farrell Gretchen and the late Jim Faulstich David B. Felch Frank and Doris Fidler O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation Ford Foundation The late Albert Foster Margery Friedlander Richard Fuller John and Arlys Gale Harold Galer William Gallacci Marion O. Garrison William A. and Sherry W. Gates Dr. Joseph Gehrett and Dr. Barbara Gehrett Max E. Gellert Memorial Fund Robert J. Gellert Richard and Mary Beth Gemperle Dennis and Evette Glauber Adele Golub and the late Stanley D. Golub Edward P. Goodrich Lucien and Eva Gordon Shwulih Tsai Gorow Hartmut Bruno Gottshau Margaret Rose Gray Everett G. Griggs III H&R Block Mary Ann Hagan Mary Alice Hill Hammond The late Gerard L. Hanauer Lenore M. Hanauer Jeffrey and Rosario Hanna Kevin and Stephanie Hawkinson William Randolph Hearst Foundation † Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Heath Frances Stillman Hodges

The late Dr. James F. and Frances S. Hodges Ron and the late Geraldine Hoefer Ruth H. Hoffman Kennan Hollingsworth, M.D. and the late Phyllis Bagdi, M.D. In Memory of Phyllis Hollingsworth Susanne F. Hubbach Vincent M. Jolivet In memory of Armin Jordan Ivan and Barbara Katz Suzanne Dressler Kellar Janet Wright Ketcham Douglas F. King Dan and Mary Knoll Kreielsheimer Endowment Fund Kresge Foundation Eric and Janice Lamers George H. Lancaster † The late Richard Lang Karen S. Larson Leaopold R. Gellert Family Trust Patricia Lott Mr. Everil E. Loyd, Jr. and the late Mrs. Vesta Loyd Laura Lundgren Robert and Bridget Lyons In memory of Denton and Delorez Rossell The late Louis G. Marsh In memory of Sue M. Maule Bruce R. and Jolene M. McCaw Mary Kay McCaw Lillian C. McDermott Midwest Textile Association Prof. Ann H. Milam Elizabeth Thomas Albert Moss M. J. Murdock Foundation National Endowment for the Arts

Michael Necroto Erika Nesholm John F. and Laurel Nesholm Kirsten Nesholm Carol Nygren George and Terry Pagos Elizabeth Parke John Paulsen Ralph W. Peoples Stephen and Sandy Perlbinder Mildred Perpigna Rosemary Peterson The late Sheffield Phelps Dr. Stanley M. Pier Endowed Fund Dean A. Pollack and Lizabeth A. Wilson PONCHO Power Steel Group Inc. Jack and Carolynn Prelutsky Ann Pryde Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Purdy Megan and Greg Pursell Joyce C. and Saul Rivkin John and Charlotte Robins Mr. and Mrs. N Stewart Rogers Roberta Rood Melanie Ross and Tim Buck Delorez Rossell The late Gladys and the late Sam Rubinstein Christina Ryker Ruth M. Rystogi William Saetre Martha Lou Allan Sampson Doris L. Sather Mr. and Mrs. John B. Schack Eulalie Schneider George S. and Judy Schuchart Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Justina Schwartz

The Seattle Foundation Seattle Opera Guild Charles Sitkin Paul Smith Sherwood and Judith Smith Rose and the late John Southall Robert Spencer Cindy and Peter Sprenger Jack L. and Gertrude E. Sprenger Dr. Jay D. Sprenger Jim and Linda Sprenger Stephen A. Sprenger Margaret T. Stanley Miriam Stone The late Mrs. Charles E. Stuart Susan K. Summerhill Donald and Gloria Swisher N. Donn Talenti and the late Julian Patrick Richard and Donna Tedlow Evelyn M. Troughton True-Brown Foundation Hiro Tsuji Jim and Camille Uhlir Muriel A. Van Housen In memory of Jacqueline B. Velikanje Joan and the late Craig Watjen The Lawrence W. Wells Trust Joshua C. and Farley Whetzel Judith A. Whetzel Howard D. Wigle James T. Williams Eleanor Hale Wilson Patricia A. Wilson Woodinville Rotary Club Maureen Woodman Howard S. Wright Charitable Trust Wyman Youth Trust Jennifer Zaccardo

Seattle Opera is pleased to recognize the following donors who have generously included the Seattle Opera Foundation in their estate plans: Anonymous Elizabeth H. Anderson Mary T. Bossi Marjorie O. Bovee Stimson Bullitt Mrs. Sheila Dimant and the late Dr. Stevens Dimant Norma Durst

Shirley M. Farley Estate of Gretchen Faulstich Helen M. Hostetter The estate of Dale Lehrman Amoret B. Mayberry Roy F. Miller Shirley Callison Miner Miriam Morgan

Robert Morton Estate of Dr. C. Wight Reade Harold E. and Jeanne D. Ridgway Lillian E. Rigler Elaine H. Skone Col. Dana Slack and Camilla Slack

Lenore A. Smith Jack L. and Gertrude E. Sprenger George Wood Swain Frances Du Bois Swift Mrs. George E. Taylor Dr. Robert A. Wallace Melvin S. Weil Herta Zahn

† Signifies a gift restricted to Learning and Engagement Programs. Nabucco


UPCOMING EVENTS FOR SEATTLE OPERA DONORS Annual Fund donors are invited to attend these upcoming events. Please see the corresponding gift levels below.

