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2009 - American University of Beirut



7. Saab Medical Library


Tbe Medical Center 1. Director's Report 2. Chief of Staffs Report 3. Medical Engineering Report



Hariri School of Nursing

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FM/AUBMC AnnuaJ Report 2009-2010 By Mohamed H. Sayegh, M.D. and the FM Dean's Team In the first academic year the new Leadership Team of Associate and Assistant Deans as well as Program Directors and administrative staff, have worked collaboratively towards meeting the new vision to thrust the FM and AUBMC into their true potential of excellence by academically-driven innovations in clinical service, medical education, and research, realizing that a sound business plan in the medical center is key for success of our academic mission. Indeed, a focal achievement this year has been the ability to cut the deficit of the budget of the medical center in half through major efforts by the Clinical Affairs team and Finance team with support from the Hospital administration. Some of the main themes that define the efforts by the new leadership are 1) Expansion and Strategic Partnerships 2) Restructuring, 3) Recruitment and Development, and 4) Innovation and Advancement.

1. Expansion and Strategic Partnerships This year reported the opening of 30 new beds allowing for increased patient access and revenue generation for the medical center. Furthermore, this allowed AUBMC to leverage itself with its successful summer contingency plan that enabled it to meet the increased demand for admissions. This contingency plan included the creation of an Emergency Department (ED) Fast Track to streamline and triage patients and provide quick and excellent care. In an effort to relieve the excess ED patient load by both private patients and the university HIP population, Family Medicine also extended its clinic hours to 7pm on weekdays and from I Oam-2pm on Saturdays. In reference to HIP, discussions are being held to probe opportunities to remove family medicine gatekeeping in the ED, to improve ED services to HlP patients and finally to identify prospects for elective care coverage in partnering hospitals. Additionally, strategic expansion was exemplified by partnerships and alliances with CMC, Najjar, Mount Lebanon and Khoury hospitals, and Tripoli Government Hospital for Obstetrics, to enhance clinical and academic opportunities nationally. These partnerships have also offered AUBMC the opportunity to share complementary diagnostic services and equipment Apart from potentially increasing AUBMC's market share, these joint ventures also allowed for the diversion of the exceeding hospital in-patient load resulting from limited bed capacity, and allowed for more efficient use of the resources and ancillary services. Ultimately, these and prospective partnerships will serve several purposes, whereby some cater to clinical exchange to divert our exceeding patient load and others, such as Na_Uar, Khoury and TGH, serve to provide teaching opportunities for our residency program. AUBMC limits the admission of patients covered by governmental third party payers and these patients are important for our training programs. To increase community outreach efforts and strategic alliances both nationally and regionally, the AUBMC Partners Network entity is in the final stages of creation and this will facilitate AUBMC's ability to collaborate with hospitals while reducing its liability and


even take on prospective management roles for hospitals and centers in Shebaa, Saida, Tripoli, Damascus and the region. This network, with its increasing faculty and expertise coupled with expanding academic horizons, will afford AUB an even more visible spot on the regional and global map. Other academic bridges have also been fostered with KHCC in Jordan for research and education and being developed with KFSH&RC in Saudi Arabia for clinical, academic and nursing exchange. More recently, discussions with QSTP in Basic Research collaborations have commenced. Furthermore, outreach activities have also included trainings offered to healthcare professionals, such as advanced training in radiation oncology, medical physicians, radiation therapy through International Medical Corp, WHO workshops and finally an international collaboration with GlVfE to expand medical tourism. To ensure that growth is managed in an effective and sustainable manner, various capital projects are underway or complete in the Medical Center to create and improve specialized units such as the Bobst Breast Unit, the Abou-Haidar Neuroscience Institute, the Basile Cancer Institute as well as renovations to meet the requirements of JCI, such as the Operating Room renovations. Facility expansion has been proposed and the concept approved by the BOT in June. This initiative, the 2020 AUBMC vision, was orchestrated in close coordination with the Office of the VP for Facilities and the US architectural firm, NTD Architecture, who are designing the plans for the AUB 2020 Medical Complex. Plans are under way to start the immediate and preparatory phases of the plan which will span the next 3-4 years and will include the following: Immediate Projects '" Patient Satisfaction improvements I ongoing clinical renovations '" Diane Tamari Sabbagh building renovations '" Main Lobby+ Outpatient Lobby Face Lifts '" AUBMC Administrative Building (Salloum Building) '" Building 23 west wing Preparatory Phase '" AUBMC Education/Conference Center to include also an adequate parking structure (Faculty I Building)

2. Restructuring A major theme underlying the efforts of the team this year was evaluation and restructuring, which has been quite challenging to achieve due to the culture change it embodies. At the facility level, restructuring and reorganization has been achieved m various clinical units to improve space utilization and expand congested services. In an effort to increase space allocation based on research productivity and to support recruitment in basic sciences, the DTS labs are currently being restructured which will also help promote research Centers of Excellence through a core facility concept. Parallel to


this effort is the consolidation of the Basic Sciences departments to establish 4 viable academic structures (].Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, 2.Cell Biology, Anatomy and Physiological Sciences, 3.Experimental Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, 4.Pharmacology and Toxicology). A search committee has been recently formed to recruit new chairs for the 4 new departments that will be followed by development of departmentspecific strategic plans for recruitment and expansion with the mission of strengthening our basic science research and teaching initiative in the Faculty of Medicine. Similar efforts were taken on by the Faculty of Medicine whereby a major initiative started this year and will span a 3-5 year period to restructure the curriculum. This will need more faculty involvement and faculty capable of conveying general education methods and strategies as well and may potentially require a new Education Unit with various experts in ' medical education to be part of this team and work with other faculty. This year was a special year for student admissions to medical school. In an effort to increase diversity we accepted a record first time 27% of the student body from outside AUB, and the majority from North America. A related effort is the close cooperation with the NBME through Dr. Peter Scoles afforded the opportunity for medical students to pilot the new International Foundation of Medicine Exam which will be important for standardization of scores in the future. Such collaboration is also being entertained with the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. Faculty members are also facing restructuring to the division revenue management whereby all divisions have been given a deadline of September 30 to transition into Group Practice. This will not only support the strategic partnerships across Lebanon and potentially the region, but will also encourage Faculty to subspecialize and devote more time to research and education. Additionally, the Faculty Affairs Office has reviewed issues related to recruitment and eligibility rank with Chairs and developed guidelines and evaluation forms. From an operational standpoint, the hospital administration is currently in the process of being restructured in order to create more functional working groups in a matrix model of management rather than the rigid hierarchical structure in order to run a more efficient and cost effective clinical operation. This will include a CMO, a COO, a CFO, a Director of Nursing, an Executive Director of Plant Engineering and potentially a CIO. This new structure will also host the newly established Patient Affairs unit that will focus all its efforts to improve the 'patient experience' at AUBMC. This year, a Patient Satisfaction Taskforce was created to tackle every aspect that would increase patient satisfaction and accordingly, recommendations for improvement were communicated for approval. In light of implementing these recommendations and ensuring consistent service excellence, the Patient Affairs unit was created. The Patient Affairs Team will ensure implementation of the approved recommendations and propose new services that would satisfy patients such as the Patient Advocacy rounds, Courtesy Service, and Room Service. One of the main operational efforts this year has been supporting the recent devolution that led to AUBMC's own purchasing department. The purchasing and supply chain cycle has been thoroughly evaluated by an external consultant and is in the process of being reengineered in order to increase efficiency, increase profit and reduce cost and optimize


coordination between departments. This will also require educating staff and faculty to minimize open lines of communication with suppliers that may undermine the efforts of the purchasing agents. The recently hired supply chain officer has also been working closely with finance to ensure that supplies are appropriately coded for NSSF reimbursement. Restructuring of the administrative medical center will continue in the next few months with recruitment and re-assignments of middle management and other staff. In addition, reevaluation of staffing also includes re-engineering of the performance appraisal process to ensure merit is reflective of true performance. Moreover, career ladders with salary plans were created for many employee groups at AUBMC along with trainings and workshops focused on front-liners, managerial and supervisory skills and computer skills for administrative stafT. These efforts will continue throughout next year. Ambulatory services are also being restructured into a 'dyadic' model of management with new operational units managed by 6 six unit coordinators to serve as "the building blocks" for quality improvement and patient's satisfaction. This will be supported with training sessions and a procedures manual to be finalized in September. Clinics are also being reorganized to ensure space utilization is optimized and patient assessments have been modified to allow for unit-specific customization.

3. Recruitment and Development To meet the growth and expansion envisioned by the new leadership team, much effort has been made on recruitment and development. Staffing is being re-evaluated and recruitment of specialized talent and most importantly of renowned and specialized physicians has been a focus this year. The recruited positions include but are not limited to a new supply chain officer, a director of public relations to take over the efforts that led to initiation of a strategic communications campaign for AUBMC, and medical auditors to monitor compliance to billing policies. Recently, a professional fee billing task force was also created to tackle issues related to patient billing that will also factor into improving patient satisfaction. 27 recruited academic faculty members are divided across departments and this was coupled with searches for Chairs in Obs/Gyn (completed), Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Basic Science departments (all ongoing). Active searches are also underway for basic researchers and physician scientists in an effort to support and increase the research output in DTS. Additionally, task forces to evaluate policies and recommend changes to Promotion, MPP, Group Practice and the Neuroscience have also been created. Other programs and committees created this year include, a Bioethics Program (supported by the Salim El-Hoss Foundation) which wi.ll host its first conference in September, a Conflict of Interest Ad-hoc Committee geared towards ethical relationships among physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and coworkers and a Development Committee to seek funding from external donors to improve the facilities offered by AUBMC. To date, there have been considerable achievements from the Development office to secure pledges to the Faculty of Medicine and School of Nursing totaling close to 5 million dollars. As an institution that values strong research output, new Institutional Review Board policies have been implemented that will be applicable to the whole University. Extensive


progress has been made towards the planned creation of a Clinical Research Institute to conduct innovative as well as multicenter clinical trials at AUBMC and in collaboration with local and regional Centers. This CRI's mission is to promote the ethical conduct of state of the art human subject research, in both biomedical and social and behavioral sciences and includes 5 units: the Clinical Research Center (CRC), the Outcomes Research Unit, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Research Education Unit, and the Research Compliance Unit. The latter three are the essential constituents of the successfully created Human Research Protection Program, a program that is relevant A UB campus at large. The creation of a Social and Behavioral Sciences IRB, HRPP policies, procedures and resource documents, an updated IRB manual, training modules for research coordinators and the successful Clinical Research Day are some of the achievements to date. Additionally, a new CRC manual was completed covering the essential services in the center and ensuring that the CRC operations are complaint with international guidelines for clinical research and with our current policies at AUBMC and IRB. These achievements have afforded CRI opportunities for capacity building and HRPP activities to engage faculty and staff and will endorse the efforts towards NIH funding and potential AAHRP accreditation. An Evidence-based Health care Management Unit was recently established to focus on evidence-based research to study and analyze the operational and organizational procedures in the health care setting, mainly AUBMC. This unit will be supported by the FM and consists of an executive team of diverse backgrounds: business, public health, nursing, and health administration. The unit's mission will be to generate knowledge and evidence necessary for the effective and efficient application of management principles within the Health Care industry. This is consistent with our vision that the FM and A UBMC will act as catalysts to tie A VB 's faculties together as it invites cross-faculty integration and coliabo rat ion.

4. Innovation and Advancement In line with the work of the Patient Satisfaction Task Force and in an effort to regain market leadership and employee and patient's confidence in the AUBMC brand, Quantum/M&C Saatchi was been hired to coordinate and orchestrate an internal and external strategic communications campaign. Several activities have been coordinated with the agency as well as the current effort to create a new patient-friendly website for AUBMC. A Director of Public Relations was recently hired to coordinate efforts with the agency and with the AUB communications office in order to promote the medical center through media and PR activities. A Continuing Medical Education office was created to consolidate CME efforts across AUBMC and its partnership with Cleveland Clinic in April now allows physicians to receive AMA CME credits for activities organized by AUBMC. This partnership will also support AUBMC's goal to become a regional ACCME approved provider. Other activities include the creation of a Strategic Advisory Council to manage all CME activities, the restructuring of the MEMA committees and bylaws for future MEMA conferences and finally the partnership with Novartis for CME activities over the next 2 years.


This year has also included a strong focus towards improving the hospital information system in an effort to allow physician I patient I administrator access information easily and securely. Seminars I Grand Rounds were offered to physicians to make them aware of existing software support and to receive feedback for improvement. Other development of the software has been made in order to create a document management system and to automate operations. Current negotiations with vendors such as CERNER are underway to upgrade the overall HIS at AUBMC by the approach of 'develop, purchase and integrate'. This is also under review with the new VP for IT. Additionally, a more user-friendly call center system was implemented.

Some Highlights of Initiatives for Next Year •

• •

• • •

Medical Education Office will create a Faculty Promotion Track in education, continue the work in curriculum restructuring, create new facilities for modem education, diversify the student and resident bodies and go regional, create new patient opportunities, in-house and affiliated hospitals and create a student placement office to assist students in finding placements in the US for elective rotations and post-graduate training-in conjunction with development office and finally look for accreditation opportunities for Post-graduate programs GMEC plans to diversify resident pool through international accreditation since ACGME now created an international section. A visit by Timothy P. Brigham, the Senior Vice-President, Department of Education at the ACGME, provided further clarification to the ACGME-I accreditation process which will be a competencybased system and resonated confidence in AUB's preparedness for accreditation FAO will focus on faculty development, the role, responsibilities and review of department chairs, review of promotion criteria, academic ranks, implementing a faculty mentoring program, developing and expanding orientation opportunities for new faculty, developing an online faculty information system and a website, establishing document management system, and automating work-flow processes. Searches for the Department Chairs for the 4 new Basic Science departments and the ENT department. CRI will focus on developing a Responsible Conduct of Research Curriculum for AUB, implement a Self Study Assessment to secure AAHRP accreditation, organize HRPP seminars and brown bags meetings within faculties, launch an HRPP Newsletter, Educational Resources, FAQ on new IRB website, institute Ethics Coordinators in faculties, increase IRB reviewer's pool and membership/alternate members, encourage interfaculty research, establish an institutional Summer Institute in Human Research and establish a joint degree between FM and FHS Launch AUBMC Partner's Network to consolidate the strategic alliances nationally and regionally. Finalize re-engineering of the supply chain to impact the budget and initiate projects to achieve cost reduction and operational efficiency. Launch the immediate and preparatory phase projects including the AUBMC Administrative and Faculty I buildings, the lobby renovations, and other patient


satisfaction improvements and to progress with various capital projects such as the expansion ofthe dialysis and endoscopy units

Major Challenges •

• • •

Resistance to change and invoking a paradigm shift across the institution such as convincing the Faculty to shift to group practice and to buy in to the idea of new practices, collaborative relationships with partnering hospitals, setting the standards for research culture and ethics, etc. Struggling with internal audit's day-to-day involvement in operations, though valued, but leads to bottlenecks and slows down the process. Still some micromanagement of daily operations by BOT and distant control from NY office through legal team, although this is getting better. Space, space, space limitations

Other Challenges •

• •

• •

Lack of ownership and accountability by departments leading to chronic apathy across departments with demotivated staff and weak insight to their operations. This is compounded by lacking capacity building for various employee groups needed in order to empower them to achieve objectives and goals such as purchasing agents who needs to be trained on the basic principles Shortage of specialized staff and the need to train management to take on more responsibilities and to manage project execution. New services being created and need strong guidance and training from physicians who manage busy schedules. Pace is a little bit slower than desirable and change takes time to achieve. However, building on solid grounds is important. For example, AUBMS Partner's Network is taking time but hopefully this will lay a solid foundation for progress. Daily issues with delayed payments in comptroller's office. This is a problem that needs to be solved as it is affecting our relationships with vendors, suppliers and other providers Insufficient faculty commitment to self-education and student mentorship and education in matters pertaining to ethical principles of human subject research. Poor communication between departments and even schools when it comes to the .IRB. This is an impediment to streamlining implementation of change across relevant departments and is fostered by the territorial mentality and defensiveness. Deficient IT support in various areas that cane make process more efficient and user- friendly. Conflict of interest, professional billing practices etc.

A word about HSON: WE have been coordinating with Provost Dallal provision of more autonomy to the School and Director. These are ongoing efforts that will be evaluated periodically to assess whether the School should ultimately become totally independent of theFM


September 30. 2010 . RAHIC

ra;""'' Immunology and


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Cfinical r of



'· I Abu H•vd... Fadlo !Abu


r of and Head and Ne
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'"*~ Nadim

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i, '""''

. Asma

,f a ;nical

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Septell'lbe'r 30. 2010

RANK f Olnlcal

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H~ad and Neck

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·'"·~· '· Roben


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Head 1nd Neck

l Head and Nee• Olnlcal Olnleal -·


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FACUlTY IJSl' (by ·~"'bt!IIOIOidoll

_ ~ - ~~~£·~·~-~'~"·~~-~·~-=-:=~~-§

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•Ad Gynoc-ol~ Uftd 1\dOIOIC:Ot\t Med!CIOfl

1::~:~· CcUOlofOMY and PhViiOkllllcJI Mt dlclne Nur)in, lntl labotJIOtY Ml"dlciM





.....--................ ..._

.. '~ .... UO..!!,_ory ___:



FACULTY UST (by atphabelkal order)


NAME t76f~ovry, MauriCe 111 Khoorv. M;ay 118 Khoorv, Nabil 179 Khoury, Samla llUl teibbi, Abdul Ghat\1 181 Kiblawl, Salim 182 Xreidieh lbrahfm \83 iCutoubt A"tuad 184 Wlds, Suhayl 185 louts, f..ek 186 Uelf, Antoine 187 Maatouf. Fadi 188 Ma.alouf fUad



K Assodale Profes-sor ordinlcal -Oinical Assistant Professor Ass<>e~1e Ptofessor or Olnlcal -Visiting Proft SSO ....!...._ ~sor

Diagnostic Radlologv Surgery Anesthesiology Aneslheslologv Psychlatry


Su ~!!L_

tnsttuctorof Olnical Assodate Professor of Clinical Emeritus Professor dlnkal As$0Ciate Proft".:$SOC Associate Professor of Clllical Cllnlu l Professot Oinital Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Cllnle<'ll dinital Assistant Professor


hpel'iment&l P~ti'IOI~

200 Matta-Muall~ Dermatology 201 Mikati., MohJrnmad PecU&ttiC$ and Adolescent Medicine Family Medicine 202 Mokheiber, Saml Otolatyngology and Head and Ned: Surgery 2'03 Moukatbef, Roger 204 Mroueh., Adnan Ot>Slcttk:s and Gynecolocy 2'05 Mroueh, Sal~ Pediatrics and Adolescent MediCine 20G MuaDem, Musa Anesthesiology - W'ernal 2'07 Mudawar, \Yalid Medldne 208 Muf1rriL Afit £tn4rteency Medicine 209 Munla, Nabil Pedl.atrks and Adolestcnt Medicine 2t01Murad, Fad! Internal Medicine 211 Musallam. Salim Pedlatrk:s al\d Adolescent Medicine 2U•Oeh. u~-Famlty Medid ne UJ Muwakkit Samar Pedlatrlcs and ~eseen t MediciM Mlaobioloev. Immunology and Na.bbout. Exoer1mental Pathoi2JY _ 1 21~ 21S Nabulst Mona P





Assistant Pfofessor Olnlcal Assistant Prof~r Professor Clinical Assistant Profeuor ASsociate Professw Associate Professoc of a nkal Assist~t ProfesSOf Olnlcat AUodate Professor

School of Hurslns P~tholocy and Labocatory Medidne School of Nur$ins Ot.'fmatology tntema.J Medklne p phthalm2'.?§L School of Nursing AnesthesiQioey lntemaJ Medk lne Microbioloev. lmmunolocv and ~




Ophthalrnoloey Otolaryngotogv .. ,,d Head and Neck



DEPARTMENT Internal Medicine School of N ursi~ ~Dltsno!_tk Radiology Medidne Dermatology lncetnal Medldne


189 Macari,. AnthonL 190 Madi, Oina 191 Mahfouz. Rami 192 M~'k~rem, selwll 193 M

Xptttriber 30, 2010

Oin ical l n~tructor

Professoc Omie&J Associate Profossor Professor Clkll
ASSOd l»lC! Profes~or Assistant Professor of CllniQ I Professor Olnical A.ssocble PrOfe$SOC Instructor of Oinical



f ACULlY UST (by alph~betical order)

September 30, 2010


,Aihab :M ona dO



f Olnlcal




M 1""'1

rand •

and Heathnd Neck


I All • M<>ud


aod MolecularGenetics



,samar i, Afif •, Cell BloklsY and


• Nuh

Olnle<~l '

, Elias




, ~braU_



• George

~:~ ,..,ya '



-f,; '-



Cel Biology and ' rand I

• Faysol rand ' I2S I


, Alaln

, SOld


'·••••on 6/8




lfil-- -......- ,-:---- ..... -.-..,. =-m--.-s.m. ""'"""""" -·Abdol,...,_...., .....



~~·-·"..,. 5JW4-



- ~Prolesior


~!f!"'SaiiKtMMt•a.. ~ ""*'., Professor

llltWftll til I *'t


·.;;;;..~ht,.. ;..._.,.._


MD no __ .._ ~.!'o!:.~





l7'J ShwrAE2&0

212 Sldan~ MUUIIII ~· Sibo~ .....


283 ~·Smld.S.""




Cmtritvs Ptofesaor

- ~--rmerltus Ptofi5SOr

Otnte,,la .nd Gvnecolocv


Sur PI')'




•w.. ...,.td,a....10!1..,___

Profe.uor Mslstant Professor ofCilnlcal Auodate Prof~r of Clinical An isUtnl Profeuor of Clinical AUI,lilll Prof4W4r ol Olnital



,,.......,..., ,_,.OIJ_IN *to?




WIC1fft;lt Mfdld;le

Clin1QI AU1$Qnt PfoftsSOI AUocJate Profe~ of CliniCill


Assodate Profe.uorof Oinical

Internal Medld n.


,..ofenor of C1ifttal ,.,_,


ob"tuio •nd &;necolotv

305Um.J06 " " " " ".' JI17W.U...,.W ..

tnllfnlll MtdiiCIM


AI!Mriwe P•"'*=s:aw

(Inial Assasunt Pfafess«

lntt~n-" Mt dklne SUIIC...V tnlttn,.. Mtdlclnt

l~r-A§""""' ..,.,..


.- "aAtiw


stow\ tl:.dl


(-IQoolgj-... -

Ph 1rm1H:o~ •nd Todc~sy Ptdl1trlc) and Adoltuumt MekiM

28• Slmaan, Joseph 285 5inl10, Dutrlyya 286 Skaff GNssan 1187 288 $0ubra, M llt\ff 293 Soweid, Assaad 294 SWdan. Fryt:l: 295 Tabbarah, 2uhayr 296 Tilha_A.Hid 297 T111'w, S.m..r l!ie TI~H~o~iMirt




.~-..- ciCWoJI-

1n1oWN1 M a •• f ami¥ u a~Maftt _ .....Vks and -..eaKtne MadaM InterN~~ Mullant

v•-..~l7S l76


- - t~=:'a~ola.a. m.a~ 1





~Olllc«no Mil ~.; · IJW



Cllricol ..._ _ ..........


lfi> ......... -



Of,Aitl tnttmll Mteotw P11UdDtrr ll'ld LlbofJt.ory M4dciM


259,Sitltm. &d

~tember 10,


Oln.ul Ass.ociiW Professor Oinla t Assod.llte Profeuor Clnkll Associ11te Professor Assocbte ~ot.uof of atnieal Acf,unct "'ofes:sor


-o/Cinial ........,..,-..,.,~


fc*uttria and Cill'*....!!.' ''--f,..,Mltlealot


r_,.' ""_,........,. Ci4ftfucs


As5odite Proleuor ol Clnicill









Clitllllal~ . . . . . .




FACULlV LIST (by alphabetical order)

NAME Vatbed, Nadine 310

-3 11 'tunis, Kh Jiid


3 U zaatan.. Ghazl 313 ~u n. Shvl«alllh


DEPARTMEN1 Pedlatrks and Adol~&en t Medicine PediJLtlc$ and Adolescen t ~ldne Path ology an d Labor.nory Medicine O«m\ltology Otolaryneotocv and Ht ad e~nd N~dc

Assistant Professor ol Cllnk:al Prof~ssor

Professor Clinical Profeuor

314 Z3ytoun, George


c llnleat Professor

315 Zeidan. Asad

An.IUOmy, Cell BiOiosY •tid PhysiOiogie..l Sciences

A$sluant Profeuor

Dbgnostse Ra
Assiswnt Professor

tn temal Medid ne ln1etf'!il Medldr'lc

Assistant Prore~r ProfesS()(

316 Ztln, Vout.Sef 317 Zeineldlne. Salah 318 Zlvodcll. Food



82:>- 1

2009 . 2010 .P t~ RI)ONNt;L

l1 lc1t~ Nrcr 10 SOI.lrion 1}2 of the onnual report.

Tf.AC!!INC AC'IlVJTIES Tho followina tmdc:rl!f"dWll< ODd gmdtl:lte ..urscs were olfcrod during tho 2009-2010 ocod
11\JMR 207 IIUMR201 IIUMR20'1 11\JMJt 2-16 11\JMR lOS ti\JMR 106 11\JMR '!07 IIUMRJOIA IIUMit 10'1 lfUMit 110 HUMR 112 IIUMR 313 I IIJMI
HUMR 1 16 HUMII318 IIUMII )19 liUMR 1-16 liUMR l97/l91 lil.MR 260 11\.MR 261

PHYL200 PHYL202 P11YI 2~ PIIYI 208 PIIYL 210 PIIYL 246 PIIYI 2(1() PIIYl. 300 I'HYI. 302 I' II YI. 304

c;,.,., An:nomy 1'-..ny &sit: Hisoology H..,_ Morplloqy l4r ponmcdkal otudcnlt

Cimcral H"""'"s> Orpn Hisoolog)·


NCU1001l3l001Y IJosJ<: I h5101ogy 1-'ktho
l'rinciph"S .. or Electron MicrosCOI)Y 1 l rlncip1es or Histochemis.ry BioiOJlll ofNCJVe and Muscle Hwnan Morphology for Jll'dU3t< studcnu MSThcsos Ela:tn'< m If um3n \1orpholocy flcai\~ iD B.1':Sic Ne&UiCirncc HOO>Sis can~.on,.:ubr Ph)'5iolocy ~kbbolism


Gonenl Physic>logy: Cc:llul:w MtehlUil>IIU Human Physiology for Jl"llli11Cdtcolar•l undc:rwaduot< Sludents lilcctivc in Physiology I romeostasis

Cardiovascular Physiology Metobolism


PHYL Jot PIIYUIO PIIYUII ·J IZ PIIYI lll·ll~ PIIYI )17 PIIYI 124 PIIYI 3?0 PIIYI 3?1·392 I'II YI. 1?7-398

'navphysiology r... gnoc~uo~c Sludmll Gcnaal Physiology- Cdlulor Me
Jldvm«d Pb)-.iology l'bysic111 Methods in Pbys.oloao..-.1 R-.>tth l'erspttU''n in th< Physiologot>l FI«IIOph)'lOology off"'hlc Cell• Directed Reading and Rueon:h Projects in Physiology MS Thesis


Mcmbeo~ of the llcpArtmont partioiP"ocd also in teachin~ the folluwin11 inter-dcpartmcnml OOttrTI 120~: lOTH 209 (PBL); lOTH 220: I0 I H (30 I) nnd lll()C 300.

CO!IRJ'E.'ll' CO.'fMVNJTY TEACHING\ltOnn>enlll llahh Sciences; Gr.oduo1e le>~l k

Cell R•*v (Bool 1/iOI Bioi. 332). Btolocr of C'onctt • M.......oh• 8Kology of Conca (Btol JJS)' Biology of C-.r (Boo! ~I) ..-.1 R.....-ch (1\LE.

Techniques rn Boology (Biol liS) courses 111<1 J1111du41< Je>-.1 k ~tlldcous In the Medienl Lohclrto!Ory Tedonology Program, Focuhy oHicohh Selene"' (F.i\. Sondch) M]SCt' I•I.AN£0USACJIDEMICACI'IVI11F.S

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Nayef E. Saade, D.S<:. Professor & Chninnan Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology April20, 20 11



'rhe Department of Anesthesiology at the American Unjversity of Beirut has three principal func:lions: 1. C linical &. Adtn inistrntive Sen·iccs

2. Teaching/Education 3. R~arcb Activities I· CUNICAL & ADMINJSTART!YE SERVICES The Uepanment of Anesthesiology at AUB· MC provides a comprehensive mnge of anesthesia that indudcs general anesthesia, regional anesthesia. 3CUtc and chronic pain l'tiMagernent., and conscious sed~lt i on. Members or the dt:panmcnt provide SUite of the art and ev i dcncc~bascd 3JlCslhesia care and practices wherever aru:l whenever needed in the medical center. Our services l;tlCompass the operating room as wdl as areas outside the opcrnting rooms (e.g., Diagnostic Radiology. Radiothetapy, St- Jude Cane.::r Center, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Critical Care Units, Endoscopy/Bronchosropy Suite, l..ithouipsy, DelivetyllVF Suite, and Post Anes ~~,eSia Cve Unit). As of October 2008, ~tc Department of Anesthesiology assumed responsibility of the. pre-adll\lsslon unit (PAU) nnd Dr. San1ar Tlll13 wos appointed as a director of the PAU A well e~1ablisbed clinical a.nd administrntive system headed by the: chninnan and involving members of the department, fellow·s, re-sidents. Md onestbes-ialin.halntion therapists was de.vcloped 10 ensure n high quality of anesthesia services on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. Several c:ommittees were fomled to contlnuously update/revise our admlnistralive and clinkal servi-ces. 1lleir function was to meet lhc highest standards of anesthesia care as established by the local and intcmational slllndards (e.g., MOH and JCJ standards). The commillces thnt were active during the year 2009·2010 are: 3-

Executive Committee:

A committee of S members of the facully (Drs. Kano:r.i, Baroody, Siddik-Snyyid, Ayoub 3lld Nawphal) appointed by the chainnan nnd in charge: or major slrotcgic Initiatives. The appointment of Dr. Ayoub & Or. Slddlk as vice presidents


b- Department General Commiltcc:

A conuninee of all f.1culty membe"' of1hc departmcn• ond tn charge of all administrative, clinical. teaching/educational, and research aclivities in the depBrtment.

c- Budge• Committee:

A commiuce composed of 2 facully members (Drs. Kanazi Md Khatib) and 3 non-acudcrnic members (Mr. Mteirik.. Mt~ Ajjour & Mrs. Mru:haka) in charge of preparation and implemenmtion of operating and capilal budgcls.

d- Quali!y Con1t0l Cornmiuee:

conunittce of 4 fact~ !)' members (Drs. Knnll7.i, Sibai, Khatib, and Dabbous) and I non-academic member (Mrs. Moohaka) to updmc departmcntol policies and procedures and implementing perfonnance improvement projects.

e- Mortalil)' & Mnrbidily Committee:

A committee of 2 faculty members (Drs. Sibai and Taba) in cllJilge of reviewing and assigning M&M cases tOr presentation and discussion in general deparunental meetings.

f.. Residency Trainiog Commiucc:

A coouniuee of 5 facuJcy Konazi, Maroun·Aouad, (ooounittcc dircclor). Dabbous) in charge of training progmm.

g- Medical Student Commit!CC

A oomntiuee of 2 faculty members (Drs. Taha and Dabbous) In chllrge of !he Medical Student Clerkship.

h- OR Sclwdulc Committee

A committee of 2 facul!y members (Drs. Kanazi and NawJ:1l) in clwge of schedule assignments (OR rooms coverage. otusidc OR room coverage. on-calls. etc).


members (Drs. Siddlk-Sayyid Ayoub, and the residency


1- Decisions and Accomplishments: I.

ADMINISTRATIVE • Appointment of a clinical department administrator responsible of overseeing the administrative workflow in the department • Restructuring the administrative responsibilities & duties by recruiting new office assistant and creating a new position as senior secretary responsible of the non academic administrative support • Finalizing the career ladder for anesthesia assistants and starting to apply the BDI focus • Restructuring of the salaries & developing group practice plan • Auditing/ restructuring of billing codes and professional fees • Development of an online on call schedule • Undergoing faculty retreat • Initiation & maintenance of performance improvement projects


CLf!\liCAL • Upgrading the Regional anesthesia service • Upgrading the Acute pain service: Recruitment of a full time dedicated pam nurse • Establishment of an outreach pain clinic at CMC • Upgrading of anesthesia equipment and systems • Recruitment of2 new faculty: Dr. Marwan Rizk for pain/regional anesthesia and Dr. Carine Zeeni for NeuroN ascular anesthesia • Introducing new treatment modalities in the area of respiratory care (e.g., transport ventilation for critically ill patients, non invasive bi-level positive airway pressure for critically ill pediatric patients, bubble CPAP for neonatal patients & synchronized intermittent positive pressure ventilation for neonates (SiP AP), etc) • Revisiting and updating protocols • Achieving the College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation for blood gas lab


TEACHING • Introducing the AKT exam as a tool to ameliorate the teaching curriculum of anesthesia residency program • Introduction of resident evaluation for each anesthesia rotation • Development of criteria for yearly promotion of residents during their residency training program


RESEARCH • Establishing a clinical research unit, in order to improve the department's image & productivity in terms of quality & number of publications, by recruiting a full time research assistant as well as assigning a faculty as director for the unit


2- TEACHING & EDUCATION Teaching and education remain an integral part of the departmental mission. Whether during clinical practice, medical rounds, research activities, lectures/seminars, journal clubs, reading sessions, and case discussions, the transmission of knowledge and clinical skills to residents and medical students is top priority for faculty members. A- Residents

A "Residency Training Committee" headed by Dr. Siddik is in charge of all teaching activities related to the departmental 4 years anesthesia residency program. This corrunittee is created to continuously update/revise the residency program as outlined in a special anesthesia resident manual to ensure that state-of-the art practices in anesthesia are provided to our residents. Also, the progression of each resident is followed and evaluated. Scientific research remains our most efficient tool for education and as such all residents are encouraged to participate in the different research projects conducted in the department. The progression of each residents and his/her acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills are evaluated on a regular basis through their bi-annual evaluation using different tools such as in-service exams (2-3 times annually), presentation of a grand round, and presentation of a case discussion. In addition to that an annual standardized exam, the AKT (Anesthesia Knowledge Test), was implemented to be used as one criterion for promotion .An on-line system ( is used for evaluating residents and trackjng their progress. During 2009-010, 3 residents and l cardiac fellow graduated from our residency program. 2 of them got accepted in international medical centers ( 1 in the USA and the other in Canada) and 1 is continuing a cardiovascular fellowship in our department.

B- Med IV Students Fourth year medical students are assigned for three weeks in Anesthesiology. Students rotate through the department in groups of 6-8 students and receive daily seminars by one of the Staff or Senior residents on subjects related to basic science, anesthesiology and critical care medicine. The students rotate in the Operating Rooms doing clinical anesthesia under supervision and the post-anesthesia care unit. They are also exposed to and given demonstrations in the use of mechanical ventilators, blood gas machines, hypothermia equipments, and different monitoring equipments (e.g., pulse oximeters, capnographs, etc). Also, students receive a practical and theoretical course concerning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which includes both basic and advanced cardiac life support. In addition to their attendance of our daily morning seminars there are a number of designated lectures that are delivered by the Anesthesia Faculty to the Med IV students. Towards the end of their rotation, each medical student presents a review presentation related to basic science, anesthesiology or critical care medicine in collaboration with one of the faculty members.


Seminars given to Med IV Students Seminars


Introduction ~egional anesthesia technigues _ Pre-Og visit & _premedication I LV inductional anesthesia Obstetric anesthesia Local anesthesia Airway_ and management Neurosurgical anesthesia Anesthesia for Laparoscopic surg~ry CPR (41ectures) Physics Electrophysiology of myocardial cell Mechanical Ventilation Pathophysiology of pain





Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

A. Dabbous A. Ltayf S. Taha S. Siddik M. Maroun C. A__youb AIN Sibai S. Jabbour A. Dabbous M. Baroudy M. Nawfal M . Khatib G. Kanazi


The goal of a fellowship program in cardiothoracic anesthesia is to achieve a subspecialized training in cardiac (including open heart surgery, major vascular and thoracic anesthesiology. During the year 2009-20 I 0, I fellow graduated from the cardia-thoracic anesthesia program .

3- RESEARCH ACTIVITIES I CLINICAL PATHWAYS - A Clinical Research Unit headed by Dr. Maroun was established in July 20 I 0, starting with the recruitment of l full time Research assistant. Members of the department are highly active in developing anesthesia clinical pathways and in focused and centered research projects such as pain, regional anesthesia, and critical care (Dr. G. Kanazi), obstetrical anesthesia (Dr. S. SiddikSayyid), airway management, echo and regional anesthesia (Dr. C. Ayoub), pediatric and regional anesthesia (Dr. M . Maroun-Aouad), post operative nausea and vomiting, and ACLS (Dr. A. Dabbous), cardiovascular anesthesia (Dr. M. Nawfal), respiratory and critical care (Dr. M . Khatib), neuroanesthesia (Dr. AIN Sibai, Dr. f . Louis), regional anesthesia (Dr. A. Ltayf), ophthalmology anesthesia (Dr. Baroudy), anesthesia for laparoscopic and transplant surgeries (Dr. S. JabbourKhoury), and pre-oxygenation and rapid sequence induction (Dr. S. Taha).



...3 0


.. a.


Resean:h projeciS cOl scicnlific <>Oni!Jess<:S 10 pn:srnnenlas""" of 1hc leading n:gional dcpctrtmcnl in promo~in& 1bc p
A-Mli>OL£ EAST JOURNAL OF ANEST!U~SJOJ,QGY (MEJA) • The p:~ssi nc nwny of Dr. Fouod Salim Hnddod. eKecutive edilor of Mll.IA on June 8, 20 I 0. • The nppointmcm of Or. Boroudy In J>lnce of Dr. Hnddnd



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Ya.zbeck-Kanlm V, Baraka AS, Aouad M. Unusual case of difficult double-lumen tube extubation. Case repor1. Journal of Cliuical Anesthesia 2009: 21 (7), pp. 5H·516


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DR. MOBAMAD EL-KRATW 1. G. Kanat.i, F. Abadll3, A. Dabbous, S. Atweh, M.F. Jii.KI>atlb·. "Headache ruJd

nuchal rigidily and photophobia after an cpidumJ blood patcJt: diagnosis by exclusion of persistem PQS-tdurol puncture: headache mimicking meningitis". Dr- J Anaesth (A«eptOO) (Cn.....,.'j) & SOnior Author)


2. C. A)'OUb, 1'. Sfeir, lll.t·. FJ..Khotib'. "Amiodaronc otld rcpcrfusion vrnuicubr fohrillatinn... J Cardiothonc Vue Ancotb (Accepted). (Co....,ponding & Senior AUthor)

3. C. Ayoub, G. Kan01.i, A. AI Alnmi, C. Rruneh. M.F. EI-Khorih' . " l"rocheal in1ubution following tmini111-; with Ihe GlideScope compllf(!d 10 tlirecl lnryngoscopy". AnaeJthe•ia 65(7):674-678. 2010. (Corresponding & Senior Author)

4. G.E. KOJJ>Zi, M.T. Aouad. V.W. Abdallah, M.t'. EJ..Kbalih. A.M B.F Adhrun,IJ.W. Hrufoush, S.M. Siouzan>, MJI. [J..:Khatib• .A... Ban.\k:l. ..Dcxrunc.Lhnsone with either gronist1ron or ondansetron for J>O-"oper.uive natL~a and vomiting in loparoscopic S\lfgery". MEJA 20(4):565-569. 2010.

DR. SAMAR JABBOUR-KHOURY I.Dnhbous. A.S., Jabboor-){bourr, S.l., Nasr, V.G, Moussa. A.A.. Zbcidy, R.A,

KJ>o>OJlm. N.E.. EI-Khutib, M.l'., Bomka, A.S. Dexamethasone with either grnnisetron or ond.an5etron (or postQperative n1.1USCU and VOrnitJng iu loparoseopic: surgery. Middle Eall Journal or An.. thesiology, 20(4); SM-570, 20 10.

DR. GBASSAN KANAZI G. JC..,azi F. Abodllo, A. o.bbous, S. Atweh, M..F. EI·Kh.llib' "Hc:>dadle and nuchal rigidily otld photopllobia after ao epiduru blood pa1eh: diagpo>is by oxclusion of pasisten1 polldw.l puncourc bcadod>c minuekin& meningiaiJ". Br J Allaestla (Acuptod)


Aouad MT, !Una:r.l GF, Abdallah FW, Moukaed by re.dderu" a comparison between ullroi!Ound-&uidoo und landmark technique in lnfonts and children undergoing cnrdioc 3urgcry. Anestla Analg, 2010 Scp; I ll (3):724-8.


3. Ayoub CM, Kanu:i G&, AI Alami A, Ramch C, EI-Kltatib MF. Tracheal imubation fOllowing Iraining with tl1e GlideSoope eon:;r>ared 10 dircc• laryngoscopy. Anaeslbesia. 20 10 Jul: 65(7):674-R. 4. Kllnu:i GE, Aouad MT, Abdalhlh FIV, Klnltib Ml, Adham AM, Harfoush DW. Siddik-Sayyid SM. Efficacy ofSubamchn<>id Morphine Comp• rcd lo Ultrasound-Guided Transversus Abdominis Block after Cesarean Deli vel)': A Randomized Controlled Trial.. Anesth Analg. 20 I 0 Aug; Ill (2):475-R I.


I. Aouad M, Kanazi G, Abdallah F, Moukaddem F, Turbay M. Ob<:id M, Siddik&tyyid S. Femoral Vein Cannulation Performed by ResidenL~: A Comparison Between Ultrasound-Guided and Landmark Tcermul burn following combined use of forced air and fluid warming devices (lener,

corresponding author). Anaesthesia. 20 I0; 65: 654-5 3. Siddik-Sayyid S, Aouad M. Gronisetron or ondnnsetron for prevention or subarachnoid morphine-induced pruritus after cesarean delivery (letter, corresponding autbor). lnt J Obstet Anesth 201 0; 19: 457-8 4. Aouad M Siddik~ayyid S. Comments on: uEffect.'i of maintaining a remirentanil infusion on the recovery pwllles during emergence &om

anaesthesia 911d tracheal extubation". (E-leaer, conespouding aulhor). BJA 2010 5. Siddik-Sayyid SM, Yazb<:ck-K~~ram VG, Zahreddine BW, Adham AM, Daghcr CM, Soasouh \VA, Aooad MT. Ondonsctron is as effective as dipllc:nhydrnmine for treatment of morphine-induced prurilus after ce.'larean delivery. AN Anaeslbt$iol Scaod. 2010; 54: 764-9 (Concsponding author)

6. Kanazi GE, Aouad MT, AbdallaJ1 FW, Khatib MF, Adham A, Harfoush D, Siddik-Sayyid S. Tb<: analgesic efficacy of subarachnoid morphine in comparison with uhrasound-gi.Uded transvers\ls abdominis plane block after cesarean delivery: a rnndomized controlled trial. Antsth ADalg. 2010; Ill : 47581



I. Mnric T Aowd. Cihassan r Joy. Mounir Y Obcid. Salu.r M Siddik.Sauld. Fcmonol vcin c:mnubltan ptrfomted hy rcsidc:niS: A comparison ben,_, ultruc>und-%uided IIJ1d IIIJ1dmorlc tcclmJque In infants IIJ1d ehildren undergoing carduoe ••$"')1 (Clinic..'! investigation). Publlabed on line AD Aolllg May 6. 2010 (Colfttpoodbo.: author). 2. Gha"
3. Sohar Slddlk.Sayyld. Vando G Yozbcck Knram, Badri W l..ulmxldin<, AI Moooaz Oillnh P Ad ham. CW'Ia M Dagbcr, Wad A Saasouh, Marie 1' Aouad. On

4. Siddik,~ axyld S, Aowd M. Comments on: "EITCCIS ofmoinlaining o mnifcru:mll infusion on the lffilvery profiles during cmc- from Ol\lle5tbesla ond U3
Siddik..Sanid Sahar. Effect of suxameahonium vs. rocuronium on onse1of oxygen dcsoluntion during opnco (Clinical investigotion). AnJ.. Ibt~la 1010; 65 (4): 325 • 434 (Com::t110ndlng autho.r). 6. S••n M Slddfk....litavvid, Marie Aoaad:. Omniset.rOn or ondansctron for prtvcndon or subarachnoid morpbinc~induced prwilus nf\er deliver (Lcucr 10 the editor). Publislled ooliDelllter110tiooal Jounalof Ob•J•tric AaHtbtsJ..


II!••• bt S!cldik~'l•yyid,

Woe! A. S:wouh. Cbude E MAll>~. Marie T Aouad Thcnnal Bum follo\,;ng «>mbincd ""' of forced air ond Ouid warming devices (l.enu IO I he edioor). Anl<1thtob 2010 (65):654-5


l. Tw S,. EI·Klllllib M, Bnmka A. Haidor Y, Abdallah 1'. Zbtid)' R, Siddik·Sayyid S.

Effect ohuxamethoniu1n vs. rocuronium on onsc:t of oxygen des:ttt,lfUiion during opnco following rapicl-scqueoce induction ofOJ!OSthcsi•. 2010; 358-61.


SCI~IflC w :trrJ.NGSt Alitii'!PANCE &

fARTICJI'ATION 10ctooo2009 •


Ad~ donoc>l U:luu,. on....,..,....

lc.n.b on Aaldmuc M
Amllalllm Ncth
,..,.... ,_,..

~-ldYof ........... onc:Mcoil.


• lltra>o>und rrlll anlhe>K>Iog..ts ..., ..., .,.,.,;llll 201 o • Aoallonlolot:Y Update ALii in c:ollol>orotion with Waynr Sllltc Unh•.-n
· Le......,., Socicl)' or

Americon Unl>crtily

or lltoNI, Beirut - l..ebanon

PR- .\NIS DARAKA • Amb 9olltd or Ane,rhoslo nnd lmen•lve Coo.,, DonuLwus, April 6-12, 2010. • Invited S1lCnkcr nt thc 26rlo Armurol lntemoulonnl Egy1•inn Conference organized by C::gy..tinn Society or Ancsthesiolosi:ots (ESA) held In Coiro lnterlllllional Conference Center (CIC'C} Irom 30 Morch 02 April 20 10: Claalrpcrson Sp

llvkknee IJ,.,... Medicine & Tnnunn

'lnllk E:w111> of Ltbunotr (197J-1990) Plll1toplryJiok>ty Ot' 7'1t6ntcot_,-


Vtllll/ot""' wrrng 11ootucwcop


Participated as a Speaker in the


Intensive Preparatory Course for Clinical

Arab Board Exam in Anesthesia, 4-6 March, 201 0, Bahrain. •

Invited Speaker at the


Annual International Conference of the Egyptian

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Anesthesia Society, Febmary 10-12, 2010, Cairo, Egypt:

Speaker: The Right Ventricle: Redundant or lndispensible? Pathophysiology ofOne-lung Ventilation •

Arab Board of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Damascus, December 25-29, 2009.

Invited as Examiner and Speaker to the Course of "Respiratory and Thorax at Aleppo, December 17-19,2009.

Speaker: Pathophysiology of One-Lung versus Two Lung Ventilation •

Visiting Professor Illinois Masonic Center, October 10, 2009: 1. Anesthesia of the traumatized victims during the tragic events of

Lebanon(Grand Round) 2. Anesthesia of the Pregnant Cardiac undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass 3. Neuromuscular Transmission and muscle disorders in children 4. Irreversible Neuromuscular Block

5. The right ventricle and pulmonary hypertension 6. Bronchoscopic removal of inhaled foreign bodies in children •

Invited Speaker 41h International Pan Arab Critical Care Medicine Society and the


Mediterranean Society for Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

Conference, Shann El-Sheikh, November 10-13, 2009.

