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Egg Donation USC Fertility performed its first successful egg donation cycle in 1987. As such, its place is firmly established among the pioneers of this form of infertility treatment. Furthermore, our program has published many ground-breaking publications addressing virtually every aspect of egg donation, from stimulation of female donors to preparation of donor egg recipients to synchronization between the cycles and many other topics. Our program was also among the first in the nation (and, consequently, in the world) to maintain a registry of egg donors. Recruitment was essentially unnecessary. Women wishing to donate their eggs found us and contacted us of their own volition. Whereas compensation was always a part of the donation process, altruism and a genuine sense of wanting to help have always been the primary driving forces behind our egg donation program. Couples seeking egg donation at our program are offered a choice of donors from reputable and established egg donor agencies. Couples are also welcome to bring or recruit their own egg donors; we encourage egg donation by female relatives of the intended mother. Please see also our information for Out-of-State and International Patients. Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agencies. Home / Donor/Surrogacy / Egg Donation

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Egg Donation - Donor Egg IVF - Donor Egg Cycles - Los Angeles

Home News Contact Search Our Team Causes of Infertility Fertility Treatments & IVF IVF Lab Egg Freezing Donor / Surrogacy Patient Center USC...

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