Annual Meeting September 9, 4:00 p.m., McCaw Hall


A gathering of Seattle Opera donors, staff, and Board members to celebrate the successes of the 2014/15 season. (Annual Fund donors of $50 and more)

Costume Shop Tour & Luncheon September 24, 11:00 a.m., 1020 John St. Tour the world of costuming during our preparation for The Pearl Fishers, followed by lunch with the Costume Shop staff. (Annual fund donors of $7,500 and more)

The Pearl Fishers Dress Rehearsals October 14 & 15 Watch the final details come together at the last rehearsals prior to opening night. (Annual Fund donors of $250 and more)

Spotlight Dinner: The Pearl Fishers October 15, 5:00 p.m. General Director Aidan Lang hosts this insightful three-course dinner prior to The Pearl Fishers Dress Rehearsal. (Annual Fund donors of $500 and more)

Seattle Opera Ball January 16, 2016 Post-performance Celebrate the opening of The Marriage of Figaro at our 3rd Annual Opera Ball! Postperformance dancing with live music and signature cocktails will be followed by backstage festivities with the opera’s artists. 38


Saturday, October 31, approx. 10:00 p.m. McCaw Hall $20 each for BRAVO! members and one guest, $30 for additional guests Join BRAVO! for a Bollywood-inspired evening backstage after The Pearl Fishers, featuring food, drinks, dancing, and more. This event sold out last year so buy your tickets early! Ages 21+. Tickets on sale now. SEATTLEOPERA.ORG/HALLOWEEN

TALKS AND PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS Pre-Performance Talks McCaw Hall, 90 minutes before every Seattle Opera performance Nesholm Family Lecture Hall, Price: $7

Opera Talk Backs Free. In the Allen Room at McCaw Hall after every performance. Space is limited due to high demand. Join us post-show for Opera Talk Backs! This 30-minute free event is hosted by a member of the artistic or education staff and will feature a special guest from the cast or creative team. Join us to explore a variety of perspectives on performance and production.

Free Neighborhood Previews (The Pearl Fishers) Sep. 29 Freeland Library, 12:00 p.m. Sep. 29 Coupeville Library, 2:00 p.m. Oct. 2

Everett Public Library, 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 4

Frye Museum, 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 7

Edmonds Library, 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 13

Queen Anne Library, 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 13

Third Place Books, 7:00 p.m.

Oct. 14

Ballard Library, 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 15

Central Library, 12:00 p.m.


Seattle Opera 2015/16 Season

FAMILY FUN AND YOUTH PROGRAMS The Pearl Fishers Family Day Matinee


Sunday, October 18, 2:00 p.m. $15 tickets for up to four children with purchase of one-full-price ticket.

Does your little one love to sing, dance, and pretend? Our new program will use singing, play, and movement to explore music, build social skills, and engage in fun musical storytelling. Saturdays 9-9:45 a.m. Sept. 19-Nov. 21

Youth Opera Chorus (Grades 2-6) A fun and engaging collaborative ensemble! Each week choristers will work with accomplished professionals to develop vocal, acting, movement, and language skills. Wednesdays 4:30-6 p.m. Rehearsals begin Sept. 9. Auditions Sept. 1

Unmasked! Teen Scenes Workshop (Grades 7-12) Sharpen your stage skills through the concepts of commedia dell’arte. Using musical scene work, we will investigate the intricacies of improvisation and comedic timing. Saturdays 1:15-4:00 p.m. Sept. 19-Nov. 21 WWW.SEATTLEOPERA.ORG/FORKIDS


August 15—Nabucco, 7:30 p.m. August 22—An American Dream, 8:00 p.m. Tune in to 98.1 Classical KING-FM every Saturday evening for more great opera, including live performances from the Seattle Opera stage and great recordings hosted by Aidan Lang or Jonathan Dean. KING.ORG Nabucco

Minnesota Opera 2009 Pearl Fishers, © Michal Daniel

Little Big Voices singing & movement (Ages 4-7)



MCCAW HALL 206.389.7676 800.426.1619 SEATTLEOPERA.ORG

AN ENCHANTING FANTASY This love triangle story, set on a faraway island, features gorgeous melodies from the composer of Carmen. Lose yourself in the fabulously colorful world of awardwinning designer Zandra Rhodes (The Magic Flute). New-to-Seattle production!

With English Subtitles. Evenings 7:30 p.m. Sunday 2:00 p.m. Featuring the Seattle Opera Chorus and members of Seattle Symphony Orchestra.





Bellevue The Shops at the Bravern (425) 467-0500


Nabucco at Seattle Opera_Encore Arts Seattle

verdi NABUCCO August 2015 Volume 40, No. 1 Paul Heppner Publisher Susan Peterson Design & Production Director Ana Alvira, Robin Kessler, Kim Love ...

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