Speaker: Perioperative Cardiac Arrest in War and Peace Right Ventricle- The indispensible or the redundant cardiac pump? Alpha stat versus pH stat during hypothermia •

Arab Board for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Exam, Damascus, October 28-29, 2009.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting and Workshop (ASA) October 16-21, 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana (Aiiya Dabbous MD, Fouad Souki MD, Anis Baraka MD and Samar Jabbour Khoury MD. Naloxone Efficacy versus Mctoclopramide in Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Treatment. A Pilot Study. Poster presentation)



Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA), April23-25, 2010, Reirut, Lebanon


Lebanese Society of Anesthesia annual meeting (LSA): May 22-23,2010, Beirut, Lebanon

Middle East Medical Assembly(MEMA) Apri123-25, 2010, Beirut, Lebanon

American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting and Workshop (ASA) October 16-21, 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana (Aliya Dabbous MD, Fouad Souki MD, Anis Baraka MD and Samar Jabbour Khoury MD. Naloxone Efficacy versus Metoclopramide in Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Treatment. A Pilot Study. Poster presentation)






Guest Speaker: "Application of non-invasive ventilation in the critical care setting". Presented at the 1st International Respiratory Care Conference, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, May 24-26, 2010.


Guest Speaker: "Role of the endotracheal tube in the prevention of ventilatorassociated pneumonia". Presented at the 1st International Respiratory Care Conference, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, May 24-26, 2010.


Guest Speaker: "NIV impact on quality of life in patients with respiratory insufficiency". Presented at the 2nd Lebanese Pulmonary Society Annual Meeting Beirut, Lebanon, May 7-9, 2010.



Cnncal C3re CoLW&C·''Ventlllltooy Mllllllgo;mc:nt in the ICU". AUB-MC, Fcbnury 20 10 Ml'f:TINGS AND WORKSIIOPS ATIENDEO

o Anc•l Workshop; Medical Simulmirn1 on Mcchonical Vcntil.uion (Mailll. Oy 2009). o Allendod t~ 43,. M1ddle basi Modic:al Assembly. A.U.B.M.C., lleirut-l.cbaoon 2009.

c.,. Medicine's Critleol C3re Miami ~leach, Florida, USA, JMuary 9-13.2010.

o AUcodod tbc: 39th Sociely of Critical


llR. /!AltAR SIDl>fK-SA YYTP ..Ciu:ur in 1hc 191!. AMual Con(ercncc & 13'' sympoJium in Anesthesia & Rcruilination, May2010

·Nturuial 11!13lgesia and impti!Ct of n<:Un\Xial 11!13lgesia oo p"'8fCS5 nnd outcome of labor. Prc:scoted at tbe l..dxulae Socitl)' of Obstcui<:s April, 2010. • Choir in tbe MEMA 41"' (Pain mMACem
o Aouod M, Siddik Sayyld S. Mcthylpredisolone vs. dex.runethtlsonc for prevention of po~toperutive nausea and vomiting in pediatric patients undergoing; lon.sillcctomy (Abstnlct Jl
o Aouad M, Salw- Slddlk§toyyld. lMCnlon of femomlcenlllll llne U$lng ultr.ISOund technique vs. landmark technique (Abotnoct pccserucd at !he ASA meeting October. 2009).

·NYSORA World Ancsthcsl• ConsrCM. Duboi, EUA, February 2009 I)R. MAUD NAUPHAJ.,

Middle EMl Medical A$Setnbly (MEMA) Aprill2·25. 2010.



The New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA) World 20 I 0 Conference, Dubai , March 7-12 , 2010.

The 43rd Middle East Medical Assembly, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon, 22-25 April 2010 .

Attended the American College of Surgeons 96 h Annual Clinical Congress, October 3-7,2010, Washington, DC.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting and Workshop


(ASA) October 16-21, 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana •

(Aliya Dabbous MD, Fouad Souki MD, Ani s Baraka MD and Samar Jabbour Khoury MD. Naloxone Efficacy versus Metoclopramide in Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Treatment. A Pilot Study. Poster presentation)

DR. GHASSAN KANAZI Workshops/ Special Training Apri12010 Update in Anesthesia, Wayne state University, Department of Anesthesiology, American University of Beirut Lectures May 2010

Hypothermia in the OR. Lebanese Society of Anesthesiology Annual meeting. Beirut Lebanon

April 2010

Update in Neuropathic pain treatment. Annual meeting of Lebanese Order of Physicians, Tripoli Chapter, Tripoli Lebanon

February 20 l 0

Management of Chronic pain patients. Grand rounds, Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon

December 2009

Update in Pain Management. Grand Round, Department of Internal Medicine, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Conferences May 2010 April2010 October 2009

Lebanese Society of Anesthesiology Annual meeting. The 43rd Middle East Medical Assembly, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon ASA Annual meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


Scpcmbcr 2010


-s Poin Thcnopy Aauuo1 Coagr

June2010 M•y2010 Alll'il 20 I 0

Tbe Euroanaeslbesi• 20 I 0 AnnuAl COiliii'OSI lldsinlci l.cbtmcse SO
PR. /it\MARIA!lA MJy2010 Apnl2010

l.cbMese Soci

XXIX Annl1ol ESRA ~ Pono Portupl S

1-1r>MA Arnl2010

MccliiiJI of the Lebonese Soc;ieoy of Anestbesloloay May 20 I0

ldrturc.1 • ~pnrtmcmnl Orond round: Intubation wlthout mu~lc roluxnnllln children. November 8, 20 I 0

Mirr rii•Mf!!fl •


Iader of tile T aiJ~ fo< Jl"S'DP""i"" pi1111 . . . . . . . , _ 11 AUB-MC

Mcmbcrofscordoeommiacc for lhe dmdor of the: AIINI


~~ for. lk Jowml of J\neslhc$oolu8) Rcsc.v.:h and l'rocti« (I). BMC A~ (I). Anessbesiolog) (I). .\I ramo Anaaheoiulopca (I l

• """'""t
Mloy 2010 Al>l'li 2U IO

Lebanese Socjety of Ane:.:thc.tdolt)Uo)' 1\nnunl mcetins.

The 43"' Middle cas I Medioni AI<'CIIIhly, AliiI, llclru!, l..cbruron


Dc:partme:at of s;ocbt.mist:ry A.aJt.aJ Report


STA ff 1\codemlc McmberJ Clm i rpcr~on

Dr. Ayod Jorra

r rofc!SOI

Hobib-Aixlui-Korim AIdo, Rose-Mory llouslRoy. US1JI Julnar, Ziyodeh fuod

M$ocintc Pm(cssor

Nemu Geotses :

AI-Hlriri MUS~ltj>ha. Esmerian MIN, Hin Teghr«d. Mnod Mly, EI-Rifhi Omu, Yebya M•}'$"

Samir• Kodl, Voila Dou·Moughlobey, Mobammod lskand111


Biockeml.wtry 300: a 6 credit course was given durin; the .Kmcstet to a elMs or 105 Jlllldents (90 Medicine and 15 Gradu.ues). The "'"" ""· conrdlnat«< by Dr1- J. Usta and

I. Salti. was ghcn ovcr a pl cue dis
Discussions "·ere ecndua«< by Dr<. : Aida Habii>-Abdul K:ar1m, Ayad Jarfa, Gcarses Nemer, Julnar U~~a, Suha Kanj Sllararoh, Nulla NuWllyri·Stltl, All TAber, Assad Soweid, Alaa• Shamra.. PMcak Karam, Mona Na.'trttllah, Sarni Smnj.!Mi, Fadi Biw-. Ibrahim Salti and Nelly Rubeiz.



The l)o:plnmdtt 1m offcS dwiog 1M ocademic 2009-2010•


._ Biocbemlstry 300 (6 crodil$) was offered 10 IS ymdu01cs from different Soslo science departments (rerer ro ~«-CLion - a. ror courst dcscriprlon). 11le c.oursc wBs coordinmcd by Dr J. Usw (ref
e. Bloebtmbtry 30l (3 credits): Or 0. Nl

e. Blodtembtry 306 (2 c:miiiS) Dr. A. Habib Abdui-Knrim, eoordinotcd and !Aught the Mediators in lnlbtmmatioo ond VI5Cillor Biology, 2" ocmester (4 nwte< srud<1us). f. 8 - l l t ' } ' 316 (I credit): Dr. G. i'o'an
r• iet~cr.

g. BicH:hemiJtry JJ7..i (I credit): Dr. 0 . Nemer taught a oourse on selected copies in

congenital hCJali disease (Sllmmcr) b. Biodoembt'}' 319-320 A, II, C, D: thesis (9 ercdiu).



Blot'hemlflry 146: II 4 cn:dh hours coorse WM given c·o a d!~» 42 pUJ'$iJ'Ig """"""' l'he eouroc (MOOD!.£ Cillng m.,...bolic ond related disorder$,

Course coordinated by Or. J. U"• • nd taughl by Drs. A.. Halbib At>dul -K11rim, G. Nemer. 0J1d J. Usll\.


b. Biochemistry lSS: 3 credit houts course g iven to: A class of 42 studcnt.o; orMedicol

Lab Technology Program. The course discusses the structure and metabolism (anabolic and ca1abolic pathwnys) of macromolecules emphasizing rc::gulat1on ~and related disorders. The course was coordinuted nnd taught by Dr. J. Usta.


four students graduulcd whh M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry: Mustafa AI Hariri, Zahy Abdul Sater, Stttoul Farran. and Famh El Najjar. lbeir thesis titles are lililed below. Mustafa AI Hariri

Zahy Abdul$ater

BatOlll Farran

Mechanisms Involved in Smlin Dependent Expressio11 of Heme Oxygen in Skeletal Cells Functional Ch.umctcriz.atjon ofNovel Mutations in the NFAtol Gene

C L.N 3 Expression in Breasl Cancer

Dr. A. llabib (20 10)

Dr. Nemer (2010)

De Hou."tany (2010)

1=-a rah El Najjar.

Regulation of BID by r•rotein Kinase C and the lnhibitory Role or Cerrunidc.

Dr. G. Dbaibo (2010)


The Department accommodare


Dr. G. Nemu A). Currently advising the M.Sc. rese.arch work of the fo llowing students; i- At AUB (Departmeot of Bioehemistry)

I. Winm Haidrtr 2.. 3. 4. 5.

Amina Kamar Zahra.a Samadi Ahmad Othrnan

·rheresa Farhat 6. NancyDaw

7. Layal Mansour ;;.. At St Josepo I. Nareg Mikh•n B). Directed the M.Sc. worlc o f lhe following students:

I. Amani Hnssan, Biochemistry Departmcru Thesjs ThJc; Tbx3 lsofonns in Jiver deveJop1nem and disea.-c;e (2009) 2.. Manal Fardon, Biochemistry _Ocpanmcnt

Titesis Tille: Novel Cnndidutc Genes for congenital Hean 'Disease (2009) 3. lahy Abdul Snte.r. Department of Biochemistry Thesis tilfe: Functional charuderiw.tion of novel mutations in NFATc l ge.r1e ('2010) 4, Radwan Cbahrouk, Maste.r 2 in Genomics and He;dth, Do<:comtc School for Science and Techn ology~

Lebanese University

Thesis tjtJc: Investigating the potet~tial of physicaJ inrernction belweeo two ttaoscripliOO

[actors, Nl'ATc l and Tbx20, during valvulogenesis (2010) C).

Served as a member of t.hesls committee of students in the Oep;trtments of: Biochomistty, Physiology, aod Plant Sciences I. Hiho Z. Souss.i, Depanmen1 of niochcmisuy Thesis Title: Statins up regulates htmcoxygenasc - I in mo.crophages: Rolo of Nitric

oxide ('2009) 2. l.:lma Sa.ab, Biochemistry Department of Biochemistry


~oaat-i n-d cpcn dent

expression or heme







In skelotol celts. Botoul Pamu1. Ocpnrtmcm of Biochen1istry ThesiJ title: CI.Nl exptU~Ion In bn:as~ cllllitor, Insulin. and Clucaaoo·Like Pcpeli~>-1 R.>ccp
Thesis title: Breedlng local 1onm1o llndraces for combined reskunce 10 """""' Y"llow leaf curl•inu (TYLCV) 111d dvceliOil borne ~II. (2010) 9. Farnh EI-Nojjar. 0cportmcn1 ofOioohemistl)', fac:ully ofMeclidD< Thesis ,;,.., Reguladon of DID by protein kiJWC C. and lhe ncgo
meiMtasis. 2010. Examiner: Ceoraes Nemer

LocaUsatiao des a-~ de r.evres p&iodiqucs ohn da!JI f>milles jonjanienoes par lA tedlnique d' homozygocie pot filialion, 1010. Examiner ; CeotEa Nr.m... Epigenetic: code in h.. hh and disease. 2009. Exam ins;: CootE.. N..,.,.

Splicing in nonnnl condilions and in disease. 2009. .Ex.runlner-: GMrges E). Dr Nemer was invited to present hrt t"t$CArch:


i- Etablisscmcnt d'un programme de recherche sur lc:.o; mnJndies cong6nitr.des cardiaques dans un pnys du Ticrs-MOfldc; l'cxpCrcince liba.naise. ACFAS, Otunva, Canada (May 11-15, 2009). ii- Ceorges Nemer. Mutatjons or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Cardiova.'>Ct.llilr Diseases'! Lebru,ese University-Hadath {April 2009)

F). S<:rVed as invited external n:.ferees for the following journals: Journal of Mvle.cularond Cellular Cttrd;otogy ( I in 2009), Journal of Molecular Medicine (I in 2009),

Cardiovascular Pathology (I in 2009), Clinico.J Genct.ics ( I in 20 10). and Biocbemicol Phlll111ocology ( I in 2009). G). Sertod Bli invhcd external reviewer for grant proposals from Telethon-Italy (I in 2009), LNCSR-Lebanon (I in 2009), Rcstnrch Comminee FAS-AUB-Lebonon, CEDRE (I in 2009). B). Participated. poster preser1L'ltion, in the AUB Reseo.rch Day organlzed by LEMSJC (April 2009 and 2010) 1). Served as Modcraw fo
J). Served as Moderator fO< the BIISio Science MEMA session (April 2010)

or the Research Committee, the I.R.B, and Policjes and procedures curnmiuee :It AUB. and tht diredor or Molcculnr Biology Core Facility, B1ld lhe DNA sequencing facility at AUB.

1(). Is currently member

L). Served as member of the search co•nmiuee for a chairperson for the department of l'sychiatry_(20 10)

Dr. A . Habib -Abdld .K ariM:

A) Advisor to M S.: and PbD $l•d•nlll

Supervised the PhD lhesis woric of Charbcl Mouswad (Thesis at the Univcrsile Poris

7) Is a Co--advisor the thesis work of May Mrad 115 o Ph.D. c:mdldate in c:ollaboration with Dr. Sophie Lotcrsztajn~ Universi16 Paris ESt- Paris 12.

Supervised the MSc thesis work or Mu.« apha Hnriri. thesis allitled ..Mechnnisms Involved in Statin Oepemknt Expression of Heme Oxyg,enBsc:- 1 in Skeletal Cells" (2009 - 2010). -

Is S\lpcrvising the MSc researeh "'Orl< ofTaghrecd li irz (2009 Present).


Supervized Kauthar Hacb, Masrer 2 in Genomics and l-lcaltll, Doctorote SchoOl for Science aod "rechnology. Lebanese Ut~iversity; Thesis entitled: Symhese et evolution des inhlbi~eurs de Ia cyclooxygenase-2 (July 201 0)B) lovitatioo of Exterual referee ror jouruals and proposals lnviution as: an external reviewer for inlcmational j ournals: Biochemical Phannnrology, British Joun1al of Pharmacology, Americ:on J Physiology, ATVB, JPET.

Served as invited external n:ferec for rescarth proposals rrom AUB- MC.

C) hvitatioo to presea t research Rome, Italy, July 2010. Speaker invited by Professor CMio Patrono.lnstitut of

pharmacology. University Catt'olica del Sacre Cuorc, R
Dr. Habib-Abdul Karim spent 2 weeks in the labQraJnry of Professor Carlo PntrOno Md Rianca Rocca to establish the techniques for- measun:mel11 of thrombocxane B2 in blood and urine, July 2010 E) Attended aud partkipahld io tbe fol..,.ing meetings:

Iate,.,.tional mee&ga Poster presented acthe heme-oxygenases in Biology and Medicioe, 6th lntcmationiJI Congress on Heme oxygena.~~. September ) ().October 4, 2009, Miami Beach, Florida, USA~ Stalin induce 1>10-J in slceJetal cells; role of geranylgeranylatcd proteins, AI-Bw:iri, M.. Mrad, Mf, AtiM, MA., and Habib, A.

Poster presented at Tho heme·oxygenases in l!inlogy and Medicine, 6th lnternational Congress nn Heme oxygenases, September 30-0ctobcr 4, 2009, Miami Beach, Floridp., USA. Statin induclion of the anU-inHammnlory HO· I in murine macrophages: transc;riptional regulation and role of NO. Mou y~twad, CA.., Mrad, MP, Nasrallah, MS., Nemer, G.. Alam, J., and Habib, ANational ltfeetiags

AI-Hariri, MA, Mrad, MF, Allfu', MA. and Hobib, A. Regulation of heme

oxygenase-) by statins ln ske.letal c.ells: involvement of prenylation and transcription factOrs. Poster presented at the Re.~an:h Day 2010, 2411' April, 20l0, at the American University of Beirut, Lebannn. Hamade, £., Bin, T., Khalaf, A., llachcm, A, nod Habib, A. Dev.:lopmenl of antiplatelet molecules: errcct on aggregation and throtuboxane S)'llthesis, Poster


pn:scnocd at !be Research Day 2010, 24"' April, 2010, alhe AmoriCAn University of

Beirut, f..ebaoon. Zahr, H., AI-Hnlabl, R., llabib, A., Abou Mcrhi, R.. ond 0•11-Muhwlb, H, P21 w,n.ctPJ anLagonii'..CS upop•osis ond c:nu:SCS senescence In response to gnllotannin in human colon cancer coils. PoSicr presented at the Rcscon:h Day 20 I0, 24• April, 20 IO, .. tbe American Unlversltyof Beiru~ L<:b
Saved as Assistanlto the ChlifnWI in grldu:ne :atr:airs in ~ tkpanrncn1 Sa--cci IS Acdng Cbaupmat COre Facility. Advised one group of Mcd I Studem rmch year in 2009 and in 2010. Advised Master students lndrviduJJJly Dr, J. Ullla: A) Craduote thesis adviser Cummtly I om t.hcsis advisor of lhe followina MSC 5Wdent.s, I) Jkpena.. t ofBiodlolllistry 1\UB: I. R..:M Shdlobeddc
9) In addition I am Co-odvisiAg 3 MSc Slu
I, YBSsmlne llac:hem, 2, trunis AI-Araj, 3. Shatho :Uidon.

AUB Fill 1010 •• 7.ahy Abdd Sater: Departm..,t ofBiochcmlsuy Functional charatteriZDtion or two novel muuu..ions in tbc gene encoding NFATcl (nueltllr Foetor of Activntod 'I
• Batnul Hasson Faa-an, LlcplonmOilt or Biochemistry C~NJ cxproS5lolo in bn:MI caoocr. 20 10 • Mou_

Mecbanisms involved iu s&AUn--dc:pc.ndanl express-ion of hemr Okygcnasc in skeletal nuo~~le .

2010. - NuyiAS. 1\I-Akl: MSc. DcpAnment of Microbiology And lmmunoiOi)', 1\UB. The: induction of uric add a.~ II potcnthtl mechanism ror the !Mijuvruu cn'Cc.l or Alum in murine moclcl, 20 I0. - Shushan B. An rni:m: Ocponmmt of PhysioJosy 1\......,lcHikc peptide- I analogue and r
•• SaW>an Al-lafi; Deplll1mont of Physiology

nole of rennin inhibitor, insulin Md Qtocngun-like peptide· I anaJosue in the rcaultttioWaffinity modulttdon or endothclin-1 receptor subtypes in 1ype- l di(1betic


l\1-herofCOIIUilittee Ello•raaltiOGI Iaor Plli) /M.Sc 1110111 , Owloldo AUB 1010 • R..,. AI-Wafai PhD. Ocpanmcnt of BiolOgical and Environmc:nUII Sti
• llowAn EI.Srouji Focuhy of Science Beirut /\rob University MSe Structure function relnLionshiJ' orM:tcnaproteln.. v . 20 10

•• Tokl• EI-Kboury: D<:panmcnt of Biology. Focuhy of Seimec,llolumond University R•gulation of Rca
ln lhc L
Thesis TI~e: " ThX3 isofonns in live

( 2009)

. Lama Sao.b Biochemisuy OcpaJ1mem: ·rhcsis Tille: "Jun N
(CDKL.Sl munuions in the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and west syndro.nt" (2009) • Ol1 M. EI-Zein: Departmenl ofBloiO&)' Thui> Tille: "Effect and meehoni"" or oc:tioo or pine boric Cltlroct on inlesrinal glucose tnoolj!O
• Member ohhe First Year Teaching C~mmiuce - Member of the Advisory Board for lhe NoycfBossilc lnstitule • Mcmbcr of the PhD task fon.'e • Member of the B.ndoorinology course Tosk force • Memberof the: ulSk for« ror comptnsa.tJon or resear'd• itnd educutlon. .. Memberof the: Hcamatology course ltl5k (orce. - Membcrofli.e MD-PhO Commhrcc- (Alffi· MUSC) • Tbcsl• Rcview•r for lhe "ThomolJ Suthcrlond Award for Gnlduote llxeellc:ncc" and "Abdul· Hodi Debs Endowment Award r... AC*li>. University'' • ExternAl Member of lhe promotion Commluee of fACulty mcnbcrs in the FICUity of llariculture, lllffi • Member oft.he search commiucc: rnr Ihe Ch11irperSOr1 of the Dcpanmc:m of Pedln.trit and 1\dolcl Joumlll of Mcdi
J. Blochern and Bi
D) In additioo Dr. Usia Alltnded and partldpoued In • I'EBS 20 10 Sweden Goucnburgh 2010 • Human Research eooduCI S<1nlnarseri.. ZOIO. • Toam baMld learning Workshop 2010 college holii\UB • ~lumnn Research Pro Mc.:llnc. Crown Plata, Bcirul (2009)

Bk· ll

· /u iA¥ilocJ S.-kcr lo 'ne o. " Fifth M'oddlc Eul Metabolic Group Moe1ing" O<£llllil>ld by Orpun &lmpe in ccllobomiO
b. FEBS 1010 mtdio& : Lcbaocsc patients wilh Omhinc t11111"*rbAmoyl~~.
.. f'O!!ttr P'CtUp!IHoa, I. Lebanese p.11icnts whh Omitine transcarbamoyiasc (OTC) dcncicncy: Genotype· PhtilOiypc Ustn J, Soab 1, Ohctr1.eddinc K, Daouk S, Assi 1-1, Jnuorn H,ttnd Knmm P. Swocl.. ('.othenbarc jooel010) l'ost
2. Mitochorldrll) 1.1re B blochtmical tnrgct of the pcrrumc clu:mic.:al componentS! Lilial, Lyr3.l and tieCalc Bamob.:, HAnia Chmaisse-Noccb!IChe, Rojna' t'aldiUry', Honon tlolol, David"Swoclco Colll-fl juelOIO) Griffiths. FEliS 2010


3. Phenotypic divcnioy in Wilson disease patients and ooppcr chapctancs: cCNiaplasmin and SeaI. AI AIIIII) t..,Z.,IdAn.S , Bou Moughlabey.Y, AJ Riw.O, Fakhouoy.R, o..da.K ~ Usu.J R........:h Day .AUB, (2010) 4. Eff«< of -..lyme Q on !he cbolCSiert>l S)'lllhcsiS palhwoy: 1 pll01 audy.

ChMiscddlnc 0: knlo Z.. EJ.RJfai 0, Bou-MougiAbay y., Usu 1. 1nd KArl1m P. Rcsean:h Day .AUB. (lOIO)

S. lslln•loolo potcntinl chcmical in the ll'CA"nent of hepatic cancer? Abioo B. Shnwwo K , AI b ghrini E, AI·Rifai 0, Bou Moughlolxoy Y , llomob.: I', E.cbllly K, Kreydlyyeh S, and Usto J . Rcscarch Day ,AUB, (20 I0) 6. OOtS osignilicunt difference in stress levels exist between medical students enrolled in tradidonoJ venu.~ inrcaratetl medical schools? An cvnlu\ltion u.Jina tildlvnry Alpha·AmyiiiSC (SAA) os a biolosiool marker for sucss Woj1ho Jurdl Kh
7. l.inaloollhc Moin C001j10C100ll of Coriandu SatiVIUII ()ec....,..lhc Viability of tlcp(il Cells: P
Ca-omlde 0< Sphingosine into Mitochondria. El-Rifoi 0. Bomnbe P, Bou·Mougl•b•y Y And USIJI I. Day .AUB. (2009) 9. Omhhinc Transc:trbamoylase Deficiency in LcbMcse Palk:nts: Gtnorype-Phenotypc



Saab I, Ghar'1.eddine K, Daauk S. Assi II, Janom H, Usta J, C farm and Kararn P. Awarded tbe best Postet' Presentotioo Research Day ,AUB. (2009)

10. Hepalo,.Neurologic.a.l presentation of2 Wilson Disease Palients li'ocn 2 DirTtrent Lebanese Families. Abou Oayya H. Ramabe P, Bc>u-Mouglahay Y, Rido K, Baroda K, and Usto J . Re.
MDNh.D. Students lltesi$ comruittee l,arker Wilson (Contmittee Chair and ntentor)

Department of Medicine, Division or Et1doerinotogy, diabetes tmd Medical Genetics, Medical Univc:rsiry of South Carolina. Charleston SC, USA Member M.Sc. degree thesis committee Mustafa Al Hnriri

Mcc:han1sm.s Involved in Statin Dependent Expression of Herne Oxygen in Skelcml Cells

Zahy AbdulSater

functional Olatatteri"?.ation of Novcl Mutations in the NfAtc l Gene

Farah El Nnjjar.

Or. Nemer

Regulation of BID by Protein Kinase C and the Inhibitory Role ofCcramJde.

EditoriJll Activities NIH, Ad hoc reviewer for Special emphllSis Panel to review ARAA grants (July, 2009) Research Grnnts Council, liong Kong 20 ro

Manuscript Revi-ewer for the followingjoumals American Joumul of Physiology, Heart Kidney lntemJuional Diabetes Administrative Committees Ph.D. Task force Committee. 01air

Academic Committee, Faculty c;.fMedicine

Director, Molecular Mcdjtinc Program Member c>ftbe DTS Tosl: Foree


Choir, Blo-Safdy and Good LaborolOI')' Pracllcc Tosk Force OTS Spoce Commmee

1-l<'mbor, Focully ofMedi
Ooir, AUf! Bosic: Biomedi..l R.....-dl O.y

Chllr, I""' Force Comminec: dqjree PtOSifUIU).


<3L'>hlish on Allied llealth Prof...ions Pr08f11m (Bachelor's

Chair, ~SnxliesCommia«; FIOCUIIyofM
8H.Yf,dii.Cili'JIOJEC7'S; C)rrrgs Attlve

zpib N, l'l•oou C. Gcora F, Tfa)h Arm~. O...ya \l s-xt M. SbamsaldiDe A, Amlolton& D. El-Saclw to BRCA I ..S BRCAl Muudono In Elhnoc l..cbonese Arob •ilh 8ra.JI GSK-ERl (247 ~92 $for 2 ,_.~ 2DI1·2DI3 (CO>



PI) 2- ,.._ C, o,,. F, ..._ S Role of MEF2A., r..uhal hy.,......k:olcrolemia (22 000 000 LBP) Gram fmrni.NCSR (200')·2DII). (co-PI) 3· Nemer C. &ob R. GATA4 apn:ssion and funclioo on rl\abdom)Of;a.:OiliL Gran• fonn URB and MPP (loul of90 800$ for 3 years), 2010-2013 (PI) • · Ntm
82c- 14

S- Nr.u C. Diw FF, Majdalani M Expn:ssion of Allcrnlllvdy Sploml v,_. of Cllld11< Ulnchcd Traaocn~ r - . Gnnt f""" MPP ID4 URB (7S COOS). 2007-1010. (co-PI) 6- Arabo M. Obetd M, Dbo•bo 0, N....- C, On• f Mola:u!. Mchanosms or C.vdooc: Con>"'11l in the Chtonocally H)l>OXit ~louie I lean The Rol..ofSpbtnsoJipid Mellbcllltes lind r.....,.,;p
I· N...r 0 and collaborators. The gro<~ic bosls of con~onltal hcar1 discosc. Qatar Foundation fot Research, tooal cosiS: S 999,000 (3 ~ort), (I' I) 2· Nehmc M, N
N.,. nd o•colaa projtcU

I l'rocooo&ulonl cln:ulllliog mkropotticks in po11cn11 "1th U-lhaltik111oa lnu:nnedi3: dTo:ct on pllleld aod "ll!Cul• function. A. D•bl• Abdol Karia (l'l). Ali To/lor, Co PI MPP .... URB (2009-2011 ) 30.000 USD 12 yean 2. funII>- Abclol KArl• (PI), MPI11UR8, 20, 000 USD ('20102011).

3. Dcvclopm"" of new types of nllli·plolelcl aggteQnnl<. Hva Hamode (1' 1), A. Babii>Abclul Karim ( co-PI), All llochem (Co PI), Supp- Abd1ll Karia (PI), CO. Nemer (Co PI$). ood Eva He:mode (t'o PI•) Su~ hy LNCSR

(2001-1010)6000 USD/yr. S. T,......puonal rquJ.tionofGATA by JiUlins A. U.blb-Abclwl Ka.ria (l'l), MPPood URB (2009-2010) 20.000 IJSD yntr.

6. ldcnlifoc&oon da m~iculcs plasmmques chc1 lei 1)811<111$ .nciniS de fonlx lnt•rmediolrc de l'oft<'tllle IHN.Iosscmic: cffet wr Ia fl•nctlon cndotholiale Co PI wilh Dr Ali T1~1

- Dr. J. Um New"""""' ,_,... pro)q!oiOC)'ICI. J. Uala, PI; $ 38000Silpponcd by MPP Md URO 2

Llfecl or Coenzyme Q "" <.11olemrol Diosynlhdi• Palhwoy J. Um Co-PI in

4 wn...,·s Disease: Oene!K .......,in& A: specwm of mulllllons ond polymorphisms in the A 11'78 &•nc of families wolh membet-s affected wllh Wihoon di.....,. PhenocypeOcno-inv0$lo8JIIor) Suppor1nd by lJR8 ond Ml111• AUD.

o.-ypc.,._ype m l.cbuese pao.itnos ,..,. omlthmt , _ , _ der.ciency The ,.orlc is on colllbonouoa ••Ill Dr P Kama (Pl. Pediolnc ~~ J .Usto (CoPl).lbe ~is SVppOI1

lllochemlcal and In vitro Toxicloy of Euconol. moin conoponenl of clove on MCF7

cclls.J. USlo (PI) ond S. Kreydiyyeh ( C'o-111) Diolon O.ponnocm). 8

/t1 vltm ·r~xich y or tommonly used rrasronc:c and c:osmetlc compone:n1s. J.U1t1 (PI)

Dr,Mlfll.• Anln fwodlg

I ROI HLOnJ92.()1 (Jaffa-PI)) NIILOI llpopro«:ms. CTOF 111d Diabelic VIISCul.,. A: Rcn•l 01..11$< 0'.101106 - 01130111 1'0111 eMU: $1,104JOO 2.

I ROIIILOI7916-01 (Jaff•PI)


Nll ~'l>HI HI Nllh~ ....t V&KUt.

o;..,... Riot ilo Oo>bd<>

A)-.d A JarTa, PI 07101101 061JCVI2 ToW cotU; $1,400.000 l'END!NC I.

I KOI (JorT•-1'1) Nil I l'lllho~cnesls ofOiobctlo Nephropathy Ayod A J•n'•. 111 0910111 1 03130/16 To,.l oCl$11: 11 ,788,829


NPRP M-11116-3-1 II Qotw NllloOnill ~ ftmd ~and M>d.oa oflliol>oiK~}

A)-.d A J•lll. PI 0710112011 - 06f.IQII4 Toeol- SlS I.S73 f(I]IIJCA n QNS

Petrucci, G, Uo CriSioforo, R, Rutella, S., R.inlotclet funetlon through the prosoanoid 8'2 and W'l I'OilCill""'· J . l' hormawt. E•P· Thcr., 33~. 3~ 1 -401 (lOll). Dr111~nlt A , l'~~c.nlc. S.• Rcc.:chiut., R•• MnttosoiQ. 0., l,.(lttllnlio, S., l_.e,rucd, 0., Mucci~ l..,Fem~ntc, 1·., 11o1Mb, A.. Ranelletti, F.. Ciobollonln. Oavl, 0, 1'•110110, C., lind Rocca.

The contribution or eyelooxygcn--1 and ·2 10 pc:rslstcnl thromboxnne biosynthesis in o.!pln~>o,_tod «$Cnliol tbtomboq1hcmia: impliclllk>n> fOf .,upl.>telforo. R., I IJIMZIQ, S. Plctrmcdo. L. lbbib, A., Pd!Jndla, C. Retch>UIJ.. A.. F....--c, E.. CiaNI- G.. Vo". G and Palft>
->• -

677<*') ~(wan llltlld.. Mmn l'l-Atracbc. !bob EI.Jilli. Khatod Ridl, Jida Ll·lla,ljar, Zi)-.d mahfoud, ond Jolur UJhl : Homozygous mubltlons '" ~~· """"""od A1 P hinge region of the WIII dl ..... slc)l, 44(6) 431-9, 2010


• II Chrn,/ Attocll, B.o\ Syal, Y \.t.Koo. C (001<'1. II S A..,._ Cf No) ..... R.W .,......, L Ciambl"'l- R 0oazmc:n. MBH»ccor• .1. U.U. CO Vulpe. ...S II J. McAnll< 7:,\lopm, • N
Jo•rul of lhui riooo , 140(10) :.ln8-3S,ltl0

J•loar Uor., Sow..,. Kreydlyyeh, Khuzama Knlo, l'ueale llomlhc, YoOo llooMouahloboy, and Shawl:i Dagher Unalool docreoses llq>(l2 vooblhty hy mltnc:.hondrill ro"'plcxc.s I and IJ, increasing n::actlvc OX)I&Cn Jlpcnuoll Molooule lnhibitom by Stlllclllrc·lloscd Vlnuol Sctttning. Bioorganic and Mt
Fah<.J AC, Sofa RM. Hodd>d FF, Bitar FF. Al1doty Rlt Anobo MT. A•ar ST, N•-r C. Hom

Sbo>b II~ C.ochd N, Ribd ..,,ao ead ~ ....n.b~Toty in the RAI prooan of doiTcrcndt pamprl 119N2 Avia tnn.-u ,,., Modical Science Moruoor 16(10).8Rl)H (2010)

111-..- C onJ N..,... M 1'bD <1 l'adaplaion da ....,., .. "• wr tom ModecJnc.Sc:i
llantouche C., Nt•tr C., Obcid M.• Kodl ~ Dngeniw cardiac atrial SCfllll and volvo dcfocu. J Mod Genet 4 7(4):2JO-$(l0 I0)

Wana 8, Caner R. JafT> MA. Nllkmlld Sip T...sduaion 30;61-71, 2010

Abdullah R. Kcum J, EI-Sh
or 1li'OICIIK·l1divetod rcoq>eors. J Bioi


n. Dlo- Cototrola.,. Co.p&•t;.,.s Trioli'Epldc-•loloto' or Dlo...,.. to.....-o .... Co•plicat;.,.s ltdbur11 epklemlol<>&l' or diab&s comphcatlelfl• uperience ( 1 99~2005). Arch late .. Mod 169. 1307-1316.2009 (Jolfo is a member altho OCCTIEDIC Rese:lrCh Group).



I'H!IOR DJI, W.....,llt (1, Cleory P, Rutledge ON, ond, Tbo Ololoct"' Control and ComplkallooJ 'l'rloVEpldemiology oC Diobel
R-.rck c:;,, Scxuul dysfunction and symptom lmpiiCl In men with long $1Mding tyro I dl•be1es in the OCCTIEOIC cohort. The Joum:tl or Scouol Modldne 6: 1961-1978. 2009 (Jolla it 1 membeo' of the OCCTIEOIC Raarch Group).

WWto 1'111, S.o W, Cleory PA, Toabor!Mo WV, Dlola RP, I.W ...- DP, .... Dono MD, lor lito DCCr-liDIC IUseorc:ll Cro.p. E.ITca or Prior '-<-e Tltaopy iD Typo I o.abC)' ol Dilll> In OCCTIEDIC. OlobctJc Medicine 27:45 14.!8, 20 I0. (.Iorio It n member or ~o e OCCTIEOIC Rcr.cnrth Group).




z-.. Sq«m~>
S.0 I

Utdmnduate; L fiR! ff!r atdJcaht!!CI
Oorlo1 tiM academic ytar Odobcr 1,2009- September 30, 2010, tbo Oopanmoat of l>
nou ........

b. 8mnd year mtdialstlllkats; Tbc Dep•nment or l>
221 "lntrodvclion to Mediciae" by offering 9 hours or dldlcde lcchU'\11 on


dlnltal dermacok)ay. f1v~ fuU-Ume and two ellalul faculty mcmbenl coacrlbutcd to th!J ....... curriculum Jocludtd history, pbyoldll uom, primary aod ·-·tlary u wt:U u common •ad at'Of)lastk. slda dllordt:n aad Life c.krnctalac ru:.IMs.. 8Mk pa!MJoclc I'OOdiOU or lM olda, patllopllyslol4cy, ood dlaica! aulf


A oe•.oat.. dective conti:D1et 10 be available to fo.n-. yur mtd.k:ll studeats. Deri11 tllllJ -.oPtll. tludC'Itl are gh'ea ant of •i•~ tc.•iaars lD dlakal

lt.-loa dfoi

dai!)t btdolclt d~ . . OJ'.D. palitau by •• otttodloc aufJ _...,. ood par1idpadoo lo Go ......tly cotokt- of Go ..,.,.,....L ~b ubd ID ..,......, J-,_1 ...,..., o. aolaMOU IGpia rro• t~o ---su..t'*'l;y ao~nal pr_riodka .. oe 1 wtd:ly buis. Shtcints sal for • writtn cu•iaatioe 11 die rad of llodr d



Qtodll!< (Ckrg~ip ie Pf(!l!otology· DERI\Jl!ID:

A 1- to 1-m. . llo d
preKDiatloa ol )oorool reviews wltb loartlt year modlcol Mudeo.._ Total number ol booosatofJ lnducllo& lordgo vltlton recisluod lor tltlt tlocdn wu IJ.


Vlolrono wllo . .Ia ~It doclivo ...... u lollowo: r.-- Boloouad llaivtnity - Ldoo-, Q!! r.r- Yolo U1tinnily • USA. 2!! r.r- K1.c AWolb U1tinnily Jloopltol - Jcnlaallrl>ld, !!!! ,._ lloiled Arab B.lrot• llolvcnity Focally or Modkioe ud H01lllo Scb
Ao Arob-lloonl .....-.diud ro. ...,...,. rf:litl. ..,. .....,... hododiec ... U.-"'J> offered 10 &ID Cflduta willltk piti'"loioile olu latero_.lp.



Also t'i> procro• follonnd the corrictiiiUII of tloe raldncy.. rau>iac PI"'ttf''ID prucril>
Tobit LJ. J/.qHl(l efth•I•· Tralning ExJimllfllllon o(thc lfmcrkea /!nord o{DmrUIJolog~









PGl'4 PGl'4 67 54









PGY4 PGl'4 81 81







t!pr!/ Z0/0


Tmu/ Tesr Puunt co"ect




PGl'2 67


The fotqlOIDK educadoaal a

Table Ill: Educntional At:tivilin

I # or Coo fr.reaces of Conferences Weekly basic scieuc:e


Weeklv Journal Club for elective students


~W~~ ~kl~d~vK~od~ae~b~ro7m~e~S~I~Id~e~~~~~·~·~~~~~~---r.3~8~--------------,l Bi-weeklv Jon mal Club for Dermatol~ Hous.stalf Bi-weekly Clink:opatbologk Conference Bi-weeklv Grand Rouods/Case Discussloos Weoklv Derm•tovatholo2:v Course & Unlulowus Weekly Fitzpatrick Book Review Monthly Consultation Revi.,. Monthlv Altendine S taff CM.E l.octare Series Jliweeklv Dermatnlolric Sul'l!erv t.eeture Seri.. Biweekly Hair and Naill..ecture Series Montblv lluie ScieoceJouraaJ Cub CM.E Series bv !Jou,..tafJ Dialogues io Dermatology (AAD Stries) Hi2bli2bts of meetin.., Visitioe Speakers, & others Luer Lecture Series Dermatooatbolo2:v Seminar Series Biweekly Dermnsc:opy J-""hlre Series (startd on Sq>L I, 20/0


26 14

IS 43 31 t2 9 U 9

U 5 3 19 8 40 2

Contlnuin• Medkal Eduaotion !Cl>fEl Astlvltlec:

a. Visiting S~ke,.: The Department invited the following speak.,..: Table W: Guest Soakers and Educational Sessions

Svaoker Dr. Cllw Gral1on, MD, MRCP, FRCP Dermotology CeniTe, Norfolk & Norwich

Date No•••ber 2009

llnmrsiiV - Enfl/iurd

Dr. Oive Grattan, MD, MRCP, FRCP


De,otolwv CeniTe. Norfolk & Norwich


Title 2, "J.ftdiiJton

ond .Mechanisms of U/'1/caria and lllrfliiJedtmll"

4, •A_ pradical guUie


lrt4ltllgemmt of urtiCilriJJ•


p nlo'US/ty - Englttnd

£1/a.r A- Rohal, PILD. 111/aDI>Iology Dtpnrtmt!nt of Immunology - A U'BJIIC


.. Ja·auary und 2010

JJ, "DNA lftpillt D
Dr. Alu Abdtl Noor

J anuary




Fobntary 3 • 2010

cAronlc UI
ofAlk:N>biology IJfN/

/tnmuno/11/!'f - AU'BJIJC Dr. IIIIIJJJDIJF D«b



"Th 46" Aoouol Moeliac or tk Amnicao So
M'f hll 18'11 Coaams of lhe European Acadrmy of Oernuuoloay and Ve.ereology", Oetohor 6 • II , lCI09 In llerlill • Germaay, oll l.aywoo.. ado 6-Sud Oebdy, SoJHr C.._, Maoriclo Oohdoll. Solatl Solwu, ucl AbdoJ..C.,_1 Klbbi. "SUo 1e Syot-lc Dilnoa" tlllh-enUy ol Bolo-od - F-hy ol M - Deportoout or lll....-..1 Moclic:iDe • N-ber 21, 1~ lo lltlrot - LdJaOOII, alluded b)' On. Soaer Gt.-. Nado £1-Sud Debolhy ud Abdui-Cbaol Kjbbi.

•Jowraee Dtnauuologje de Pari,,., .December 1J - 13, 1009, In Paris ~ France, atte11dcd by 0111. Jumla Abel El Dalti, Nodi &1s...s IJ
• •no latMiat...a1 Muter Cottne • • A&Jag Sltlo" (IMCAS 1010), Ja.. uy 8 11.1010 1e Poria · Fnace.ottelded byDn. Mnrke O.hdoh aod c~~oo:a.


"7.1,. Allooal -loa ol doe Tokyo Oh- or Ja,._ -IOiocjcd "-

68" ,Uoaal Moocioc of Ill• Am), MM'd J • 10, lOla, lo Miuoi Btodo, fl.., USA. aot...Sod by 0... Abdoi-GIIaoi Klbbl. ud Ndb' R.obdz.



•1\e ..l" A1na1J Jedda" l8teraatioaallkrm•lo~ tad CoJmerlca Coafuuee", March U - 19, 1010 In J

• OncoJoo CoutJe",ll'obrury 5 - 7, lOJO I• D'""'cl.t . llelglum, allen dod by Dr. Maarlco Oohdoh. "Wialor Acod-y O..colov Coefcroa..•, Apri.l 1 - II, 1010 Ia Swlo:zer:lud, altnd
"O.bol World O....toloc:!' ud Laou eo.r........ aad Edolbldoe - Dabai 0....", April 8 - 11 , 1010, Do.! - UA£, atkldod by Drs. Sa...- G - Abdol C ~ul Klbbl

.,._.,. Oiolal Obwn-•1 J>rocruo (PCOI')", April II, 1010 io Abo Dllabl - UAE, altnd

"The 15'' Cuoo, all
"Tk 1" Coal,_ oflhe E~ Acadeaay of Dcr1111ol
Sr•PCJJho• "•

May 12 • 14, 1010 ia Crooda , oltladod by Dn.


Juoala Abd £1 Bald, Maorice Da1Niall, lllooa Molla•Mo&U.a, Nada D Sud Dcbolly, s..., ud Ndly R.w.. •

&Itorul 1\,., •s.tao Meolical Spodali.atloe Boonr' , Jooe 11 - lO, 1010. ho KMrwo• · s..tu. orrnd

OC.wn Clilolcal ...,..., " - l 0- Z7,2110.1'itw York, USA, • - b7 Dr. ~lnrbOoW.L

"Finl S..lllar or Pedhlri<" Sqllaab
Vlolllng Sji
• "I"

World C<>nttrao of CulaJltous Lyllpboaaa", Scpctmhtr 22 - 23, 2010, ia Chit•&<>. USA. autnded b7 Dr. Juaio Abd d Dakt

P!ll!!.ICADO!'!S (1!!!.10111:

A-Aaisln I. Korbu ~1, A - 0, Glom. S, Kibbl AC. Lot• £..,..doe of Giaat Vtmodrorw ia tile Seed"' or COJ !.!l s,..d:nae. Pedlatrlt De.,...toqy 1010 Scpl; Z7(5)!551-3.


L Abbu 0, C hOJa S. Qa
S6(7):666. J. Awwad s·r, CbOIO s, Hogaa lU'i. CaldjJIIylub or .... •. ... po..l anuy •o.oquorodloa u ltmporal antrilisClln £•peri•••• Opbthalmot 2010 July: 38(5):311-J. 4 Abbu 0, Cllma S, Ba•lwly It, S&bau S. Solitary Jdaoodc ~ oa doc oalp ol a JW11C pi: ...-h• .....,. ,.....,, J 2111Joor, 37(6):57>7.

5. Maid< J, A - 0 , ClQa S, s-•-· S. Maldplc Aodo._ ud ........ lh ........._ OJ. £.p :o..-IQI. 1010 Je..; J3(C):o I 91-2.



6. Abbas 0, Rubei>; N, Ghu.n S. &xteosive and progressive eruption iA a y()u_o g womao. Acquirtd uoUateral naevoid telangiectasia (UN11 syndrome lo a.o uteasive distribution. Clio Exp Dermatol. 2010 Apr;JS(J):eS.S-6.

7. Abbas 0 , Saleh Z, Kurbaa M, AI·Sadooa N, Gboso S. A3ymptomatic papales and aodules oo forehead aod limbs. Stl!-btatio= joveoilt (SBJCM). Clin Exp ~nnatol. 2010 eutaatous mucioosiJ Apr;35(J):e76-8.

8. Abbas 0, Ghosa S. Klbbi AG, Salmao S. A3ymptomallc swclUng of the rigbt ear. Pseudocyst of tbe auricle Apr;35(3):e72-3.


Clio Elrp Dennatol. 2010

9. Abb.. 0, Gboon S. Kurbaa M, Salman S. Mulnple uymptomati< skiD~h>ured papolet o~·tr tbe •eck and aateeubitaJ a.reu.. Pseudoxaathoma ebuticum (PXE). Clin Exp Derma tot 2010 Apr;35(3):e50-l. 10. Abbas 0, Cbodraoui A, Bald JA, Klbbi AG, Gb05o S. BUateral auricular ~udocyJts as tbe preseodog sign of htpatoceUu_lar earclnoma. Clio Exp Del1DJitoL 2010 Apr;35(3):eJ4..6.

U. Cbedraoul A, Malek J, TIUII""' R, Za)'llouo S, Kibbi AG, GbosD s. Acnd pseudoJympbomatous angiokeratoma of cbiklren ia an elderly mao: report of a case a.od review of tbe literature. Ia.t J Dermatol. 2010 Feb;49(2):184-8. 12. Abb.., 0, Sidaoi M, Rubeiz N, Ghoso S, l(lbbi AG. Letter: 755-om AJe.x aadritc laser epilation as 10 adjuva.a t a.nd pdmuy treatmcut tor piloaidaloiaiU diJease. ~rmatol Surg. 2010 Mar;36(3):436-2. 13. Abbas 0, Chedr&OQi A, Gboso S. Acute erteOJJve bullous eruption. Am Fam Pbysid&D. 2010 Apr 15;81(8):1019·20. 14. Kurbou M, Gbooa S, Abbas 0, Shimomun Y, Chrl

IS. Clio.. S, Bollbdy R, Mallfoou; R, Abbos 0 , Klbbl AC, Sud A.

CoetOm.itnt 0«'• ""-A« or ldmera distuc


R. Taller

• yCO!Jit f• •coides

Ia a L
o...... topotbol.l009 DK;J I(11):814-8.

lui J

16. Kurboo M , Sll.b aoman Y, Bollllody R. GltoJo S. Klbbl AC, Cllrisliuo AM. N - ma!Atloo lo !lie ALOXIlB Jeoe INch to nlooomal ,_p,.• ooogeollal lclotllyOJil io I Lobo- ro.Uy. J &.r Acod Ot.nutol Veoerool.lOIO l'ob;l4(l):l31-4.

17. Soldo Z. Aro)'lli T, Cli01A S. S oporf'ocial m0f1>ll01: 10") eor follow ap lo 1 pol.i
I L Abbos 0 , Cll

~oa r


M, C llon S.

"•ldl '""'

19. Abbos 0, S. Qooat:loe: Cao yoe idftltify "lo b'•pllold llyperplaia. c.. ~'Olein. ,5S(7):711 , 7 1!..




1 C.ta-

lO. Cllcdrooul A, Abbl• 0 , Sol moo S. Queotloe: Cu you ldeotll)' IIIlo ooodilloo? Dermoid C)'!ll ootlle Coo Fom Pby;lelu. l010;S« I):J I, J3. 11. Abbu 0 , Mo.ballaK• "' M. Cu~aoeouJ S.beoeous Neo11Wm• u Marbrs of Molr-T orno syadrom<: 1 dioe,.....OC Alcoritllm. J Coin PathoL ~ :36(6): 6 1 3-9.

0. Mallofi· - M. To- of tile Folllaolar lotoodiMio•: All Epilknaol R....- Poncn! A• J Duwatoptlllol. 2109-.JIC7)='26.J1

ll. A-

13. ~ o, IJ&..t S. a~aa .... J. Borirot lC. Uacar l'laQiar A•t loldooiL J Eoor Aeod ... v-reo~. _.,ll(ll): l ""'-


:W. A - 0 , Klbbl AC, lbob


15. Abbu 0, Robdz N. Qwatioa: C.. )'lMI id
26. Abb.. 0, Shboklo 7, Kibbi AG, Rabdz N. Polntol Orolond G186. 17. Abb.. 0, MoboUngam M. Epidenaal Stem Cell" 1'1'11ermotol. 2009;161(1):2211.J6.

11. Abbas 0 , Sol- Z, Dllddad F, Kibbi AG. P
lJ. Abbu 0 , Buwu J. Eplderwottopl< I a -: A lttTiow. J Clotoo Potlool. ~,34(11): 1037-Q.

31. Sold l. Mu- J, Abbas 0, Atwdl S, Aroyul T. Craalal oon·e VI pUiy as a rorc laltlal . . . - - aC .,..._;.tepa •fYI-1•110! .... alld ,..,.lew or!MI~tenrw .... Ltot-- 2010;1J(l):20t..S.


31. Abbu 0, Rtcldy K, l>emierre MP, Dlanehard R, Moholingam M. t!pldtrnoocropl< met.utorie lllUroermllopotboL 2010;32(~):50~-8.

32. Reddy K, Abbn 0, K.,.biJI A. Lilleor llyperf>lamooled l'opal'" oo lbo Wrist or a Youo.1 Woman. OlD £xp DenutoL 20 JO;J~8):1l7-l.

JJ, Abbu 0 , Bbwao J. 201t'.J'7('):")-lJ.


l'lulfona Lolou. J Cotoa Patkl

rn <1- 12

34. Abbas 0, Chatratb V, ('.oldberg W . Elastopbagocytosis in Extra-Genital Liebeo Sc:l•...,. ... J ColAn Patbol.l010;37(10):1032-7. 35. Eweda U, Somir S, Abbas 0, 1!:1-
38. Kurban M, Wajid M, Sbimomura Y, aad Christiano A.M. A aon.~nse mutation in the SCN9A gene in eoogenital ioseosltivlty to pain. llcrmatology. 2010; 22J(2):179-IaJ. 39. Shlmomura Y, Wajfd M, PdukhOVI L, Kurbaa M, Christian_o A.M. Autosomal dominant Woolly J' Resulting rro"' DiJroption or Keratin 74 (KRT74), 1 potentiaJ Determiunt of fhunt.n Rair Testvrc. Am 1 a ·um Geaet:. WJO; ~(4):632-638.

40. Karbao M, Cbeog T, Wajid M,

KliiMI M, Sblmomura Y, Christiano AM. A aovel mutation ia tbe cathepsin C gene iA a Pakistattl family witb PapllJo.oLefevrt ")'adrome• .I Eur Aead llcrmatol Veoereol. 2010; 24(8):967-969.

41. Sb!momara Y, Wajld M , Karban M., Cluistiaoo Alit. Splice Site Mutations ia the P- Ca.dhtrin Gent. 1Jaderliel with Ju,·eaile Macular Dystrophy. llcrmatology. 2010; 220(3):208-212.

42. Wajid M, Karb&D lol, Shlmomanll Y, Chn.ti.too AM. NIPAU/icbthyio is apr~ in tbe v.aaular lay~r o1 ba.mao aod mutated in two Paldstaa.i families with autosomal rooes5ivt ichthyosis. Dermatology. '2010; 220(1):8-14. .


43. Kurbaa M, Gboso S, Abbas 0, Sbimomura Y, Christiaeo 1\. A missease matatioo in tbe P2RYS gene leadillg to autos()B)al recessive woolly hair in a ~'yriao

patieot. J Dermatol &i.lOIO; S7(l): l3l-134.

44. Shlmomura Y, Wajid M, Kurban M. Sa to N, Christia.DO AM. Mot•tions in the keratia 85 (KRT8SibBl>5) g
45. Kurbaol\1, Wajid 111, Sbimomun Y, Bahhady R, Klbbi AG, Christi&Jio ML Evident<': for a founder mutatioo in the cathepsi:a C gene iu three famUies witb Papllloo·Lelhre syndrome. Dermatology. 2009;219(4):289·294.

46. Wajid M, Kurban M, Sbimomara Y. Christiano AM. Mutations io tbe SLURP..! geoe underlie Mal de Mdeda i:o tltr-ee Pakistani fami.lies. J Dc!n.1atol Sei.l009;56(1):27-32. 47. Wajid M, Jsbii Y, Karbu M, Du.a-Awereh Mil, Sblmomura Y, Christiano AM. PotyaJanjoc repeat cxpa.uion r{latatloa.sln tbe UOXD13 geae in Pakistapi fAmilies with synpolyda
48. Dahda.h MJ, Kurbao M, Klbbi AG,, Gboso S. Prim•ry loealaoo eulllneous aroyloidosiJ: a sign or immune dysregulatioa? lot J Derma to!. 2009;48(4):419421. 49. Babbady R, Abbas 0, Gboso S, Korbao M, SaJ.mao S. Erosions and Sean over tbe Face, Trunk, aod EJ.In!mities.l'oedlatri< Dermatology 2009;26(1):91-l. SO.llaJkis, M.M., Gboso, S., Surara, .A.I., Atweb, S.F., Kaoj, S.S. Dwomb>.a ted varicella prese.ati:ag as ac.ate abdo-minal pain uiae days before tbe appearance of tho rub. International Journal of lofeelious l>iseases. 2009; 13 (3): e9:H95 SJ. Tanaous


R11btix N, Kibbi A-G. Vascular aaomalies: portwloc $taios and

bomaaf(10mas. J Cutan Pathol2010; 37 Suppl 1:88·95. S2. Schaffer SG, Wisniewski A, Dahd:ah M, Fromiog K.B. Tbe comprehensive affect testiog sy,;tcm-ahbreviated: dftc:Lf or age oo performance. Arcb Cli.a Neu•opsychol2009 (1eb;24(1):89-l04


ll. Abstnm Ghosn S.: "Tho ollnicll and hbtopatbological tpoc:lrum of cutaaoo., atypical myoobtcterial infeellono In Ltba.noa•. P....-!logs or the 18th l
Klbbi A-G: ~Emollknu: Whea, Row ud What for'!" P....-liap of lltt Pan An.b Ltqao Sy•pMI~tm, Sharm El Ski-.,. - [CfliC. CXtob
£1-Sud Deba~y N: "002 fiX LaJaaoe - Novt'mher2009. Gloo!ll S: "Pooriallc: Noll D1sc:ue: Is ilu-.aaae Aller AD". P.-oceediags of lk lOIII Aa.oul Dermatotqpo Updlte, .Beirlt, Ltbanoa . Nove~r 2009.

O.hdah M: "Noll Avulsion Ia tbe 1\taaagrmcat or Onyrboaycosis". Proc:eediogs of the lOth Aanual Dermatology Update, Bein~t. Lebanon • Nov<111b
Solman S!\1: " Mulliplo lllwal Cdl Carclaomu EsperienOI! In Der111a1ology Departmeot ol AUBMC". P,..,.,..,diags of lite lOth Anaual Dermatology Update, Stint, Ltbanoa · November 2009. Gllou S: •ne dholcal aad lllstopatbologlcal S,-rvm or Cutu..., Noataberc:alou Mycobacterial laf«tioas ia Ltbaaoa•. P....-lillgs of tbe IOtb Au.ul Dermatology Update, Btlrvt,Lebaaoa • Navembor 2009.

Dabdab M: • Dean•: Tilt complete Story". Proeeedlap of the IOI!t Aaaual Dermatology Update, Btlrvt, Leblaoa • Novembor 2009. Abd-d-Baki J: " Palmoplantar my005i5 foogotd.. Appeariag Ia Two patients after toiJll body PUVA: The Rotc ortymphocyte hom log". Proeeedlop of lk JOI!t Aaoual Oenuolology Upct•tc:, Bdrot, Ltbanoa • Novemllu 2009.


llubeiz N.: "'Ueruangloiii...UIVueu.lar MalformaUoos: An Update". Proco:«

Abel El Bold J .: "The Pa l~ogtaJis ofCdlulil~". Proc«<<..p Fonm oo Cclla.lite, Riyad~ - Sncli Anlbii,J>

"Onlcaria Clasoifjaotion, aod


Proco:«e1iveo". Pn>

Klbbi A-G: "CUoic:o-patboloJical PreoeobolioM" Pmo«
Kibbi A-G~ "Paoolc:aUtls". P~ orllao O.bel World D
B2d- 16

Gbosn S.: "FoJlic:uJar ·rumors and Disorden: Approadt". Proceedings of thf: Duba.i World DermatoJoe:y and l--aser Cooferc:ncc aad Exhibition (Derma Dabai), Dubai · UAE, Aprill010.

Cbosn S.:

"Adverse reactioDiS to soft tissue fillers: Tile role- of

dermatopathology". Proc:e« (Derma Dubai), Dubai- UAF, Apri12010.

Gbosa S.: "Onkoowo Pathology Slide S.._1loo•. ProceediDJl' or the Dubli World Dermatology a nd LQcr Conftrenoe and Exllibitioa (Derma Dubai), Dubai- UAE, Aprii20JO.

Klbbl A-G.: "Chuges with MetaboUe Disorders with p,.,na.;,•. Proc:e«

Ghosn S:

•complklltioos o.f Soft Ti<'lut FiUers: Tb.e Role or Der111atopo~thology". Proeeodings .or the IS" Cosmoderm Coogress or the Europeao Society or Cosmetie ud Estbetie Dermatology (ESCAD), Beirut Lebllooa, April2010 .

Dlhdab M.: "Prootal Fibrosiog AJ,opecia". ProeeodinJl' ortbel5"' Coo.modenn Coogress of the EoropeaA Soeiefy of Cosmetie and F..sthetie Derroatology (ESCAD) , Beirot - Lehuoo, April 2010. Kibbi A-G: Ext<.....,.l Examiner to S odan.ese Modical Doctorate in the !p

Kuwait I.Astitute for Modieal Subspetialties, July 2010

Kurbao M.:

"De inherited rorms of bypotrithosis and woolly hair". Proeeedlogs or tbo Fint Seminar or Podiatrie Dermatology, Saint Goorgc

Hospital Uaive.-.ity &. Uainn
B2d- 17


Tbe !ollowiog table of statistks summarizes the professioul services rendered by the Depa-ent of Dermatology between October I, 2009 and September 30,2010.


...... d ......... bold 1 ............

Tho /Oih /Jumlllology Updole: lkrmrudce i_a Lebaaoo,

d.rlag a.a iatuu.tioaal coaftreace oa damutologic:al advaneu •dd at Usam Fares Hall OD Novtlllber 1 ud 8, 1009. Orp•iu>cl by til• D
I'Te.-...d by: Abdol-Gbui Kibbi. MD, I'ACl'

Proreuor ud Chinn•• D


Departmeat ol Dillgaostie Radiology 2009-2010


Academic Personnd

A.l. Ac:adsmls. Perso.aael Changes

Dr. Fadi EI·Merb~ wttS appointed as As..c;isrruu Protessor in the Department of DiaJlllOStic Rodiology, November I, 2009. A.l.



Professor Anne Osbora, Professor of Radiology at the Univusity ofUwh School o( Medicine. visited Ihe Depanmc:nt of Diagnostjc Radiology and presented lectures. Apri126-27, 20 I 0. Prof
Dr. LiliaoeBarib Gibbs, Assistant ProfesSOt", Loma Linda University Medical Center, L.oma linda, CA, presented a lecture ln the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, titled "Imaging ofthe '"'M·(Jorn & ehiltf', July 12,20 10. Dr. f\.tah mood D.a-wary, Assistant Professor. University of Michigan, AnnArbor, gave a lecture in the Department ofOiagnostlc R:Jdiology. titled '' lmhging(ifthc pancreas'', July 21, 2010. A.3. Rcsldenl Stall'

Dr. Nchme B<:chelany, Dr. Tatiana Khoury & Dr. Mohamad Mounir Elknjjoined the department as Firs! Year Rcsidcnt.s on June 15,2010 (PGYU). Dr.Jnd llou Ayaehe~ Dr. Samar Hnjj &. Dr. Malak.ltani weN: promoted to Second Year ResidenL< on June 15,2010 (PGYIII).

Dr. Roy Raad and Dr. Haitham Awdeh were prornOicd to Third Year Residents on June 15, 2010(PGYIV).


AJifNUAL REPORT Departmeot ofDiagaootU: Radiology


Or. Antoin Wadib and Or. Nadim MuaJicm were pi"(Hlloted to PourtJ• Yeat ResidcniS on June 15, 2010(PGYV). B.

Academic and Teacbing Activitiw

B.J. Undergradaate:t Eltctives and Re!l:ideats

FoHo,,•lng is the number of elective rotation candidates lh at have: been t.dn1ined to the department of Diagnostic; Radiology:

Fourth MedicaJ Stud enl~: Interns & Residents Electives from outside AUB

36 49 S

8.2. Post..Cr:adu.ate Dr. Lamya Atwda spent one month f\f'Qfll March 25-April 25, 2010elective rotation

al Bosu"' Children Ho:;pilaland one 1110nth from Apri126-May 21,2010 AF[P Radiology-Pathology Course. Dr. Lara Nassar spent one month elective from January I· February 28, 2010 at I.JopitaJ De l·lautepierre. Strasbourg. France. 8.3. Conftrenaes

1'he following conferences were conducced by the Dit~gnos tic Rndiology Depanmem an regular basis:

ENT-Radiology Conference · Every Firs~ Monday I:00-2:00 p.m. by Dr. A. AI-Kutoubi I Dr. R. Bounny-RI>k Radiology Conference - Every Mort
Neuro-imnging Conference- Every Tuesday 4:00-5:00 p.m. by Dr. R. Hounuty

Radiology Lecture - Every Tuesday 7:30-8:30 am by Atteadi og Radiology Staff


ANNUAL REPORT Department of Diagaostic Radiology 2009-2010 Tumor Clinic - £very Tuesday 2:00-:3:00 p.m. by Dr. M. Booraai I Dr. A- Al-Kutoubi/Dr. F. EI-Merbi GYN Clinic - Every I" Friday 12:00-1:00 p.m. by Dr. Gill. Birjawi

NeurostJrgery/Neurorodiology Conference- Every Wednesday 7:30-9:00 a.m. by Dr. R.. .BountAy-RJzk

Uroradiology Conference · Every Wednesday 8:30-9:30 a.m. by Dr. M. Baddad/Dr. F. EI-Merhi Neurology Case: Conference- Every Wednesday 12:00-1:00 p.m. by Dr. R.. Jl.oura.ay-Rizk Radjology Case l,resenlations. !=:very Wednesday 7:30.8:30 a.m. by Resldeb ts.

Radiology Film Tutorial Session ·Every Thursday 7:30-8:30 a.m. by Attendiag Radiologists Stall' Orthopedic/Radiologjc/J>athologic Conference· Every Firn Thursday by Dr. N. Xboury. Breast Clinic- Every First Thursday I :00 - 2:30 p.m. by Dr. Y. EI-Zein I Dr. G•. Dirjawi Pulmonary/Radiologic/Pathologic Cunference- Every Third Friday 12-1 p.m. by Dr. M . Haddad. Tumor Board, St Jude's Cancer CenLer- Every Wednesdoy 4:00-5:00 p.m. by Dr. N. Xboury/ Dr. M. Haddad Pediao-ic Radiology Conference-Biweekly Thursdays 12:30- 1:30 p.m. by Dr. M. Haddad John> Hopkins Vidcocoofcrenee- Every Friday 8:00-9:00 om by i\ttead iog Radiology Staff, Bopldns 8.4. St.itatlf"u: Mteting!l and Activities

I. Dr. Gb. Birja..-1 aU..,ded the "I• UAE Muhidlsciplinnry Management ofBr=1 Cancer". UAE, Dubai. O<:t. 29-3 1, 2009. 2. Dr. M. Haddad, a!tended the "JI'R 09", ('oris, Oct. 15-2 1, 2009. 3. Dr. M. Bouraai gave a lecture ''I ntcrprccation of Chest Radiological tests'\ Oct 24; 2009, Beirut.



Dcp&rtmeal of Diagoostic Radiology 2009-2010 4. Dr. M. Haddad nucnded and participated in the COMO, Beirut. Nov. 5. 2009.

5. Dr. Gllina'i participated in the "ACR" educational activity cn1ltled

Breast MR with Guided Biopsy, Nov. 9-10,2009, USA.

6. Dr. M. Haddad attended the SFR "lmagerie Digestive" on Nov. 7, 2009, Lebanon. 7. Dr. A. AI-Kutoobi nuended the RSNA 95., meeting, Nov. 29-Dec. 4, 2009, USA.

8. Dr. Gb. Birjawi attended the Brerut course 2010. Feb. 2 1-24,2010, USA. 9. Dr. N. Kho• ry & Dr. Y. EJ..Zeio atteoded the ECR 201022" 1Europeon Congre:o::s of Radiology, March 4~8 , 2010, Vieona. 10. Dr. A. AI·Kutoubi gave a Grand Round at AUBMC "Essential Radiology for

the Emergency Physician, Marcl1 12.2010, Lebanon.

II . Dr. A. AJ..Kutoubi anended and participaled and was a session chairman at the 3"' Arnb Radiology Conference PAIRS, Aprii 28-Moy 2, Jordan. C.


J. A'Ztlt, CR. Al-Kutouhi A & Mourad FH;A short case of arteriovenous fistula ooexistlng with portal hypc:nen.sion secondary to hepatitis C. Radiologic diagnosis and treatment. 2010. J Moe imag Radii oncol, Apr. 54{2): 134- 136 2. Famj W, Zogahl A, EI-Beyroulhi 0, AI-Kutoobi A Complete cnthet.,. diS(
disconnected cup sign .. 20l0; Ann Vase Surg Apr21 . EPUB 3. Saghid1 S, Masrouha KZ, Musallam KM, Mahfouz R, Abboud M, Khoury NJ,

Haidor R. The risk of local rccum:nce along the core·needle biopsy



patients with bone sarcomas. Accepted ror publicadon in Iowa Orthopaedic lou mol on February 24 , 20 I0.


ofthe external foxator: an rutimal mo
6. Metheb M, Hoanni R, Zantout MS, A2:Jr ST. Endocrint dysfunction in a paticnl whh PHACE syndrome, in eluding port-wine smln of Lhc right paiolbitnl orca. Endocr Pract. 2()1 0 Mar-Apr, 16(2):255-9. 7. YanWlut B. ltruti S, Boua.ay R. Sibaji AM, Yaghi S.The cffccl ofwur s:cress on mu1tiple sclerosis exacerbations aod radiotogiul disease activity. 1 Neurol Sci. 20 10 Jan 15:288(1·2):42·4. 8. Se:oud M, Chcaib S, Birjawi G, Tawil A. Jnmali F. Successful treatment of severe retro--peritoneal bleeding wilh recombinant factor Vlla in women with p1ooema invading into left b-road ligament:: unusual repealed ante~partum intra~ abdominttl bleeding. J Ob>tet Gynaeeol Res. 2010 Feb;36(1): 183-6. 9. A72llm R, Khoury N, Abboud M, MuaiOOt S, Sa.'lb R. First-line theropy or generalized iofantile Jnyo(jbromatosis with low-<:lose vinblastine and tnethottexate. l'ediattic Blood & Cancer 2009; 52(2):308 [Lett«]. 10. Kbo1try NJ, Kanj V, Abboud M, Muakkit S, Birjawi GA, Haddad MC. Abdominal complications of chemotherapy in pediatric malignancies; imaging fi ndings. Clinical Imaging 2009; 33:253-260. Abstracted in P
12. Karam AR, Hou.r:o..a.i ~m & Al-Kutoubi A. C.athcter fr(lcture and mignujon into the coronary sinus-an unusuaJ mfgration site: case report nnd revie;.\•. 2009; Clin Imaging, 33: 140-143



Depanmeat ofDia~o ostit Radi&logy 2009-2010

13. Rirjawi G, Nn.l(;sar I.., AlWeh L, Akel S, Haddad Ptf. Emergency of Abdominal Radiology: The Acute Abdomen. 1"he Medico/ Jouma/2009; 57 (3): 178-2 12. 14. Bitar MAt Birjawi C , Youssef M, Fuleihnn N. I-I0\1/ rrequent is adenoid obstrucdon? Jmpad on lhe diagnostic upproach. Ped;arric.r lnltrntuional 2009;

S I: 478-483. IS. £l,.,ZeiP C, Kboary N, E~Zein Y, Bulbul M, Birjawi G 1. lntruoperative lrdJl.Siabial ultrasound fOr urethral d iveak.ula: u road map for surgeons. £11r J Radi<>/2009; 70( 1): 133-7. 16. Sunnapwar A. EI-Merbi F, Cura M. Periphel'al Vascular Malformations and ~lrcmity Aemangiomas Revis ited: MRI Feature with Ang.iographic Correlation

Md Overview ofContrOVeJSies Regatding Their Cl.ass..ification and Managemcnl 2009 Apt. (American Joomal of R-oentgenology). 17. Curn M, Jung I, Lopera JE, El-Merb.i F, Suri R. Kroma G. Non-Operative Management of Blunt Spleen Trauma 2009 Mar. (Journal of Vos01Jiar and lntcrventiooal Radiology).

18. Lopcra JE, Nguyen H, Suri R, Cur• M. E I-Mcrbl F. Kroma G. Clot Tn>pping Perfonmmce of DUTerc:nl Types of Mc:taUic StenLs: In-Vitro Study in a Flowing Model2009 Mar. (Journal of Vascular nnd lnoerventionnl Radiology). 19. l.opcra JE, l~arper R, Cura M. Kroma 0, EI-Merlll F , Suri R.. In-Vitro Model of Translumbar Emboli7.Jition of Endoleak$ wilh n-DC/\: Risk of "sJuing'' of

Dift'erent Access De'lices 2009 Mar. (Joumal Radiology).

or Vascular and lmerventional

20. Muwakkit S, AI-Aridi C, Saab R. Hourao.i R, Yazbock N, 1\bboud M. Wenlicke's encephalopathy during. tot~ I parcntcrnl nutrition in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and ttcu1c pancreatitis. Neuropediatrics, 1009 Oct;40(5):249-S I.

1Scn1or Au1hor



lleportmeDt of Diagnostic R.ldiology 2009-2010

2 1. R.ahme R. Rnhme R.J, Oourani R. Moussa R, Nohra G, Okais N, Samaha E, Rizk T. Endoscopic third ventricul osto(ny: the Lebanese experience. Pediatr Neurosurg. 2009;45(5):361-7.

22. Tahcr AT, Mus.1llom K.M, Nosred
Book Chapte:n

" R.ldiology for Proctitiooen" (2 Vols). Guest editors: IJaddlld MC, Joffre F. Lebanese Medical Jourtwl2009;51( l)d -61 l.ehanese Medical Jaur.wl2009;57(3)·:61-... "lattn·u tioaal R.ldiological Tret:tmeat of Liver Tumors.. f'adl El-Merbi. Gerold Dodd Ill, Linda G Hubbard. Considerations in Setting Up a Radio freq uency Abaltion Service: How We Do It In; lntcrventional Radlologlcal rreatment orLiver Tutnors. Edited by Andy Adam Cambridge, UK: Camhridgt Unh>er:siry Press, 2009.

"The Carotid and Supr•-Aorde Truaks: Diagnosis, Angioplasty and" 2nd Edition. Michael Wholey, Fadi EI-M.trhi, Willitun Wu. Proximal inomin11te and common carotid artery Sle1Uing In: Supra-aortiC- vessels angioplas:ty Combo (carotid. subclavian and vcnebral arteries). Marseille. France: Multidi.s<;iplimu-y European E.ndovasculnr Therapy; 20o9. p. 190- 197.



Department of Diagnostic Radiology 2009-2010

Oral PrcsentatJons Dr. A.

AI ~Kutoubi,

invited Faculty. Session ChaJr and workshop on IR in trauma

CJRSE, Lisbon 2009 Dr. A. AI-Kutnuhi lnvilcd Faculty •. The aonu:d 1:1\Ccting of the Society of

lnterventionnl Radiology, Tnn\pa, USA, 2010

Or. A. AJ..Kutoubi lnvited Facuhy and session chair. '1'1le Arab Congress of

R•diology and PAJRS. Jordan. 20 10 Dr. A. AI-Kutoubi Speoker . MEMA, BciM , 2010

Dr. M., .. lntt:.q)ruujon ofCh~ Radiological TesL$"tt' Annual meeting, Sociery of Pamlly Medicine, October 23-25, 2009

Dr. M. lJouraoi, "Lymphoscintigrap1ly in Breast Cancer•·. gCh Midd le East Oncology Conference, Lcb3nese Cancer Society, November 5-7, 2009 "lolecprcHttion of chest radiological t.e..~s» Oct. 24, 09, BeiruL

D. Profes.• loaal Scnkes

I. Cbsr 30,2010

X-ray Examinations





M"'UAL R£l'ORT Ocjlo~ot o( Dloclo.-n ... .,mc.., ·i cbdiolol)'

l OONOll Numbc:r or films used



n. RADJO!d}GIC Tf£1INOLOGY TRAINING t•ROGJ!AM I. four new >Uulent rndiographenjoincd the PTo.,.m oo October, 2009. 2 'ievm "odcnt lldiographc:dullkd in October 2010


ANNUAL RFJ>ORT Departmelll of DiaguMii< Radiology 2009-2010


CflAIRMAlii'S NOTE This year has seen further inr.:n:nsc in the number of radiological exrunfnarions by 11pproximntely II% with continuous s ignificant reduClion to the number of filn~s used. Tiu.~ increase in tl1e examinations was absocbed in all sections within the

department without any increase in the non~academic staff. The completion of tbe installation of PACS has added to lhe efliciency of the reponing system. Elcctronjc notifications of the repons was introduced to infonn physicians oflhc availability of the v1.didatcd rejX.lfts on PACS. A :ocw ER rotn was intmduced in the schedule

!.hereby ensuring a quick and e nicient reporting system.

Dr. 'Fndi EJ-Merhi joined the depamnent as a new attending with interest in body MRI and interventional radiology and he introduced additional methods of chcmoembolization for treatment of liver tumors. The body of the reSidents W:tS also increased. The academic record of the department remains outsro.nding with contributions rrom oJI faculty members as well as reside.nrs. Many of the f.'lculty members serve on important loc.1l, reg.ional nnd intemettional oomminees and are involved in various scientific societies in different capacities. CME compliance in lhe department continues to be one or the highest in the institution. Dr. Lora Nassar secured a Fellowship of Mammography aa St. Mary's HospiiJII in Uniled Kingdom and Dr. Lamya Atu1 Atweh secured a fellowsblp of Pedi:urics at University ofTexas.

Agblad Al-Kuaoub~ MD, FRCR, DMRD Professor aad Chalrl)lao


D£1'ARTMTho OF ~UCROB!OLOCY [email protected]


lOONO!t PERSQ!OOiL I. Foculi}'; see section ll ZL 2..

Rc5earth assistanl$ Fndl Rami (Or. 11. M. fllxielnoor'l l"'~·l Loyal Fayad (Or. E. Rahnl'o Lob.) llhmed Sabta (Or. 0. Mtllot'l Lob.) Marwa Shehab (Dr. 0. M OUir'slAb)

3 Senior Tcdmician • Noyla Akl (Il
T«hNt iars • MOl)' Rizi.(Or.G. M&v's Lob I • Maylbo!ftse KMnlloh (Or



~ta. 's Lob)


• Sibom Jiblawi (l)cparuncn11l)

6 SccretDty

• Shamis Younes (Depa" mentnl)

TF.ACPJI!!G AC:nyrr!ES I. Oradu>!e " udenos IMSlond tbc:lr odyl111u. A!lylg Studeol

Layal Fa}>d D1n K•bcbe-Khoury

Or thuRAhll Or tl,..RWI

w-.....,. ComuntJD

Or (hasRahol

Naufic Azzi•

Dr El.,ltohol

NcdoiTI>na O.d¥J>e• lama Zahrddiac•


Or Gloe-. ~­ Or GbownM. .

Mo)50 8!roud FIIIOhNassar

o.rn.-.~ Or~M­

MimoRajdl Fadi EJ.x.mJ•

Dr Cba...., Maw Or Ilk• 1\bdelnoof Or 1\lo• llbdelnoor Dr llle•lllxlrlnoor

Naylo AI Akl'

Bnmpansun Bnrsoumin.n•

FonftKlulifeb Mroaj l$m3il

0. AluAW.Inoo< Drlllullbdmoor

ZepurKnrzian Ja
IObe ...pcod 10 be"'opcod oobe ...ipcod IObeUSipcod oobeualpl
Romy Mukbeibor SaraCbokr Nabil Zeidan Niveen Madi Atije Chamseddine Kohar Annie Kissoyan

Wool Bozzi

oobeuslaned 10 be •<~lanod 10 be Mslun«l 1o be

· ~ (MS) in 2009-2010



2. Thesjs topis;s and Examining Com.minees of Sttsdenu who completed MS r>¢gujrcments


I. Hampansum Barsoumian

2· Fodi EI·Rami

Thesis Topic

The effeot of antibacterial agems on the production of

J. Simaan G. Matar

nitric oxide

£ . Rahal

Induced by LPS in mice The effect of Nebivolol on tJ1e Production of nitric oxide

3· Noylo Akl

Examining Committee A. Abdelnoor

Induced by bacterial LPS and peptidoglycan in mice The induction of uric acid as a potential mechanism for the adjuvant errcccof alum in a murine:



A. Abdelnoor (advisor) J. Simaan R. Hoddod G. Matar E. Rabol A. Abdelnoor (advisor) J. Usta G. Matnr E. Rahal





Molecular mechanisms of rulstar.ce co wbapenems in

0 . Mnuor (oclvisor) 0 . Anj N. NIO$Sir 0 - Awat

ESBLS producing K. pMumonlo and 5- Ncdal Taha

E. coli II AU9MC Molecular mechanisms of resl$1t!ince to

6- lama


macro fides InS. pntumonla Isolates at AUBMC Tmnseriptlon Jevcls orvinllence factors eneodina acnes in biofilm forming P.

0 . Maw ladvi~or) 1\, 1\bdclnoor 0./\raj 0. Awnr 0. Mntlll (advisor) A. Abdcinoor U. Hodi E. Rohal

atruKinoso 7- Natalie: Knzzj

Evaluation of combin~lionaJ

andm icrobi>l lmtlmCIII using

rifampicin and tentillnidn for Esdrortchio coil OIS7:H7 in 1•i1ro and '" 1iw) in I BAI.Bic mice

E. Rahal (odvisor) A. Abdelnoor O. Milat N.Nuw


3. offew! Course No.

MaiM. 221 MBIM.237 MBIM.(Paro.) 223 MBIM. 310 MaiM. 31 1 MB IM. 312 l'v!BIM. 313 MBIM 390/394 MBIM 399

No. of credits

9 3

Sludentt Nnwre


Med.ll Nursing Med. Tech (FHS)



3 2 2 110 9

Grad. Grad Grad Grad Grad

Students No.


JO 30 14 7

9 7 14 14

In addition to the above-mentioned studcnlS, residcnts1 in panicular, those from the Depanment of Laboratory Medicine, and fellows from the Division of (nfectious Diseases took some oflhe courses (auditors).

I· On!lO!!l!! Proi
Dr. A.M. Abcklnoo< 1- Immunological adjuYMclcity or uncocld l · ldentilicasion and Anlibac:lcrial Rc1btanc:c or Botteria Isolated from Poultry,

J. !'reparation, flliCtionrttion ond nctlvlly of Mixed Baclerial Toxin (Ml~n

Dr. Gb. Milar I· Molecul• Chnclcriooon of e.t
lmatioo Scqueftca ond lmc.,_ on ....,_ly

Eina!ia&ESBL 2·



o.s....-. Expession Lcwh and s-q.,._

Aoalymof~ R..u- F~na .. or &ttml>
J. Molcwlar Medlani>ms r>f Re>i11011« 10 Mi!CIOhda {n S. pntUMOfliO

4. Rondom Amplifocd Polymorphic DNA onol)'li~ of Aclndobactu baumnnfl from Pmicnl1 with No.ocomiol lnfe<:tions 01 AURMC S· Oc.nctlcs or Biofitrn Pomlina /', fl~rUJ:IiiOfll at AUBMC 6· lnhlbitloo of E. ooliOIS7:1i7 Ve at SubinhibilOI}' Coooen1111ions of Anlimicrobiol Ap:rus 7· ~ofMccea-~eooMRSA

Dr. 1; A . Rmal I · H-lkrpavinda. onfo

)- E/rocxyofiJ:eOlin& fo
(Wrth Dr. Milar)

4- P!'AR· T single aiiCicowdo polymorplmau (~N ...)

on oht evolutioa nf po~yq,..oc ClYif)' syndrome (PCOS) and pooriosis (\\ ooh Or Abddno
S· Susccpcibill!y ofbocterial oad funa-J ooc>IOiet 10 $~$!in$ and oht dftas of liWJns on lhc lnf«lH>uS pnlCeSS:In ,·ivo.

2· t'ubllcotioos 2· Artidcs I· Fodi EI-Rruni, Hampo.rutMom ~nllon, Jo.f'~'d$~<'0 and col»ncorneno of inf..,... DAUllc mooe 111rvival. ln~uonal Journal of Anumlcroboal At;l:ph Cl. Ghafari. Alcu odtr M. AIKiolooor. Porphyramonas gingiv(IIIS In dcnHII piMiliC and serum reactive protein levels In PKa11ancy Joumnl of Infectious dis in dcvclopln1 countries (JIDC). 4(6): 362-366. 20 10 (ori!lln•l omc:lc) 4- H>mp3ttSOUm a.r-mion. r lldi n R.tom i ond Aln•odor !\1. Abd .., oht l'l'oduc:toon nf No anc: OPI< , ........ by Lopopoi)'IO

(c:wi&indartide) Mania O!ak!IIDUI'O ond Akuador M.. Abcld8oor. Mooocloool Anubodla Uood as

Prophylactic, Thcnlp

.. supplied by pul>lakfl2010 Oec. )2(~t.lJJ,..4l. (...WW) f>. A.M. Abdd...... ..,.., molocules apiasa~Eapa10pon111
1'1(11 IOS7-1071. 2009 (renew) 1· lt.. Mald
oftOII· Iik• reecpoor(11.R) qoniJisond on!Agonisls as proph~ladie ond/or 1hmpeutlo ngents. lmmunophannocol. lrntnuntMoxiool. 31(J): 331·338, 2009 (review). 8- N. Sfcir, J. Simaan, M. Chakh1ourn, A. M. AtHielaoor. The effect of corvcdllol on lhu nilric oxide: inducing properties or b:M:rcrlnl llpopolysacch!Uid<: in mice. AdvAnced Swdics In Biology. I (3): 145-153,2009 (orilin•l ortoclo) 9- II. M. Abddaoor, R. lt.jlb, M C'h.lkliiOUra, M 0oout. W. M..Uw.o-, M. U"'~)'bh. S I ~wah, R. 8. Kbau!i Jallumce d-lly, _ " " " ....'" rcpman 111011. and l)'pC or l
•ibodics -~and tc)OCIqliJOCles.~and

1......-xlcolosY 31 (It SJ-l7,2009(onconaJ


aniclt). lt.mina Benouda, Olm&nc Touuno. M•..,.~

Kh!Uralllh, Geor&e f. Aroj and (lhlSSin M Ma11r. Fil5t Detection ofOxllclllinll'l! Mcdiorod Rcsismnce to Carbape.,CIHJ in Kfrb1lclfo pmumronfo Crom Morocco. 2010. Ann•b or Trns.!ol Medki_n e•nd t•art.JitoloJY. 104(4):327-30 II · M. llorujly, M-T Khoirolloh, 0 ~- lim) , C . M. Maur. Frequency ofConjuprl>o Plasmid Et1
12· C. M.,LDn._..,.,lt. C.r•,MT Khonlbh. P. ~ 1t. s.ln and G F lt.IOJ Spr-' of OXA-4,-a>odlll
specuum 1!-laaamasc. All nab of TI"'O>leol Mcdicioe & PoruitototcY. 2010.3:271 274


13- AJnB>tcam.,LaomniPOttd,McoutYdmu,

my Arikan AJ.aa, Cith F
ca-a M. M.atar, ~ llonol«ld, Md

P1olria: NordiDIIIII. ~~ spad ofOXA ~.. c:noocling plumid livm T..Vy end bc)'Und Aitiakn>b!ol A«..II aod CIK•OC~CftPY 2010. S4(3): IJ 12-09. 14· Cbassaa M. J\blar. Mlll'ic-Th
M.S.. Rolond AIM4todled. Tony Duo, M 0, ~F. Araj. Ph.D" and C"-o Matar, Ph D. CCMrelalioa Bet..... (;roup B ottC<>«:i Clliol " - " Prcpont ..,._ ..


~ lahnJMiuoblol Vol~~tnc200'1

(2009), Aniclc 1D 796$12 16- C. M. Motar, M. Karu<. R Abt·RAI
Clw<. M-T. Klolinlll•b llftd 0 I' A"'i Detcaloi1

Md Expreosion Lc:,-.,1. or PII t>rotclna ln 1 Pseudomontl.'i atrugirHIJ'll St111ln IIIJVlly Prcvetleo1 In Nosocomial lnrecdonlul l1 1"crthuy ('nrc Medicul Center. 2009. 1olurn J Appl R., Vet Med. VoL 7. No. I, 2009. 17- 0. M. Motor, A. Sabru, M Katuu, R Abi·Rad1cd, M-T. Khaimllub ruid 0. F. Arnj Molcculat Cbutocteristics ofbctilb<.tam.IX and non-bela b<:tlm>se prodUC108 Sboaclla L!OIIIA:'I rrom policnu ,.;m Sblgcu..iJ in ~ J lof
R2g-l 0

3- Abstracts 1- Nada Souccar, Marita Chakhtoura and Alexander M. Abdelnoor. Human Leukocyte antigen associations and C-reactive protein levels [n Lebanese Patients with periodontitis. Tissue Antigens, 75 (5):625, 2010. Florence, Italy 2- A.M. Abdelnoor, Basic Imune Mechanisms of Uveitis, XVIIl Lebanese Ophthalmological Society Congress, Abstract p. I 1 April 23rd_25th, 2010, Beirut 3- A.M. Abdelnoor, Patented small molecules against psoriasis. The I Oth Annual Dennatology Update, Abstract no. 8, Nov. 7th, 8th. 2009 4- A.M. Abdelnoor, Potential effects of bacterial endotoxin released by antibiotics from Gram negative bacteria: Effects of some antibodies on the biological properties of endotoxin. Arab Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials. Abstract no. 0-3, Nov . 61h-8th, 2009 5- A. M. Abdelnoor, Potential effects of bacterial endotoxin released by antibiotics from Gram negative bacteria: Effects of some antibiotics on the biological properties of endotoxin. Arab Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials. Abstract no. 0-3, Nov . 61h-8th, 2009. Beirut A.M. 6- Abdelnoor, Patented small molecules against psoriasis. The I o•n Annual Dermatology Update, Abstract no. 8, Nov. 7th, 8th, 2009. Beirut 7- A.M . Abdelnoor, M. Chakhtoura, N. Souccar, Periodontitis and pregnancy in Lebanese: P. gingivalis in dental plaques and vagina, and serum C - reactive protein levels in relation to pregnancy outcome. ASM Abstracts, J 09: 197, 2009. USA 8- G. M. Matar. Overview on Emergency and Prevalence of ESBL producing Enterobacteriaceae. LSID. December 2010. Beimt, Lebanon. Oral. 9- G. M. Matar. Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. LSID. December 2010, beirut, Lebanon. Oral. I 0- G. M. Matar. MoJie cular Mechanirsms of Resistance to Macro! ides in Invasive S. pneumoniae at a Tertiary Care Center in Lebanon. MEEGID X, Abstract: MEEG 2010-0020. November 20 I 0. Arns£erdlam, HoUand . Poster.

l:l2g· ll

II- G. M. · Underlying Molecular Medani$mS

of Resi~tance in Newly Gmcrging Carbapenems Resistant ESRI..-producing K. pneumonitlf.' and E. col/ in Lebanon. MEEGID X, Abstract: MEEG 20 10-0005. November 20 10. Amsterdam, Bolland. Oral, 12- G. M. Matar, N. Tahu, M·T, Kh•iralloh, M.

Shehab, G. Dbaiba, and G. F. Araj. Underlying Mechanisms ofResistonce to Macrofides inS. pnewmmiuc at a Teniary Care Center. 8u1 Arab Conference for Arilimicrobial Agents. Oc:1olxr 2010. Lattakieh, !o'yriL Oral. 13- G. M. Malar. Underlying MoleC>Jiar Mechanisms of Resistance in Newly £merging Carbapenems rtc..

Md £.

coli in l.ebanet;e. Jnternatiooal Conferertceoo Emerging lafedlous Dl""""""· July 20 I0, AtlarHa,. GA, USA. J•osttr.

14- G. M. Matar. Update on PulscNet ME in Lebanon. Fourtb Consvltatioa. work!Jbop ror tbe

establisb meal of the PULSENET network in the Middle East. WB.O, CDC1 A.s.'Joeiation of Public Health Laboratol"'ie:!!, Wasbi.ogtoo DC, ud NAMRU..J, Muscat, Oman. April20 10. Oral. 1; . G. M. Malar, I. Dandachc. A. Career, M-T. Khairallah, P. Nordmann, A. sabra. G. F. Araj. Continued Emc-rg.encc: o[ B/(l..ox.4x in Carbapenem Resistant K. pneumoniae and £. coli at a Teniary Care Cooter in Lebatton. Amcricau Society (or Microbiology - Mny 2010 Annuol Geneml Meedng, San Diego, CA, and USA. Poster. 16- G. M. Malar, M-T. Kl>airallah, l Dandache, A. Sabra, J. MokhbaL Second Evidence of plasmid encoded hltLcTx+t-ISand bla.·wJ.1. 1 gents in an Extended Spectrum 11-Lactnmasc producing So/monel/a tnurrka serowr Typhimurium isolate in Leb3non. Americaa Soel

201011lnUIImcctona, San

o...,. CA, USA-

POilU II- £.A. RakaJ. A. KMblr, C. ~1. Matar The ~llul

01$7 H7(Abslr 10) u.ap-C""11U'Of CIUliCII .t Infectious O,_(FCCMIO) Vluu, Aulria. Apnll().l), 2010. fOOIIK Absl- in mcctins '-k p. I Sl6

19- Ca.-oM. Matar, 0led Resiil, 0 A"'f, 0 M-. lnle< Md ln1n Spoci<$ Tronsf01 of Anlomltf\lbLII Resislancc in F..nt~cri- 011 Tertiary c:.r. Medical Ctnl«in ld>onon Amcricoo 8odely for MlcroblolocY - May 200\lannual moe~Oig, A· 47, Phlbddpbla, PA, USA. P!!


EA. Kru>bar A nnd Molar CM 2009. Th< modulatory effect orrirPmpioh• ond uentnnllcill 0 11

t!XJll'ti!Sion ol' virulc.ncc rnc.lursln J.'.sch~rlt:hln coU 0 IS7:117. The 701' Amb Conrrn:nac for Antin1icrobiol t\~tnlS 2009: Ocirut, Lc:bMOII, Ab5li'DCt 57a in nw:eting boo~ . 23· TU~ol f.A, llenrickselo, l.A, Ll V, Turchi J l'awtlc:uk. KS, ond Di>on. K 2009 ATM l

3· R....,h Grants Alex Abdefnoor

Ghasson MliW

Elias A. Rahal

MPI': $10,000.00 URB: S 10,000; DOD

donation PulscNet Grant: S33,000, SMQfi-Aventis: Sl3,000(ln oollabomtion with Dr. Usamo Hodl) MPP $4000 CNRS SSOOO

PROJIESSJONA1cS£1MCf8 I· A. Abdelnoor, Consultanl: Cy!ocoJtle antibody tro$$ man:b, Panel Re,.,th.. Anll"bodics



. II


A,M. Abdd!!Mf I· AcadctttieComaunee

2· ). •· S. 6. 1· s,..


12· I ).

Clndu~~~e Commo,_ (Ouunnon)

Uni•'USity Senate Mcd. n Class Teachioa Commiuoe Kidney Transplantalion Com mine~ OrBfm Transplanl eommincc Commencement Conunillcc (ChieFMor&h•l) Phllfll1acy Chaplc:r o( lhe 1\UU 1\ lumnl Assocjation. Presidc1lt AUB Alumnj 1\ssocilllion Council, member Boord of Gndulllc Stuc!IQ Exlcndcd Adviso
Gb.M.Mpr I· Gradual< Cocnmillee (FM) 2· Exu:nded AcMsoonmlllce (AUU)

Eli!< A. Rahal I · Scoumf..: ~isotyC>OW!Col 2· 1't

gnmt AC'llVJJIES I· IIUrndoocc ond!q l'ln">!!IIIK>!IIASch!lbdx Confqgss

/1 M ftbdelnoor I· A....,_, Assoc""loo r.,. the Ad_u_ or Sci, Ocol-6. 2010 2· 24• Efl.-ins, ~1~. M>y 2010 J. /1 SM .,_..,.. I'Mod
...,._,lcsap""..,......, DmNoio1os> Updaoc, Nov .,., 1009

6-lnvucd .. """ • .,...,..,....... on .... •IToials, Nov 6•, 2009 7- O.ooptnO
I· ASM moc:oina. Phllod<:lphia. Moy 2009 2~ Invited •o orpnl1.c. and chnlr a KSlion ot dle 761 Arab Confc:n:ncc l'or Anlimloroblnl ll¥(!tllS (ARAI'UA). Nov. 6·8. 200Q. 1Jclru1, t.ebnnon J. Invited 10 WIIO·NAMIHJ.CPC l'uls.Neo Wnrk.!hop, April2010, Mu><:no, Oon11n 4· ASM MnUlll nl«llng, Son Di

Eli3s A. R>hal

1- The

111' " - -




ond 1nr.a-. o.(ECCMID) 201& AUJtria. Vocnna 2- The "f' Anlb CoaJ......., ~ Anlomierobll1 AJ.oen~S 2009; Bewl. Lonon \~




Symposia Calome 1n11Ubohly ond Rep:Ur 2009:Toos. Nc:w M.. lco

l nvil ~d


6 . M. Abdelnoor

1- Revitwer~ /nttmullo"ol .kuTnt~l ofBKJiugltt~l sa........ 2009 2- Reviewer, BMC lmmiii1Dhlg. 2009 J- Review«. uo-x & ..,..., JowNI. 2009


2- ~. -

or 1nfoc1Jon .. O..d
Countries J.

R<>~. Emergu!a 1nfeaioo<> Do-

l . Mcrnkr of MlKiomiy,ll'm(mlgunl OWnl?-!lllOnl A. M. Abdclnwr

l- American A.$Sc:>Cinti0f1 orhnmum)IOKkiiJ 2- American Socie1y for Micn>blology ). American Society for Hi5IOCO!DJ'IIibllhy and lmmunogoent'lics 4- lnffm31ion21 Endoumn Society S- Cfmica11mmuooolor;r Soaay 6- Entopan Fcdontion ror 1110111...,..-:ta 1- Ordredes l'haronocimsdo1 ibon 1- Syad~ des BiolopJ&cl.,l.lbon Cia-~-

1- Mc:lllba-- Am

Elias A. Rohal I· European Society ofCilnical MicrohiC'!IOl'Y :md Infectious Disc3.scs

4. Certificates A. M. AbdelnO!.lC 1- ASM 40 Year Membership Ccrtii1C3lC

2- CI'TJ Collaborntiv.: lnSiitutiOn31 Tmining Initiative Cerlificate 3· CITII Collaborative:: htsaitulional Training Jnitiativc Certificate 4- NIH Web-based training course lo(Protecling Human Research Participants" Ccnificntc G. Matar

1- Nil I Human PW1icipantsProtcction Educ;.uion tbr Reseat-ch Tc-.mts Cc:nific~te 2· CDC BiosafCiy Cenificate ) .. CDC Computer Security Cercifict•tc 4- CITII Collabor.nive Institutional Training lniti~;~tivc


E- Rahal 1- CITII Collaborative lns,ilutionaJ Training Initiative Cen-mcu.te 2- CITJI Collaborative Institutional Training lnhjative CertJfic:atc

5. Faculty Oepanrru;nrnl Meetings Depan:mental meetjngs were held ot least once a momh. They were minuted and copies sent to the Dean. 6.

Faculty,. Stuff and Gmduate Students Oq~aamcntnl Meet i n ~

Meetings held once a week to discuss progress. problems and guidanc:.e.



!lspwtmcr!!a! Scmini!J.., t,lcgjm Gnduo« ""'""' ......, locld wcdly • lhc wc:cwi Rli• SM"L

8. Acmdiwim and RcaiSIA!ioo oCMS en>c•mJn Mic.mbiology and lmmunoloay bx Now Yod
Appo.U- •t~fflnerll ,.....,._,ffidlil_


I'll Uq""" ptJ
DftJt C...


lf//b ••-

Akumler M. llbdclnoor. Ph.D,

rro fCS$0f ond Chai rpcrson

Depanm.en1 or-Microbiology&. lmmunolusy

B2h· l


The depanmem five year stra~.egi c pJan (2006-201 0) was reviewed this year in prcpanllion lbr a retreat in 20l l that will addres.'i successes and fail ures. A SWOT analysis was prepared for thJJt purpose. l· T be strengths, barriers, and oppomrnities fflthla the departroeot

Stntegi< Initiatives Roleud l.m11ge ia ~be Faculty of




• Innovations: in the Med IV • Lack of spllOC and rotation: clinical skills sessions exi:\rtlination rooms nnd algorithms in medical fOC' clinical practice for residenlco and management •Introduction of the interactive studenl$. response system in • Negalive staterncnl~ by c:ollcagucs from presentntions other disciplines • Exposure or students to minor surgery in Badaro clinic • Bashing of Family Medicine residents • lnuoduction of students to simulation cenler • Communication skills course for Mcd II •Introducing the OSCEto olhcr depanmcnts. • Community involvement (lrn E1 Nour, Khalcd Rehabilitation Center) • Lc3ding lhcAUB wcllncss progrom. • Ou1.reach training of physicians from lr~q. Jordon, WHO and UNRWA on

diffefcm aspe<::ts of Family Medicine and on OSCE

Opportua ides

• Satellite clinics a.ffiliatod with the depar1mcnl sut h as Tohaddi, UNRWA • Explore more training OpPOrtunities





• llle load of paliems • Involve emergency in RHUH is low dl«l unit O'iage 1eam in to problems in the training sessions on lrioge the proper referrnlto • Hard working residenlS with Family Medicine excellent scores in the • Lack: of American Board or Family commilmcnt from the clinics. Medicine in~raini n g Exam ~ociatc faculty • Recruh new cUnicaJ com~ to the US scores: {I li P providers) for &.5sociaLt:s interested PQYI 378 vs. 379{US), I'GYII teaching teaching residents as 392 vs. 424, PGYlll 49; VS. well a.-. service • Load of family 452, overall S
curriculum with .spec::ilic rotntion objectives

clinics 10 th ree


Information Technology


• Ha 1f of the patients are seen without paper records . Relying only on hospital EMR and FileMaker •All Family Medicine faculty and staff are trained to use the electronic medical records; hospital based and departmental based appl ica~_!ons •All faculty have completed the CITI course. •At least 5 articles published per year

• The use of two different applications to access the fu 1l medical record of the patients; the FileMaker and the AUBMC web-based application

• Work on integrating the two applications

• Lack of common research interest • Lack of interest in research among part time faculty members

• Re-define the department research agenda

ll- Faculty recruitment, development and retention Faculty Recruitment The increase need of the Family Medicine for teaching, research, administrative and clinic the department committee identified the need for an additional faculty member. Advertisement for the position of clinical instructor/assistant professor in the department of Family Medicine was announced from August 20 I 0 till December 2010 in two journals: AAFP American Academy of Family Physicians and STFM society of teachers of Family Medicine. The action plan is to recruit the new faculty members as of July 2011.

~------~--~ ~~~====~~~~~~==~~-;2~o=fi:e~-;~ed~~~J~5~ar~e~p~o~te~n~ti~l----, since they don't fulfi lJ the criteria



clinical associate positions


clinical associates, pending the availabiJ,i ty of space ------

Faculty Development Numerous activities within the department: Twice a month "Town Meeting" for generall practitioners and doctors associated with the department Teaching precepting skills to our own clinical associates


During lhe year 2009-2010, FM P'aculty members pllrlicipn.tcd in llllt-i on r~l a:nd intematlonnl conferences as follows:. Particioated Facaltv Cootereace American Academy of Familv Phvsicians Dr G. liamadeh American College of Physician Executives (CPE degree) WONCA world Conference 10m Arab Hypcncnsion Congress. Beirut-

Lebanon Maslcrs Degree in Hcahh lnfonnatics (In ProJUCSs)

Dr. G. Hamadeh Dr U. Musharraflch. Dr. El Saad DrS.Soab

Dr J. Antoun

FacuiJy reiMtion

f'ull time faculty are involved in numerous administrative and teaching activities lhat supplement their dinica1 incomo. ClitUcian providers have received a 200/G equivalent raise in compensation based on d1eir productivity. They also oompctc for a stjpeod tht~t covers one continuing education trip. Pa~ully

E._'Diua!Wn Faculty evaluation is carr-ied twice a year. including Blime e iTorr o.nalysis process. New additionaJ criteria were developed for cJinicaJ associates' renewal ofappointment: I. Complete>= 22 resident evaluatiorts/year 2. Submit udvisor report >4/year 3. Fill communication skills assessment Form 4. Give 4 present.atit,tnS a year to m edi~l students 5. Supervise OSCE!Prepare one ,:.1a1ion/year

6. Auend teachlng activities >60% 7. Complete the CITI course 8. Attend departmental meeting 75%

m Needed resources to support facalry and departmental programs In order to fulfill the cliniC3l and academic need. there is a need or6 extra dinics for clinical care. confc:rcnc.c room, meeting room for resideJ1ts

IV •·aeuhy related Medical Pra
T""'O group prnc:Uces are active h1 f"m ily Medictnc cJinics. HIP Pool; o All professional fee payments made by HIP go into a pool based an expected budget o Group shares inp3ticnl and night call to cover HIP and individuals are paid a nru rate per call.


o '""~""'"".,.. ~ rar dine.-- • a formula'-
,_. ~·"""' .... >""'

o A l~ boous "paid fo. •ndlvidlla!J ""'~'"I Jl«
40% on l
V St,.tqlca to ........ tile cUolcal pr.dic>c witbia tile clcpa, A ~I tas1. ram: is ..-oruna on ocbJe•ms ,_...,,...,.. "''lliraMnU ofi'ICQA f« family M..Jic!nc Clinics to be dcsi(INLOd as • Medical flame.


FAMD..YMEDICINECLINICS ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010 The Family Medicine Clinics (FMC) patk..•tus' load increased by 12..3% in the year 2009 .. 20 10 as C()(Tlpllrcd to the year 2008·2009. In order to fulfill the inorcos

decongesting the Emergency

room. 11te extended Eveniug and Saturday clinic started in July I, 20 10 to receive private patients who need urgent care (acuity 4 & 5).


Selected Utlll2atloa Jadic:aton· lndicators HIP_(sm!f, d.,.,ndent.s) HIP Students cnrollt~ Total T o doctors Flini
11,889 5, 11 I 17,000 127,748 (41%) jAREC/UH 993(1%)

11,365 5,117 16,582 28,665 (37.3%) 1,555 (2%)

09-10 12,055 5,465 17,520 30,549 (35.4 %) 2,148 (2.5%)

tesidents UHS

4,671 (6%)

7,298 (8.5)






~otal V.slls

3,895(6% I)

1~1·~ 48%



1. 1

46.3%) 2.3

717 (I%)

155 ( I%)

756 (0.9%)


5,511 (7.2 %)



ptesident.s Ward )rivate binics [l'otal to ~octon o Nurses!Lttb ~dminlstntive HIP mploy~ Bcaltb

41,157 54%) 964 ( 1.3%)

7.369(8.5) 48,120 56%) 1.184 (1 .4%)

9,097 ( 12%}

8,558 (JO%)

~~83 (3

2,277 (3%)

3.159 (4%)

20,301 (30 %) 63,502 lt9J%)

23,358 25 ,2~4 (30.4%) (29.3%) 70,587 (92%) 78,J80 91%) 116,305 6,853 000%) tooo/.) 7.85 7.87


37,179 ltSS%)


% 6.263 (9

%) %

l«peat PrettriptiODS <>tal UBS



~~o·~.l 100 o/.




Staff Referrals

ER visits

H011pital AdmW i01t.S

Aotlvldos I) Padeal Flow Efforts were continuously done to improve t.he now of palicnt and decrease the eoogestion of the clinic by relocating the desk deaJing with the adntinistrotJve traveJ

requirements to Dale Home. 2) Eledronic: Hoallll Record

In January 20 I0 the project of the mcdicaJ records was launched. Two filing clerlcs are dedicated to scan tile daily appointments. Around .SO % of the total daily patients' visits are now scanned. As of April2010 all new file om: CT'Cilted electronically. Auending physic-ians Md residents ttre well lrdined tO use the departmental aQ£1 the bospitaJ database jnchJding documentation or I he progress note, checking all laboratory results, radiology reports 11nd other in patient related dnta. One or oor (Qtuhy members is part of the hoSpiL4J taskforce working on moving all tJ1e hospital towards elecuonic

health ro:curds. 3) AUB WeUn"" program

The University wdlness program contributed actively towards enriching the university's calendar with activities impacting the health and wellness of the AUB eornrnunity. This year's Slanding activities were tailored to raise the community's awareness to various-health topics including. fitness, healthy nutrition, stress management, o.fficc ergonomics, and anti-SJlloking. "J'hc first aid trnining sessions for staff and faculty are of the most significant recent proj«IS which nrc currently in progress. and hnve aCQOunl'ed so far for 87 AUB Cumpus stnffmembcrs trained in basic emergency first aid, In total, the: Progrom has come wilhin the reach of at least 567 particip11rus in iLS vuriC,)US ~tctivit ies. m~ical


l~e!!>Yee Healtb /

Infection Co•trul:

2007-2008 2008· 2009 Dlsabillty tw;asml!nt: Medical assessment and 50 50 reports of persons with high sick l~ve rate and other occueationaJ P!'Oblcms. 1174 Student Pru~aiion (PPD scr~~ninR} 971 .Pre employment pr~dure: includjng Initial 877 960

2009·2010 51 1,531 1,057

assessment, Vaccination, Lab. Test nnd

l_phvsical exams IJealilr whrkers uposurt mMagement and Tuberculosis monitoring: PPO screening


901 (108 needfe

pricks) Hea/Jh Care worlus lteDaJili!i B Vdccinotion

Jnjlutlfi.IJ Campaign Vaccination for hospital

1,049 (90 needk pricA) 75%







employees and others (AUB st:tff, dependents and students)

Health OuelndU$1rilll Reprt!S
communicable diseases S}

Quality improvement: the departmental commincc on quality improvcmcnl was tlGtive in different aspects/indicators as follows: BJIIId Hygkne the total score a-chieved was 100 %; Nursing SUtfT members are washing their hand before JU'Kf after pr()(ledures Waiting tinu: the average of27 minutes is maintained for the second year due t() severaJ reminders ofsl.arting clinic on time and avoiding clinic interruptiOElS.. JCJ rea«rullltiJibn's prtptutdness included correcting tJ1e clinics• deficiencies., staff and doctors' awareness sessions on the policies and procedures related to quality indicators, occupational aod safety measures, ernerger1cy preparedness plan. E)•t reforalfor diabdics, 95% of diabetic p:uients hove done at Jc:ast one eye check up last year FolltM up on hypertensive elderly patients and their compliance with proper medical assessment~ 95% arc complying with the procedure of medication renewal, the other 5% are disabled.

6} Stali'Rewards/Rec:ogoitioo:

Mr. Jawod Shalhoub received Service Award-20 years

and Ms Nidaa E1 Ashek received St:rvice AwBrd- 15 years 7) PIAAS for 201tJ..2011 iodudt:

• Increasing the tOtal FTE Physicians covering the HIP population by recruiting now clinical associales • Tmnsfonnin& the: Family Medicine Clinics to be a preferred medical provider by reinforcing dle personal physician aod the concept of .. Patient-Ceruered Medical Home"


• Developing a standu_rdize vaClcin:uion record fo r tJle children visiting the:: FMC • Contracting, primary care physicittns to provide medical services to HlP population outside Cremer Beirut • Reactivating the ln. patient team of the department of Family Medicine • Initiating the hepatitis n vaccination with the TST Campaign to a
• Submitting and implementing business pJa1l Oil home visits for disabled patient$


Oepama. .l or u1eraol Medlon (2109• 11)

f••ll!r (Pk- r
C•••ht«t Oeportootolal Aude•lc Croap

Fund Z1yodeh All Tnher

lmad llouill

Chaorman of I he 1Jepot1rncn1 Assislanlto 1he Choir for Un
FuaJ ll)odcb


l'lorrc IJou Khalil Abdnllnh Rebel•

llodl Skourl

z.,,_. Kanafaw

s.m or AI1m

lmod Uthman Rheumacolou Son1lr Al"'eh Adcl lllrbnrl Pierre IJou Khnlil Ihrnhlm Sol!I Aloo' Shnrnrn A II Shamseddino Souha Kanj-Slwara Walod M«
Head - Catd!Oiol)'

Acling Held • Allerl)', lmmunoiOI)' & Head - Neurolosy Head - Vaseulnr Medicine Acting Hcud - l'ulmonary ond Crillcnl Care Hend - Rndocrlnology Head - Onsrrocntcroln(ly 1-lead - Hena1olo~y/Oncology Head · l nfec1io~a Dl>u..,, Ae1ing IIcod - Ncphmloay ond Hyper~cnsion

Ad•lalotnclve S.m
lteoldeney Pro~,.,. Comntitlee l' und Zlyudeh Chnlnnon

nrthu llep~~rrmunt



llou Khahl

Common« Chaor; Dot«IOJ Rd
l'foanom lla.Jo SLoun

Assoc:O.C ............. O.r
AbcWiah ll
AsmtiMe Proanm Dr~M~or, CCU

Ah T&hr, 1\.nsscrn Mlilrfidll Dr. 7..,1n• lbrohim Dr. Ohuda Uollanc Ur. Abbll.! llilllr

Drr=or, U..Xrpllduaoe 1-'u"' Propam OPD Direcu>r Mcd IV Coordi n.tiOf Mcd nl Coonhn•oo. Fcllo""' Coorduwor ri!Clll!y member II larjiC Fa.cuhy mtrnbcr AI lorg~ Chief Rcsidcrll Chief Rcsidenl PGY Ill

Mcdlul C raad Ro. .d• CoiiUilittec Fuad 1Jyadeh Chairman 7.cinalbrahim ChiofResident

Mortality ud Morl>lclloy C...mee f 7~) adeb Chairman Pocrre Abou Khalil l'rogn
Dim:ror-CCU Director · IClJ/RCU Director - l'rlvnte C'llnlo• Director- OJ> I) Medicine l)ireetor • W•rd Service

S paecCoararhtec

rued 11yadeh


Samu Alarn

Samtr Alweh 0"-da £111~-Fukiban Ala' Shatara lm.od t: lhmon RC'C'II1 f arbM

Dc,.rt•utaJ Coone Coonliutors Ah 1 &her Coordumtor- lntroduchon to Mcdrcrnc llh 1 &hmr - Med IV Kosscon llnroun Coordinntor - Physical Doljlnosis Moy Khnllnb Soudent coordinntor


f....Sbyldch AltToh

Pro••'"'" • t trOr ofM
I. OuJJamn WOLni, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Mcdiclno, Division of Cardoology

2. Or. 1\oberl llnhlb, Associate Professor of Medicine In tho Ocjlllrlmcnt of medicine nnd Dlreotor of outcomes rcseorch Unit of Cllnlcal ltc•""rcb ln1thutc at the Faculty of Medicine 3. Araftt nayii,MD, Associate l'rofessorofC'IInlcal Modlcineln th< Division or lfcmotOIOf!Y Oneology in lhc Deponmcnt or lntcmal M

O"ani:utioul Cbart





--~ =--



---· t=

= ·· 1

r- g;z


___ ,. r:-


TEACHING PROGRAM The Department of Lnlcroal Medicine is the largest teaching program in Lite Faculty of Medicine, for both the mccUcal undergraduate and the _post-gradua.le curTiculum. ln the undergraduate program, many faculty members are i nvolved in teaching mc.dical s&udcnts at all levels !"rom Med I to Med IV. Teaching a.nd lJ'ainin& at the post-graduate level includes interns, residentS., and spccia]ty fc: Uowship training.

MED.l Many of the fac ulty member.s o f the Depanment of Internal Medicine are designated course coordinators of several cours(:s in Med 1 {Gc:nc:ral Physiology/Biophysics, Homeosra•is. Metabolism, and Cardiovasoular Physiology) and more tbao a dozen members actively participate in the teaching of the following cours..:s: Histology (Blood and Bone Marrow) General Physiology/Biophysics Biochemistry

NeurQsciences (Neurology) Homeostasis (kidney & lung physiology) Cardiovascular physiology Metabolism (Gl and Endocrine Physiology) Problem.Based Learning MED.O The ~ partmcn l of Internal Medicine is respons.ible for the teaching o f two major courses, -Introduction to Medicine·· (IDTN 22 1-222)
A. Introduction to Medieioe (10 22 1-222). (Coordinator: Or. Ali Taber). The Depanme.t~t of Ittlernal Medicine coordinates this 9 credit hour course and is primarily responsible fo r its teaching and instructiorl. ·rhc. Course i$ given

in the form or didactic lectures and case discussions. The course is divided imo eleven block sections- covering lhc pathophysiological basis of organ ~ specific diseases. The course mns in parallel with an org::an pathology course given by the Dcpartmenl of Palhology and l. aboralory Mcdioine. The block sccdons and the hours• distribution for the internal medicine curriculum are summarized in the table below: Course

No. Or Weeks



No. or No. Of Leeturc Discussion







Di\•ision of Cardiology Dcpl. Of Dcrmalology






l)i vision of

Endocrinology, DcpiS. Of Pedimrics & OBS· <.i YN





DepL. of Biochemistry


and .Pediatrics

3 2

10 10

6 7

Division ofGJ Division Hem. One.





Division of ID

N lit.lltOLOGY






6 7

Division of Neurology Division of rUimo{loty Medicine



IS 7

6 6

Division ofNepluology



Division of Rheumatology

Student EvaluDtion: The stude1llS are subject to ll wrluen exam after the completion of each block section or lhe course. The fi-nal &mdc is calculated as the total grade of all eleven grades taking into con.'iidcrntioo each. section's

\\>-eight (number o f lectures and case discussions). AL the end or each block of the course students arc assigned evalunlions online lhrough www.mJ' Students arc nsked to evaJuntc cnch faculty member for the lectures he/she have given in addition to each program block. Tuclrlng !t(odalitie.:r: B-learning is used fOr the Introduction to Medicine course. All Power-Point presentations, handouts, case discussions/workshops,

and extra readings are made available online for students via Moodie. Direc1 Link:; to reputable jou.rnaJs in each subspecialty are also poSled and linked directly to Moodie. In addition, videos and nudiovi!-iutd material are nlso uploaded on Moodie, whieh serve as importam source to facilitate learning. B. Physical DiaenosiJ:

(lOTH 223-224). (Coordinator: Dr. Ka.,.em

Ban da}.

Objecti•I!S of tlr< Course • /nJroduce student to principles or history taking • lmroduce student 10 the principles physicnl examination • Begin to learn how to perronn history taking and physical exam • Learn about the int.erpretation of elements of history and physical exam • Use obtained information in overall patient care • Learn about ethics of patient care o Communication skills


o o

Ethics of history taking Ethics of examining patients

Course Descripdon 1- Didactic oan


Includes about 30 lectures on history toking tnd pllyoieol exam with 4· S introductory lectures covering vutuolly all organ systems of the body. litoology. pathophysiology aod therapeutics are 110< inoludcd.

2· Poc!lgl part lnclud
ruesdays aod Physician

Tursrl«v PrQCiical Suctions. •


12 :00 pm Oroups of 6·8 students rotntc weekly In the different hospital

scssioos are given on Tuesdays hctwecn 9:1 S am and

departments under the supervision of a faculty member who is a departmental coordinator. During t.he.K sesslons Sludent.S: o Do physical e~~~:oms on voluntcc:rs 10 learn about nonmd findings.


Participate in hlstory taklng WJd physlc11l ex11mina1ions on actua.l patients. whenever possib1c.

fhy$fcltut Shll.(/owing; S1udcn.tS will ..shadow"" auending.s in their private clinics on a one-onon<: buiS- Students an: IDO$tly observer$ of • ptoc:css of history taking and physi"l examination. They will panic1po1c if1he situation permits.

The students are subjec.led 10 1wo wrilten eJCams on physical diagnosis, • rnidtenn and a rmal. The questions or both cums test the student's ability to interpret clements of history tllking lllld physical cxAminntion.

StMdtlll SvGIIlllliDIJ:

TeocMng M odallllu: The course mnteriol Is uvnilnblc online through Moodie. Dnrboro Bales' DVDs and textbook IIJ"C olso nvoiloble. IJorbora

Bates COs nre jncluded in the lectures.

CIIDiul Cl•rkJblp Dr. All T•btr, A.ssistant lo the Chair for Uodcrgraduote Prosmm Ml:D. Ill· (Coordinotor: Dr. I.Jud Boaakl)

Duuu und rouulo.n.s • Two months on the inpatient ward ·One month in the Outpatient Department (OPO) Rounds and Cnnkrencq On the~ students attend: I. Momins management rounds with the resident

l . Morning auending te:•ching round


3. Evening mam•gc:meot round with senior residents (students are asked 10 prepare s hort prtsentations on s pec:i.fic cases or topics in Internal Medicine) 4. Weekly rounds with the Coo.rdirlator to discuss how to write a History,

present illness and a pJan 5. Weekly Grand Rounds in Internal Medicine

In the OPD I. Daily ltJOming lec.twes by raeuhy members on various topics iD ambulatory care. 2. Faculty rotations every week in the OPD on the general medicine service as well as in spedully clinics to discuss the cases with students and the housc·smfJ.

Clinjcal Qlerkshin -Inpatient ward:: • Students learn ~te basics of physica l d iagnosis, skills through taking the medical histo.ry (chief complaint, past medical history, system review, family and sociaJ history) and perfonu the examination supervised hy interns and residentS. • Students Jearn ho\V to fill admission note and ho\V to fonnultue an initial assessment and plan of management. They arc responsible to write daily progress noto. (problem oriented) and a problem lisL Supervised by residents and facuhy. • Students arc given assigned reading on topics related to their patients. They participate in Hterature searches online and in the library. • Students present their cases to the residents and facu lty in rounds. Clinical Clerkship -Ql'D • Students see
MED. rv - (Coordinator Dr. Zeina !Unafanl) The Depanment of Internal Medicine is responsible for a 2-and-a-half-month clcriuihip for Med. IV students, who serve ns acting iotems on the inpaticnl •private• service. Students are re.quired 10 attend the following tcnchin,g activities: coordinator/professor rounds, mt:dical grand rounds, core curriculum lectures, at1d friday morning report.. SLUdcnts arc aJso encouraged to auend the daily monling


rcpon and the variouJ subs:pec.ialty conferences conducted by various djvisions of lltto depanmom. Studcnu mu.s:t abo p311ieipste in 1h• •v•ning rowtd_ called

"Ancndlng or lhe Day~. wbiall E•am lindinss of pmincnt


Attcndina ph}'l.idans admitting pmients to the pnnu: SCrvJte 01e ~xpeatd to supervise. teach, monitor the chans. and discuss cases w11h the students assigned 10 their cases. Students 11te !hen evruuated by the aucndina physicions by lilting an online form on regarding the pc:rl'ormance or t:ach student on hi $!her cnscs.

M..:d IV students also pardcipa1e in n clirticnl ptumnucolagy bloc::k c.:ourse where they lunru through case discussions o.od worksh
B1i- IO


The:. Oepartme,u of rntemat Medicine offCrs n 3 year residency program and 9 fellowship training programs. The following document describes the organization and the academic program. Objectives of the Reside.ocy Training

The objecdves of the residency program arc: I. To groduntc residents who Qrc able to understand basic m«:hanisms


disease 2. To graduate residents who are compassionate and proficient _in the basic clinical skiUs o r gathering dara, clinical reasoning and In planning d iagnosis

nnd mnnagcmcot i11 ao economically cfl1ciont way 3. To teach residents the process of self·education thus cns\lfing the ir success in the future 4. To graduate residents with 11 sense of community and lc.adership skills Organizatiolllll Chart

The organization of the residency program is ~-s fOllows Chtlna. .

Dr. F'u;ad Ziyadeh Ass:oc:i1te Pro&nm Dlrectors (till August 2009) Pltrre Bou Kbalil, M il

Hadi Skouri, MD Pro&ram Dinc:tor (Till Auc1ut 1009)

Associate Prop1110 Dinctor.s (rrom Sc:p 09-Prc:sent)

Salal• 7.eintlddine, MD Pto-gram OJttetor (Stardng

Sepr 2009· prese-.or)


Abdallah Rcbeit, MO

Hadi SlcourJ, MO

Pterrc Bou KbaUJ, MD

Medic:•J Chid

Ruldenu Ghtula Ballane, MD 7.ein.n lbrnhlm, MD

S.bapecia.lly Coordiuton

Site Coordiutor Pnulty

Ot. Kassent 63J'ada Dr. HadI Skouri

Or. Hu.$a.m Gl•osu Dr. WMs:im

Dr. Ibrahim Salti Dr. Walid Medawar


"" c;:.., ... ? .. ; ....,,......

Provaa• Ad• hth ttS10r( till J\fsr20IO Ms. Rant. bbe. M ~. VI•1111

Sa"dc (M.1.y 20U) .I'ruc.n•)

B2i-l l

Residency Program Committee

The Residency committee is respon.o;ible for overseeing the curriculum and progrnm changes, the evaJuntion process Bud lhc selection process. Its members arc the Chain·nan. l'rosram Director, 2 Associate Program Directors, OPD director. CCU DireciOr, lCUIRCU Director, Undergrodua1e Program Direclor, Med IV Coordinator, a resident representalive (PG Y3 level) and lwo Medical Chief

Residents. House Sta.ff_Positions The 2009-20 10 bouscsraff consisted of 12 Categorical and 21 Preliminary PGYis, 12 PGY 2s ru1d PGY3s, two medical thief residenls and 31 Fellows coming from AUB and regional universities and distributed as follows:


Am.e riean University of Beirut Lebanon Beirut Arab University- Lebanon Lcbanen University- Lebanon St Josenb UniversTtV- Leboaoo Aill Sboms Uoiversltv- Ennt Sblrtt Unlvtroiry or Medical Stieocu lran Uoivenitv o( Ba•hdad - lraa Uoivenf~ o( Balamaud - Lebanon UDivenitv o( Damoscos - Svria


Catcgori cal N=ll 3

Prcllnlin ory N=ll* .18








2 N=l2



























-I -


Table I. 1009-1010 Residems ' - Universities Di.)·tribution •!n 2009-2010. out of the 12 ac<;epled preliminary hoiJsestaff. I (A ma Sadaka) has lefi llu: pragram til the beginning ofthe year Ofld YolLfSt/-Mou.hayar was selected instead. Attire middle ofthe )•e ar one oflht! ptelbninary htmse.s tuffwas us ked to leave the program, and Mana/ a/Hakim was .)·elttctcd Mana{ a/Hakim will not get a certiflcme of a PGYI. but a ctrriflcure o/6 mon1hs training.



82i- 12

Cardio En do


l f tmat- tofte Dis


Fellows Fellows Fellows Fellows Fellows

Nopb Fellows


Pulmo Fellows Rlu





N= 3




N• 3



















Lebauon Kaunu Medical Vnivtnity 2



































Univenity or Beirut


Lebanon Beirut

Anb Unil'enity


Lithuania Kuban

State Medical Academy

R cwia Kunk State Medical tln.iversity - RtWia Lebanese University



Od..,. St•U~





































Orubura State Mcdi
Academy - R..ulo

University of Aleppo

- Svrla Univenlly



- Syria

Tab/•1 1009-1010 Fellows·· Unh·u$/Ji.s Dutriburion

.. .... ,, I

L . •



""' •


' "

. . I "' ...'

' :: ~ :

ii 1

' '




,I . ,.:., .........







; ~,1 ll~))¢1 ,,~::J

Graph J· Thr Mtdicu/ School of lire occeptod Currttoricu/ PGY/s for thr iD.rt 6 yenrs

The 21 I'GYir who gnaduoted from AUB n• mentioned In ·rable 2 below from a toH'II or74 medical students in Class 2009 and a toual of 77 rncdicul studcnrs in Clit~ 2008.

F.l2i-1 4

Rank 1-10 11-20 21-30 >30 Gradual.. of J ane 21109 3 I 3 7 Gradual"" of J ane 2008 I 6 • Table 1. 1009-1010 H()riiJestnf! AUB Swdems Rank The selection of the 12 POYis who groduatcd from non-AUB schools was selected based on their scoring within I he top I So/o in the's Exam and on their USMLf! slcp ll grade. Table 3 shows highest and lowest ranks of the non-AUB h out-:~1\l&fT who sat for the Dean ~s Exam Highest Rank Lowest Rank PGY Is ns !Ol 2 38 n-4) PGY2s J 26 l'GY3s na 10) I 41 . • ' Table J. 1009-1010 Houswalf:- Non-A UB Students R.ank rn the Deans






Exam Table 4 shows the USMLE Step 11 grades of the accepted Preliminary Non- AUil PO Y I applicants ~or lht past 6 vcurs. Preliminary Year2006- Year 2005· Year2007· Year2008Year21109 PGYJs 2007 fn=l)_ zocw;_{n=t} 2008_1n• !)_ 2009_1a=ll_ 2010 (a=2· USMLEU 99 95 95 97 85. 99 Grade'! Table 4.. Prcllmwary Non-AUB Students • USMLE 11 Grade for the Pasr 6 Years



Our Curriculum is classicaL lc lists the educational goals that differ depending on level of training and the rotation. It also lists the resident..<;;' responsibilities. We arc in process of rewriling it as competency-ba.~d. Currently the training of the residents lakes place in the inpatientJnedkine w·ctrds. emergency room, critical care units which include CCU, ICU. and RCU, Ambulatory Medicine at the Outpatient Department. Geriatrics at Ainwn Zein Communhy Hospilal and float 1l1ed·•Sin'b uuon · o f tl1e rutallons r.or lhc c.ategonc • al res1'd cnts IS as f

Respiratory Care Unit {RCU) Goriatriet (at AinWa Zein HospitaO Ambula19!'Y Medicine (at

I 1





I 2



B2i- IS

Outnatieot Denartmeot) I 3 Elective (~;~ultation ~ Sub•oecial Sub•t>ecialtv -Pulmooarv Elective I FloaiTeam I Vacation I I T otal Blocks 13 13 Table 5: Rotations Table where I Block- 4 weeks




10 I


2 3



ROTATIONS I. lapatieot Rotation: 6 teams cover tbe inpatient rotations; 2 General Medicine at Rafic Hariri Univcrsit)' Hospital (IUIUH) and 3 subspecialties teams and I General Medicine team at A UBMC. These teams provide comptebensi\'e care fol' acutely ill pntie•~ LS-

Thc. General Medicine Rotation at RHUH is a 32 beds w1it ( 16 beds unit per team) where bousest.aff rotate for 3-4 months. The RHUH Oc:oc:ral Medicine team consists of one PGY J, one PGY 2 and two to tluee PGY I and third )'tar medical studcnls.. The specialty service consists of 4 team." d.i vided as of September I0, 2007 as folio"" a. Team A: lnfecljou:s Diseases. Pulmonary, Gastroenterology and RhtuJMtoloru· services. b. Team B: Hcmatolog)'/ Onoology services. c. Team C: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Nepbrolog)' and Neurology services d. Team D: Medical Ward services in 5 South. Team D consist< of I PGY J, 2- J PGY I and third year m<:dical students. while teams A, B, and C consists of I PGY 2 or 3, 2- 3 PGYJ and founh year medical students. 2. Tbe Emergeacy Mcdidue Rotalioo team consists of2 PGY 2s, 5 PGY Is and Mcd IV students. 3. The Critical Care Roh.tioa.s includes Corollary Care Unit (CCU), Medical Intensive Care Unit (MLCU), and Respiratory Care Unit (RCU).

a. CCU rotation is a 20 beds unil. 'llle CCU team consists of2 PGY 2s and J to4 POY Is. b. IVUCU rotation is a 4 beds unit. The MICU team cons ists of I PGY 2 and 2toJP0Y is. c. RCU rotation is a 12 beds unit. The team consists of2 to J POY Is. 4. Geriatries Rotation is held at Ain Wazcin Elderly Care Center every week

d3)'S from Mondays to Fridays where the residents get their Geriatrics training. The team consists of 1 PGY 3 and 2 POY Is.


5. Ambulotory Medicine Rotation is held in the Outpatient Department (OPD} for all interns and residents and for Continuity Clinic for categorical interns and residents only. T he team eonsis!S o f I PGY 3 and 2 PGY Is.

6. S ubspecialty Ele-c:tive Rotation tnkes pin~ in the Department of Internal Medicine or outside the dcpanmcnL Eleeti,·es in Internal Medicine arc given in the Cardiology, Endocrinology ond Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Hematology -Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Neurology, Pulmonary & CriticaJ Care medicine, und RheumatOlogy. The reqoited electives by the Department are: Pulmonary, Endocrinology, RlleumtliOiogy, Neurology and Dermaiology. PCYt

RBUH IDpatien t Team


PGY PGY Cover 3 I I




7 3





2 or 3



3 or 4




J or 4





JopatieDt Team

B Ia pat'ient Team

c lapaticat Team D ( S South) OPD EmUKeney Room

Cardiac Car e Uall (CCU) Medit,al Intensive Can Unit(MICU)









2 6





























Care. Unil



2 Elective I (Consod tallon Subspecialty) Subspecialty Pulmonary Elective Float Teom 2 Vacatiou I Table 5: Rmatlo11.r 7able





001 : Resident~ Duty llours Policy and Procedure lo> 002: Supervision Policy and l)rocedures






,. OOJ I hsrbolny and Seley• Pohcy ,. OOS Conf~ Auend•""" Policy ,. Olio Record Admissja., and Procr
IUhSilCCfnhy service in order 10 Jnl\ke lhc level of di8CUit8IOI1 Ol hOUSCSiaJT level. n1e f riday MR will fotUJ on History Taking and Phy•ical Hxdm in add ilion to diAQ,IlOIIic ehaaltenges rather &.ban managtnltnl. however. it will not he di«crcnt from any other MR in the formaL The MR Format


a. Coffee Question: A S minme board que
2. l apolkal Altudlac Roa•ds ia Coaaal Medldae

n AUt(; Bedside round 1-I.S hrs, S daysper,.eek b, RttUtt ; t.S hrs/3 days a .,....k by euher an AUil or RIIUII nuending

phyticinn a. l'ru(o$~Or's Round; Rounds with Med 3 Srutlcnt• nndlor Rosldoots on tbe mcdlcnl wrd every otlocr Monday from 12:00 10 I :0() '" " in the 9th Gonrcrcncr to evaluate chan work and give rec:t.llmck


Oitc:u.\Jions durin& those sessions focus on hillory, phylrical cxaminaoon. rnlerplhopbysioloJUI, diff



    Medldoe teaching is via do,ct pa1ocn1 contoet by ER preceptor and dtpal'lmcnlll f11cul1y Moreover, elinical preceptor &tvc.s short t.alkJ~



    6 Ambllluory t.cacbing is givrn by the foc:ully "' Clinios. The Ambulote>

    Cwi1NUfrt Topic•

    "Comp:.nd IO rTE Out"~ 2009..2010


    "'· t





    1 ••• ,.,

    . lfl

    .. ..


    C:OMI'ARED TO ITE QUESTIONS 2009-1010 1. Yearly Oricatatioo ScJSioOJ wh(:rc;:: new interns attend lhe OME lnstiludoru\1 Oricnuujon sessiot\S 11.nd lhc lkpartmcotaJ Oricntatjon ussions. ln the June 2009 GM£ lnslirutional Oricmalion sessio115, lhr P(jVIs were inlroducc:tual baramnrnt and lnfeclion Control. In the June 2009 Dcporuncntal Orientation, Lhc new interns toured AUBMC ond RliUii ilnd were oriented on the evaluruion process. pcr:Connnnoc lmprovemenl and doeurncntation. professionnllsll\, Internal Medicine curriculu1n. Central Line Insertion sessions. l\nd online so(h\fare like Amion.conl ruld MyE.val 8. Formal TeachiD& Activities whcu. some are done on weekly basis (as shown in the Table 6 below). olhcn on monlhly basis or twice a month such as:


    Y MorraHty and Morbidity whk h is held once on til'st Thursdays or each month fro m 12:00 to I :00 pm Y Breast Clinic Conference whjch is held every and third Thursday of each month from I :00 to 2:00pm » Leuk;ernia and Lymphoma Clinic Conference which is held every second T hursday of each month from I :0010 2:00pm > Hematology Conference which is held every fourth Thursday of each month from I :00 lo 2:00pm



    Couf. Moraia& Conr.



    rcu Cold.






    9:30. 10:00



    8:00. 18:30 8:30 . 9:00



    Conr. + Morning Rt-J!Ort






    ~J o ming




    :~:~~ . I I :00 • II :30 I I :30 • 12:00 12:00 12:30









    + _Endocrinolo gy

    CoolJJourn al Club + 12:30. Neehroloa 1:00 : Conf.


    I +Club

    Medical Grand Rounds

    + Neuroi0'2V Qu!L


    + Cardiology Conf.

    Conr. +Mortality





    ~ Conr.




    1+. Cllalt

    + L~•kemla

    + 1:30 2:00




    yCo.n r +Tumor Clinic

    LIJ!!J!homa CllaJe




    lc .:<




    Neurology Ward Round


    13:30. 4:00



    Atteadiae SubsJ!teialt

    14:30. 5:00

    I ROiJlJd$


    lneatient Attendine SubseeeiaiiY Rouodt




    Attendin& Subsl!eel•lt y Rounds

    Sub•J!etla(l lRouocb

    lnJ!ItitDt Attending S ubsl!;!:cia)

    tv Round!



    5:30 6:00 Table 6 ""'J Activities *Noon Conferences are Core CW'ricu./um Leclure, .JourniJI Club, Ambulatory Report. Board Review or Mortaliry &: Morbidity /or Re.sidentJ·


    SCHOLARLY ACTIVITIES I. Bousestaff Medical Grand Rounds arc required for all PGY 3's. In Academic Year 2009-2010, the PGY 3s presented the following Medical Grand Rounds:

    • l-lypothaJamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Ax:is in ICU • MedicaJ Jeopardy • rroponin as a Diagnostic & Prognostjc Tool: Use & Use • Air Travel for Patients with Lung Disease • Medical Therapy vs. Agioplasty in Renovascular Hypertension • Kidney Transplant AnOther Chance for Life • Pulmonary Atterial llypert.cnsion Associated with Connective ·rissue Diseases: from Nihilism to Oplimism • The Heart in the Struggle Against Cancer (Chemotherapy- lnduccd Cardiomyopathy) • Statins: and Heart Diseases: Beyond the Lipid Lowering Effect What is the Evidence?


    ldiopathic 11uombocytopenic Purpura: Any Ad~·ancemen t in the Treatment Paradigm? • l'hrombophilia, Malignancy, and Hoparins: Hypcrcoogulability and Beyond • Pulmonary Embolism: An Update on Management

    2. f.louscstaff Research & Publications are advised. Below js Nu.mbc:r of f>lousestaffPublieations over 7 Years NUt~ of H~ttaff Puhtiutlon'

    From 2003 till 2010




    SCHE DULING Starting June 2007, the residency program started u~i ng an online. scheduling software called where we post the residents' yearly and oncall schedules lllld the lectures' presentation. PROCEDURES All housestaff arc required to: > Perform certain procedures that are required for graduation as shown in l'able 7. }> Take nn online course on Jnsertion ofCcntrol Venous Catheters atld to pass an examination in order to receive certification. Only certified llousestaff will retain ce n ~ralline privileges. » Acquire and Ufe support certHicotion(s) including Basic Life Support (BLS} ond Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


    II Mlalauua

    M N<


    ABO, Draw And Interpret


    Arterial Line Placement


    Cnthetcr Placement, Subclovl11n


    s s s

    Catheter P lacement~ Fcmornl



    C•theter Placement_Jugul111






    Breast Exam



    Chest X-Ray ln~rpretation



    E.lo:ctroeardiogmphy lnterpretotlon



    Endotroaheal (ntubation



    Lmnbflr Puncture/Spiru\1 Top



    Nasogl"t$tric tntubation



    Spirometry lnterprcttttion






    Rc-quJred PrO«-dura




    Tablt 7 Rtqulrttl Proctdurufor GrodMoJ/on

    All houscstaff ore supervised by lht credentialed physiciiUIS when performing a procedure and all procedures arr documented on £VALU ATJONS

    All residents, fncully ond clinicol cxp<:ricmccs are evaluated moruhly u~ ing the webbased evaluation syste.rn (mycvo.luations.aom) using global mling ~colts. Completeness and appropriateness of records is ewluated by the Medical Chief R~idcnts and during Pro.ressor's Rounds. The faculty, variou.'l rotations and the program""' also evaluotcd_ hi oddition, the In-Training Euminndon results ore IU
    HOW IS TBIS PROGRAM DOING We eVllluare our program throuah the oppllealions to the Prognun from years 20012010, Residents Retention, 11'1; rrogi'IUn (rom years 200 I to 201 0 has minor vorlotlon• as shown in Gropb 3 (AUil nppliennts) and Gmpb 4 (Non-AUB opplicnn





    ~ JIIIC'l •










    f ... ...



    .. .... ..

    ..... .... .... ,..,.....


    - - -... ........




    Gf.Aflf J AUB AI'I'LICANTS TO IJJT£1.NAL M£DICIN£ 01'£1. 9 Y£.4AS ~.we.-.~



    ~. ­

    ~JOCt ..

    • utabou


    ... ...








    ,"" ...,


    GI.Af'H ~ NON·AUIJ Af'n.K'AIiTS TO I,"UNAL MEnlON£ 01'£1. 9 rEus 2. Ilaicbll. Rete"""" i.e. the P<"< ..... g. of "",~.";c,, fUIdt: .... .. ho ..Itt

    -- ---..


    -.~ -



    • L-==_-:_:::_~_ .


    _ _

    -- - -

    Till:: ACAf)I::MIC Y£H IS TII£ I'£H Till:: CAT£GOI.ICAL f'OY IS JOINI::D OUR J. I'M I. USlf)l::NCr nOGI.A M ON. f·O~ EXAMf'I.E GI.ADUATF.S OF KADHm C r!"H ]009·1010 JOINED OU~ PIIOGI.AAI ON YE.U l007·1Q()6

    l. A.CP - In T..;m", "'.... '-MIn pm; .....I<...u or _ '0"""" pt"o""",,, i. the US tlttntouP the: yar:tI.

    PGY 20 ......1'"'0<1


    fn-Training Exa mina tion Result$

    PG'I2s Percentile Ranks







    .." ..

    ~ s• e








    Graph 6: Jn ..Trainlng Examination Results of PGY2$ l'ercen1Ue Ranks over 9 years 4. Survey of chc (ntcrnal Medicine Faculty on tlle Residency Progrorn for ACIIdtmic Year 2009-20 10 (See Appendix A)

    INTERNATIONAL 1\ULESTONES The program has achieved since L997 the followi ng irnporumt milestones:

    In 1998. 1he lu-Training Ex:ami.nation was first administered

    ln 200 I, we became members in the American College of Pbysicians (ACP)

    In 2004. we emert:d 1he AJ:so<:iation of Program Directors in l.ntemaJ


    ln 2005. the residents had B[.S/ ACLS AHA certification


    APPENDIX A INT ERNAL MEDICINE FACULTY SURVEY FROM 06/15/2006 TO 06115/20 10 The Scale used: 0 (Not Applicable) 1 (Strongly Disagree) 2 (Disagree) 3 (Neither Agree nor Disagree) 4 (Agree) 5 (Strongly Agree)












    Teaching in the ambulatory selling is generally effective.

    4. 14 (n=2 1)

    3.73 (n=22)

    3.92 (n=25)

    3.79 (n• 29)

    Teaching in the inpAlicnt scning is generally effective,

    4. 10 (n-2 1)

    4.09 (n• 23)

    4.08 (n ~25)

    3.83 (n=29)

    Residents dcmooslraLe a

    3.76 (n=2 1)

    3.91 (n=23)

    3.92 (n=26)

    3.78 (n=32)





    Mo•'l faculty ore knowledgeable and effective 1eachers.

    3.52 (n• 21)

    3.77 (n-22)

    3.62 (n• 26)

    3.55 (n=3 1)

    The AU13MC Department of

    4.35 (n=20)

    4.43 (n=23)

    4.04 (n=26)

    4. 16 (n• 32)

    Evidenc:c-based medicine is routinely incorpor.ued into patiet11 care decisjons.

    3.81 (n• 21)

    4.04 (n• 23)

    3.96 (n• 26)

    3.78 (n=32)

    There is an appropriate volume and variety of patients available to the program for educational purposes.

    3.33 (n=21)

    3.57 (n=23)

    3.23 (n-26)

    3.59 (n=32)

    Residents are acquiring skiJis to support life1ong Jeamtn.g

    3.95 (n=2 1)


    3.85 (n=26)

    3.84 (u=32)

    commilmcn11o excellence in their day to day activities-

    Ain Wa2ein Hospital (AWH) provides adequate rcsowces for rcsidcn1edur;ation.

    Medicine provides adeq11atc administratjve suppon for residency Hlli r~ i ng by lhc residency oflicc.



    3.43 (n=21)

    3. 74 (n=23)

    3.46 (n=26)

    3.09 (n=32)

    Residents comp leting the program are we!l-prepared for entry into fellowship programs.

    4.35 (n-=20)

    4.39 (n=2 3)

    4.35 (n=26)

    4.25 (n= 32)

    Residents completing the pro gram are well-prepared for General Internal Medicine practice

    4.00 (n==2 1)

    4.1 3 (n=23)

    4.12 (n=26)

    4.00 (n= 32)

    2.90 (n=20)

    3.09 (n=22)

    2.85 (n=26)

    2.97 (n=30)

    Residents have adequate supervision when performing procedural skills.

    3.50 (n== l 8)

    3.89 (n= 19)

    3.73 (n=22)

    3.45 (n=31)

    Rafic Hariri University Hospita l (RI IUH ) provides adequate resources for resident education.

    3.53 (n= 17)

    3.59 (n= 17)

    3.60 (n=20)

    3.8 8 (n=25)

    I have adequate time for reside nt teaching.

    3.90 (n=21)

    3.78 (n=2 3)

    3.88 (n=25)

    3.75 (n=32)

    Residents model professional behavior in their interactions with patients and co-workers

    3.85 (n=20)

    3.78 (n=23)

    4.00 (n= 26)

    3.78 (n= 32)

    Residents provide high quality care to my patients

    3.76 (n =21)

    3.83 (n=23)

    4 .08 (n=26)

    3.75 (n=32)

    Residents are adequately supervised during patient care activities.

    Residents have adequate opportuniti es for clinical research.

    Comments: • A good variety of cases. Residents have limited freedom when rotating on AUBMC floors. • Allow more time for interactive discuss ions with the attending • Improve physical examination. Provi de and encourage participation in clinical research. • Adequate time on rotations Good faculty interaction Sufficient didactic teach ing N ot sufficie nt engagement in patient care • Our medica l school graduates have excell ent basic and clinical medical knowl edge. -The department


    • •

    • •

    administration-Thdcrs. More should be spent on resident tdueation in tllis area throuah woruhops. role playing. and role modeling. l"he intemo.J medicine residency program is the e:rown jewel of ttll programs 01 AUB. It complies with i\CGME standards and wiU hopefully become oocrcditcd once this Is open ror inu:rn.:uional programs. There Is a wide variability in residents pcrfomwnc.e his 11 plen.:~urc 10 hove the geriatric teRm rouue through AIn Wazein, we hope: to continue to improve the rotation for che satisfaction or patients nnd residents Well orsanlted and ~xcellen t iniCJ1'1Ctioo with attending.s and student$. J. They should have full authority in odmitting .manoglns and discharging Ill dus paticnls wilh lh.e suppon of the nuendin& of the month.. 2·They should be asl:td about the signi 11Clll)ec or the rcqucsttd lllbonuory


    l·they should hAve monthly monality and morbidity conference. 4- I think a weekly JOint conference wilh the rodiologis1 .(eon~t should include eases admitted during that w.:ek) is very tdueational and co1nplernentary. Some resjdents need to have a stronger presence on the private service. i\ilhouah some of tl1e.n follow very closely others take the npproncb of not toklns the re.~pons i b i li ly because 1hc J'm1itn1s h11vc a private nucnding. The program remnins very strong for inpnlient irHcmftl medicine. Ambulatory care rcma.ins to be desired both because the load ond vnriety ore minimal and because or the iMbility to follow through those potieoiS by adminingthem. The altitude of residents lbwards primary"'"" is being offec~ed, by focusing on one problem rather than thinking '.KTCC:mog and prevention'. p«SSnal qualities: of roost residents:; ldministrativc supervision; hierarchy. suucsatd chang<$; apply ward model on the private side; one geographic locotlon per !Corn If possible. Well·suited 10 hcolth problems in lebanon ResidentS netd less confereoccs m.nd marc dme to sec patients and portlcipnte in bed-side leachins Avorlobillty of re.


    PUBLICATIONS 2009-2010



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    . .

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    Julnar Usuae:



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    tn the

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    The impact of inhen1etJ MOLI!CULAR lliOLOGY 1hrombophiHn on s'rrgcry: a fnctor to consider before tnms,elnntotion'/ _ R"PORTS Tox ubiquilylation nnd SliMOylntion control the dynumic



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    the centrosome.

    Seasona1 Vnria.tit>n of G1uc:-ose Control in l.(!bnneSc Patients with Biologlcul Rhy1hm Research IYPO I dinbCicS. Migrunlbwninuria and Venous JAMA·JOURNAL OF 11il( Thrombosis in Ihe Anliphospholipid AM~RI(;AN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Syndrome

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    201 0

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    EaSI/Nonh Africa rcwon Skof OS, Domloj NT, Fchl ings MO, Bouclaous Cll , Snbbngh AS. Kannfnnl

    I')'Ogcnic spondylodiscuis: un O\.leJview

    JOurnal o f lnCeclion and f'ublic heuilh


    ZA. 3nd Kan· SS

    Smyth EC~.~L~c..:!e~Y,_,J,...""'A""bo-u-.-+-0-as- ,-,o-int_es_u_'on_I_C_w_u:_c_ r 1>~-uca-l-in_o_l-1---- - -- - - - - + - -

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    Su·yjewski ME, Knnnfanl Zi\, Chu VII, P1lppas PA. Hardin& T, Drew l,t\ , lknj•min OK, Reller LB. Lee BA, Corey OR. Fo" l
    Cosc Series: A 65 ycnr-old Female wilh l.ocally AdVDnecd QaSlric Cancer and • Supraclavicobr Lymph Node. Endoscopic ullfaso1and guaded

    cclioc plexus neuroly•is

    Jouma1 ur G11$1romt • cstina Cance-r


    Gnstrointcstinol Endosct>p)'






    Risk Faclors for Slaphyi
    Jourrual of Medicine

    with hcalthca:rc-associ:ned (e\~

    Improved Trcatmenl Sa1isfattaon 1"oher 1\, AI J30 mglkg per din patients Pigo A, l.owniC"tek T, Clark with ttansfusion-dcpt'Jtdcnt n J llabr D Poncr JB Iron overlond in tholb!iSilemia Tnhcr A, Hershko C, intenne
    ' AcltJ



    Ther Clin Risk Manag










    Mcd J Hoernorol Infect Dis





    20 10





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    Parental Consanguinity and Family llistory of Coronary Artery D isease Strongly Predict Early Stenosis





    The teaching activities [n the dcpamnCln iocluded the clerkship o fTcrod to third yeat

    medical students consisting of daily seminars by the auendings :Jnd chief rcsidcnls., weekly grandrounds, •wicc daily bcd·sidc rounds, weekly specialty eonfc:rcnccs. weekly journal club and wc:c;kly seminars by the residents, monthly anesthesia, pathology. pediatric and radiology con ferci]C~. It includes the Medicine II studentS who rotate o rn::e bVt:l)' week. The clinical clerkship includes exposure to nonnal and high ris k p regn.anci e.~ family

    plantling. gynecologic oncology, matemal


    medicine, infenility and female urology.

    11te medicine three clerkship was modified so that around 30% of the lecture: series was changed to case discussions in d,e form of problem based learning (PBL.). The goal is to increase this tO at lcasl SQt~ o f all lectures given d uring the r()lllliOn by OCJCt academ ic )'Oat. In addition, every student is expected to submit a case report at the end of tht rotation in wh_ich he/she discusses a case that he/she bas taken care of d uring the rotation including recent articles from the literatu re related to that topic. Each group of third year medical studems evaluated the De:partmem after their two mon1hs rotation and gave high ratings roc the clerkship. However, a co-nstant complaint rnised by several students is 1'elated to the decreasing number of teaching cases from OPD. E~ploring outreach sites to enhance clinical exposure is pursued. At the end of the year the best Ql,s.c: report from each rotation will be prcscmed and the best repon will be chosen and a prize given. Research by residents is encouraged and awards are give.n 10 the best resea.reh output. Straight interns and residents are rmaung in the Raric Hariri University 1-lo.s-pital and al Saida Govemmt:nt Hospital, They ='~TC supposed to give a weekfy fi rand l~ oun d, Specially Conference, Journal Club .and an ln1cm's Conference. A weekly Core Curriculum lecwrc is given on weekly basis tO our residents o n different topics by d ifferent faculty mt:mber.s. Our resid ents a l ~ .si1 for tl1e examination of the Council on Residem Education in Obstetrics and Gyn<"<:ology (CR.EOG)-

    The re.~idency Lraining is .s1ill rccogni:ted by the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Members of tbe depru1meJlt have been acLive in securing grants for research and have published 46 originaJ articles in refereed journals,. 6 b<)Ok ch:tptc:rs.


    Research Grants:

    I. Intravenous oxytocin use to decrease blood loss during cesarean section. What is the optimal dose: A randomi:t.ed blinded Trial. f'rincipallnvestigator.Granted a seed grant at AUBMC (4600$)


    2. Aromatase Inhibitors for the Prevention of the Growth of Uterine Leiomyomas in Perimenopausal Women: A Pilot Study. Co-lnvestigator.Grant from AUBMC (10,000$) 3. Nifcdipine compared to indomethacin for tocolysis in acute pretenn labor: a muhicenter randomized double-blind Trial. Co-Investigator. Gram from AUBMC ( 13.000$) 4. WHO Muhicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health in East Mediterranean Region: Pilot Study. Co-Investigator. Grant from WHO

    S. MPP Research Fund for the expanded Fall cycle 20 I0-20 II of an amount of $32,000 for the project "Docs Metfonnin potentiate the effect of Rosuvastatin therapy on biochemical markers in patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? A prospective rando mi~ed. doubleblinded, placebo-controlled study'' 6. Effect of Oxytocin on blood loss during cesarean section. What is the optimal dose: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial. Role: Co-investigator. Protocol number: OGY .LG I (2009). American University of Beinn Research Board grant-Seed fund II DCU. Budget: 4,600 S 7. Virulence potential of group I} Streptococcus genotypes in pregnant women. Source: Merck Serono International S.A. Budget: 15,000 USD, Year: 2009. 8. A Phase IV, open-label. prospecti ve, randomised, controlled, multiccntrc. multinational study to invc.~tigate tailoring of recombinant FSH use in ovulation stimulation treatment in chronic anovulatory subjccls (WHO Group II) .




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    Book Chapters:

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    Professional Services:

    Yearly Statistics (Oct. I . 2009- Sept. 30, 20 I 0):

    Out-patient Report:

    Follow up patients New _patients 453 Obstetrics 180 Gynecology 548 403 Infertility 127 250 7 45 Oncolbgy High Risk 8 119 25 41 Family Planning Post artum lI - - TCardiology Biopsies 131 Colposcopy 91 24 Urology 18 Urodynamic Procedures Cautery -~ Total

    - -

    Ultrasound Reoort:

    Ultrasounds - --- Amniocentesis Chorionic Villu s Sampling Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction Total


    2389 __J 346 - --34 39 2808

    Total 471 951 377 52 127 66 II 4 131 91 24 18 3 2324



    Emergency Room Report:

    OBS & GYN Cases


    Assisted Reproductive Technology Report:

    Cases IVF ICSI Hysteroscopy Embryo transfer Cyst aspiration Biopsy


    Total 366 522 172 896 3 7



    Cnm>!ocic opd O!IC!!!IocY !!_.-.;

    Total_ IH I J I

    Ai!iJ;ttJ>:Iit innl~~tc:n.l flxaliou Oll•••••l•oloinliO ooohom:1omv -~·~~~<;!.)' ofcttVi• Ctn~ical Ctn:lo..;-


    c.... ,



    f-~onillltiool of""'"'


    2l 19

    DdNIItoia of.,......,.Di li!!"""" ~

    27 2

    ~o-!>~~P~Mic I~ lb

    14 I

    Dibulllon.and f "'IOJ"t I'KJli'!!!!'Y_ hci•loo ofU•nh<>hn CY5! l.xplorolOf)' l oj!!rOIOm~ lly>~cro,..Jpj',_R"~ I of IUD II Y•lcr~~·~ 1 I) & C




    I I


    1- -

    lntmcnvh!l'V Radio I npnro!W:opy I~IPJrDIC .!'dnc•ccwmv LIIJ>Or01Copic cy«

    6 8

    I.Jij>tl:u!Coplc h~lcm:lomr

    5 1_ __,

    l~~~ ~~--~----m-~--------------!~7It•:::~ ~~~~ OJ>at lllptniiO• """ ~""' h)"""*"Pl'


    9'1 _ __,

    ....,..,._.of ~·~ ~ · ~ s Ptunc:onil•J'hy ------------1





    10'\tC'.nor rC'f?l\lr

    - -- - -- - -

    , _!


    Resection of ovarian maligpancy Removal of pelvic node Removal of uterine lesion Removal of vaginal lesion Reoair of anal sohincter Repair of perineum Revision of Cervix Salpingectomy Suction D &C TAH TAH + BSO Tubal ligation TVH TVH + NP reoair TVT Va11:inal hvsterectomv Vaginal re.pair Vulvar biopsy Vulvectomy - simole (r>artial) Total

    I I I l



    l l 5

    60 116 7 '~ 10

    9 7 J 2 2 6 614


    B2j- 12

    Obstetrical ReooJt

    Total number of deliveries Total number of infants born; Males Females II of singletons II of twins II of tripcts Total live binhs I UFO stillbinh -Preterrn deliveries - Singletons - Twingcstations - Higher order Multiple gcsl. Preterm discharge wlo delivery -Mode of deliveries: SpOntaneous delivery Low forcePS Mid forceps Low vacuum Mid vacuum ·--Forceps and Vacuum C-section Classical CS CIS rate V.D. rate Primary CIS Reoeat CIS Primary CIS indication Abnormal presentation Nonreassuring FHR Arrest of dilatation Arrest of descent Prior myomectomy/ uterine scar Placenta previa Placenta secreta


    3P Private



    886 93 1 461 469 842 42

    605 645 347 299 570 31 4 637 10 89 57 29 3 45

    28 28 15 13 28

    1519 1604 823 ' 781 1440 73








    ~ 0



    9 18 II

    110 72 26 2 43 456 44




    I I

    0 ¥ool 130 55 5



    345 0 39.00% 61.00% 198 144 27.20%

    770 81 0 79


    234 0

    588 0 588

    144 94

    6 2

    93 1 348 240 348 57 51 77 39 8






    Placental abruption Cord prolapse Twins Triplets Quadruplets A-P repair Thrombocytopenia HELLP Genital Herpes ComQiex Heart Defect Breast Cancer Elective CIS MVR previous surgery for bicornuate Tubal ligation Unicomuate Uterus/single kidney Previous classical incision Hip fracture Brain surgery Preeclampsia Macrosomia fibroids Congential anomalies VBAC FVBAC Lacerations in NVD 1st degree perineal 2nd degree perineal 3rd degree perineal 4th degree perineal Cervical laceration Vaginal wall laceration Paraurethral laceration Obstetrical complications Preeclampsia/eclampsia Gestational HTN Gestational diabetes Chorioamnionitis Placental abruption Placenta previa Placenta accreta Shoulder dystocia Uterine rupture Cholestasis

    3 2 57 5 0 I I 0 0 0 0 29 0 2 0 0 0 0 I 3 I I I 4 I 65 62 10 2 8 51 26

    39 56 ll 2 2 40 14

    2 3 0 0 0 I I

    106 121 21 4 10 92 41

    18 26 43 3 9 7 6 8 I 4


    IUGR Cord orolaose PI'ROM Uterine atonv True knoi of the cord lncomoetcm Cervix Cesarean Hvsterectomv Pos_!Rarrum hysterectomy

    14 2

    II 18 8



    5 3


    Prccinitous Labor Gestational ThrombocVIooenia Maternal Mottditv Uterine Inversion Eoileosv Pyelonephritis Post Panum

    8 2






    3 I 2




    Medical Diseases

    TI1alassemia Mi nor !-Thalassemia Maior Guill ian Barre Svndrome Sickle Cell Disease 'fllvTOid Disease Cardiac Disease Dcon:ssion - Dematolo!!ical Disease Cervical Cancer 11eoati tis B HDsA2 posiLive Eoilcosv Thromboohilia

    YTD Anesthesia % inNVD

    % in CIS


    I (%) 70(7.5\ 0


    I I 4 I 6

    657(70.5%) [40(23.8%)

    Local + Totu l eoidural Soina! General 146(15.7%) 0 0 58(6.2o/~ 0 416(70.7%) 32(5.4%) 0


    Local + eoi



    Aues1hcsia LocaJ n (%)in 16(6.5%) NVD nlo/-;) in CJS 0

    68{75%) 6(13.6%)

    Rate or



    2 I I 2 20 2 3 5

    12(13.2%) 0 21(47%)




    0 35(79.5%)

    0 3{6.8%)

    515.5%) 0




    ~.·.··i·····o·tomies l·:~·D.



    l)lPA RI~11:.NI
    ANNUAL ltei'ORl Clctrohtt I. 2M \qllnnl>
    l· 1\:i "••~I

    Dr< Camk Cllaf..., ~\lc!lb~

    ,.,..Kluotoh O.•ld Fllld Lom.>Jurdy 1\aoh.> Mubhol

    II·T..chiaa A·Under&rnd\ljl!£: I· Medicine IV: l w...:k1 rococlun In 0ph!holmol08)' ond tho! lnolu
    2· I nooonh I lot!lve 10 Mt'tllclnciV $!UIIencs ond

    lntcnu. 3· Medicine I: 2 hou11lcr. l~aha' Noumddin "'' C:yc I tl
    2 """" ._...

    u.,... or,. ""~

    ~~c.......,'" !ht .,._,,_ ollh<





    B- Postgraduate: 1-Grand Rounds: Have been open to all ophthalmologists in town. A senior resident gives the grand round every week, except for the first week of each month, where an attending would be the lecturer. 2- Specialty Clinics: abcdefgh1-


    Cornea/External Eye Disease Specialty Clinic. Glaucoma Clinic. Pediatric/Motility Clinic. Vitreo-Retinal Clinic. Oculopla'itics Clinic. Contact Lens Clinic. Age Related Macular Degeneration Clinic. Refractive Surgery Clinic. Ocular Electrophysiology Clinic. Ocular Immunology/Uveitis

    Each one of the above specialty clinics is followed by a I hour academic teaching session prepared or supervised by the involved attending staff.

    I Family Medicine Intern rotates in the Department for I month, to acquire basic knowledge about ocular conditions and their management.

    The following visiting colleagues gave seminars in their respective subspecialties during their organized visits to the Department.

    Dr. MaysEl Dairi (October 2009) Pediatric Ophthalmology & Neuro Ophthalmology Dr. Karim Tomey (January 2010) Glaucoma Dr. Issam Hamadeh (February 20 I 0) Dr. Janak Mahendra Shah (May 20 I 0) Pediatric Ophthalmology Dr. Yasser A Khan (May 20 l 0) Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery Dr. Kamel Itani (July 20 l 0) Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery

    Dr. Wadih Zein (September 20 I 0) Pediatric Ophthalmology Dr. Moh'd Jaafar (September2010) Pediatric Ophthalmology


    & External Diseases Dr. George Ell is (September 20 10) Pediatric Ophthalmology & External Diseases Dr. Paul Mitchell (September 20 I 0) Pediatric Ophthalmology & External Diseases Dr. John O'Neil (September 20 J 0) Pediatric Ophthalmology & External Diseases Dr. Nicole Fallaha (September 201 0) Pediatric Ophthalmology & External Diseases

    ni- Research:

    Research Programs:

    Dr. Baha' Noureddin: 1- Frequency Doubling Technique "Outcome tn Patients with Typical and Atypical M.igraine". 2- Cl inical and Systemic Characteristics of Lebanese Patients with "Chron ic S imple G laucoma". 3- G enetic Stud ies on Patients with "Congen ital and Infantile Glaucoma".

    Dr. Havtham Salti: 1- ETDRS Follow up Study. 2- Insulin receptor Alterations in the Ocular Surface of STZ induced DM SD rats after ARB Treatment.

    Dr. Ziad Bashshur: 1- Dosing of A vastin for AMD.



    Dr. Baha' Nourcddin:

    1- E. Khawam, B.N. Noureddin, D. Fahed, L. Khatib: "Abnorma l Binocular Vision: Monocular Diplopia of Physical Origin: Its Relations hip to Phys iology and Arrangement of the Visual Directions of the Retina l Areas;Binocular Tripolpia". Binocular V ision and S trab ismus Quarterly. 2010;25(4):231-237.

    2- WM. Zein , Z. Bashshur, RF. Jaafar, B.N. Noureddin: "The Distribution of Visual Field Defects per Quadrant in Standard Automated Perimetry as Compared to Frequency Doubling Technology Perimetry". International Ophthalmology. 20 I0;30(6):683.

    Dr. Shady Awwad:

    1- S. Awwad, S . Ghosn, R. Nick Hogan: "Ca lc iphylaxis o fthe Temporal Artery Masquerading as Temporal Arteries Clinical and Experimental". Ophthalmology. 20 I 0;38:(5)5 1 I -5 I 3.

    Dr. Haytham Salti : I- D.C. Fahd, N. Ghazi, N, Jab bur, C.D. Fahd, J.C . Fahd, H. Salti: " Impact of AREDS in a Developing Country 5 Years After Publication of the Study". Eur 1 Ophthalmol. 2010 June 30. 2- Z. Bashshur, A. Schakkal, G, M ollayess, S. Arafat, D. Jaafar, H . Salti: "Ranibiz umab Monotherapy vs Single-session Verteporfin Photodynamic Therapy Combined with as Needed" Reti na-the Journa l of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases. In Press .

    Dr. Ziad Bashshur: 1- WM. Zein, Z. Bashshur, RF. Jaafar, B .N. Nourcddin : "The Distribution o f Vi sual Field Defects per Quadrant in Standard Automated Perimetry as Compared to Frequency Doubling Technology Perimetry". International Ophth almology. 20 I 0;30(6):683.



    z_ Bashshur, k

    Sehakkal, G, Mollayess, S_ Arafat,



    IL Salti: "Ranibizumab Monotherapy vs Single-session Verteporfin Photodynamic Therapy Combined with as Needed" Retina-the Joumal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases_ In Press_

    I- A_ Mansour, R_ Hamam, A_ Sibai',, T Farah, A. Mehio-Sibai, M_ Kanaan: "Seasonal Variation of Primary Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment in Lebanon"_ Ophthalmic Research_ 2009;41 (3): 170-174.

    Dr. Edward Khawam:

    1- E. Khawam, D. Fahed, L. Khatib: "Isolated Inferior Rectus Paresis with Falling Eye Phenomenon of the contralateral Eye in a Patient with Pineal Tumor: A Case Report". BV and Strabismus Quarterly. 20 10:25(1 ):31-36.

    I- R. Ma'luf: 'Treatment of Recurrent Eyelid Margin Verruca Vulgaris with Mitomycin C". Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 201 0;26(3):214-215.

    2- R. Ma'luf: "Cyst Fonnation Associated with Porous Polyethylene Orbital Floor Implant" Orbit. In Press

    Dr. Ahmad Mansour: 1- A Mansour, W_ Zein, T. Sibai, A. Mehio-Sibai, H, Ismaii,S, Onn: "Comparison of Domestic and War Ocular Injuries During the Lebanese Civil War". Ophthalmologica. 2009;223;( 1):36-40. 2- A. Mansour: "Immediate Vitrectomy with Silicone Oil Tamponade in Severe Ocular Injuries Techniques in Ophthalmology"_ 3- A. Mansour, M. Younes: ''Reappraisal of Maximal Paracentesis in Central Retinal Artery

    B2k-6 Occlusion". Acta. Ophthalmol. 2009;Nov.l9.

    IV- Professional Services:

    Eye Bank: Please find below the report of the AUB Eye Bank activities for the year 2008-2009. The Eye Bank is operational 24 hours/day and is collaborating with AUB and outside ophthalmologists. Actually we are in contact with 30 physicians who use regularly our facilities. All medical issues related to tissue are under the supervision of Dr. Randa Haddad, Medical Director of the Eye Bank. The Annual Report is as follows: 1- 27 corneal grafts were performed this year as penetrating keratoplasty. 2- 9 scleral grafts done. 3- 7 amniotic membranes. 4- 6 lamellar keratoplasties.

    Ocular Electrophysiology Laboratory: The above Laboratory is the only one in the Country that offers the tests of: - Electroretinography - Pattern Electroretinography - Electro-oculography - Visual Evoked Potential The tests are run and interpreted by 1 specialist in the field, (Dr. Hasan Shahin).


    Refractive Surgery Division: The Refractive Surgery Division at the American University of Beirut has continuously updated state of the art technological platforms to offer patients an optimized and safe solution to visual errors. The team consists of a US-trained surgeon Dr. Shady Awwad who joined the Department of Ophthalmology as Assistant Professor on October 2006, with a double fellowship in both refractive surgery and corneal surgery, and is responsible for running this Service. An Orthoptist with extensive experience in refractive surgery comanagement from Belgium, and an Ophthalmic Technician specialized in peri and intraoperative refractive surgery care.

    Pediatric OphthaJmology Service: Dr. Christiane Haddad joined the Department of Ophthalmology as Full Time faculty member in November 2006. Dr. Haddad is responsible for running the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Motility Service.

    Uveitis Service: After completing her fellowship training at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Uveitis, Dr. Rola Hamam joined the Department of Ophthalmology as Full Time Faculty member in January 2009. She since runs a full time comprehensive Uveitis Service.

    Specular Microscopy

    Double Frequency Perimetry

    Digital Fluorescein Angiography Gives instantaneous on line reporting results to the referring doctor.

    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) New- Spectral domain

    B2k-8 This is done to measure the thickness of the macula. It is indispensable in the treatment of macular edema and macular degeneration.

    B-Scan Ultrasonosgraphy

    GDX Testing Diode Laser Upgrading To be able to deliver the Transpupillary Thermal Therapy for AMD Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLJJ Green Laser (532 mm) IOL Master for A-p Measurements, and IOL Power Calculations Internet to the Residents

    Private Clinics: After the move of the Eye Private Clinics to the seventh floor which occurred 8 years ago, the operations have resumed smoothly and continue as such.


    ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010 Department of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery American University of Beirut Medical Center

    Contents Faculty and Staff....................................................................................................................... . Faculty of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery: ........................................................................... . Residents-Faculty ofOtolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery: ............................................................. . Residents-Faculty of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery- Division of ORTHODONTICS: ........... . Staff ofOtolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery: ............................................................................... .

    Highlights of the Year: ................................................................................................................ . !-Department: ................................................................................................................................. . 2-0tology Neurotology division ·································o···oooooo•o···············------··--·································· 3-0rthodontics ............. oo• ........................................ 0.



    Teaching Activities ....................................................................................................................... Department ..........



    0. 0





    ••••••• 0

    •• 0

    •• 0


    Fourth Year Medical Students: ...................................................................................................... . Residents: .............................................................. oo··········ooo························································ Didactic Teaching Activities: ....................................................................................................... .. Otology Specific Lectures ............................................................................................................. . Orthodontics ................................................................................................................................ . Lectures by AUBMC Faculty and visitors ...................................................................................... .

    Publications: Original Papers ..................................................................................................... . Original Papers Common ................................................................................................................ . Otology ........................................................................................................................................... . Orthodontics .................................................................................................................................... . Other Faculty members .................................................................................................................... .

    Publications: Book Chapters ...................................................................................................... . Other Faculty members ................................................................................................................... ..


    Book Chapter Orthodontics ............................................................................................................. .

    Lectures and Presentations .......................................................................................................... . Invited Lectures other Faculty of the Department.. ............................................................................. . Invited Lectures Otology .................................................................................................................. . Invited Lectures Orthodontics .......................................................................................................... .

    A·wards and Honors ..................................................................................................................... . Departn1ent Faculty me1nbers .......................................................................................................... . Otology ........................................................................................................................................... . Orthodontics .................................................................................................................................... . Collaborations & Agreements: ......................................................................................................... .. Departn1ent ..................................................................................................................................... . Otology .................................................................................................................... ·....................... . Orthodontics .................................................................................................................................... .

    SERVICE ACTIVITIES ............................................................................................................. .. Department ..................................................................................................................................... . Otology ........................................................................................................................................... . Orthodontics ................................................................................................................................... ..

    Overview statistics ....................................................................................................................... . Department ..................................................................................................................................... . Private Clinics ............................................................................................................................. . OR ...............................................................................................................................................

    OPD ............................................................................................................................................ . Otology division .............................................................................................................................. . Audiology ................................................................................................................................... . Orthodontics ................................................................................................................................... .. Clinics ......................................................................................................................................... . Speech therapy ................................................................................................................................ .


    Faculty and Staff Faculty of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery:

    Nabi l Fuleihan, M.D . Sahri Alain, M.D. Abdul Latif Hamdan, M.D.

    Professor and Chairman ua_r.L..y_2_0_1_1_ ___ _ _ _ _ __ .. Resignation ac_t_iv_e_F_e.. b.c_r_ Associate Prokssor ~---------------~ Associate Professor Director of the Hamdan Voice Unit - - - -Assistant Professor

    Mohammad El Bitar, M.D. Clinical Professor George Zayto~n"'",_M_._D_._ ___,_._l-_lc_a_d_o_f_th_e Otology Neurotology Division Kim Abouchacra, Ph.D. Assisstant Professor Marc Bassim, M.D. Clinical Lecturer Mohammad Natollt, M.D. Clinical Professor Usamah Hadi, M.D. Joseph Ghafari, DMD Anthony Macari, DDS Ramzi Haddad, DDS Naji Abou Chebel, M.D. Fares Abou-Obeid, DDS Patrick Anhoury, DMD Nadim Abou Jaoude, DMD Nabil Barakat, DDS Jose Chidiac, D~ Roland Feghali, DMD Mohamad Itani, DMD Sami Karam, DDS Felipe Rezk-Lcga~ DMD Roy Sab~i, DDS Samar Bou Assi, DDS Maria Saadeh, DDS

    Professor of Clinical Otolaryngo logy Head of Division of Orthodontics Clinical IJ1st~ (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Instructor (Orthodontics Division) Clinicallnstructor (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinica l Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Ort~odontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Cl inical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division) Clinical Associate (Orthodontics Division)


    I ·-


    Residents-Faculty of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery: Jihad Achkar, M.D. Jihad Nassar, M.D.

    PGY V (graduated June 20 J 0) -----~--------~ _ PGY V (graduated June 20l_O")__ __ _ __


    Akabcr Halowi, M.D. AI~ Kruumn, M.D. Randa flarazl M.D. Ibrahim Kazau M.D. Rllmi Saa
    PGY IV


    Resldcnt.<·Faculty of Otolaryngology· Head & Neck Surgery - Division of ORTHOOONTICS: Edouard Asmar DOS Tarek Shalan ,DDS Ammlli Kassab DOS Marianne Hau.e .DDS

    Cclinc Moukarzel DOS Katherine Perez. DDS Stephanie lamban. DOS AJltoioe Ha.Ma., DDS

    R Ul (l!l'aduated June 2010) R 111 (graduated 20 IOJ RJJ

    Rll Rl Rl Rl Rl

    Stair of Otolaryngology· Bead & Neck Surgery: St•ff



    Ms Nora Jcranian

    Dc:oanmcnt S<:erctarv

    2 3

    M s Solru
    Ot:piU1m.:nl R.esc:ar<:h "''\$iSl4tnl 01010~ Neuro10Io~y


    Ms Ma.e_ida Nehme Ms Suz.;m Atallah


    Ms Reem K1eish

    6 7

    Ms Dorine Saliba

    8 9 10

    Ms Dollen Tabri Mr Gcorucs Abi Saad Ms Nudim: El Kik Ms An~elina lla111mad

    Division (Senior Aud i olo~ isl)

    Oiolo.-· Neurololo•v Division~(Senior Audiologist) Otology Ncunotology Division (Front Desk Clerk ) Otology Neurolology Oivision (JuniorAudiologist and SDCcch· Lan ~u••• thcraoist) sLortin• Auu 2010 Snccch Patholouist On:hodolltics Divisi011 {Clinical ooordiruuor)

    Onhodontics Division (Clinical assisumt} Orthodontics Oh•ision (Clinical nssistnnll


    Highlights of the Year: 1-Department: •

    The creation of the Otology Neurotology division and naming Dr Georges Zeytoun as Head of the division. This Division consists of three faculty and four staff members.

    Dr AbdulatifHamdan rejoined the department as a Full time associate professor.

    Opening of the Hamdan Voice Unit on the 2"d of July 2010: this center was fully donated by Dr Abdulatif Hamdan.

    2-0tology Neurotology division •

    Ms. Suzan Atallah and Ms. Majida Nimeh received promotions to the position of Audiologist, as a result of numerous continuing education activities and more than 25 years of dedicated service to the Department of Otolaryngology ··· Head and Neck Surgery.

    Ms. Dorine Saliba joined the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, as a Junior Audiologist, in October 20 I 0. Her primary areas of interest include pediatric audiology, implantable hearing devices, and rehabilitation for deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Ms. Saliba holds an undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Therapy from the Lebanese University (2007), and a diploma in Children Audiophonology & Otology irorn Pierre et Marie Currie University, Paris, France, in 2008.

    Renovations were made to the reception area, Vestibular & Auditory Evoked Potential Laboratory, and to the audiometric test suites in the Audiology Services. Changes made resulted in more efficient service and testing of patients, as well as movement toward a "paperless" clinic. Audiology staff office was equipped with new computers and printers (through donation to the Division) enabling staff members to perfonn administrative tasks more easily.

    A proposal for a new '·Balance and Vestibular Center of Exceilence" has been approved for the Division, with renovations slated to begin May 20 i i.

    New equipment ha' heen procured, enabling the Division to offer (a) automatedABR as part of the newborn hearing screening program, and (b) enhanced diagnostic auditory-evoked potential services (tone burst ABR, bone conduction ABR, ASSR, and VE!VrP). Additionally, an clectroacoustic/probe microphone system, a video otoscope, and a microscope have been approved for purchase.



    Teaching Activities The Department provides numerous teaching/training opportunities for residents and medical students, including: weekly lectures, case discussions, grand rounds, surgical training, yearly temporal bone course, monthly meeting, and skill-enhancement training for the sta!I.

    Department Fourth Year Medical Students: •:•

    Sections of 4-5 students rotated in the Department for 3 weeks. During this period, the students participated and benefitted from:

    Presentation and discussion of new cases are made with attending staff. This is followed by a lecture given daily by the attending covering OPD.

    Admission and work-ups on admissions, which are evaluated in the presence of students and residents.

    Attendance of curriculum lectures covering essential topics in Otolaryngology·· Head and Neck Surgery, given every Wednesday.

    Residents: •

    The activities of the department are mainly directed towards residents teaching and continuing education. One attending is responsible f()r OPD activities and monitors residents - paticnls' interactions. l to 2 attendings are responsible for every operating day.

    Didactic Teaching Activities: 4,

    Mondays: • 8:00- 9:00 a.m.: CPC conducted by the fourth year residents with an attending moderator.

    Monthly Journal Club with an attending moderator.

    Monthly Mortality and Morhidity conference conducted by the Chairman.

    Monthly ·rumor Board presented by the third year resident.

    I :00-2:00 p.m.: Monthly Radiology Conference & Pathology Conference.


    Biweekly curriculum lecture from 1:00- 2:00p.m. ~





    4:00 - 5:00p.m.: Chairman's Rounds. 7:15a.m. - 8:00a.m.: Curriculum Lectures.

    The curriculum of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery was divided into different session groups. All essential topics are covered.

    Pediatric Residents rotate on elective basis during OPD times.

    Elective students as well as exchange students from abroad rotate on elective basis during OPD hours in the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery.

    Otology Specific Lectures Research Design & Methods Course Jan - Jun 20 I 0 Dr. Abouchacra LeMSIC-SCORE Research Worksho s (Dec 2009 -A r 2010 Dr. Abouchacra) Otology courseJ residents (2009-2010 Dr. Bassim) Temporal Bone dissection course (2009-2010 Dr Zaytouo)

    Lectures by AUBMC Faculty and visitors Marc Bassim, M.D., Department of Otolaryngology- H&N Surgery, "Congenital Aural Atresia", October 2009 Georges Haddad, M.D., Department of Surgery, AUBMC , "Skull Base Tumors", October 2009. ----------------~~~--~-- Mohammad Bitar, M.D., Department of Otolaryngology -I [&N Surgery, AUBMC, "Practical A lication in Pediatric Otolar n olo ",November 2009. Fady Geara, M.D., Department of Radiotherapy, AUBMC, "Principles of Radiation Oncology", November 2009 Anthony Macari, DMD, C linical Director, Department of Otolaryngology -Head & Neck Surgery, Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedic, "Effect of Airway Impairment on Dentofacial Morphology: New Data and Guidelines for Adenoidectomy.", December 2009. Naji Abou Chcbcl, M.D., Clinical Instructor, Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedic, "Cleft Lip and Palate", January 2010 Mr. YoussefKoaik, Physical Therapy Department, AUBMC, "Vestibular


    Rehabilitation", March 20 I 0. -Cezar Abu Jaudch , M.D. , Former Faculty in Otolaryngology, AUBMC, "Development of the Nose in Vertebrates", March 2010. George Zaytoun, M.D., Department of Otolaryngology - H&N Surgery, A UBMC,~ "Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease", March 2010. Alain Sabri, M.D., Department or Otolaryngology- H&N Surgery, AUBMC, "Recurrent I lead and Neck Ca ncers", A ril 20 l 0. I Lina Slim, M.D., Visiting Lecturer, "Autism and Speech Disorders", April 2010 Roger Moukarbel, M.D. , Visiting Lecturer, Texas University, " Head and Neck Surgery in the Era of Free Tissue Transfer", May 20 I 0. Nabil Fuleihan, M.D ., Department of Otolaryngology- H&N Surgery, AUBMC, " Laser Resurfacing", Jun e 2010. Sa mer Fakhri , M.D. , Visiting Lecturer, University of Texas Medical School, "Al lergic Fungal Sinusitis" July 20 lO.

    I I

    821- lO

    Publications : Original Papers Original Papers Common Bitar MA, Macari AT, Ghafari JG. Correspondence between subjective and linear measurements of palatal airway on lateral cephalometric radiographs. ArchivesofOtolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 136:43-47,20 10. Macari A., Kassab A., Aoun H., A bouchacra K. Evaluation of Hearing in Chi ldren Treated with Palatal Expansion. Journal of the Lebanese Dental Association. 2010;47(1):93-95 J Macari AT., Bitar MA., Ghafari JG . New insights on age-related association I between nasopharyngeal airway clearance and facial morphology. Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research.JSubmitted .!anua!Y 201 1). --~~--~--~~~~----~ Tabri D, Abouchacra KS , Pring T. (20 10). Speech Perception in Noise by Monolingual, Bilingual, and Tri lingua l Listeners. International .Journal of Language and Communication Disorders (VOL. 00, NO. 0, 1- 12). A bouchacra KS, Sinno S, Letowski T. (20 l 0). 30 Audio Interface: A User' s 111 Survey. Proceedings of the 26 National Conference on Noise Control En~ineerinK (N(JfSE-CON), nc lO 079, 1-12. Hamdan AL, A Sibai, L Mahfoud, D Oubari , N Fuleihan. Short term effect of hubble bubble on voice. J Lar n olo Otolo . Hamdau AL, Mokarbel R, Natout M. Angiofibroma of the nasal septum.Middle East Joumal Of Anesthesiology ~--~--~~~--~~----~~~----~-Hamdan AL, Sibai A, Oubari D, Ashkar J, N. Laryngeal findin gs and acoustic chan ges in Hubble Bubble smokers. Eur Arch J.

    Otology Abouch.acra KS, Koehnke J, Besing J, Letowski T (2011). Sentence Recognition in the Presence of Competi ng Speech Messages Presented in A udi ometric Booths with Reverberation Times of0.4 and 0.6 Seconds. Archives of Acoustics, 36(1):314. Abouchacra KS, Letowski T, Besing J, Koehnke J. (2009). Clinical Application 111 of the Synchronized Sentence Set (S\ Proceedinxs of the 16 international Congress on Sound & Vib ration (JCSV/6)_, 1-8. Bassim MK, Berliner KI, Fi sher LM, Brackmann DE, f riedman RA "Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Vestibular Schwannoma: Criacal Evalu~tion of the State of the Literature" Otol Neurotolo. 2010 Mar 18 (Epub ahead ofpnnt)


    I l Roche JP, Huan g BY, Castillo M, Bassim MK, Adunka Of, Buchman CA.

    B2l- ll

    I "Imag ing characteristics ofchildren wilh auditory neuropalhy spec/rom disorder." Otol Neurotol. 20 I 0 Jul;3 1(5): 780-8

    Orthodontics Souccar NM, Chakhto ura M , Ghafari JG, Abdelnoor AM. Po rphyro monas gingival is in denta l plaque and serum C-reactive protein levels in pregna ncy. Journa l o finfections in Developing Countries. 30;4:362-366, 20 I 0. Chebel NA, Ziade D, Achkouty R. Bilateral pneumothorax and pneumo mediastinum aft;er treatment with continuous positive a irway pressure after orthognathic surgery. British Journal (~!Oral and Maxillofac ial Surgery 2010 Jun;48(4):e 14-5 Anhoury PS. Nonsurgical treatment of an adult with mandibular as:tmmctry _and unilaterl!l (2osterior c rossbite. Am J On hod Dentofacial Orthop. 2009 Jan; 135(1): 118-26. Sabri R. Treatment of a severe arch length defic iency with anteroposterior and transverse exransion: Long-term stability. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 20 10; 137:401-LL Chidiac JJ, Al-Asmar B, Rifai K, Jabbur SJ, Saade NE. Inflammatory mediators released following application of irritants on the rat injured inci sors. The effect of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. Cytokine. 2009 May;46(2}: 194-200. Hamalian TA, Nasr E, Chidiac JJ. Impression Materials in Fixed Prosthodontics : Influence o f Choice on C linical Procedure. J Prosthodont. 2011 Feb 1. Natout M., Fuleihan N., Sabra 0 ., Aburizk l., Hamdan AL. Primary malignant melan oma of the trachea. Middle East Journal o f Anesthesiology. 2010 I Feb;20~4):607-9. Hamdan AL, Geara F, Rameh S, Sibai A, Fuleihan N . Vocal changes followin g radiotherapy to the head and neck for non-laryngeal tumors . Eur Arch Otolaryngol. 2009 Sep;266(9): 1435-9 . Yamout B., Hajj T, Sibai /\,Sabra 0 , Rifai H, Fuleihan N, Hamdan AL. Vocal sy m p toms and acoustic c han ges in relation to the ex panded di sability status scale duration and stage of disease in patients with multiple sclerosis. Eur. Arch . . Otolaryngol. 2009 Nov;266( ll ): 1759-65.

    Other Faculty members - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- , Farhat, F.S., Geara, F., Natout, M ., Serhal, J., Daya, W. Tongue carcinoma in an adult Down's syndrom e patient: A case report Wo rld Journal of Surgica l Oncology 7 2009 , art. no. 26 - - ------ - ---- - ----- -------------Rerjawi G, Othman f, Mahfoud L, Hussei ni S, Nassar J, Kotobi A, Hamdan AL. Cricothyroid 'oint abnormaliti es in atients with rheumatoid arthritis. J Voice. ~ --


    ~ 2010 Mar 22.

    -- -


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    Publications: Book Chapters Book Chapter Orthodontics Ghafari JG, Haddad RV, Saadeh ME. Class III malocclusion : the evidence on diaf,'llosis and treatment. In: Evidence-based practice in orthodontics. G. Huang, K . Vig (_editors). In press. 2010. Gbafari JG, Macari AT . The benefits of consulting with an ear-nose-and throat specialist before and during orthodontic treatment. In: The scope of interac tive orthodontics. V. Krishnan, Z. Davidovitch (editors). Wiley-Blackwell (pub). In press, 20 I 0. _j Ghafari JG. Esthetics, Growth and Orthopedics of the Face: Facial Development and T rans fom1ation in the Eye of the Orthodontist and Other Beho lders. Chicago: Quintessence Publishin - ex ected release- 20 II. (full book)

    821· 13

    L{!ctures and Prc.senmtJons Or.her Faculty of the Dcpartmeut


    Htad tmd Neck Manife:rtation ofSystemic Disease and Sarcomas oj'tl:e Paro Nasal Sinuses and Skull Ba:re :lnt.emational Otohtryngology

    M<:<:ting. Syrinn Sociefy Meeting (University of Aleppo 20 I0)

    Surgical Aftmogement ofOropfmryngecl Cancer. American Academy of Otolaryngology Head 11nd Neck Surgery yearly fall meeting USA

    /Jr Hamdan

    • Effect of Fastil19 on lfoice fn Male 30th Annual Symposium: Care o( the Professional Voice The Voice Foundation PA USA Dr Bitar

    Who r\eed.~ admission among infants with acute otjtis media? Presented as Poster at the tmnun/ nweting 11/the Ame.rican Society of Pedlatric Otolaryngology in Las Vegas, USA, (Apr 30- May 2 20 10). AIterations in immunoglobulins' level after IOU!.I vs. partial 1onsillcc1omy. Presented as Poster at the annual meeting nfthe American Society ofPediatric Otoltlf)'lfgology in Las Vegas, USA, (Apr 30 - May 2 2010).

    Allergic rhinitis in childf'Cfl; beyond the nasal boundaries. Presented lo mt mbers of the Lebanese Pediatric Society. Move.npick HoteJ, Beirut (June20 10)

    Selective fccturcs at The 21111 annual congrt!SS of ihe Arab .Pedjarric Pulmonary Association (AI''PA), Movenpic:.k, Bc:inH. Lebanon (24·26 Nov. 2010

    Otology Dr8anim

 oflheear. Invited Speaker~ Professitmal Workshop Series, Bureau Ubonals Pour !.a Recherche en Surdite (BLI~S). May 7· 8, 20 I 0. Antelias. Lebanon. Common puthologics and syndromes ·affectingthc cnr. Invited Speaker. Proftl·sfonal Workshop Series, Bureau Llba,-w i:r Pour (A Recherche en Surdlte (81./IS), May 7-8, 2010. Aotelias, Lebanon. Medicnr management of hc3ring loss. Invited Spt:.:1ker. ProjessiOIIOI Workshop Series, Bureau Lihtmals Pour /.a Recherche en Surdite


    (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. •

    Implantable hearing prostheses. Invited Speaker. Professional

    Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. •

    Radiation therapy for the treatment of vestibular schwannomas: a critical evaluation ofthe state ofthe literature. SIFORL May 14, 2010, Movenpick Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

    Three dimensional audio interface: A user's survey. Presented at the Acoustical Society of America, Spring Meeting (April, 20 I 0), Baltimore, MD. Abstract published in the Journal of the Acoustical



    Society ofAmerica, 127(3), 1738. •

    Effect of noise-induced hearing loss on a multi-channel listening task. Presented at the Acoustical Society of America, Spring Meeting (April, 2010), Baltimore, MD. Abstract published in the Journal ofthe

    Acoustical Society ofAmerica, 127(3), 1746. Overview of Research Workshops II. AUBMC Research Day 2010, LeMSIC-SCORE, May 8, 2010, Beirut, Lebanon.

    Auditory Brainstem Response Interpretation. Invited Speaker.

    Professional Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. Otoacoustic Emission Interpretation. Invited Speaker. Professional Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. Tympanometry Interpretation. Invited Speaker. Professional Work.'ihop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. The Cross-Check Principle. Invited Speaker. Professional Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 78, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. Newborn Hearing Screening Methods. Invited Speaker. Professional Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. Early Hearing Loss Detection & Intervention (EHDI). Invited Speaker.

    Professional Workshop Series, Bureau Libanais Pour La Recherche en Surdite (BLRS), May 7-8, 2010, Antelias, Lebanon. •

    NIH Review of Research Program in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, February 15, 2010, AUBMC, Beirut,



    Invited Lectures Orthodontics Dr Gha[ari

    Dr Macari


    "Component Analysis is Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning" Annual meeting of The Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. September 2009

    "Updates in Dentofacial Therapy: Esthetic and Implant Dentistry" Session Coordinator and Moderator, Middle East Medical Assembly, Beirut, Lebanon. April 2010

    "Updates in Dentistry", Meeting Coordinator and Moderator, AUBMC, Beirut, Lebanon. June 20 I 0

    "Component Analysis and Dominance in Treatment of Class II Malocclusions." International Association tor Dental Research. Barcelona, Spain July 2010

    "Cone Beam CT in Orthodontics and Orthoganthic Surgery"- Moderator at symposium Barcelona, Spain July 2010

    "Comparison of Simulated and actual postorthognathic surgery profile changes." Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon Sep 2009.

    "Interaction of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics with the medical fields." Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. Sep 2009

    " Evaluation of hearing in children treated with palatal expansion" Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. Sep 2009

    "Effect of airway impairment on dentofacial morphology: new data and guidelines for adenoidectomy." Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery- American University of Beirut- Lebanon. Dec 2009

    "Evaluation of hearing in children treated with palatal expansion." Middle East Medical Association (MEMA), American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Apr 2010

    "Simulation of profile changes before orthognathic surgery: Correspondence of Prediction With Outcome." Middle East Medical Association (MEMA), American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Apr 2010

    "Interaction of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics with the


    medical fields." Middle East Medical Association (MEMA), American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Apr 20 I 0 •

    "Airway obstruction: new data on morphological changes indicate earlier intervention."Europcan Orthodontic Society (EOS), PortorozSiovenia. June 2010

    "Modifiability of the association between cranial base morphology and Beirut International Dental Meeting (BlDM), facial prognathism." Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. Sep 20 I 0

    "Comparison of open bite treatment strategies m growing and adult patients" Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. September 2009

    "Maxillary-Mandibular interdependence during growth a field therory"Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. September 2009

    "Cleft Lip and Palate in Lebanon: What is Done Now and What Ought To Be Done" Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. September 2009

    "Craniofacial anatomy in Class III Malocclusion" Clinical Research Day American University of Beirut-Medical Center March 20 l 0

    "Advantages of the unilateral sagittal split osteotomy in the treatment of mandibular asymmetry" 43rd Middle East Medical Association (MEMA), Beirut-Lebanon. April 2010

    "Clinical implications of Craniofacial Anatomy m Class III 1 Malocclusions 86 h Congress of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS),Portoroz, Slovenia June 2010

    "From baby bottle to dental sealant: the toxic hazard of Bisphenol-A" Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. September 2010

    "PICO in evidence-based practice : A structured process for treatment selection" Beirut International Dental Meeting (BIDM), Lebanese Dental Association, Beirut, Lebanon. Sep 20 I 0

    Dr Haddad

    Dr Abu Chebel

    • "Resultats de Ia correction de l'insuffisance de hauteur de Ia columelle par lam beau en fourche de Mi !lard dans les sequelles des fentes bilaterales". 54eme congrcs national Societe Francaise de Chirurgie Plastique Esthetique et Reconstructrice. Paris, France. Nov 2009 • "Cleft lip and Palate " grand Round: Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck rgery : American University of Beirut , Beirut


    Leabnaon Jan 20 I 0


    Dr R Sabri

    • "Orthognathic Surgery : Plastic surgery" Grand round, Abou Jaoude Hospital Feb 20 l 0 • "Techniques of orthognathic surgery" The seventh Medical Scientific Week, Aleppo-Syria May 2010 • "Orthognathic Surgery First choice or Last resort." The seventh Medical Scientific Week, Aleppo-Syria May 2010 • "Facial Esthetics and Orthognathic Surgery" The seventh Medical Scientific Week, Aleppo-Syria May 20!0 ----------------------~ • "Effect of cancer therapy on dental and skeletal development in children" First Clinical Research Symposium- American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Oral presentation. Mar 20 l 0 •

    "PICO application in evidence-based practice" Middle East Medical Association (MEMA) - Beirut, Lebanon. Poster presentation. Apr 2010

    The 8 Components Of A Balanced Smile, 5th Annual Meeting, Metropolitan Hotel Sin-E!-Fil- Lebanon April 20 l 0

    The 8 Components of A Balanced Smile. University of Pennsylvania Orthodontic Department Philadelphia May 2010

    Facial Analysis American University of Beirut. Faculty Seminars May 2010

    Awards and Honors Department Faculty members American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Certificate:9f Honor for exceptional services in the Scientific Programs, Exhibits, Continuing Education Courses and Instructional Courses of this Society (20 I 0) (Dr Sabri) •

    Otology Recognition for Service, AUB Institutional Review Board (2010) (Dr Abouchacra) North American Scholar Consortium (NASC) Honor Society (2009) (Dr Abouchacra)



    st price for hest poster : Lebanese University dental ~eeting, Beirut- Lebanon Evaluation of hearing in children treated with paLataL expansion (Dr Macari) The Habib Rihan Award for best poster presentation Beirut International MaxiLL01 y-mandibuLar Dental Meeting (BTDM)- Lebanese Dental Association interdependence during growth : afield theory (Dr Macari and Dr Haddad and Dr Ghafari)


    Collaborations & Agreements: Otology

    Hariri Foundation, Memorandum of Agreement: (MOA), Implementation of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, Northern Lebanon

    Montclair State University, Collaborat ive research program, Development of Spatial Aud iometry Tests

    U.S. ARL, Collaborative research program, Binaural/Spatial Hearing in Real and Virtual Environments

    SERVJCE ACTIVITIES Fac ulty and staff members of the Department have engaged in numerous service activities over the pas t year for the university , commun ity and profession.

    Otology Dr. Abouchacra

    AUB, Polic ies and Procedures Comm ittee on Ris k Reduction and Management

    AUB, Institutional Review Board

    ANSI S3/WG83. Working G roup on Sound-field Audiometry


    • Advisory B<>ard,lnmins C..rn-IOr lhc !Xof(LCD), Boabda. U:b:mon

    • •

    Commun1ty Outreach, Soulh Lebanon C'IU11tlnign for Early H eari n~ l.o:)fl r>ctcction OUI'C:tU Llluuu1lS Pt1ur La Recherche en Surd he (OLRS), Meml~r

    • American Academy of Audiology. 1-cllow • lnlcrn:utoNI Saclety of Audiology. Mcntbcr • American Audhory Scxicry. Membd • A<><>c:i:ll;on (O< R"""""'h m Ololat)-ngoi"S)', Member

    Amcrt(::atl Spt'«'h-Ungua!,>e-H~rin& AMOCiatkln. Member

    • • • •

    Med IV elMS le"Achiny comrniuec, member School or nuxlicine curriculum review cornrniu~c. member Slrah:gic lllnnning Unil tas:kforce. faculty of Medicine. member Scitnlilic IK!vi$0ry comm ~ttcc. member Oloi<>&Y S«!lion CoordinMor, 43"' MEMA

    • Acooiclcal SodcLy of America, Mtmbcor Dr. Bn~:sim

    • flll Ze'£1oun

    • AUB. Bioelhia Commi11«, Scaelory • AUB, CME C<>mmiuoe, Chaitpm<~<~ • Sccrt!ll()'. Medi1
    • American College ofsurgeo..,Lcbollorl 01oprer l'rosiden1elea • Fellow. Aml'ricon College ofSuf800nS • • • • • •

    Follow. europcon Academy or Olology Neurolology ln1emnlionnl 0 1oparholo11Y Socie1y ll<>!lon US/\ Member 'fhc Prospcrc Menicro Sooiety, Member Editor, lnlcmntionul Advanocd Ott:)logy Jow·nnl Edilor, Archi"es of Ololaryogology-HNS Middle E.u1 tt~rorming the

    lmphmtation of &he fi[SI Bone Anchored Hearing

    Aid ( Wirh Dr. More Boosim) Orolm


    • • •

    Commun~yOuuach, Soulb L.ebaoan

    Campaipr fa< EM!y

    liaring LOS$ Deloct;on (S. Alllilah) Communi1y Ou•n:odl. Nonh Lebaoon Campaign for EM!y Henrins Loss De~«~ ion (D. Salib

    Speech Sounds Evaluation) software used for testing and rehabilitation of hearing-impaired individuals (D. Saliba) •

    Audiological testing services, in support of ongoing research in other AUBMC Departments (Hematology, Nursing) (S. Atallah, M. Nimeh)

    Hearing healthcare services for deaf and hearing-impaired children (rRAP, Father Endwekh, Father Roberts, Aramoun Institute, El Hadi rnstitute, Leaming Center for the Deaf, Friends in Need, Caritas-Zahle, Sarafand) (D. Saliba)

    United Nations, Assistance with setup of pediatric screening services (S. Sinno).


    Overview s tatistics O(!p:trtrncnt s umm ~~ry In average tlle Ef'T l)fi\'aiC clinics sees 230 ne\V cases per month and 200 follow up. In average lhe ENT 01'0 receives around 70 new cases ruld 85 follow up per month. Each day host a different spccitllty otology. Head and Neck, Pediatric otolaryngology. sinm; und laryngology Hc:ad and Neck. The highest load of holh new c:tSCs are seen ou Ivtonday and Wednesday (around 2S% e:ach).fo llowtd by Thursday who lms a high percentage of new cases (23%) yet lower in follow up ( 16%). With respect co dte operotling room, ou average Lht omlaryngolog.y head {lnd neck fac ulty members perform llround 125 surgery a month .If we subgroup the OR done in the Otoluryn.gology rooms we cnn sec clearly that the majority oft he op·Craliuns are ~• ndcr the rhinology umbrella with 36.9%, followed by otology 22.6% ~ rediatric and Hc:ad and neck are cquiv~1h:nt with 14.6 and 14% ~pCGt ively , L;Lrynx 7.3% 3nd finall)' Facial plasty with

    4.6%. Pl'l var~


    Nth' Casts


    TOTAL P/





    FUP afcer3



    86 16 2
















































    137 102






    246 1344

    39 2


    367 1317 1 346




    359 1325 1


    Slu.w:uiDJ: Room Ove rview




    ~MIC'III 011.....-.: Gill tMiiparw fi-R:ItH

    ~ ocr NOV -

    DrC 11\N

    • -=~ ~







    PorcoruwiL" ot OR hovrt ustrd comp1red lo


    10 61 78 1S




    A\'trage in


    92 72

    6 21· 25


    Follow 11

    • Follow up

    2009·2010 OPD cases





    2 1.7











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    0<1·13 - 1 3 Doc( &In· •• Ftb-tc1 -· 1 17





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    M· l4 "" 14





    S t~;tnd:ard

    1 01111 7 009-1010



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    0.33 6311;




    .. ~


    Summary Rcvl!nucs 20092010 Cotblea.r Jmpl:antntion Audiology Oe::t.ring Aid









    $ 10 1,066

    Spe«:h PuthOIIJgy Uurud:.\o Voke



    $22,0 11 $1.}92

    Cenrer Orthodontics OPDENT

    $19,6'97 $5,043


    $250,85 1






    Net rc.."'cnuc


    m2 $2,253











    Revenue 19.697 $108,290 362 $ 27.002 $ 1,592

    s s

    CtJChlt!.ar Jmolahfation A udlolog)' lleari"ll Aid Cettter Speech l'nrilology 1/amdaiJ Voice Center


    Ner Pmflt iT.AA1) '

    2,647 _(30 8Sil (9,744) (6.136) I 592


    $ 17.050 $ 139,14 1 $ 10, 106 $ 33. 138 . $

    $ $ $ $


    C6riipllrdiQn 2008·2009 tO ZW$20 1.0



    ~ I




    Cochlear AUdiology Implantation

    Heottiflg Aid C~n te.r-


    Patholoev Voice Center

    a Net Profit i loss-) 2Q08...i009





    • Net Profit (loss) 2009-2010










    PERSONNEL: (Refer to section B 1b) In November 2010, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine recruited Dr. Fadi Abdul-Karin as a Visiting Professor and Vice-Chair. On the other hand, Dr. Zaher Chakhachiro resigned from his position in the Department as of September 30, 20 I 0, to pursue hematopathology fellowship training at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston The agreement between the Department and Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center continued and the involvement of Dr. Najla Fakhreddin is an asset for coordination between the two institutions. Moreover, the pathology material from that center is contributing positively to the training of the residents in pathology, the educational and academic activities of the Department, and the growth of the clinical services.

    INTRODUCTION TEACHING: Teaching in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine was very active during the academic year 2008-2009.

    A. At the undergraduate level, the Department offered several courses: 1. Course 229 to Medicine II students: Dr. Nina Shabb was the course coordinator. This course covers general pathology topics that include the basic pathologic processes such as inflammation, cell injury and necrosis, diseases of immunity, genetics and neoplasia. Systemic pathology was taught in coordination with the course of Introduction of Internal Medicine. This approach continues to be well received and greatly appreciated by the students. The department took part in the effort to revise the curriculum for the preclinical years with the objective of full integration of all courses into organ systems and disciplines. The Multidisciplinary Laboratory in the Diana Tamari Sabbagh Bldg. was used for the Laboratory sessions of the course.

    2. The faculty and non-academic staff are active participants in the Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program. At the undergraduate level, several courses are offered:

    LM 201 and 202, Clinical Chemistry LM 210, Cytology and Histological Techniques LM 233, Genetics and Molecular Biology


    LM 234, Selected Topics in Laboratory Medicine LM 235, Medical Mycology LM 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, practical training for the senior students in aU sections of the Department. For the postgraduate residency training in Laboratory Medicine, the program continues to improve. The total number of residents remains unchanged at six residents. The weekly regular conferences have been maintained; these include: A presentation by a resident. Occasionally guest speakers from other departments or institutions were hosted. Clinical round in Laboratory Medicine; in these sessions, residents present interesting and unusual clinical cases followed by brief discussions. Journal club. A core program in Laboratory Medicine; this consisted of a series of lectures given by the faculty. These lectures cover the general principles of Laboratory Medicine including management. This core curriculum spans over two years. All residents participate in the research and development activities of the Department; their productivity m these projects is part of their overall annual performance appraisal. For the postgraduate training in Pathology, the program is four years and the total number of residents is five. Because of lack of accreditation for PGME and Board certification for pathology in Arab countries, many residents prefer to leave for the US before completing full training in Pathology at AUBMC. However in November 2010, the Arab Board of Pathology was founded and Dr. Zaatari was elected as its first chair. The Department held at least four weekly conferences: A presentation by a resident on a pathology topic Journal club Pertinent review of interesting and instructive pathology cases. Interdepartmental conferences: Dermatology, Orthopedic, ENT, Surgery The Department held several weekly and monthly interdepartmental conferences, with Pediatric and Adult Oncology, Neurosurgery, Head and Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Pulmonary Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Nephrology.


    In March 2010, the residents in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine sat for the standardized in-training examination-the Residency in-Service Examination (RISE), which is offered annually by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), a leading professional organization in N. America. As in the previous years, the perfiJrmance of the residents in the 2010 exam was good and there is demonstrable progressive improvement in their performance.

    RESEARCH PROGRAM A. Areas under investigation I. Yamout B, Herlopian A, El Bcjjani M, Al-Kutoubi A, Hourani H, Salti H, Baz E, Mahfou.z R, Khalil-Hamdan R, Kreidieh K, El Sabban M, Bazarbachi A. Safety and Feasibility of Intravenous Injection of Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Patients with Intractable Multiple Sclerosis. 2. Shabb N, FNA of inconclusive or erroneous FNA of breast with adequate and representative sampling. AUBMC experience. 3. Shabb N. Follicular lesions of the thyroid and their corresponding surgical materiaL Re-evaluation w"ith the new Bathesda classification fo thyroid lesions. 4. Shabb N. Incidence of cervical abnormalities in a Lebanese population in the US compared to AUBMC. 5. Holail Y, Tfayli A, Habbal MZ, Halawi R, El Saghir N, Salem Z, Shamseddine A, Bazarbachi A, Zgheib NK. The influence ofCYP2D6 genetic polymorphisms on variability oftamoxifen metabolism in the Lebanese breast cancer population. 6. Khalifeh I. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Mimicking Other Inflammatory and Neoplastic Processes. 7. Khalifeh I. Molecular Diagnosis of Cutaneous leishmaniasis and Species ldentitication. 8. Khalifeh I. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia: Clinical, Histologic and Molecular Comparative Study. 9. Boulos F. VEGFR, HIF-l, and MVD in triple negative breast cancer. I 0. Boulos F. Histopathologic characteristics of breast carcinoma in women younger than 40. 11. Boulos K Clinicopathologic characteristics of synchronous ductal and lobular carcinoma of the breast. J 2. Boulos ·F. Breast cancer in women younger than 40 compared to those > 40 years w"ith newly diagnosed Breast carcinomas: A prospective clinicopathologic and molecular study. 13. Boulos F. Comparison of FISH in Her2/neu 3+ tumors with and without positivity in normal ducts. 14. Boulos F. TTF-1 expression in follicular dendritic cell sarcoma 15. Boulos F. CLN3 expression in carcinoma of the breast. 16. Boulos F. The effect of ATRA on the differentiation of rhabdomyosarcoma in a murine model.


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    C. Research grants 1. Project title: Genetics of biofilm production by P. aerugmosa isolates at


    Principal investigator: Ghassan Malar Co-investigators: George Arnj, Usama Hadi F'unding: $ 9,000 (ongoing) 2. Project title: Molecular determination of the mechanism of resistance of newly emerging carbapencm- resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Lebanon. Principal investigator: Ghassan Malar


    3. Project Title: Establishment of an infectious disease research core facility at AUBMC. Principle investigator: Ghassan Dbaibo Co-investigators: George Araj, Mireille Kattar, Ghassan Matar, Souha Kanj, Zeina Kanafani Budget: $850,000 (ongoing-extension) Source: USAMRAA-DOD 4. Project title: Evaluation of VEGFR, HIF-1, and microvessel density in triple negative breast cancer as indicators of hypoxia induced aggressive phenotype and poor clinical outcome.

    Principal investigator: Fouad Boulos Budget: 26,000,000 LBP over 2 years. Source: LNCSR S. Project Title: Impact of nicotine metabolite monitoring on the efficacy of smoke cessation and usefulness of sequential CRP measurements. Principal Investigators: Rose Daher, Ghaz:i Zaatari, Nadim Kanj, Najwa Cortas, Juliette Jibrail. Funding: $1 9, 000 Source: MPP & URB. 6. Project Title: Comparison of neutrophil volume distribution width to C-reactive protein and procalcitonin as a proposed new marker of acute infection. Principal Investigators: Rose Daher, Rami Mahfouz, Am ira Yousef. Funding: $6,423 Source: MPP/AUB. 7. Project Title: Prevalence of ApoB-100 R3400Q mutation among Lebanese patients with hypercholesterolemia and altered ApoB levels. Principal Investigators: Rami Mahfouz, Rita Tanios, Rose Daher. Funding: $4,800 Source: MPP. 8. Project Title: Correlation of MTHFR mutations with homocysteine metabolism in healthy Lebanese Adults. Principal Investigators: Rose Daher, Rami Mahfouz, Najwa Cortas. Funding: $5,417 Source: Department Operating Fund. 9. Project Title: Should we screen for hereditary homochromatosis associated gene mutations in Lebanese with altered iron profile? A Pilot Study.

    Principal Investigators: Rose Daher, Rami Mahfouz. Funding: $4,990 (MPP) + $3,000 (Department Operating Fund).


    l 0. Project title: Using microarray gene expression profiling to uncover genes and pathways involved in the pathogenesis of familial Mediterranean fever. Principal investigator: Rami Mahfouz Co-investigator: Suha Yazbek Funding: $36,000 Source: MPP 11. Project title: The rabeprazole omeprazole clopidogrel interaction study, ROMIG (/) Study: Randomized single blind head to head dmg study Principal investigator: Hadi Skouri Co-investigators: Samir Alam, Abdallah Rebeiz, Rami Mahfouz Funding:$ 15,000 Source: MPP 12. Project title: Potential role of HLA and KIR as correlates of protection among Hepatitis B vims- (HBV) vaccinated and non-vaccinated subjects. Principal investigator: Nada Melhem Co-investigator: Rami Mahfouz Funding: $15,000 Source: Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (LNCSR) 13. Project title: Prognostic determinants of outcome at presentation in young Lebanese female patients(< 40 years) compared to those> 40 years with newly diagnosed breast carcinomas: A prospective clinicopathologic and molecular study. Principal investigators: Ali Shamseddine, Arafat Tfayli Co-investigator: Rami Mahfouz Funding: $70,000 Source: GSK I 4. Project title: The role of pharmacogenetics in the treatment of childhood acute

    lymphoblastic leukemia. Principal investigator. Samar Muwakkit Co-investigator: Rami Mahfouz Funding: $57,500 Source: MPP

    Ghazi Zaatari, M.D. Professor and Chainnan


    Dtpan-weot of Pharmacology aud Tbe:rapeutiC'S' Annua.l Report

    2009- 20 10 Penonncl

    Sec section Bl (faculty list by department).

    Teac-hing The Phannacology Course to d1e BS ~~ Pharmacology 240, 3 credits. Drs. Simaan. Subra and Zghcib participated in teaching this course. No major changes were iruroduced 10 lhis course relative to last year. The course \liaS ev~aiUfii Cd as good to excellent by 68% of students. Chedt the evaluations! rhe Pharmac<.l12gy Course to the Second Year Med.kal Srud.fJJt;>; Ph.unmw:ology

    and Toxicology 228 (300). Drs. SillWln, Sabra, Cortas and Zgheib participated in teaching this course. The course was given to 88 medical s~u dcnts and 4 graduate student.;; bemoeen January 3 a.nd Aplil 30, 2010 and consisted of lectures, case discussions, and laboratory sessions. No major chrutgcs were introduced to Lhe course this year <:xccpl for expansion on the use of team lmscd learning (sc belov.•) . Need to tbeck the roUowin.g: The student~~ O\'ttaH evaluuliQn of lhe course was Excellent (44%), Ve1)' Good (38%) and Good {1 8%), on a 5 point scale of !;xcelknt, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

    Tearn Based L.eruni.Dg: This tcac;hing and learning metJwd continued this )'Cilr in tlle pharrnncology course for second year students. \viih additional sessions strucrured as TBL l11e introduction of this methodology was also pRr1 of edU<:otional research conducted by the departmenc Most students were pleased with the approach und requested future sessions to be structured a.long l.hc same lines. 11ris ~xperl e1lce was written as nn ortic:le ttnd published in Medical ·reacher in 20 I0 (see Publications section). The resullS clearly demonstrated improvement ln the perfOrmance of students In Ihe areas taught by this methodology. A:; a result of that publication, we have been invited to wrlle an expert review on teaching pharmacogenetics using TBL for the journal Current Pham,acogenctic;;s and Personalized Medicine. to appear in 20 J I. The CtiniCill Phannacology Course to FoU!lb Year Medical Students: This course, st.ancd in the previous year. oontinuod this year with no major changes.. However, because of its success with the students, thelr positive feedback, and tJleir sugge.~tloos to Star1 i1 in third year of medical school, the department has decided to offer it to hoth third and 4'' year students starting 20 10<20 11 , in agreement with the Department of Internal Medicine. The course consisted of six 90 minule bimonlhly clinical pharmncology sessions offered by Dr. Zgheib as a requirement during the 3 months Internal Medicine rollltion in year 4 of the AUB medicaJ school curriculum. Our (jrst J8 months experience has been published in the Jounm1 of Clinic~] Phnnnacology, 2010. Our results showed that students wete highly satisfied \vith the course and the teaching approach, and that _perfonnance on prescription writing and fonnuJary develop!'r)enl improved. Furthermore,


    most students asked for more sessions and for the course to start in the third year of the curriculum. The Graduate Program: Ten students were registered in the Graduate Program, three of whom completed the course requirements and their theses projects and successfully defended their theses. Seminar sessions were held for the graduate students and consisted of presentations of planned or accomplished research or discussions of recently published articles. Bioethics course: Dr. Sabra participated in the medical ethics course given to third year students (Physicians Patients and Society-2) by providing two 90 minute sessions on Research Ethics. He also contributed to the medical ethics sessions given to second year students as part of the Physical Diagnosis Course, by moderating with other faculty the student led sessions during which they reflected on their experiences with patients and physicians. Problem Based Learning course: Drs. Sabra and Zgheib contributed to the Problem Based Learning course given to first year medical students. Dr. Zgheib facilitated 2 cases (6 sessions) and Dr. Sabra one case (3 sessions). Advanced pharmacology for nursing (NURS 515) School of Nursing: This 3credits course was originally provided by Dr. Suhad Shbeir (Nursing School faculty member) during which Dr. Zgheib wa•> invited to deliver 6 (l hour) didactic lectures: pharmacogenetics, antimicrobials and antivirals. The department was asked to take over the coordination and delivery of the course for Spring 20 II and preparations are being made for that purpose. Drs. Zgheib, Simaan, Sabra and Cortas will participate in its teaching.


    The following research projects were pursued. Dr. Joseph Simann:

    I. Development or tolcmncc to tlle pressor effect of ephedrine. the mechanism involved in the tolerance. the role of nhric oxide and the efl"ect of the tolerance 0 11 dircctly·acting sympathomitnetic amines like norepinephrine tmd indircctly·acting symr>athomimetic amincs like ryrruninc were explored in rats. 2. The mechanjsm of tolemnce to the r)ressor ciTeel of mepbcntcnninc and the role of nitric oxide in the tolcnmcc were explored in ratS. Modilicru.ion of the pr¢ssorcffcct of norepinephrine and l)'r'.tmine by mephcntcnninc tolerance was also explored. 3. lmeractiotl berv.·et:n ephedrine and mcphememtine at uptake 1 in sympathetic nerve terminals and the role of nitric oxide in this interaction were explored in rot prepara1ions. 4. The (:ITe<:t or nebivolol on the production or nitric oxide induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide and pcpt.idoglycru1in mice (collaboration with lhc Department of Microbiology and hnmunology). Dr. Ramzi Sabra: I. 11>e role of ansiotcosin II I)'Jle 2 receptors in vascul.,. dysfunction induood by

    diabetes mellitu.o; in mts.

    2. The slow pressor cffec'l of angiotensin n in diabetic rats. ) , Comparison of the lnnuence of chronic treatment with losru1nn or captopdl on vasc-ul(lr dysfunction in diabetic ratco:. 4. Effect of usin~ Team Based Learning to teach basic pharmacology to se<»nd and rourth )'taf students on their perfonnance: and satisfaction. Qr. Nadmlie K. Zgheib:

    I. The Role of tl1e A•1gi0tcnsin Type 2 & I Receptnrs in Cordiovasculnr and Renal Function in Diabetic Rats (PJmRam in the treatment of ALL (PI: S. Muwokkit) 2 year project in collaboration with the pedin~rio bemato-oncologists. Received fundin~ from AUB Ml'l' Slttf1ing 2010. 3. ·rt.e influence of CYr'2D6 gelletic _polymorphisms

    on variability of tamoxifen


    metabolism in the Lebanese breast cancer population (PI: A. Tfayli) 2 year project in coll aboration with the environmental core lab and the adu lt hemato-oncology group. Received funding trom AUB MPP starting 2010. 4. Role of Genetic Polymorphisms of Dmg Metabolizing Enzymes and Drug Transporters in the Risk and Treatment of Breast Cancer and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the Lebanese Population (PI: Zgheib) 3 year project funded by MPP. Starting 2009.

    5. The effect of CYP2C 19 genetic polymorphism and proton pump inhibitors on the antiplatelet action and metabolism of clopidogrel (PI: Alaa Sharara) 2 years project funded by LNCSR. Starting 2009. 6. Team Based Learning (TBL). This is a non fuoded research in collaboration with other members of the pharmacology department. The aim is to assess TBL in basic Pharmacology and clinical pharmacoiOb'Y teaching. Publications: I. M.O. Esmerian, z. Mitri, M. Z. Habbal, E. Geryess, G. Zaatari, S. A lam, H.N. Skouri, R.A. Mahfouz, A. T aher and N.K. Zghcib.Tbe lnilucoce ofCYP2C9 and VKORC I Polymorphisms on Warfarin and Acenocoumarol in a San1ple of Lebanese People. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 2010. [Epub ahead of print]. 2. Akra-lsmail M, Fakhoury R, Naccache Chmaisse H, Kazma A, Zgheib, N.K. Association between the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Genetic Polymorphism and Hypertension ill a sample of Lebanese Patients. Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers. 20 I0 Oct 12. [Epub ahead of print] 3. N.K. Zgheib, J.A. S imaan, and R.. Sabra. Using Team Based Learning to Teach Clinical Phannacolo&'Y in Medical School: S tudent Satisfaction and Improved Perfom1ance. Journal of Clinica l Pharmacology. 2010 Jul29. [Epub ahead of print] 4. J. Antoun, NK Zgbeib, Achkar K. Education may Improve the Undcrutilization of Genetic Services by Middle F.astem Primary Care Practitioners. Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers. 20 LO Aug; 14(4):447-54. 5. N K Zgheib, Z Mitri, E Geryess and P Noutsi. Cytochrome P4502El (CYP2E I) Genetic Polymorph isms in a Lebanese Population: Frequency Distribution and Association with Morbid Diseases. Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers. 20 10 Jun; 14(3):393-7. 6. Zgheib N.K, Simaan J, Sabra R Using Team Based Learning to Teach Pharmacology to Second Year Medical Students Improves Student Perfom1ance. Medical Teacher. 20 I 0; 32: 130-135.


    7. Mitri Z. Esmcrian M, Simaan J, Sabra R, Zghcib N.K. Phannacogenetics and Persor~aliz.ed Medicine: Future Prescriptions. The Lebanese Medical Journal. 2010 Volume 58 N2. Ab~traclS.

    Conference Presentations and Proceedings:

    I. Simaan, .1. Internet ion bct'Wcen sympathomimetic anlines, ephedrine, tyrrunjne and norepinephrine at uptake 1 in sympathetic oerves and the role of nitric oxide. 111e t-ASEB.nee~ing, 201 0, Anaheim. USA.

    2. 7,gheib N. K. SimllOJl J. Sabra R. Team Based learning. Teaching and Lcaming conference, CTL & ACC. AUB. December, 20 10.

    3. G
    5. Sab ra, R, AI-Uariri, A. Ghali-Ghoul, R. Changes in nngi oten.~in II {All) rype 2 (AT2) receptor function in the aorta of diabetic rats over time. FASEB meering 2010. Anaheim, C•. USA. {FASEI.l J. 20 10 24:)71.8)

    6. Sabra, R.. Khalaf~ M. Effocl of cinnamon (C) on va..~cuJar fu nction in diabetic rats. IUPHAR confcrcoce, July 17-23, 20 I0, Copenl.,gen, Denmark. Mns!cr ofScience thesis I. Eddy Geryess: 11le role ofCYP2EI and G$T generic polymorphisms in risk of

    broasl cancer. June 2o I0 Advisor: Nathalie Zgheib

    1. Ahrnud EI-HarirJ: In~vivo and in~ vitro effects of the angiotensin IJ type 2 receptor

    CGP42 112 on vascular and renal func tion ina model of type I diabetes mellitus in roiS Advisor: Ramzi Snbm

    J . Maya Khalaf: Effect of einnamaldebyde on v•scular function in dlabelic raiS. Advisor. Ramzi Sabra WorKshops to AUB fac ulrv members


    Apnl • od September 2010: Dr. Na~aalie Zsheib led Mo workshops on Team based learning (2-J hours each). This was par1 of fnculty tcnching series sponsored by the Center for 1 'ca<.~h ir1S and l...comin$ (CTL) n l A.lJO.

    Joseph A. SimMn M.D. Department of Phannacol()gy


    Americ:aD 1Jnfvt.n:iry o r &:i.rttt/Mrdkal Cc:nftr

    llcpartmeol or fsytbialt)' Aoqu•l Reports (2009-2010) Faeulty )>

    Jean Kebei2, MD

    A/chairperson. PsychiOiry ProJ: ofNrurology & Nturopothology ~

    Lcylo Oirani. PhD cr.nioal Psychologi5l

    }.- Brig.iue Khoury. PhD Clinic-!tl PsychologiS1 );>


    Mounir Khuni, MD Psychiatrist

    fadi Maalouf. MD Ps}'truatrist


    The Ocpanmcnt ofPsychlally al AUB has clCc:ted 10 adop
    The sforonentioned mul1idlseiplinlt)' assessment require$ ex peru. These lncludeo


    team apptoaoh from many

    Medical and neuropsychin1ric as~men t to cheek for mcdicol 11ndlor neurologjCill

    pmhoiogy that may explnin the psychiatric con1pialn1<. Psychiatric a.sse&!lmcnt 10 reach a psychiatdc diagno!ls and to decide on the proper in1ervc:ntions.


    • •

    Psychological testing andlot p.sychoche-rapy to help p.alitnl< eonttollheir symptoms M~ favorably modify lhe couroc oflh~ illness. Family and social :&..1\:StsMnents w-e also or utmos·l value to underSiand the cultural ~111d familial influences Ol' the patient'.s behavior and tO help Ihe rnmily underslttJld the nmurt= of the: Illness 11nd how they can contribute posi,ivc:ly in 1he numagemem plaJJ. Highly quaJified and prorc:ssionnl tc:am that usually include$ a pS)'Chiatrist, a neurologist.


    psychoh>&ist. a nurse, and a soci~l worker provid-es such a

    multidiscipliruuy lppYi~ !be p

    Modicino n

    0.. Mounir Klumi gavel1l05J of !be o.eaching 10 the 2"' .)'Orders. The io'cleo< ltld very much >pp
    Mnclicine m


    SIUdtnts oJso rooued a1 the llo'J)illll oft h.: Cross for thrte holt doys per ~ek in on Dltming r(lunds BS well as presentations by the .studcnlJI ou vt~ri ous forms ofp:\ychittlric disorders und their trcmmenLor;.


    During the cletksh ip stud crus we:rc wpcrvi.scd by aU members the psych iot ry dcparunan with spedal emph~iJC on interviewing sJdll.s, dbgoo.sdc fOfmulttli{)fl$.. and trcormcnl pl311s.

    Saudcnrs """' inrroduced 10 ...-io.,. ll>nns of lh=lpy in
    GraduAte teachiag: Family Raideab:

    Fllmlly Medicine re5idcnl5 tOIOIQ t.hrough the psychitury depanmenl for 3 period or one month or two during their residency. 1llcy take an active rofe in the nuanagc:menl or ouepalicru.s aod inpa.tienl\ under the dirttt supervision of the dtp:&nmcnl psychiatrists rond clinicol pSyciplinary o:<>opt is muc:b IK'Oded in speeiahy oons;dering the number or poalcnu aha! p.-nt 10 family phy•iclw woth psyclliruric rond psychosomatic oomplolniS. CHak.a.l Adivlties:

    Very busy and active stnlc or1hc an clinic:a.l services., including S days a week fulJ schedule all the year-round boah In f'sychlauy and clinical P$yohology. Dcspiae alllhe dencimdes in the number and qunnthies of the supportinG persot~ncl. no llllljot oomplairus wen: rq>orted by the poticnrs in the pri•- cronies ._..._Filii




    Kh1111l, Mourur




    Khoury. Briginc


    52 (Consuhation)


    Moaloul; fadi



    o;.... ~ Lcylo


    12 16


    0.1'.0 :

    Number of consuluulous done by J•sychiatrists Md Clinical Last. fir><


    J·•sychol o~iSts


    Khalli. Mounir



    Khoury. Brigi:ne



    Moalouf. Fodi



    Dirnni. Leyla



    1'11 blicalioa!

    Dr. Etcfi Maaloue Maalouf FT and Gilben AR. SC111111ine induced En~~tesis in • prc-puberutl child resolves aller swil.ching to fluoxeline. J Child Alk'k3' J>sychophannacpl. 2010 Apr;20(2): 161-2 MMiouf 1'1'. Klein C. Clark !., Sohnldnn OJ, Lobarbt1111 EJ, VerSll Disorders wilh Physical l)lsabllhy. J'cdlatrlc Healtl1 (2010) 4(6), 591-001 Manlouf FT. Pona G, EnL

    M.. louf I'T. Munnell R. Clark L. Sahakian D, Brenl D. Phrllops M. (und.:r rtview) Ncurooognilive deficits rn pedi41nc deJlression : Slate v~ Trnil M!atdouf PT. Alwi M , Brent U. (uuder review). Adolescents; Bow to prc"'cnl it? I low to treat it?

    Tre(1tmcnt~R csis:utn1

    Depression in

    Dr. l.cvla Dit;mi; I· AKOURY DIRANI L , (2008) l.o BECS <1 le biillll de
    Olternt d'une sclerose tubemtse de Bowmllc; in La B.uttrie d'E\11luation Cogniti•.. et Soc~mot,.,.,nell< (BECS). ADRIEN J.l (<
    Dr. Brigjue Khoury; I. Khoury. B. & Tobbonlb, S. (201 0) The Sllllus of clinical ond coun"'lling psychology

    in L
    Rcscorch granu: 1. Project Tide: CcJtnidve """""I .it Emotioo Processin£ M01km or higb-in1eru $Uiclde ideation •• odol......ts . 2010.2012 Principle ln•estigOlor: Dr. Fodi Maalouf

    Budget; S 72,600.00 Source; AmericM Foundation or Suicide Prevention

    2. Projec• Tille; NC\Irooow,uhive eom:.lukS ofSSRI tretumenl in pediatric depre.
    l. rroj«l Tille: Prcvali!neund Corrdole$ of Psych~>lric Olsor.!i!rs and T rea1m
    Sctking in Ailolon:nts in Gn:au:r 8<11\11: An fpllltmloloabl Srudy. Prindp!e 1Mestigator: Dr. Fadi Moalouf Oodg
    Project Tille; Standardiz3tion of Wechsler lumerles. l'riutiplc Investigator. Dr. L.c:yla l)inmi lludge1: $547,000.00 ~ource: NIMII




    f•ro~f ·ntle; Assessment &

    monitoring oruhildrcn (3·6 yrs) bom with ART. Principle lnvestigatoo-: Dr. Ley Ia Dlrani Budget: $10,000.00 Sour= MPP-URB



    Ptojetl Title: The postpnlndia1 "''!'O"SCOI or oppdilo honnoncs to varied macronuuient composhioo ofmeoJs ln aoorcxic and bulimic adolescent g.irl$Co- lnvesdgator: Or. L.eyJo Oin1ni Budget: 1..1:11' 18,000,000.00 Source: LNCSR


    l'rojeel Title: StandordiZlllioo of the WISC IV inltllill""'" lest in lebantSG Children· Pilo1 ph3Se Principle Investigator: Dr. Leyb Dirani Budget: LBP8,000,000.00 Sour=LNCSR

    Bodg«: $10,000.00 Source: lssam F4r«1nstilo~ r.. publio poll
    l'rojea Tille: Arab Regiooa1 Center for RO$e:ttch and Troining on MenL11 Disordet<

    Prlndplc lnvesligotor; Or. Briginc Khoury


    Budget: $59,570

    Source: WliO· AUil The minimum .aeeds of tbe depanmeat:

    • Chnirpcrson," full time psychiatrist with the experience and background needed to fUrther develop the departmenr and intr oduce the changes needed for the department to rernaiu viable and competitive.

    • One adult Psychiatrist with a subspecialty in addiction. As the number of subsumcc usc/abuse patients is on the rise ruld as there is a bct1er rc.nlization of this


    problem in the society as a who1e; the department of

    psychiatry should be ready to meet this ernerging challenge. • At lea~a one general adult psyc h i ntri ~ to help cope with the ever incre-asing demand or new patierlts. ( It currently requires up to 2-3 montlts to make an appointment wilh Dr. M. Khani wht) is the the adult psychiatrist in the

    department) • Adequate swffing in term of clinic a.
    • One Psyt:ho1ogist who will ae1 as administrator oflhe inpatient Unit and will conltibute to lhe teaching of medical S1Udents and provide psythothcrnpeut.ic lrearntent for inpatients as W"CII as train the unit'!j personnel in such treamle1u modalities. • One social worker with a background in psyehialric social work. The social worker will work wilh both inpatients and outpatients and help in terms or dispositiOn as well tLs in providing a social background for thl; patients to incOJponue this with the best treatment plan for those pnlicnts. • An occupational lhcrapi,st for the inpatient unit where patientS should be tnvolved in regular thmpeutic: activities that \viii enhance their recovery and promote their return co a healthy and productive lire. That will distinguish the AUBMC inpatient psychiatric unit ru1d will distinguish it from other racililies where trentmc:nt is csscntiaJ(y limited to drug tllerapy

    alone. • All of the above should be directed towards the csta.blls hmetH of a residency UQining program thal will fulfill a much needed area of training fOr our graduotes who have been constantly demanded suc:h a uaintng program.



    ANNIJAL REPORT October 2009- Seplcmbcr 2010





    Year to Date

    No. of new patients


    No. of retreated patients


    No. of follow-up patients


    No. of consultation patients


    1- Linear Accelerator SL 18 Treatment given Areas tr




    2- Linear Accelerator SL 75 Treatment given Areas tr

    6679 263 11


    3- Stereotactic Radiosurgery No. of new patients


    4- Brachytherapy

    No. of new patients


    Treatment given



    Fady Gcara. MD, PhD


    Annual R(!port,

    Dcpanmcnt of Radiation Oncology 2009-20 10


    Sox section BIb Teachine. Activities and Conterenus:

    I. Taddei f>J, Khater N, Zhang R, Gean F, Mahajao A, Gicbelcr A, Mirkovic D,

    Newhauser WD, Prcdjctcd risk of radiation carcinogene-.sis in a 13-year--old girl treated far medulloblustomn wilh crMjospirutl irradiation in a developing versus a developed country, Cancer survivorship research symposium,

    Houston. TX. USA. Book of abstracts, 67 (20 II). 2. fi"ady B. Geara. Presen1ing: Radiosurgel)' and Stereo-tnctic tlody R.arliolhempy: l11e 5th Middle East Best ofCTRC - AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium January 12 • 13,2011. Riyadh, KSA 3. Fady B. Ceara. Short radiotherapy versus classicaJ fractionution. lntcmationnl Congtess for Cancer in Youog Women. Sop 30-0ct.O I-02, 2010. Damascus, Syria. 4. Fady B. Ctano. New trcods of radio!herpay in early s~age breast cancer. The 'f" International Jordan Oncology Society Conference. Jordan July 29-31,2010. S. FacJy B. Ceara. Neoadjuvant radiotherapy for rectal cancer. XJXth congtess of surgery, Safadi cultural center, Tripoli. Lebanon. May 14- 15.2010. 6. f'acJy B. Ceara. Radiotherapy in prostate cancer, the to" Pan Arab Congress. Algiers April 30- May 2. 2010, 7. Fady B. Geara. Radio!hernpy for locally advanced bladder cancer, the I O'' Pan Arab Congtess, Algiers April30- May 2. 2010, 8. Fady B. Ceara. Local management issues aflcr preoperative systematic lhcrapy for operable breast cancer. Riyadh. KSA, International symposium on ne\v frontiers ln brens1tl'~nccr 9. Fady B. Geano. Updated resul ts and guidelines for radiation thernpy post breast conserving surgery. RJyadh, KSA. lntcrnational symposiwn on new fronliers in breast cancer I0. Fady B. Geara. Usc or post mastectomy radiation therapy in operable breast cancer. Riyadh. KSA lntemntional symposium on new frontiers in breast crulce.-

    11. Fady II. Ceara. Panelist: Mock IRB - LRB review of a multi-center lnternational clinical trial, Global Acade·mic Programs conference 201 o. Houston, Texru: Aprill3-16, 2010 12. Fady B. Geara. Com~ined modolity therapy for locally advanced HNC, The Winter academy, SL Moritz & Pontresina, Tho April 8- 1L. 2010


    13. Fady B. Ceara. Update on Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer. European Arnb School of Oncology (EASO). Amman. Jordan October 2009. 14. Fady D. G<>an1. fuldiothcrnpy for Bladder Cancer. European Arab School of Oncology (EASO), Amman, Jordlln October 2009. T. EidMD

    I· T. Eid, lntro
    Others: Fady Geara MD.I'hP Chair; Weekly IUtnOr clinic confcn::ncc


    Monthly head and neck tumor conference Bi-Monthly breast c:ru)cer conference Monthly Leukcmia-Lyrophoma conference Weekly POOimric Oncology eo11fcrcnce

    Weekly Newo.rurgery and Neuropathology conference Rt$Carch:

    Eady Gcara MD. PhD Labomtory invesligntions on the mdiosensitlzing effects of quindoxin Chcmoradiation for nasophal)'Ogeal cancer Oetinjtive ra
    Touflc Eid MD ·Outcome in pediatric Hodgkin's disease otter ASV-COPP chomo and radiotherapy. - Lympht1tio irradiation in patie11l."- wilh br~i cancer and less thllll 4 involved Jymplu\Odes - Changing characteristics and improved outcome of early breast cancer in lowand middlc·income cotu11ries.


    I. ~1-Khotib M, Gr11n1 F. llnddudin MJ, Gnli-Muhtaslb II ..( ell death by the quinoxaline d1oxide f)CQ In huJtiau c:o1on cancer cc:lls is cnh:u\Ced under hypoxia rmd is indcpc:ndenl of p53 ruxl p2 L Radiat OntXII. 20 10,S.I07. 2. Abboud M._&lghir NS, S.b111i>J, G...,. Fll Compk1<: Il Lap>tinib and C~~pC<:itobine. Bmul J. 2010: 16(6)·644-6. 3. Fady B Ceara, Ali Shomseddinc. Ali Khalil. Mirna Abboud, Ma)'ll Charnfeddinc ruxl Muhlcddino Seoud. A phas< U randomized orial oomp3ring rndi01ht:rapy with concurrent eispJatln or weekly poolitaxcl in prnit11lS. with advanced cervicol cnncer. Rodintlo, On~o/o1!J120JO, S:84 4. Taddei PJ, Zhang R, l'crCl·Andujar A, Howell RM. Scarboro SU, Mnhajiln A,

    Gura I', Kholcr N, Olchckr A, Mlrlrovlc 0 , N. l'redlcoed risk of a radiat.ion·indooed sect~nd tru11ignanl neoplasm tbr 3 9-·y~r..old girl with medultoblOIStoma after proton versus pholOn cmnio3pinnl 1rradiation, 56th Annual Metting ofohc: I\Jadi31ion Research Socicssi H, AbbasJ, Khalifc M. Boulos Fl. Tawil AN, Geua FB, Sakm Z. Shamt
    f . Geara MD. PhQ As.~iate Editor; The lnoemational Journal ofl\ndlndon Oncology, Biology. nnd l'hysiC3: USA

    Member. Academic commiuec. AUB FM Member, Medical Board, AUBMC Membcr. llospillll em- commiuec. AUBMC Member. The University Radlallon Safety CommiiU!e. AUB


    Member, The Graduate Medical Education Committee, AUB FM


    Animal Care Facility (ACF) and Lnstit:utiooal AoJmal Care aod Use Committee (IACUC) Annual Report for Academic Year 2009-2010

    Port 1: Animal Care Facility (ACF) rhe activities oft he ACF for ihe period of October 1, 2009 to September 30, 20 I0 covered the fol lowing: I· Services: a- Investigators served: During the academic year 2009·20 10, the /\CF served 30 Principal Tnvestigmors (PT) fr!lm the Faculty of Medicine, Biology and Nutrition and 52 research smff (research assismnts, DocL Fellows and Masters Students). b- Animals Provided: A total of 1957 rats, 1300 mice and 10 pigs were used. In strict compliance with the Rules and Regulations that govern the care and use oflive vertebrate anima ls, all experimental animals are regularly housed in tl1e ACF under the professional care of the ACF staff. 2- Veterinary Care: Veterinary Care was perfom1ed on a daily basis. The veterinarian rounds every morning and even ing and provides treatment whenever ind icated, assists surgeons, monitors 3llimals in the post surgical period, and addresses issues related to pain recognition and relief. 3- Monitoring and Control The ACF monitors, records on a dai ly basis, and keeps records and inventories up-to-date for: Animal breeding. Animals taken by researchers. Animal feed. Supp lies, Dn1gs and Chemicals. Envi ronmental conditions in the facility. 4- Animal Health • ·re~1S for ecto- and endo- parasites in the mice and rats breeding colonies were done every two months. The results showed that tl~ colonies were free from ecto- and endoparasites. -Lung biopsies were taken from some animals, and were examined by AUBMC pathology depa11rnent The results were nom1al. Due lo b ck of funds: No bacleriaJ or serological tesls performed.

    5- Transgen ic Unit:


    SCI[), NO()-SCII\ l'OQ l!lld liflirle~s qJi~ol!fo h ou~ and bNd in lhe Tmnsg~nic Uni1. Ongoing breeding and expcrimen L~ are monitored only by the rese:u-ch personnel. 6... Environmental Cou1rol:

    Envimnmemal condilions nrc poorly conlrollcd. ContinuOU$ monitoring data show significruu fluctuations in temperature and humidity in most ofthe ACF rooms. Adcqunlc control ot' environn\ental conditions is a need.

    7- Activities in the ACf: I0 workshops. 2·3 days each, were held i 11 the ACF in collaboration with the Surgery Depttnment togCihcr with the Companies Johnson & Johnson, Covidicn and Ston. A total of 56 physicians from Qmar. Kuwait, Syria, Iraq and f.gypc pmc:ticcd in our t'ilcility advancOO techniques in metabolic surgery on 32 pigs. &.. Staff Education and TraiJ)iug:

    Staff Education and Trajning is an ongoing activily of the ACF. The veterinarian provided several training sessions to 30 panicipants (new researchers, research sraff and Master students) using rmiruals ror n;scarch. teaching Md/ or testing. 9· Several meetings with the FPDU took place cor~cerning the renovation needed fOr tJ1e ACF accreditation.


    American University of Beirut· Faculty of Medicine Research Committee Annual Report

    Oct. 1, 2009 - Sept. 30, 2010 Composi tion: Drs. Mohamad Say~gh (Chair), Ghada El Hajj Fuleihan (Co-Chair) , Ali Bnzarbachi (Co· Chair), Ziad Bashshur, Rose Mary Boustany, Habib Do kik, Lay la Farhood, Ayad Jaffa. Anwar Nassar, Georges Nemer, Marwan EI-Sabban

    Decisions Accomplishments and Recommendations: The Research Commillcc (RC) met several times during 2009-20 I0 to review research proposals submincd by members of the Faculty of Mediciuc, who requested funding from intramural sourees, i.e., the Medical Practice Plan Research Fund and the University Research Board. As in previolL~ years, there were two cycle.~ for funding of research proposals from university sources this year. The fall is restricted to Instructors, Assistllnt Professors, and Associate Professors promoted in 2003 or later. The Spring Cycle is available to all faculty members and targets large proposals which were ongoing as par1 of a research progmm of the investigator. Proposals can be submitted for a maxi mum of three years, wi th an annual budget up to $40,000. The maximum amount an investigator may request is$ 40,000 per academic year irrespective of !he number o f proposals submitted by the same invc.~tigator and found meritorious and eligible for funding. Proposals can only be submitted through the new 0 1dinc Submission System. During 2009-2010, 58 research proposals were submined for intramural funding. Of these, 40 (69%) were recommended by the RC for funding and the remaining were found to be low priority and were not funded. The total funds dispensed from intramural sources were$ 827,792. The distribution of these funds was as follows:$ 228,000 !rom the URB and$ 599,792 from lhc MPP.

    Farouk Jabre Biomedical Researeh fund: The purpose of the Farouk Jabre Biomedical Research Fund is to foster interfaculty multidisciplinary research projects at AUB. The proposal should comprise at least one investigator from the Faculty of Medicine and one or more investigators !Tom the other live Schools at AUB. During 2010, tYlelve proposals were evaluated by the Ad-hoc com mittee (RC commiuee members and URB members). Accordingly the top three scoring proposals were awarded $30.000 for one year per investigator ($60,000 from Farouk Jabre Biomedical Research Fund and $30,000 from the dean's office).


    r - - - -- F:..:•:::U'-"Cyd< :zlt9.10


    ta, ..,.,...

    Totle otrhe PJ.,.._I

    Mojd:laal, l b!""">ion of AhcnWivcly Sploc:CII VoniWJ ol Marrt~e _ Cardiac Enriched Tmnscrip1ion }-ac:wn I fhc effects of"""'"'< lrio•idc (As) ond No~r, mli:Jferon alpha (TFN) on I he cradlcarlon of Rlhab leukcmio inilinring cells (LIC) In chronic rn eloid .1£\!!!emia (CML) S b l11•c$liMalion of molcculru p>~hwnyM nf 1 $tncsccuQC as a twnor ~UJlJH'C~ve nu:<:hnnlaru yya in uanouse model of pincoblas:toma Tbc Role of Genetic Polymorph~>lnJ ol I>rug Mccaboli7'11& Enzymes and f>ru& ·r rllbf>O...,. 1n ldodb, thrRishndTI'CIIIm on lhe 1...,.,..,.



    I I





    29 00 Reoewal





    JO OO

    r:.,• '



    1 21,00 Rtt> 0 .,..1 30.00 R I 0 enowa


    C'awnide rn::umenr ofeolon ..-rcells "'PPCWS Wn1 sig,ulia& by i~ d.Jhl ululd uprossioct ~ ?-.-,.,--o~ fNovcl M , _ 1n thr Nc•w, Vituruo 0 Rmporcd wilh lru!omerhncln for Na11a.r, ocutc toculysis of prcterm hinh: a mulllccntcr, AIIIWMr m11domi.OO, double-blind •rudy Maakwf', Neurocognitive Correlates of SSRJ 'rrcmmont l!'odl RCS(>OilSe in ~ediatric Depression Muwokkll. 1lro Role of Pbrumi!MJ:tnc:lic:.s In doc I reouueur Sa•ar of Childhood Ac:urc L)'l!lphoblasrlcl..,ukcmia The Influence ofCYP206 &ry To ACUII: And Clrooni< Smot~ F.xpmo"" In All Anrrna1 Mock! ~and lll(ICiilr>rinc ofduldren lhttc 10 Dfn.l. six r-s oge born ..w Ass>siCII Laybr Rq>roduclive Techmlosi<> Frrec,. of viramio 0 suppl

    30.00 0

    12.00 0 IJ,OO

    0 7,000


    P;;:"""*'= =·-

    14,00 0 24,00 0 18.00 0 25,00 0

    7.000 J.OOO


    B3 i-3

    Farra, Chantal

    I FTO genotype and its association with 13M\


    Sinno, Durriyah


    energy intake in Lebanese children Standardization of the Ages aod Stages , Ii Questionnaires (ASQ) in the Arabic Speaking ' Pediatric Po~ation An Estimate of the Prevalence of Barrett's Esop.Eagus in Lebanon , Evaluation of VEGFR, HIF- I a and Micro~~ Density in Triple Negative Breast Cancer as Indicators of H ypoxi a-induccd Aggressive PhenotyEe and Poor Clinical Outcome Human I lerpesviridae Infections and ImmuneRelated Markers in the Evolution of Multiple Sclerosis Assessing the Effects of Involuntary and j Persistent Noise on Health and Hearing in Beirut, Lebanon Topical honey versus povidone iodine in disinfection of the ocular flora

    5 000






    -r--- - - -

    Dika, Samer


    _ 5,000


    Boulos, Fouad Rahal, [ Elias J


    l •



    --- 4,000 !



    1 Marjaneh

    ; Haddad, l Randa

    t-- -i


    j :zs,oo 2 7s,o I

    Total Funding




    ~--------,·-----------S~ringCy~le]Ol~--------~-Principal ~F-I lnves:ga-to-l-Title ot the Proposal , URB t- MP _ _P _



    Prevalence and characteristics of celiac disease

    in patients referred for upper gastrointestinal

    Barada, Kassem


    8 900

    Rene ! wal

    endoscopy: a clinical, endoscopic, serologic and ~ 0 ' histonathologic study i 1---------:1--'M;;:.;;.;;_o~ le~ular Mechanisms of Cardiac Growth in--~-----+----

    Bitar, Fadi Boustany, RoseMary


    the Chronically Hypoxic Mouse Heart: The Role 10,00 of Sphingolipid Metabolites and Transcriptional ,l 0 Factors NFAT, GATA-4 and dHA __N _D ----.~! 10,00 In Pursuit of the CLN9 gene and protein


    Kibbi, AbdeiGha .






    Yunis, Kh Jed

    -~ j


    - ---

    10,00 0

    - - ---



    I wal


    3 000 ! Rene ' ! Wal

    __ 1- - - -

    ~hke eftifects of antendata steroids for wom en at n s o 1ate preterm e 1tvery on neonata1




    : 1O,OO ·

    -~~e_j£CltO!Lmorbidity_:~ Multicenter Pilot Study ~- ~O-


    30,00 ~ Rene

    - 7 - - - -·- t- -

    The prevalence of metabol ic syndrome in psoriasis patients in a Lebanese population

    ---,...-- - - - -




    ~--0-+ _ Q__ j wal i 10,00 l Rene 9000

    Procoagulant Circulating Microparticles In Patients With B-Thalassemia lntennedia: Effect On Platelet And Vascular Function

    Habib, Aida


    16,3 5 Rene 0 • wal


    15,4 1 \ Rene wal 8

    Genes and Genetics Cell Bank (GAG Cell Bank) 10 0 Transfonnation of peripheral lymphoblasts by 2,000 Epst~in Barr Virus and gcner~~on of £DN~ __ _, ___ _ .







    : Hypovitaminosis D: A Link between

    I 0,00 0

    ~~=:an, Bone/Mineral and Fat/Fuel Metabolism r--B-az_a_r_b-ac-h-.i·-1--E·~;;di-ca-tt-.o~ offeukemia stem cells in HTLV-I

    30,ool 0 ;


    I 0,00 30,00 1-,"-Aii _ ·____,__as_s_o_ct_·a_te_d_a_d_ul_t T -cellleukemialll:'[email protected]_m_.a_ _ -+-_0_ _+ 0 : The role of dihydroceramide desaturase and the 1 Dbaibo, 1O,OO -; ,00 00 j Ghassan . dihydroceramide/ceramide rheostat in the 0 ad~ptiye responses to chronic hypoxia GATA4 expression and Function in 10,00 ! 22,50 ~-Nemer, Georges Rhabdomyosarcoma 0 0 Linalool a potential anti-cancer compound I decreases HepG2 viability but not primary 10,00 28,80 Usta, hepatocytes: Possible targets and structure4 0 I Julnar 1 I function relation r ! ! Effect of glucose in intestinal lumen on jejunal I :~urad, I or ileal glucose absorption: role of the 10000 1 3,250 i 1 neuroendocrine system ! Expression and functional characteristics of the : Barada, 1 21,oo 1· taurine transporters in the diabetic rat small ~ Kassem . intestine and renal proximal tubule 1 o 1 The role of a single oral dose (2g) of vitamin C Kana.zi, i in reducing intensity of pain and opioids 10,00 10,00 ' I Gbassan l consumption in patients undergoing 0 0 1 J laparoscopic cholecystectomy r - - ....,..-------- --+-----l--·--1 i T he Role of the Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor in I; Ramzi Sabra, Cardiovascular and Renal Function in Diabetic lO,OO 28,77 0 0 R~s .· ---t-:::----:----:-~~-;:--::--:--::----:----:-+--f------4 Functional analysis of a single point mutation in ·, Habib, 21 , the cyclooxygenase-1 gene in an aspirin-like ,OO 1





    I I










    ' i

    · panent I Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) in - - lBasbsbur, · N R dM 10,00 1 10,80 i 1 1 . Ziad ! e~vascu ar Age- e ate ac~ 1ar J?egeneration ; 1 0 0 ~---Btwee~l~ ~s. Monthly_In~uct10n 1 reatment · · The sens1t1vtty and spectfictty of sleep apnea Husari, monitoring in the endoscopy unit and during l 10,00 4 ,000 Ahmad conscious sedation in detecting obstructive sleep J 0 : - - - - - -- ··r ~pnea _ ___ I Group therapy for early adolescents with physical disabilities or with disfigurement Dirani, 10,00 Title was changed to: j LeyIa 0 Group therapy for adolescents with restricted mobility 1 Sabb.-an-,- r-H-eterocellular interaction bet~een cancer cells--+-~-1-0,-0-0-l! - - , Ma~an _ and stem cells i~cancer me.tast~~i£.._ _ ~ _ i 0

    -1 -

    l I



    Ellicacy of Treating Escheriohia coli 01 S7:H7 lnf«rion \~tith The Concomittcnt Usc of 10,00 Vcroc)1oloxin Expn:ssion-lnhibuory AnUb•oUcs 1 0 ond Bactericidal Antibio dd d CYP'i'iriMuouions in Pri:,:m::;•:::ry.::Cio:o::-,c,G::-'t::-ni'-'a~n l---t 11 Glouoom.n in Lebanese Palienls nud Phenol)'llel _ ru Jlne _Ocnoi~'.J~. .~nulysis:---,-,--,-,-.Colloid Prehydrntion combined with Slddik, Phenylephrine Infusion for l'revention of Sa.har Hypotension during Spinrtl Anesthc.sin ror Elective Cesare"" Delivery l"eroxisome proliferotor-oclivatc:cfrccquor Abdtlooor, (PPAR) boene1ic: varialiuns in psoriwnso.nd polycXS(ic OYl!!Y ~c~ome:,:;=:-,.=..,----I 1 Extended Molecular Basis of Alpb•· Oahtr. Thalassemia in lhc: lebanese Popul.aion 1RoJe Prediclors ofqu:dity or life in multfple sc'='inntm

    c: .:.'



    Total Funding

    200,0 00

    324,7 92


    Farollk Jabre Blom..S.kal R......., Fu.od A. l'ropotab dlat . . - It dlroap tria&< ud Raak AwonlO
    ao.a...w, Ka..t

    c..dctar, Tarek Sabbu,

    To02-l'..,.....aic oaaitd pwtidcs for~ banuo& or....., cells aod llliDOiadal thenpy






    Sub, Ray. Ghanem, Notl

    MaaJou_C, fadl


    Wakim. RJaa

    ldenllficotion of n:p=d genes involved in heterochronunln foci in Cyolln D I:!!,rlven senescc"cc PrcvoJcnte and Ccu·relrttcs of Psychiatric l)isordero und 'r,.,.II!Iall Sockin& in Adofe.ot<:ent1 in Gmller Beirut. Aft Ef*Jcmio~ Study Tbc i.Jobtion of~~~~ and ~ from chicken ond hutJuo


    _,r spccimcas Tbc
    Obeld, O•ar

    tngest>Oo on lhormos
    Oyry, uu


    Func:uon ofCusu>mer S:lusfaction




    ~~~uk- -

    -c--,..-T-m p-ro-v-ing Emergency -

    ----~ - ~- __,.J -- - · · -

    Department Laboratory -- - · -----1--T_urn _ around Time _ _ _ _j ___ _ _ Retinoid signaling in the I treatment of adult T-cell ~ ~~~~ l Nadine leukemia/lymphoma by synthetic J 1 _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ r~ e t~in~o~i~ d-~ s ._ _ _j__ ____~ 1 Elhajj, Imad Portable Device for Automatedl _ ! _ Agitation Detection I l 1 Potential foodbome pathogens · Abdelnoor, and their antibacterial resistance Alexander isolated from livestock in M. Lebanon I I Dissection of mechanisms contributing to Cyclin D 1Saab,Raya mediated oncogenesis in Talhouk, mammary epithelial cells and Rabi _,_] mammary carcinoma 1\...

    vyry, Lina





    L.___ _ __


    In 1111 dlOnto cooperule to solve lhu ,IIJ1tlCC problem of the AUBMC Medic-nl RecOrds SML t.•rnptied one floor from h.s stack.~ mnd tht! medioal tiles moved there. SML [$ wurking hacd 10 ~cure t'Unds foc the electronlc bacldlld of its joumnl holdin&J. b«ausr: iu u.~ pccrc:r online ace= to the articles The libtoty rtno\'tltion proj<:ct in SML Re3ding Room MtrJJininc:: ~lbc: Living Museum" which comists of) &lOUJK!udy rooms, oompulf< lab for hands-on tminingand • UiSIOJY of Malic in< >«lion."'"' su$pC
    Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. - II :()()p.m. Saturday 8:00a.m. · S:OOpm Sundoy CLOSED Tho Libmry opens 84bl'lllw.,.k. SMI. ertended Ill Oouno untll 12:00 midoigbt, plot It 01>oot"'. ..2 IIR training sessions we~ 111.1cndcd on ovei'Lim e/Sin~ighl hon June IS - 20, 2010 and the Medical l"brorion atttnded the IFLA Confm:nc:e in Gotbenhe'¥o Sweden August 9- IS. 2010. -More: do<0jcct. All Study C.nm:is were removed Bnd mosa were installed in the 100m upOn Med StudentS" ret1ucs1. --Unfonun.11tely SMl, MC7%nninc will not be remodelled due 10 fund $1lortage. To mukc usc or the mezzanine empty 5~LCe some tables wm pl11cc:d for o~tudcrns to srudy. Coal J : To teach Reo!th !a!ormotlao Llttrafl' Skilh for r...,.o:b.

    -Several Information Literacy sessions were given on EBM to the physicians, medical students, interns, residents, nursing and Faculty of Health Sciences students. IDTH 30 1 course was given to 14 graduate students from the Faculty of Medicine, during the 1" semester. -SML held an Open Day "Discover the Treasure @SML" on October 20, 2009 to promote the library resources and serv ices and also to act as an educationa l activity where information questions were asked and those who answered correctl y received valuable gills. Goal 4: To provide service excellence and timely access to healthcare information independent of IIller location and mode of access - SML cancelled around 348 hard copy journals, most ofthem were switched to online. So now it has 29 hard copy journals most of them are core journals and it has over 6200 ejoumals. - SML emptied one stacks floor from bound journals to provide space for the urgently needed '"Medical Records" files. SML discarded 16433 volumes of bound journals that are already available as online in its c-joumnl collection. -To enhance the agreement between the 2 main AUB Libraries, the Medical Librarian and chc University Librarian, met 10 set forth the steps and issues for cooperation and collabnration for the benefit of AUB users. (InterLibrary Loan and document delivery policies, unification of AUB Libraries mnin homepage, ... ) Goal S: To collaborate creatively with colleagues within the University, the country and tbe region for the improvement of scholarly communication and the management and delivery of information services · Wiley-Blackwell invited the m~dical librnrian to attend its LAB (Library Advisory Ooard) in its main offices in Hoboken, NJ on October 3-6, 2009. -TI1e medical librarian was invited by WHO as a consultant 10 its Global Health Library meeting in Geneva, Nov. 25-27, 2009. She also attended the London Online Dcc:c:mber 1-3, 2009. -The Medical Library Committee: held 2 meetings (in January and in Mnrch), chaired by Or. Antoine Abchee to discuss SML print journals cancellations and shift to online. It was agreed to cancel a number of databases and 10 save an amount of $70,000.- This saved amount would be used to pay part of the annual increase in price of the SML resources. -Ms Nassar, ihe Information Coordinator of I FLA/RSCAO section participated in org1111 its midyear meeting in Oeinot, February 1-3, 20 I0. She gave a presentation, with Ms Basma Chebani from Jafet about GLAM at AUB Libraries. -SML was generously granted a stand at MEMA April 2010. This has become a tradi tion now that SML uses 10 promote the library resOurces and services and also to act as on educational activity where information questions were asked and those who answered correctly received valuable gifts. These gills were donated by Levant distributors and Librairie du Liban. -During the 1" International Nursing & Healtbcare lnformatics Training Course in tbe Eastern Mediternutean Region (May 6-12, 2010) held at AUB llariri School of Nursing, Ms. Aida Farha gave a session on "Jlealtb Information: why, where & bow to search using free reliable internet resources". Goal 6: To maintain and enhance our status as one of the top academic medical libraries in Lebanon and in tbe Region


    -WHO/aiR asked Aido Forho and the Medical Librarian to hold o v.Ofi
    requircnH:nt.. llilda T. Nass.'lr. MedicAl l.lbrllrin.n, Oircctol'


    ANNUAL REPORT i\M£RJCAN UNlVERSITY OJ' BJ!IRUT MEDICAL CENTER O<:tobcr I, 2009 10 Soplemlx:r 30, 20 I0 As we highlight this year's activities und achievements we continue our intense efiort.o; 10 be ready for the visit of the surveyors from tJle Joint Cornmission lnte-rnational. The three surveyors are scheduled to visit AUSMC fo r llvc days between October II and

    18.2010. Workload Admissions for the year were higher by 7.S% compared to J)revious year, the. privfde admissions constituted 64.3% of the totaJ ad.tnission.s, up from 63% last year. The: yw showed a major i ncrea.~. over last year, in the number of private clinics \•isits. 9.1%. In terms of fimmcittJ performance. the forecast for the year shows an increa"ie in net revenue of 15% over the same period last year. The forecasted deficit for the year is at S 1.7 million, a favorable difference of $2.5 1n.iUion from the budgeted deficit and the lowest lldic;:il tOr the MOOical Center in the past nve years. Tbis Is tlh~ result of a combinalion of f3c:tors: hig.hcr occupancy, favorable patiertt mix. decreased NSSF allowances, impro,•ed efficiencies along with cost COnlainment and improved margins achjeved by AUBMC l'urcha~ing on supplies and pharmaceuticals. Patient SatUfamoo A Patient Sa.tisfaction Taskfor~c was appoimed by l)ean Saye&h in July 2009 10 review major issues related to patient dissatisfaction at AUBMC. report findings and present appropriale recommendations. The taskforc.c tackled Lhe following areas: Communications (c..ll Cenler}, Parking, AUBMC camp!L• appearance, SigJ>age, Hospital fa~ade, Access to services, Dress cnde and uniforms. ottilude of staff, Private Clinics. Emergency Department, Adtnis.~ion process, lnpat'ient sCJVices, and confidentialhy, Laboratory Medicine, Di11gooslic Radiology, Operating rooms, finance~ Security, Food Services, Housekeeping, Discharge process, and Employee satisfnelion. Short Medium and long tenn recommendations/ itnprovcmcnl proj ects were identified and approved by VI'/Oean fo r Medical Alfa.irs. lmplemcnllldon started in several areas e.g.. Cnll Center, landscaping, front lioors workShops etc... Sub.'>Oquently, a Patient Affairs Unil was cslllblishcd. h will lx: responsible for dAy to duy hmctions lo improve patient services and salisfaoti.on; moreover this unit wiU implement or help in the imple.menUttion of lht: projectS recommended by the Taskforce. Marketing Promotion of the Medical Ce-.mer, its slaff und sc:rvices., continued in all the usual communication chalU)els: TV, Magazines, website, AUBMC Newsletter. l11e opening of the Women Center, the Nacf K. Basile lnpaUent unit ar1d the Hamdan Voice Cenlcr were aU the subject of press release, TV and magazine interviews. Soumariya TV channel continued broadCI1sting live interviews witJ1our rnedicat staff on medical topics, a total of 13 interviews. Similarly, a number ofi_n tcrvie\VS with AUBMC leadership learn ond Medical S1aff appeared in magazines lUld newspapers. AUBMC partieipalcd on March 10-11, 20 10 in tl1e 8" Annual Forum of tl1e Amb Hospiml Federation, Medbealth 20 I0 Cairo. held simultaneously with the meeting of the: Arab Health Ministers CounciL AUBMC's pillticipation er,tailcd two presenuuions (Mr. Muntltir Kuzayli nod Dr Dania Baba) in Lhe conference and a 12 square meters stand in tl1e exhibition. Nursiag



    NUI"$ing Services ~tinucs to nuinuun the: Magnet status A team IS nursiog ~ff ancndcd the Amual Magnet Confe~nce in Louisvtlle, Kentucky "11ere AUBMC was 8MOuncod as lhe hrst Magnet De:;igmted Facilily in lhe Middle &so. The AUBMC received 16 e.xemplurs 11c.hicvin~ nuumnding scores. with no defic-iency dtcd of the 167

    ' londards submiited, M$, OlodyJ MoiJI'O ,.,.. also appoimcd tU the ~1rst Magnet Commissioner fo r the Middle !last for dur:uion of four year5. Todmy wen~ nmong II~ 6% Magnet Facilities in thl! World rmd the First in tJ1c Middle l!ll.t'il, A Career Ladder was inl.-()duccd this )'CIIr with the CAP to be t.!Ancellcd in 20 I I. It was tll~o deddet.J ro readop' the :~hi A diiTm:ntialas per the Syrldicmc Agreemc.nt in place the previously eswblis.h~ rou:: for N uning. The impact of this decision on staff ft'.tenlion will he evnluated in the futu~. The NDNQI lndiea!Ors cootinucd 10 be monitored and initiotives, hosed on the quas1erly n:poru """" O.V.:Iopcd. 1\UBMC NurJing Services is """'"&the 1799 NDNQI partieip.11in& hospitals. M$. GlodYJ t.iouro, A..istant Hospotlll Oin:eu>< for Potient Cot< Srppointed by Dean Sayegh to identify a replacement. 11le pofcition w~ adveniscd for replace her. The position OOvenised was for o Director or Nurs-lng Servicc;s. U11m•n Reso·u_rces The turnover rate of nursing funhcr deereuscd renching 10.9% comp,ared to 12.8% l&i yc::nr. As for non-nursing stnff, h slighdy decreased frolli 4.9% It) 4.6% year. A mulcldiscipliruuy committee wns fonned during the year to come up wilh recognition und retention Stmteg.ics. A rc~pnn wu gcncnuc:d with nn action plnn. Recommt"nd:.tiQns will he implemented during 2010-2011 A new appm:><:h for perform;once appraisal including new forms wos introduced· 250 appraisals ha"" been $u«essfully completed on the new talent fnlllllljlemcnt system pun:h!!sed 1a>1 y.,.... The system pro•ed to he ""'Y •ffecti,.._ The staff development plan was fuUy implctncnted with • ..,.., positi''C tmpoct on those who auended. A phm lhl1l builds on IBSI yeAr'I dforts and focuses on the direetion nflhe medical oenter for the next year lllls been iJ now in plooe.



    Effom to launch the eliniool phannndSI program in October, 2010 ure underway. Four phannncists earned the dcsignolion of Board Certified l' hannacothcmpy Specialists.. Two of Lhem were prmnotcd to the pos:IUon of c:linical pharmacist. The IV Ill PO Progrnm w11.1 successfully J(U)nched " i th an lnhinl 1umunl savings of $20,000. The Tbcmpeutlc lnterohtlnge Program (for 511TJ n:eeplor ontognnisu) showed M accept= nue of70% and an impressive projected OMu:ll saving~ of S 135,000, In quality imJ1itnll'hn,·•nocists (ASHP) midyear meetins. Capitallln-8ouJ< Projc


    Munthir Kuzayfi Mcd1col Center Oinaat 1\mc.r.can Unt\erSJl) oi lklrul


    C:k.cuhc:r 18.2010




    Occobor 1,1009 - SeplemherJO,lOIO t CHIEF OF STAft'

    A. The Allnuol Medico! S,.ITMo:c1ing is schedule'
    Two Special Mmlnp Wen! hdd.:

    L. Presllon Review 2. l're5
    • Two meecmgs u 1 flisciplirwy Comm.i~ • Thinoen medln&J for di~ussionl approvaJ of issues related to the rollo'Mng: 1. Medical C'entrr t::xpMSion nnd Update on Hospiut1 Affiliations and New Admini.stmtivc SlrliClurc by Dr. MQhamed Sayegh 2. Accrediwtion & 11 1 Activitie..; including: ltesuseiunive Training Requlrem enL~. Need tor Clinical Pathways&. Ouldcllncs, Establishing or "Resi
    lnfonn.,.ion, Professional Fees (Code 9999). Guidelines on Alliludc ond Conduct of Medical S1aff. ond Autop
    E. Mcetlng:s with 00'1 suboommiuc:c: on Performance lmproverncnc Monthly

    mecting3: (8 vio ultphonellnd lin Bcirul). F. O!ber Mc:etinp : PorfontW~ce lmprovcmcnl Comminec, llaspillll Advisory Commiutt, Risk mano~l Commiucc. Foc:lllly MM:Iaemonl illll Oeporuncnt Heads. G. Commilleel of !he Medical Boord: H. The Commillee of Peen; Met and diSCU$Sed lWO . . _ I. The SIM.ulion Dr. Raja Haddad 8 mccting;s: Cancer Dr. Ali Sbam.seddlnc l meeaj!L~ . Critical Cate Dr. Pierre Bou Khlalll 4 meecings


    Dr. Souha K111l Sh1t110 Dr_Salman Mrouth Dr. Jrun2nl Dr. Ahmad Toyyim Dr. Saleem Kiblawl Or_ Mukbil Houmnl

    Infection Comrol

    Mcdicol Record! I Opemtin• Room Phannacy & Thcrnpcutlcs Proressional fee Quality Manngemen1/ PI Radio illn Saf
    Dr. JIIber Abb Dr. Mukhil Uounnl

    Utiliz:ljjon R""iew

    7 meetin~:>

    6 meetings II mcotinRS 6 mcelings 6 meetings I 0 nteelin~ 4 meetings

    6 mcetine:s I


    followinJ 9 Ad-boo eomminecs: beld meotlnjp ond lhcir Minulcs""' ovailablc 011 file OJ the Chief ofSiaiTOffiee :The Child P!OitClion (neW), Conlinuin& M<>dical Ed"""ion, Safety & Crpllln~ Patienl Edueasion. PhY$1cal Medicine, and SooioJ Services.

    U. MEDICA!, STAff OFFICE • Prepared mon~1 ly Medical Boord Agenda for lljlpolmments of Medical S1aff • Collecllld CMI! daiJI and cn1cred CME requlremen" for Medical SwrT • Provided Clc:mcnteau Medial! Center "'ith ri.Xluir¢d dOCl.•mcnlS far phys.icia.u. • Complaml and oolk:cled documcniS for 3 MOPH cbaplcrs • FoUo\Wd up on ccntlll tine iMert.ioa certifadon (or Active Medical Staff • Colleotcd BLS,Iin:. lnfnction conlrnl &. WISie M~r~aac:mcru complizmee • Rcappomtmcnt of It II Mcd. I StaiT AUBMC 2010..20 11 MITATION AN!! RISK. ~W!AGEMENT PROGRAMS won: merced 1010 one Pro&J11m: • 1\c\iews of Policies It P._ctures: new ar>d 2nd or )rd cdl



    \tilT I ducat inn / I duratic,.nal MaL"·'j•l•/1 tmn' I Puhlic.lions i1cms; 3575 IS
    • Ae



    DEAN OF Til£ fACULTV OP MEDICINE AND MEDICAL CENTER The. hospital admini.strlttit.m is currently In the process of bcins rc:slmc:IUrcd m order to create rnon:: functional working W"uups in 11 nmtrlx model or mru1agcmcnt mther thnn the rigid

    hierarchical Sln.IClurc. in c1rder to run a 1nore efficient and co~ cfrcctive clinical operation. 'l11i!l will include a. CMO. a COO. 11 CFC'J. a Director of Nursing. on ld.xecutlve Director of Plant Ent~~ncering •nd poocnli•lly • CIO. fhis new SllUCtlJ"' will al~ hou lhe newly estllblished Po1tient ArTail'$ unit th."li will (OC-U$ all its ~fforts 10 improve the •patient expe:rienct'' at AUBMC. In line Wilh the- o;.'OC'k: of the- PahnK S:ltisfaction Task force and in an elTon 10 regain m:uLJ!I l
    SAateh1 was hired to coordinate and orchestrate :tn intdnll and cxtema.l stnuegk communications camp:.dgn.. Several nc.tivi1ics have been coordintued with the agent:y as v.'C II as tho currcn1 effon to cre11te B new p;atient-fricndly website lhr AUilMC. A Director or l~uiJi ic Rclalions w~s recent ly hin:d 10 eoordinulc elfons with the ageney and wi1h lhe AUB comnmnicntions offict< in ordCI' 10 promote the medical center thmuah medin fU1d PR activities. Cll.ale~~.t


    'I hl.s lear reported tbe openina or the Nae( K. Basil~ Cancer Center whh 30 new beds on lhe S floor aiJO\\•ing for increJ.SCd p.11icnt access and re-..enue b'merltkm Capital projects on: soill undcrw:iy in "" effoe1 10 lml'fO'-.: lhe llll ernie< and !lllppon Ill< wowth or 5fl«illlizcd seMva!lons 10 mn OOhcepl was proposed and approved by lhe 801' in Junt. Plans an: ~ndcr way tO St.IU1 Lhe immediate and prepM1110ry pbases of ohc plan whlcll will span lhc: nCJCI 3-4 yenrs and ovlll include 1],. followins: Jmnltd.iatt P·rojects

    • • • • •

    Patient Satisfaction improvements I ongoing clinical re.novatlon& OiallC Tarnari Snbbagh building renovations Main Lobby+ Outpo~Cil l Lobby Face Lifts AUBMC Admini$lniiiV<: Building (SaJioum Building) BulldiAg 23 wes1 wina

    Pnporatory Pllue

    AUBMC &lucationfConfermc:e Centu ID include also 111 adeqUDie poriMg """"""' (faculoy I Ouildins) J>rosress is underway with the pannmhips established wilh CMC. Noljar, Moon1 Lebanon and Khoory bospilllls, ond Trlpnll (lovemmcnt Hospillll for Obsoclric:s, 10 eohanoo clinical nnd academic opportunilics n11Uonnlly and to inerease t.roinlng op1>0rtunitles for residents.. To d11te, over 400 in-1:m1lcnt rcfcmls 10 panncring hospilnls hnv~ been rtpOncd with n number of faculty n1ill1.agina roaulnr clinics tit CMC. These prutncrshl1n htive offered AVBMC lhe opportutlity to Sh41'C complernenuuy diagnostic: scrviCO$ and equipmr:nt as well as the diversion of the cxecc:din: hospillll in-patiall lood ruulting from limited bed capoty services. Oober •


    academic bridges have also been fostered with KHCC in Jordan for research and education and being developed with KFSH&RC in Saudi Arabia for clinical, academic and nursing exchange. In order to implement the recommendations of the Patient Satisfaction Task Force and propose new services to satisfY patients, the Patient Affairs unit was created. These new services include Patient Advocacy rounds, Courtesy Service, and Room Service. The purchasing and supply chain cycle has been thoroughly evaluated by an external consultant and is in the process of being re-engineered in order to increase efficiency, increase profit, reduce cost and optimize coordination between departments. The recently hired supply chain officer has also been working closely with finance to ensure that supplies are appropriately coded for NSSF reimbursement.

    Medical Education The academic performance of medical students has been followed closely by the corresponding class teaching committees. All students were promoted to the subsequent academic year, and the members of class of 2010 graduated with I 0 of them ( 12% of the class) graduating with distinction. The Faculty of Medicine received 209 new applications to Medical School. 150 applicants were from A UB, and 59 applicants from outside A UB including other universities in Lebanon and from North America. The faculty of Medicine Admissions Committee met and accepted 90 new students. Fifteen students were registered from North America and four from universities within Lebanon, which is much more than the usual number. Two hundred and sixty one students (76% of medical students) applied for financial aid. Two hundred and forty eight of these (95% of the applicants) received L.L.3,026,035, 740 ($1 ,006,655). The average amount per student was around L.L.I2,201,757 (USD 8,091.35) which represents around 31% ofthe tuition fees. The TFOM is an international exam prepared by NBME in collaboration with several international Medical schools; and aims to use the data from our school to help in future exam standardization. Med. III and Med. IV students (100 out of 166) sat for the IFOM exam on June 28, 2010. The results were as follows: 98 % of members of class 2011 (current Med. IV) of those who took the exam passed it successfully and 30 % of them passed it with a level of excellence and received Honors certificates. The student section in the Dean's Office has already established affiliations for exchange of electives of senior medical students with Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical University of Bahrain. Recently, an affiliation procedure has been initiated with Washington Hospital Center (one of Georgetown University affiliated hospitals) and the Allen College Iowa Health System.

    Faculty Affairs The Faculty Affairs Office (F AO) coordinated and facilitated a number of key initiatives in addition to its traditional support of departments and faculty. Over the past year, FAO handled the recruitment of 29 faculty members in the following departments: Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiological Sciences (2), Anesthesiology (!), Dermatology (I), Emergency Medicine (!), Internal Medicine (8), Obstetrics and Gynecology (3), Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (2), Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (1), Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (3), Psychiatry (I), Radiation Oncology (I) and Surgery (6). Taskforces (TF) were appointed to review current policies and recommend changes and best practices that serve the anticipated growth and expansion of the faculty

    .,.d Jh< ~ices AI lh< Ccnltr Examples include Promolion ll', Medical Practice Pion TF, Ncuro~ience TF, lllld TF 10 Bddrcss compensalion M facully mcmbcrs for research activities and educatlon. FAO will be modeling sut"'t1plnu$ ror im pl~nlenuu i on in the near fulUre. In addition. ij,Uidelines for retruitmenL. sen.Tt-h committees. and olr-campus 1tc~ivi1ics were developed. FAO is n:vicwins lhc: Medical Practice Il l an etnd has been ;~dvocnting the adoption of group prnctice by all dinicuJ divisions '111d departments: in addJtion to the olrcody existing ones, 03!U'Oenterology. 1-letnatology~Onwlogy. Infectious Diseases. Ophthaltnology. Oth~ arc in Ktive progn:ss and it is ontlcipolcd th.-u all h< completed wilhin th< next ~=· Sean:h.,. far chairs in the deportmenl> of PsydlbU)' and Pcdiotrics & i\dolesctnt Medicine "...e linali7-1<(s). Searches fO< chair$ """' announced for tht d
    A•b•latO!'J P!'OU!JU, IT a!!l <;~IE Implemented lloe dyodio model of management in lloe PriV>tc Cllnies: A nul$< & physlcillll mttna~rs oversee operations. Updl'lted the Outpsticnt Assessmcnl Policy, finalized di~us~i ons related to Rmbulolory nurs:es' career !odder, dcve!IOped campus Medical Umel'gency Transpon Tc11111 phLI'I llnd trt•inlng. and complclcd negotiations for a n~w HIP formula Bt ED. £BMtl: Esmblished • muhidi.Kipllnory !!vidence-based liealth Care Monogemeno Unil which will rocus an evidence-baled res<:~ttb 10 swdy and an>l)lll' 1he opemtion31 and «gllninuional procedures in th< h

    1'hc ln; 23 trom FM nnd I I fro m mher roculllcs university-wide.. The Rcsc;arch Commluee reviewed 5& propo~ltc 11nd recommended 40 ror funding from intramurol souroc:s. kesct1tch fu11ds received by r M f!leuhy a.mounced to $1,983,416: URB: $ 198,800; MPP: $599,792; LNCSR: $ 11 2.143; •nd cxlromural S<>urces: $1,073,481 (Preliminary JuJu). Pobtlalioos: FllQihy member< J1UbliWd 214 publications In 2009 lind Ill in 2010 lPaliminory dato).

    CJbolaUI!euarclr Cllaleal R_,..,h Uaii!C
    one assistAnl for each uniL Pollcleo and Procedures Cor llH: E1~kal Conduct of Baaan R-n:•: The appointed 3 IIRPP policies ond procedures commillc:cs dmllerch Complionoe company, Huron, 10 conduct a selr-SI\Idy Md sed< AAHRPP ac:credi1atio.L Firs1 visit in Ocmber 25·29, 2010; New IIR.PP·lR.B loc:atiou suil~ or offices rcnovaled in Dale J lon1c; Appoinuncn1 of HRPr ln1e.rfttculty coordinalor. VIsits of expcn faculty lo AUll: Dr Sheridan (spenl I0 days with AUIJ HR I'I' leadership); Dr Silverman (Bioethicist, University or M11ryland; 3 days, formal lccnurcs, $Cssions with Biomedicoi iRB memb

    Vkits or AUB leadenllip .. d stalfto US: IRR ftdmini$UOICII'Itaining (PRIMR Meeting); CRC Direclon Uni•"CJSity, Brigham and WOC or lluman R
    8GSic Rcusing on 1hc followln~ four Mp(!ru: I· Couolldatioo of the ba.sic: dc:partmcab: the main objecclv~ &s co dl!lblish vi3blc ooadcn1ic Strueturts with adcqua.te criticaJ milS$. We prcviD1111Iy Md S jffi:tll dtpart.rn<:nts (most of tbern whh 2 c:w 3 rncmbers). A task tOrcc WilJ cstoblishcd 1nd r«ocnmended restructuring into J co 4 dep311mc:nts. The basic science departments \I#""Cte n:slrut:turcd 1hc: following 4 and the .search IU1d RCruitmcnl f&Y. MitrubiOIOf!Y and Immunology • D<:panmcru ofBiothcmislry :wtd Molecular Omc co~ foeilhy lal>orlit<>ries. The aim is lo move toward o spoce policy based on "'search productivity and funding of individwd £acuity

    mumbers. Thi~ should provkle maximal space for indivkh.J.AI foculty members to allow activo recruitment. Additionof space wiJI be dedictued for the: e.tltl.bllshmcnt or cemers of ex.cdlcntc Md lOr conun&n equipment (core facility conoept), 1'hc: O~c dmfi of the suggestccJ OTS BUIU)INO renovntiOn·depllruntnts allocation lnyou" WIIS cstnbl i~lod by fl'DU following meeting with end u$ers.. several site vis i t~ to DTS building nnd dttto collected from the end users. The proposed pltms include: • Maximal spBce ~tHocation to faculty membetJ to Allow l'el.lnlitmcnr as por the dil'fert:nt dcp.mmVirtmcnllll common space) • Dean'• $pi1CC for temporary space allocation. 3- Eltabll>lu.... or m Of tile r.c..hy. Sud! a""""""' -.ld provide I good critical mass or tcacbcrs and ~ and insun: viable academic functions rO< rcoroitmcnl, promotion, nod racuhy dcvdoprncnt. In addition, h will n:present 1 major opponunity co 4llr8Cl significant funding from both eotnpdilivc: and non

    genetic research, neuroscience, cardiovascu lar research and immunology. In that sense, the following equipment/facilities were received during this year: confocal microscope (LSM 7 10), microarray Affimetrix platform; P3 Tissue culture facility. 4- Recruitmeot: Active search of qualified individuals (basic researchers or physician scientists) who will be involved in both teaching and research acti vities. This recruitment is based on need and/or on meriL A search committee was established for new chairs of the 4 new departments starl ing with the departments of Dcpanmcnt of Experimental Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology and the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

    External Programs/Medical Affain During tJ1is year, an agreement was signed with Global Medical Excellence (GME) in USA which is engaged in the business of medical tourism and medical services marketing. On the regional level, agreements were signed with: • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland · Medical University of Bahrain, which entails cooperation in medical education and research • Dr. Haifa Mahmoud Eye Center/Hospital in Bahrain, which entails cli nical collaboration in Ophthalmology. • King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Jordan to establish a joint program in oncology research and educatio n. In Lebanon, agreements were signed w ith: • Tahaddi Lebanon, an NGO to suppon underpri vileged populatio ns. • United Medical Group Association. Several train ing workshops to physicians/nurses/paramedics from the region were developed: • Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), sponsored by Medical City Teaching Hospital (MCTH) in Baghdad, A total of 80 Iraq i physicians will be receiving the OSCE training course. • Pri mary care update to UNRWA physicians serving in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. • Advanced trauma life support sponsored by the WHO to trai n physicians, nurses and paramedics in Iraq (in collaboration with REP). • Hemoglobin Disorders. sponsored by Novartis. • Life Support. Business plans/feasibility studies to establish the following were finalized: • Sheikh Khal ifa Bin Zayed Hospital in Shebaa • Bobst Ambu latory Cancer Center ofTripoli • Children 's Hospital Beirut/Children's Hospital North • Cardiovascular Institute of Damascus Protocols were established for handling and processing of agreements and individual training requests and training workshops. Ongoing discussions include: • Trauma Hospital in Saida • One-Day-Surgery Hospita.l in Mathaf area


    • Abou Dhabi Project, which is assessing options to participate in the operational, organizational management, as well a.' the strategic planning of a private hospital in Abou Dhabi Mohamed H. Sayegh, M.D. Raja N. Khuri Dean, Paculry of Medicine VP Medical Affai rs, AUBMC



    Auulltq>on A

    PREFACE The Rafic Hariri School of Nursing (HSON) achieved a number of signilicant milestones in academic year 2009-10. In 2008, AUB received a $ 10 million pledge from HE Saad Hariri to name and endow the nursing school. The gift was used to renovate and eq uip the new building ru1d to endow a fund to support the directorship of the school, a faculty chai r, and student scholarships. The new building was inaugurated in February 2009; the school moved into the new premises in March 2009. The buildi ng, which is now tully nmctional, houses a state of the art simulation and clinical competency center (SCCC), a computer lab, the recently inaugurated Hisham Jaroudi Auditori um, "smart" classrooms, w1d faculty and student facilities. Achieving status as an independent faculty bas been one of HSON's major strategic goals for many years. ln February 20 10, the Board of Trustees Committee on Medicine and Health met with the HSON director and faculty to review a proposal detailing the school's transition to independent status. The HSON director is now an ex-officio member of the Board of Deans. In addition, the HSON is currently discussing a new organi7.ational structure that it expects to implement soon. In addi tion and based on continuous qual ity improvement feed back from the HSON Community of Interest, the HSON revised its OSN and MSN curricula launched an accelerated SAIBS-BSN second degree program, introduced two new MSN tracks, and developed a collaborati ve PhD program that is currently under discussion. All of the changes that have been implemented and are being considered are based on accred itation standards and bcnchmarked against international nursing programs. 1'he school is continuing to intensify its student ar1d faculty recruitment efforts: it organized visits to a large nwnber of schools and organized open houses for students and high school counselors. It also introduced a merit scholarship program for students that has been an important factor in improving student enrollment ar1d retention. Faculty development funds to support faculty who are enrolled in PhD programs and the appointment of PhD prepared facu lty have contributed to a significant improvement in the: scholarly producti vity of the faculty. Joint appointments with AUOMC Nursing Services and with the Faculty of Medicine have increased the possibilities for collaboration and enabled the school to leverage its limited human resources for maximun1 benefit. In July 20 10, lhe HSON bid farewell to Mrs. Nuhad A7.oury who reti red aJler 37 years of service to AU B and lhe School of Nursing. AUB and the 1-ISON owe her a great deal of gratitude. For the fourth year in a row, the HSON Summer Nursing Institute attracted a large number of students from HSON and AU O as well as participants from Lebanon and the region who attended courses on health-related topics ranging from ease management nnd budgeting to simulation in nursing education, nursing infom1a1ics as well as research-specific topics. Additionnlly, HSON co-organized a major conference on nursing informatics in May 2010 that was attended by a large number of delegates from the region.


    We arc proud of wha1 we ha"e accomplished this past y~r. which tJljs annual report.

    Hutla Abu-S!Uld Huijer RN, PhD. PEANS Professor of Nursing Science Director, Hnriri School of Nursing


    ha\'e detailed in


    Tahle ofConltaft Orjtoni1~11un ol the: S

    A FiiCulty and St)fl


    Faculty IIW>~ua

    II 1 ~lnJ llw.ill"""-nb 8 SwnniCf """'"~ ln\lltu&

    D. Foc:ulcy Rccru•~m
    Educ:atiOn:aJ Ac1J\IbQ

    II, &ho:OI•~ ~'!<>pam< 8 Slu.lctlt Fnrollmm1 C Studcftt R~cmm on.! \l.wl.
    0. Sludctlb Pmjcch, Tho>c« on.! Rcs.X...a fV. Accm.f1LUIOn II COlE 1\cc..WI.lllun 8 Slllll<&lc PLuminl


    R....arch ond S
    A Curttnl Ho:uhy R.....,...r
    B. Schol01ly Pubhcllion• C. Complete PhD Llisk.Uiion• Supcrvc
    l'roi'csslonllll'rooclcc/ Service

    A. l'rorc•$lon11ll'molltc

    n, Comcnincc.s

    VII. Vlrt. IX.

    Reglonaii' Kicntal i•mvanu/ ('lulf llctl~ulcs Honors. 1\Wllrch. and R
    Looliana Ahead



    Director of tbe Scltool of Nursing sinct 2003 Huda Abu·SOlod Huijcr, RN, PhD, FEANS. Professor Jiaculry Me-mbers Marina Adra, RN, MS Physiology, Clinical AssiSlWlLProrcssor Mary Arevian. RN, MPH, Clinical A~ci~ate Professor, BSN Coordinntor Nuhad Moury, RN, MSN. CliniClll Assistant Professor retired July 20 10 Sossy Rtdian, RN. MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, retired September 2009 Michael Clinton, RN (CARNA), R(iN RPN (NMllWA), PhD MSc BA (Hoots.), Professo~

    Hala Darwish, PhD. RN. Assismnt Professor Mymo Doumit PhD, RN, MPH, A
    Affairs, Johns Hopkins University School of Nul's ing Boubara-Gracc Sullivan, PhD, APiu-1, CNP, Visiting Assistant Professor Hussein A. Taban, DNSc, RN. CAN, Executive Diroctor of lntematiorutl Health Services, Ne"' York - Presbyterian Hospital, New York Flllbrigllt Scl!olan Marjaneh Fooladi, NP. PhD., Professor, Specialty Director Women's Healtl1 Nurse PnlCiitionor Program, University ofl'exM at El PMo. September 2009- June 2010 Judith Lombton, EdD, MSN, RN. Associate Professor, University of San FrancL
    New Appointmmts Christine Weir Abbyad, PhD, RN. WHNP, Clinical Assisuu11 l'rofessor, September I, 2009 Mira Abi-Saad R.N. MSN, Clinical Assisla.ol Instructor, November I, 2009. RMda Fnrha, RN, MSN, MPH, Researcll AssistanVSkills Lab Coordinator, September I, 2009 Angela Massoult, RN, MSN, Clinical Assistant Instructor, September I, 2009. Research Assl1taats Sarah Abboud, RN, MSN lm:m Abiad, RN. MSN Mirella Bou Chedid, MS


    Kawthar Braysh, MS Randa Fari1a, RN, MSN, MPH Maha Habrc, BSN CLiujcal Prccepton Nisrin Abu Fakhr, RN Ali Alaeddine, RN Rota Awwad, RN Rachele Bejjani, RN Suzy Khali1c. RN. MPH Hanadi Massalkhi, RN Reine Nicodcmc, RN 1-lala Richa, RN Rafica Zaatari, RN, MSN Grad ua tc AsJhiJiuts Racha Abu Chahinc Tamar Avedissian

    Fat.en Badran Fatima Dirani Madeleine El llajj Elise Ghostine Maha 1-labre Rachel Hamdan Nashaat Hassan Raja Issa Shams lssa Noyemi Kasbarian Mona Khanaler Joelle Khysho Abdel Latif Marini AliNafaa Mohamad Saab Soulandia Saab Knar Sagherian Rasha Shehadi Admiuistrative Staff

    Ghassan Afram. F.xecutive Officer Zeina Battikha Chamoun, Admin istrative Ass istant Lym1 Berbary Najem, Student Services, Recmitment, and Career Planning Officer Rabih Daher, Clerk/Messenger II ham Rustom, Clerk/Stenographer Jeanene Zcinali, Clerk/Stenographer



    Cbrl.;tlne Weir Abhvid fall NURS 304 • Nu.r.;ing Care or the F.xpcetam Family. Theory. 1.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 304 • NUJSing Care of dte Expec~ant Family. 1.5 cr. Clinical coordinator

    NlJRS 304- NutS1ng of' the l}xpccumt F~mily. Practicum. 3 cr. NURS 306. Nun;in& <.'are ofChildrtn, Theory. 1.5 cr., Co·ooordioator NURS 306 ·Nursing Care or Children, Practicum, 3 cr. Summer NURS 202 • Health Asses..~ment, Practicum, I cr. NURS 308V- Matemal Child Nursing, Theory. I cr.. Co-coordinator Nl!RS 5 I I X - Evidence Bawd Maternity Care, Theory, I cr, Sole


    Coordinator Mira Abi Sud



    NURS 304 - Nursing of the Expectant Family, Practicum, 6 cr.. (2 sections) Skills lab NURS 306 - NoJrsing Care or Children, Practicuro. 6 cr., (2 sections) Skills Lob NURS 20 I · Introduction to NurSiJ)g Pmc1ice. J•racticurn. 2 cr.

    Summer NURS 202 - Health A.•sessment, Practicum. 2 cc. Skills lab Marioa Adra

    NURS 300 - Nw:
    Mary Arcviaa


    NURS 407 • Commullity Health Nursin&. Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 407 -Community Hcahh Nursing, Praoticum, 3 cr. Spring Secondment to Mohaounad AI Mar~aa College of Health Sciences (MACHS), KSA Swnmo:< Sccondmcnt to Mohnmm•d AI Manas College of Health Sciences (MACHS), KSA Nuhad Azoury

    Fall Spring

    Sccondment to Mohamm•d AI Manaa College of Health Sciences (MACIIS), KSA Rccruiunent NURS 302 · Nursing Cnre of AdulL• 1'1 , Practicum, 6 cr. (2 sections)


    Student Recmitment

    Michael Clinton Fall



    NURS 406- Research Methods, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 500- Nursing Theory, Theory, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 507 - Role Development in Nursing Administration, Theory, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 507 - Role Development in Nursing Administration, Theory, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 508 -Advanced Practice-Nursing Administration, Practicum, 2 cr., Co-coordinator NURS 523 -Advanced Community Assessment and Interventions, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 598 - Thesis NURS 511 I - Health Care Ethics, Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator

    Hala Darwish Fall



    NURS 400- Critical Care Nursing, Theory, 1.5 cr., Co-coordinator NURS 400- Critical Care Nursing, Practicurn, 3 cr. Simulation lab task force coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 203 - Biostatistics for Nurses, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 302 -Nursing Care of Adults II, Theory, 1.5 cr., Co-coordinator NURS 302 -Nursing Care of Adults II, Practicum, 3 cr. NURS 598 - Project NURS 202- Health Assessment, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator

    Myrna Doumit Fall



    NURS 300- Nursing Care of Adults I, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 300 -Nursing Care of Adults I, 1.5 cr. Clinical coordinator NURS 300 -Nursing Care of Adults I, Practicum, 3 cr. NURS 598 - Project NURS 313- Leadership and Management in Nursing NURS 410 - Leadership and Management in Nursing, Theory, 1.5 cr., Cocoordinator NURS 410 - Leadership and Management in Nursing, Practicum, 3 cr. NURS 520- Managing Quality with Teams, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 511 N- Qualitative Research Methods, Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator

    NuhadDumit Fall



    200- Introduction to Nursing, Theory, 2 cr., Coordinator 400- Critical Care Nursing, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinator 400- Critical Care Nursing, Practicum, 1.5 cr., Clinical Coordinator 508 - Advanced Practice in Nursing Administration, 2 cr. 598 - Project 313 - Leadership and Management in Nursing



    NURS 410 - Leadership and Management in Nursing, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 410 - Leadership and Management in Nursing, Practicum, 1.5 cr., Clinical Coordinator NURS 509 - Role Development in Nursing Education, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 508- Advanced Practice in Nursing Administration NURS 511Y- Micro-Teaching, Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator

    Laila F. Farhood Fall



    NURS 501 - Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 519 - Clinical Residency in Acute Psychiatric Care, Practicmn, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 402 - Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 512 - Advanced Psychiatric and Mental Health Assessment, 2 cr., Coordinator N1JRS 516 - Psychopathology and Human Behavior, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 518- Group and Family Psychotherapy, Theory,, Coordinator No teaching

    Marianeh Fooladi Fall


    NURS 304- Nursing Care of the Expectant Family, Theory, few lectures NURS 598 - project Special topics- Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project Special topics- Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator

    Huda Abu-Saad Huijer Fall



    NURS 508 -Advanced Practice in Nursing Administration, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 524 - Clinical Residency in Public and Community Health Care, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 508 -Advanced Practice in Nursing Administration, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator N1JRS 524 - Clinical Residency in Public and Community Health Care, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 - Project NURS 599- Thesis NURS 508- Advanced Practice in Nursing Administration, Practicum, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 599 - Thesis


    May Khoury


    Sccondment lo Mohammad AI Manaa Ct)lteg.c of Hcahh Sciences (MACiiS), KSA


    NURS 306- Nw sing Care of Children, l11eory. l.5 <:r., Coordinator

    Nl JRS 306 - Nursing Care of Children, 1.5 cr. Clinieal Coordinator NURS 306- Nursing Care of Children, Practicum. 4.5 cr. Summer NURS 202 • Health A=smcn~ Prncticwn, I cr. NURS J08V ·Maternal Child Nursing, Theory, I cr., Coordinmor Dina Madi

    Fall Spring

    NIJRS 304 - Nursing Care of the E•pcetanl Family. Prncticum, 6 cr., (2 sections) PhU work NURS 20 t - Introduction 10 Nursing Practice, Theory, 0.5 cr., Cocoordinator NURS 201 .. Introduction to Nutsing Proctiee, Procticum, I cr. NVRS :106- Nutsing Care of Children, Praclicum, 3 cr.

    Swnmer Teaching free summer Sana D. Marini Fall NURS 400 - Critical Care Nursing,, 3 cr.

    NURS 404 - Nursing Informatics. Theory, 2 cr., Coordinator Spring NURS 20 I - Introduction to Nursing Practioo, 1lteory, 0.5 cr.. Coordinator NURS 201 .. Introduction to Nursing PrdC:tice, Practicum, l cr.• Clinical Coordinator MJRS 20 I - lnttoducllon to Nursing Practice, Practicurn, I cr. NURS 410- Leadership and Management in Nwsin&. Pl'aclicum. 3 c-r. Summc:r NURS 202 .. Health A..~essrn ent. Practicum. I cr. Nursing lnformatie.s, I cr.. CoordimltOr An&ela Mauouh


    NURS 300- Medical Surgical Nursing, Practicurn, 6 cr.• (2 section.<) NURS 400 - Critical Care Nursing Practicum, 6 cr. Skills Lab Spring NURS 302- Medical Surgical Nursing II, Prncticum, 6 or, (2 sections) NURS 410- l.eadership and Managcmen~ Practicwn 3cr Skills Lab Summer NURS 202 .. Health Assessment Course, Practicum, 2 CL Skills Lab Samar Noureddine Fall NURS 503 ·Advanced Health Assessment. 2.5 cr., Coordinator NURS 504 - Advanced Pathophysiology, Theory, 1.5 cr., Coordinalor NURS 506- Advanced Practice in Adult Care 11, Titeory, 2 cr., Coordinator NURS 598 -Project NURS 502 -Advanced Nursing Research, Theory, 4 cr., Coordinator Spring NURS 505 - Advanced Practice in Adult Care I, 3 cr., Coordinutor NURS 598 - Project NURS 506 · Advanced Practice in Adult Care, 2 cr., Coordinator



    NURS 51 IE- How to Ask the Right Questions in Research: Conducting Surveys, 1 cr., Coordinator

    Soubad Shbeir Fall

    Spring Summer

    Biology, Theory, 1 cr., Coordinator Basic Sciences course coordination, TI1eory, 3 cr., Coordinator NURS 504 -Advanced Pathophysiology, Theory, 1.5 cr., Co-coordinator NURS 515 -Advanced Pharmacology, Theory, 3 cr., Coordinator Basic Sciences course coordination, Theory, 2 cr. NURS 210- Pathophysiology, Theory, 1 cr., Co-coordinator

    Grace Sullivan Fall

    NURS 407- Community Health Nursing, Theory, lecturer NURS 524 - Residency

    B. SUMMER NURSING INSTITUTE I SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES For the fourth year in a row, HSON organized a Summer Nursing Institute in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. During the institute, nursing faculty teach courses that are of interest to our students and to others in the community both in Lebanon and the region. We provide below a description of the courses and the names of the teaching faculty.

    Evidence-based Practice in Maternity Care 28- July 2 Description: This course reviews the evidence-based nursing practices of the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn client. Case studies, multimedia, and webinars from professional organizations are used to enhance class discussion. Christine Weir Abbyad, PhD, RN, WHNP Clinical Assistant Professor, Hariri School ofNursing, AUB

    Using Microteaching to Improve your Classroom Instruction July 5-9

    Description: This course introduces learners to the concept of practice-based teaching that includes self-evaluative skills in addition to constructive peer feedback. The course emphasizes studying own teaching skills as well as those of others with the aim of improving teachers' content and method of teaching, and selecting appropriate and effective teaching skills. The course is highly interactive, participant-driven with everyday practice/role play sessions. Nuhad Dumit, RN, PhD Assistant Professor, Hariri School ofNursing, AUB Designing and Implementing Simulations in Nursing Education July 12-16

    Description: This course provides an overview for nurse educators who desire to learn more about the use of simulations as a teaching-learning intervention and/or evaluation strategy in the curriculum. Evidence-based findings from the current state of the science will be reviewed with an emphasis on knowledge and skills to design,


    implement, and evaluate simulations in nursing education. Other key topics include the basic elements of setting up a simulation based on the simulation framework (Jeffries, 2005), principles of best practice in using simulation, and guidelines for implementing clinical simulations. Pamela R. Jeffries DNS, RN, FAAN, ANEF Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

    How to Ask the Right Questions in Research: Conducting Surveys July 19-23 Description: This course covers survey methodologies and introduces issues related to design, sample determination and selection, and instrument evaluation. It addresses mail and telephone survey methodologies and covers criteria to evaluate instruments and methods to reduce bias. Samar Noureddine, PhD, RN Associate Professor, Hariri School ofNursing, AUB

    Nursing Informatics July 19-23, 2010 Description: The Nursing Informatics course uses a combination of nursing science, computer science, and information analysis as they pertain to identifying, gathering, processing, and managing information. Emphasis is placed on technology-based health applications which support clinical, administrative, research, and educational decisionmaking that enhances nursing practice. Sana Marini RN, MPH, PhDc Clinical Assistant Professor

    Qualitative Research Methods July 26-30 Description: This course offers nurse researchers an introduction to qualitative research methods. Design and analysis strategies in qualitative research are discussed including the use of software for data analysis. Myrna A. A. Downit, RN, PhD Assistant Professor, Hariri School ofNursing, AUB

    Practical Applications of Budgeting in Nursing August2-6 Description: This course focuses on practical applications of concepts in nursing budgeting and finance. Emphasis is placed on development of nursing budgets for a patient care unit and for a department/division. Key concepts relevant to nursing are defined including staffing, nursing care hours, hours per patient day, patient acuity, direct and indirect hours of care, and productive and unproductive time. In addition, tools for calculating and evaluating budgets as well as strategies for maintaining a balanced budget are also discussed. Hussein A. Tahan, DNSc, RN, CNA Executive Director of International Health Services, Presbyterian Hospitals, New York


    Case Management August 2, 4, 6, 9, and 10 Description: This course explores the implementation and evaluation of case management models and the various roles of case managers. The focus is on model design, implementation, evaluation, clinical pathways/case management plans, management of patients with chronic illnesses, outcomes management, and transitions of care. Hussein A. Tahan, DNSc, Rt'J, CNA Executive Director of International I lealth Services, Presbyterian Hospitals, New York Health Care Ethics August9-13 Description: This course introduces ethical concepts and issues relevant to the practice of nursing and to nursing research. Areas of emphasis include ethical perspectives, the nature of ethical dilemmas in health care practice, and ethical issues in the conduct of human subject research. The course is based on the use of case studies and class exercises. Assessment is by practice based applications of the ideas and approaches discussed in class. Michael Clinton RN, PhD, MSc, BA (Hans) Professor, Hariri School of Nursing, AUB [email protected] Course The First International Nursing and Healthcare Informatics Course in the Eastern Mediterranean Region organized by HSON and [email protected] (Euro Mediterranean Medical Informatics and Telemedicine Association) in close collaboration with JHU SON, WHO, and Ain Wazein Hospital was held under the High Patronage of his Excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri May 7 - 12, 2010 at HSON; the opening took place on May 6. The conference was a success; it attracted a large number of participants from Lebanon and the region.


    Marina Adra continued her PhD studies at the University of Manchester, UK. Expected date of completion is March 2011. Dina Madi continued her PhD studies at the University of Manchester, UK. Expected date of completion is March 2011. Sana Marini continued her PhD studies at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Expected date of completion is December 2010. HSON organized three workshops on the use of simulation technology in nursing education. All nursing faculty involved in clinical teaching attended these workshops. All faculty members attended a summer intensive course on simulation in nursing education offered by Dr. Pamela Jeffries from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Fulbright Scholar Dr. Judith Larnbton offered a working session attended by all faculty on the use of simulation in nursing education.


    D. FACULTY RECRUITMENT/APPOINTMENTS Recruitment: • HSON Search and Advisory Committees reviewed the CVs of 25 applicants and interviewed II of them. • Three joint appointments were processed, two applicants accepted appointments to the HSON, but postponed their start date until September 2011, one applicant declined for personal reasons, two postponed interviews November/December 20 I 0, one Fulbright is awaiting funding, three candidates will be interviewed when they visit Lebanon. • HSON continues to recruit for PhD prepared faculty with expertise in particular in pediatrics and community nursing as well as for the Hariri Endowed Chair of Nursing Research. Appointments: New Appointments • Christine Weir Abbyad, PhD, RN, WHNP, Clinical Assistant Professor, September I, 2009 • Mira Abi-Saad RN, MSN, Clinical Assistant Instructor, November 1, 2009 • Michael Clinton, RN, PhD BA (Hons) FAIM, Professor, September I, 2009 Randa Farha, RN, MSN, MPH, Research Assistant/Skills Lab Coordinator, • September 1, 2009 Angela Massouh, RN, MSN, Clinical Assistant Instructor, September I, 2009 • Adjunct Faculty Appointments • Dr. Cheryl Dennison, RN, ANP, PhD • Dean Martha Hill, PhD, RN, FAAN • Dr. Shake Ketefian, EdD, RN, FAAN • Ms. Jane Shivnan, MSN, RN, AOCN Dr. Hussein Tahan, DNSc, RN, CNA • Academic Associate Appointments • Mr. Anthony Chamoun, RN, MSN, ACNP, CCNS • Ms. Gladys Mouro, RN, MSN • Dr. Mona Nasrallah, MD • Ms. Hera Tashjian, RN, MSN, CCNS • Dr. Salah Zein EI-Dine, MD


    BSN: 1. Theory and clinical nursing courses are fully integrated. 2. The BSN curriculum was revised and approved by full faculty and was implemented in fall 2010. All revisions were benchmarked with internationally recognized nursing programs and aligned with accreditation requirement. 3. Revisions included the following changes in courses:

    D- IS

    a. The 6 credit nursing courses were reduced to 5 credits b. Tbe 6 credit criticaJ cat·e course was reduced tO 4 credits c. N201 lntroduc1ion h) Nur.;ing l)rilcrice was reduced lTom 3 to 2 crcdil.s d. N202 Health Assessmenl was m()\•cd from summer to be taught

    concurrcnlly wilh N20 I in spring e. N203 Biostatistics for Nurses was moved from spring to swnmer f. General Education (GE) courses were developed and/or de.•;-ignoted based
    4 Skills and simulatjon lab training was inlcgratcd in f~ll nursing courses. Evaluation methods were developed to monitor and assess tJte effectiveness or siruulatfon lab training.. • RN·BSN: I. 111e RN.. J:JSN program underwent same curricular changes sirnilar l
    MSN: I, Four tr~ks me offered; Adull Care, Nun;ing Administratjon, f'sych.iatr}' and Mental Health Nursing, and Community Nursing. 2. A new MSN Pediatric Nursing track was de"•eloped but not offered because of the small nurnber of applicants. 3. The Nursing Administra.tion track was revised and now includes more nursing specific courses. 4. Ten MSN students spent their six·week res:idencies ln Lhe United States al Johns Hopkins Unjve.rsil)', Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Uni-.·crsity Of Michigan, University of Northern Colorndo, nnd Vanderbilt University. Other residency sites in Lebanon included AUBMC, Hammond and l~•bib Hospitals, Minisny of Environment, and a number of conunwdty centers. S. rt~e minor in nursing cduc~u-ion was revised

    • BA/BS.BSN: I. An accelerated 13AIBS· I3SN program wos developed and approved. 2. A feasibility study for the program was conducted in Lebanon. 3. The program was noi launched in swnmer 20 10 because of the small number of applicants~ it will be launched in summer 20 II . New Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE) forms were developed fOr usc by alJ uca.demic programs with distinct crjteria Cor evaluation of teac.her and course c lTcctivencss for lhc theory and clinjcaJ components of courses.

    B. STUDENT ENROLLMENT St udenI StatlS ' fICS t\Y 2008-09 c;:ompllred IO 2009. I0 13SN 2008-09 2009-10 Applied 146 199 Acceptance 97 122

    MSN 2008-09

    54 51

    2009-10 55 45

    D- 16

    New Enrolled 23 19 32 53 Yield 43% 45% 42% JJ% Total EnroUmem Il9 51 57 l02 Female 75% 73% 88% 79"/o Male 25% 27% 12% 21% 86% Lebanese 89% 90% 88% lntemntiona1 II% 10% 12% 14o/. 23 9 17 Graduates . 23 .m the nwnber l -here has been n subSU!ntanltncrease or apphoants tor the BSN progrrunfrom 146 in 2008-09 to 199 in 2009-10 and in the total number or students who enrolled in the progrnm from 32 tO 53.



    Student recruitment remained a HSON priority lhis past year. A number of activities took place and included the following: • USON developed new promotional ond marketing materials fo r the BSN, BNBSBSN (new n

    BAIBS-BSN accelerated program was held al tv.'

    BSN and MSN programs and provided relevant lnforma.tion about nursing and the work opportullitics in oursins.

    • •

    An open hcHISC was held ror aJI accepted students. f uture student rccruhmc.11t plans to attrtacl and rc1ain students include: o Hast annu:.~ l meetjngs witi1student counselors al HSON. o Develop an IISON newslener to be sent every semester to student counselors: and interested .ShldenL~ to keep tJ1em updated on developmen t~> at HSON. o

    Invite interested SIUdenL~ to HSON to attend stude-nt-related events.

    o Organize anntL.."\1 meetings \Vith interested ~1uden ts fUld thcirp~ rcn ts.

    D. STUDENTS ACTMTlF-8, PROJECTS, T IU:SES, & RESIDENClES BSN Sl'Ul>£N'I'S BSN sn1dentc; panicipated in many HSON events and were involved in seveml educational activities: • f it-A-111on: On November 6, 2009. lo ur BSN IV students (Carole Maamary, Rayon AI Dabbah, Mohammad Najdi and Mo.ria111 AI Sabbae) participated in f itA-ll)()n that was organized by Lhe University Well ness Comminee in eoordirunion wirh BSN gradm•re Oina Mahmass.ani. • HI N I awareness campaigns: As p~arl of the clinical experience of the community nursing course, BSN IV students \\"Crc involved in spreading awareness about HI N I in more than I5 schools. Read more details abou1 this c:attlpaigu a1 the foJiowittg lin.k: http:/""'iew.pbp?id-100302

    • •

    Beirut M.aralhon: December 6, 2009. Nursing srudcnts paniciparcd In the Beirut Marathon 2009. Child's Day: March 20 t0. The Nur.~ing Srudent Society organi>&l a child's day talent show activity on Mnrch 27 at tJ\e Bathish Auditorium in Wes1 Hall. TI1c. theme of the event was to d i.sco~o•er the variety of cultures and countries from nround lhc world and at the same time learn about health issues relevant to

    • •

    c.hildren. Five schools participated in this event. Each school prepan:q>eriences educating school childron about HINI: a project which they had conducted during the fa.U 2009 semester in the Sarafand area. soutJt LebMon. Two AUB nursing stude nts, along with Suzan KJtallfe, wife of Health MinisterMohammad Jawad Khalife and nursing pn:ceptors at HSON, gave an overview of !.heir experience educating school children about swine flu.. AUB Outdooa&h "'On tho gold medal for coming In fi~t In the womcn•·s breaststroke swimming evc:nt a1 the Charles W, Hostler SIUdent Center at A UB.


    BSN 111 students part icipated in health awareness teaching at City International SchooL


    Nuhad Dumit (I" reader); Samar Noureddinc (2"d reader) Prenatal Protocol for Childbearing Marjan fooladi (I" Women tor Caritas reader); Chris Abbyad (2"d reader) Designing a Competency Framework Nuhad Durni l (I" for Intensive Care Nurses reader); Huda AbuSaad Huijer (2"d reader) Critical Pathway for Acute Respiratory Samar Noureddine ( I " Distress Syndrome: Development and reader); Nuhad Durnil (2'td reader) . Implementation Proposal Professional Advancement Program for Nuhad Dumit (I" reader); Myrna Doumit Lebanese Nurses (2nd reader) Development of an Evidence Based Michael Cl inton (I" Advanced Nursing Role: Hospital reader); Sana Marini (2"d reader) Discharge Coordinator for the Adult Population at AUBMC Need Assessment for the Role of Lail a Far hood (I" Psychiatric APN in Adult Critical Care reader); Samar Areas at AUBMC as Perceived by Noureddine (2"d reader) Physicians and Nurses Are Peripheral Inserted Central Myma Doumit ( I" Catheters Better Alternatives than reader); Michael Peripheral Venous Catheters and C linton (2nd reader) Central Lines'? A Baseline Assessment for Improving Michael Clinton ( I " Patient Care in a Critical Care Setting reader); Nuhad Durnil (2nd reader) Exploring the Feasibility of Michael Clinton (1 51 Implementing a Ca~e Management reader); Myrna Doumi i (2nd reader) Model for Medical I Surgical Inpatients at AUBMC

    Raschele Na«Sar

    Project Nurses' Perspectives of Their Work Environment and Patient Outcomes

    Elizabeth Dyer


    Shams lssa


    Lara Afesh


    Nisrin Bou Fakhr


    La}'al Hruayed


    Hanadi Massalkhi


    Mahmoud Salam


    Hanadi Syam


    Faten Badran


    Hisham Bawadi

    Project A Stroke Unit at AUBMC: Proposal and Recommendations

    Nashaat Hassan

    Committee Members

    Samar Noureddine (I" reader); Hala Darwish (2nd reader) Project A Small Hospital in Lebanon with Michael Clinton (I" Ministry of Public Health Accreditation reader); Nuhad Dum it (2'>d reader)

    Defense Date April I, 2010 May26, 2010 May26, 2010 Jw1e 7, 2010 June 7, 2010 June 7, 2010

    June 7, 2010

    June 7, 2010

    June 7, 2010 June 9, 2010

    June 9, 2010 June 9, 2010


    Hal a Rich a

    Project The Knowledge, Practice, and Attitudes of Oncology Physicians and Nurses Regard ing the Psychological Assessment of Adult Cancer Patients at AUBMC

    LaiIa Farhood ( I " reader); Myrna Doumit (2"d reader)

    June 9, 2010

    Julie Sakkab

    Project Transformational Leadership Stra tegies for Reducing Medication Errors

    June 9, 2010

    Bana Zein


    Michael Clinton (1'1 reader); Sana Marini (2"d reader) Samar Noureddine (I., reader); Nuhad Doumit (2"d reader) Hala Darwish (1 51 reader); Samar Noureddine (2"d reader) Nuhad Dwnit (I" reader); Michael Clinton (2''d reader)

    August 16,2010

    Larnia Eid

    Rasha .Hamzeh

    Differences in ClinicaJ Presentation a11d Responses to Acute Coronary Syndrome between Diabetic and Nondiabetic Lebanese Patients Project Assessing the Need for a Fast Track Unit in the Emergency Department at AUBMC Project Communication in Isolation Technique Practices at AUBMC

    June 9, 20 10

    Oct 22. 20 10



    AUB Faculty

    On site Position of Preceptor Preceptor

    Supervisor Samar Noureddine Laila Farhood Huda AbuSaad Huijer

    Dennis Jones Laila Farhood Do rna Hairston

    Lamia Eid Hanadi Masalkhi Samar El Asmar


    N isrine Bou Fakhr H isham Bawadi


    Huda AbuSaad Huijer

    Nuhad Dum it


    Samar Nourcddine

    Betsi Zink


    Huda AbuSaad Huijer

    Jane Shivnan,


    Instructor, JHU School of Nursing Professor, School of Nursing, AUB Assistant Director of Nursing, Surgery Department, JHU Hospital Assistant Professor, HSON

    Fall 2009 Fall 2009 Fall 2009

    Fall 2009

    Fall 2009 Fall 2009

    Hala Rich a


    Laila Farhood

    Linda Gerson

    C linical nurse specialist, neuro critical care unit, Johns Hopkins University Executive Director. lnstitute for Johns Hopkins Nursing. Nursing Di rector for Surgery Dept. Assistant Professor Nursing

    Hanadi Syam

    Hammou d

    Michael Clinton

    Dania Wehbeh.

    Directors, Nursing Services

    Rachelle Nassar

    Deborah Baker


    Fall 2009

    Fall 2009


    Care lie Tabet

    Elizabeth Dyer Shams Issa Talin Gulgulian

    I Nashaat Hassan

    Nathalie Badaro Rachel Hamdan

    Maya Nizam

    Hospital, La bib Hospital, South Lebanon San Antonios Dispensar y Rouweisa t Caritas

    Lina Younan

    Huda AbuSaad Huijer

    Huda AbuSaad Huijer Hammou Michael d Hospital Clinton Universit Huda Abuy of Saad Huijer Northern Colorado AUBMC Michael Quality Clinton Departme nt Johns Huda AbuHopkins Saad Huijer Arnbulato ry

    Services AUBMC AUB

    Nuhad Dum it

    Dr. Antoine Aoun

    Family physician a11d director of the dispensary

    Nancy Shehadeh Dania Wehbeh Vicky Wilson

    Social worker responsible for Caritas shelter Director of Nursing




    Khalil Rizk

    di rector of the Quality Accreditation & Risk Management Program at AUBMC executive director, Institute For Johns Hopkins Nursing Di rector and Associate Dean FM

    Jane Shivnan Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh



    Fall Fall

    2009 2010 Spring

    2010 Spring

    2010 Sunune

    r20 JO

    Micheal Nuhad Assistant professor, Summe Clinton, Dum it School ofNursing r20 JO then Nuhad Dum it .. MSN studenL~ partlctpated m many HSON events and were mvolved m several educational activities: • Assisted the student services officer with student recruitment. They participated in many school visit.~ in different regions in Lebanon to promote the nursing profession and HSON nursing programs • Assisted the student services officer in promoting the new BNBSN program at AUB by distributing brochures and informing students about the second degree program. • During the first two weeks of May 2010, MSN students participated in the AUB High School Fair when a large number of grade I0 and grade 11 students from different schools attended the student orientation and were introduced to all the different majors that AUB offers.


    IV. ACCREDITATION AND STRATEGIC PLANNING A. CCNEACCREDITATION The CCNE Interim Report was prepared by the following faculty members and submitted in November 2010:

    CCNE Interim Report Coordinator Dr. Huda Abu-Saad Huijer

    Standard I: Program Quality: Mission and Governance Chair: Members:

    Dr. Myrna Doumit Mrs. May Khoury Ms. Dina Madi Ms. Sana Marini

    Standard D: Program Quality: Institutional Commitment and Resources Chair: Members:

    Dr. Laila Farhood Ms. Mira Abi-Saad Mrs. Mary Arevian

    Standard ill: Program Quality: Curriculum, Teaching-Learning Practices and Individual Student Learning Outcomes Chair: Members:

    Dr. Nuhad Dumit Dr. Chris Abbyad Ms. Angela Massouh

    Standard IV: Program Effectiveness: Aggregate Student Performance and Faculty Accomplishments Chair: Members:

    Dr. Samar Noureddine Mrs. Marina Adra Dr. Michael Clinton Dr. Hala Darwish


    The HSON strategy team identified key performance indicators (KPis) for the school's strategic objectives detailed in the HSON strategic plan based on the following perspectives: Customer; Internal Process; Learning and Growth; and Financial. The team determined the measures and targets for these indicators. The team met with the director of AUB's Office of Strategy Management to consult on the above measures and finalize them to be consistent with AUB's strategic objectives. The team then assigned owners to each ofthese measures. The balanced score card coordinator then compiled all the information and presented it to the HSON and strategy team on January 20, 2010. The AUB strategy team staff provided

    0 -22

    feedback. for wa ys 10 improve reporting of HSON achievements regarding the KPL>. AUB purchased new sollwarc to improve Kl'l rcpcrtiog. Datn from the I!SON was imported. An administrator was flSSigncd 10 monitor data c::ntry. update the mensures as ne«ied, and prepare reports accordingly. V. RF.SEARCR &SCHOLARLY ACTIVITlF.S A. CURRENT HSON FACULTY RESEARCH

    Priutipal Invertiptor. Dr. Chrullne Weir Abbyad Survey or University Smokers' Attillldes towards a Smoking Cessation Prognm The overall aim of the study is to survey the experience of AUB smokers with smoking cessation programs and their anitudes towards a universily sponsored smoking cessation program. Status: SlJU'dng Printipal lovestiptor. Mn. Marina Adra C.Uerating a Model or Quality of Life for Oldtr Nuniq Home Residents in Lebanon: A Modified Grounded Theory Study The ovemll aim of !he study is to explore tlte perceptions and perspectives of quali1y of life of a rcprescnlative sample or older people, care staff, and family care givers. Status: PhD dissertation to be completed 20 I I Principal lovnt1gator. Mrs. Mary Arevian Perception or Health Relattd Quality or Lift and Adbe.rcoce to Regimen ofDiJibetia The purpose of this study is to describe the relationship between diabetics' perception of hetdlh rela1ed quality of life and t.helt adherence to diabetic thetapeutJc reg.lmens. Other researchers: Ms. T(lline Bakulhln Fwlding: Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon StillLL~:


    l'riudpal Investigator. Mrs. Mary Arevian Belie& about B'r taJJt Caneer, Breast Self Enm Mammography amo~~g Lebanese!Armeojan Women The purpose of Lhis study is to describe beliefs related to breast cancer and 10 provide baseline data to guide the de\'elopment of educational programs to promote early detection and early treaune nl ofbrc.ast cancer. Oth« researchers: Or. Samar Noureddinc f WJdjng: Annenian RcJjef Cross in Lebanon Stalus: Complete PrincipaJ I nvestigator: Mn. Mary Arevian. Impact of a l,eer·led Edut illional 1•·r ognm on Knowledge and Altitudes about .Prevtotioo of Su_b sbloce Abwe amo·o g Ltba:oese/Anutniao Adolescents: A Pilot Study.


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent to which participation in a peer-led educational program about substance abuse produces changes in knowledge and attitudes among Lebanese/Armenian adolescents. Other researchers: Dr. Tamar Kabakian Khasholian. Status: Ongoing.

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Clinton Mental Health Ethics in Australia Philosophical investigation of ethical issues in the organization and delivery of mental health services in Australia, with particular reference to the implementation of the National Mental Health Strategy and 3rd National Mental Health Plan. Progress in mental health reform is assessed against stated national objectives with particular attention to conceptual problems in psychiatric diagnosis, preparation and development of the national mental health workforce, and the prospects for improved services. Status: Completed; Monograph in preparation

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Hala Darwish Effect of Vitamin D on Cognitive Function in Older Adults The overall aim of the study is to investigate the level of Vitamin D in adults and older adults and age related cognitive function. Co-Investigators: Dr. Brigitte Khoury, Dr. Sarner El Dika Funding: University Research Board Status: Ongoing

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Myrna Doumit The Experience of Lebanese Oncology Nurses Working in Inpatient Units in Lebanon The overall aim of the study is to explore the lived experience of Lebanese oncology nurses, and to obtain an increased understanding of the meaning and interpretation of their experiences Other researchers: Dr. Joan Sue Lockhart, Mrs. Nuhad Azoury Status: Ongoing

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Myrna Doumit Missed Nursing Care at a Hospital in Lebanon The overall aim of the study is to determine if missed nursing care is a phenomenon in Lebanon. Other countries being studied include China, Turkey, Chili, Brazil and Northem Ireland. Other researchers: Kalish, B., Doumit M., El Zein, J. Status: Starting

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Nuhad Dumit Rapid Assessment of Sexual and Reproductive Health and lllV Linkages in Lebanon The overall aim of the study is to investigate the linkages between HIV and SRH services at the policy, systems, and service delivery levels. The results helped in identifying gaps and suggesting recommendations for the development of cow1tryspecific action plans to strengthen these linkages in various service delivery points. Other researchers: Dr. Samar Noureddine, Mrs. Mary Arevian


    Funding: United Nations Population Fund Status: Completed

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Fadi Jardali Exploring the Problem of Scarcity of Nurses in Underserved Areas in the Middle East: Factors, Reasons, and Incentives for Recruitment The overall aim of the study is to describe the current and proposed HRH policies and practices in Lebanon, Jordan and a Gulf country with regard to under-served areas of healthcare provision and to deployment of international and national nursing work forces in these areas. Other researchers: Dr. Susan F. Murray, Dr. Nuhad Dumit [Lead Investigator for Lebanon], Dr. Raeda Abu Al Rub Funding: Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research Status: Ongoing

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Laila Farhood Psychiatric Morbidity in South Lebanon post July 2006: Community Assessment and CBT Randomized Group Intervention The overall aim is to assess the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in citizens from south Lebanon post July 2006 war and compare it to pre-war results done on a sample from the same region. It also aims to test the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in treating PTSD and depression in a post conflict region using a randomized group intervention. Co-Investigators: Dr. Hani Dimassi Funding: World Health Organization (initial phase) and continued this year through Medical Dean's fund Status: Ongoing

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Marjaneh Fooladi Assessing the Effects of Involuntary and Persistent Noise on Health and Hearing in Beirut, Lebanon This study aims to address the health hazards of excessive external noise on overall health and wellbeing. The unrecognized effects of persistent exposure to noise on health and hearing and the non-specific responses to noise pollution in Beirut, Lebanon, is the focus of this pilot study Other researchers: Mrs. Mary Arevian, Dr. Marc Bassim, Dr. Maya Abou Ziad Funding: Issam Fares Institute Status: Completed

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Huda Abu-Saad Huijer Quality of Palliative Care in Lebanon; the Perspectives of Patients with Cancer The purpose of this study is to evaluate the quality of life, symptom management, functional ability, and the quality of palliative care in adult Lebanese cancer patients. Other researchers: Dr. Myrna Doumit, Dr. Hani Dimassi Funding: Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research Status: Ongoing


    PriDrindpal l nvesligator: Dr. Uuda Ahu-5aad Httijer Chronic Pain In Lebanon; a Population-based Epidemiologkul Study omoog Adult• llJtd Childnn Tilt pUfJ>OS" of this study is to detennine the prevalence of ohronic poin and iiS corrdetsiMdirlj\ of the incidc:nce. pre..t._ und com:lotes of pain wilhin the Lebanese population. Other n:sc:u.:hcrs' Dr. Ghosoan Knnazi. Dr. Thurayyo Anoyssi Funding: Qatar Na1lonal Rtle8r
    Princlpaltnvesliptor: Mn. May Kho"'Y ••amily Experillin and its Chattltttristios In '-"bunesc children wilh cnooer and to goin inslsJ>t Into the experience of children ond the effectiveness of cornmonJy used mruut.gcmr:.nt pnw:tites.. SL"us: PhD di.

    Principal Investigator: Mn. Sana Marini Information Technology for Medication Ad.mioistration in Lebanon The purpose of these studies is to determine use and acceptance level of IT for medication administration in Lebanon and to detennine nurses' attihtdes towards the use of the Bar Coding Medication Administration system (BCMAs). Status: PhD dissenation to be completed in 20 I0. Principal Investigator: Ms. Gladys Mouro Survey oftbe Expectations and Intentions ofMSN Prepared Nurses at AUBMC. This study aims to assess the influence of graduate education on the practice of nurses currently employed at AUBMC, as perceived by the nurses, and identify their intended career paths following completion of graduate studies. Other investigators: Dr. Samar Noureddine, Ms. Mariam Kayle, Dr. Mrujan Fooladi, Dr. Myrna Doumit and Mrs. Rima Saad. Fund ing: AUBMC Status: Ongoi ng. Principall.nvestigator: Dr. Samar Noureddine Decision Making Processes and their Correlates in Patients Experiencing Acute Myocardial Infections (AMI) This is a mixed methods study that uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to find I) the ways which patients respond to symptoms of AMI. 2) the inlluence of people who witness the AMI on their decision to seek care, 3) the patient's knowledge of and attitudes towards heart disease, and 4) other factors that inf]uence the decision to seek care Other researchers: Dr. Nuhad Durnil Status: Ongoing Priocipallnvestigator: Dr. Samar Nouredcline Development of a Research Program for Reducing Delay in Seeking Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction in Lebanon The overall aims of the program are to explore the problem of delay in seeking health care in myocardial infarction patients and develop an intervention to reduce delay time. The third ongoing study in this program uses a mixed methods approach to detenn.ine the decision making processes of patients experiencing myocardial infarction related to seeking health care, as well as their knowledge and attitudes regarding heart disease, and their related educational needs and preferences. Other researchers: Dr. Kathleen Dracup Funding: Postdoctoral fellowship from the Card iovascular Councils of Nursing of the American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology Status: Ongoing Principal lovestigator: Dr. Souhad Sbbeir Ceramide Treatment of Colon Cancer Cells Suppresses Wnt Signaling by l.nducing dab2 Expression The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of dab2 expression and ul timately B-catenin regulation by ceran1ide treatment in the nom1alization of cell growth as dab2 down-regulation has been implicated as a causal !actor in many types of cancers includi ng ovarian, breast, colon and others, and, to understand how ceramide


    regulates aberrant cell growth and apply this knowledge to cancer prevention and treatment. Co-Investigators: Dr. Ghassan Dbaibo Funding: Medical Practice Plan I Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research Status: Ongoing

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Souhad Shbeir Ceramide Suppresses Cell Proliferation by Inducing dab2 Expression via Activation of PP2A The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of dab2 expression and ultimately 13-catenin regulation by ceramide treatment in the normalization of cell growth as dab2 down-regulation has been implicated as a causal factor in many types of cancers including ovarian, breast, colon and others, and, to understand how ceramide regulates aberrant cell growth and apply this knowledge to cancer prevention and treatment. Co-Investigators: Dr. Ghassan Dbaibo Funding: University Research Board Status: Ongoing


    Abboud, S. Noureddine, S. Huijer Abu-Saad, H. DeJong, J. & Mokhbat, J. Quality of life in people living with HIV/AIDS in Lebanon, AIDS Care, 22 (6); 687-696.

    Abbyad, C. & Robertson, ·r. (20 10). Black women's preparation for childbirth from the perspective of black healthcare providers. Journal of Perinatal Education. In Press.

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    Dumi~ N., Abboud S., Noureddine S., Arevian M. Assessment of Llnkages between Sexual and reproductive Health and IIJV/AlDS Services in Lebanon. 1n Press.


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    Nursing, 19, 83-9( o

    Farhood L (2010) Mental Health and Psychosocial Care for Citizetc• Affected by Wat in Lebanon: Training Jlroject for 1-tealthcare l'rofessionaJs, In Coping with Posctmumotic Stress Disorder in Returning Troops. Brenda K. Wiederhold (Ed.). NATO Science for Peace and Security Series . E: Human and Societal Dynamics Volume 68, Coping with Posttraumatic Stress L>isorder in 'Retuming Troops.

    llebda-Uauer. EK. PietSch, A. Oatwisb, H, Fentress, H~ Simmons, TA.. Wei, Q, Watson, SJ. nnd Akil, H. (20 I0). Forebrain glucoconicoid receptor over expre.&ion increases environmental reactivity and produces a stress-induced spatia] discrimination deficit. Neuro.fcltnce, doi: I0.1 0 16/j.neuroseicnec.20 I0.05.033


    Marini Daya S, (2010). Nursing and the EHR in l,.eb

    2/sr CenJury: Anlnlernalionul/A)Ok at fracth.:e, TreruLo; and lhe F11ture. HlMMS A~anUl, Ga.

    Morini Dayo S. Huijcr Abu-Saad H, Hosman A, Dimassi H. (2010). "Nur.:es' Attiwdcs towards the Usc of Bar Coding Medication Administration S)'Stern. CIN; 28(2): 11 2· 123.

    Noureddine. S. (20 10). Current evidence shows no reduction in mortality or rc· infarction rate with early mnbiliZiltion following myocardial inf.vction (Invited Commenlary). Evidence /lnsed Nursing IJ. 39 DOl: 10.1136/ebn l037.

    Nourcddinc. S., froelichcr, E. S., Sibai. A., & Dakik, H. (2010). Response to 11 Cardiac Event in Relation 10 Cardiac Knowledge and Risk Pc:n.;cption: A Descriptive Study in a Leh;mese Sample. /mernational Journal of Nur.ting Swdie>·. 47(.l), 332-347.

    Osman. LH ., Berbary, LN, Sidani, Y., AI·Ayoubi. B. & Emrouznejad. A. (2010). Datl Analysis Model for the Appraisal and Relative Pc:rfOrmnnc::c Evialuntion of Nurses at an Intensive Care Unit .Juumal IJf Medical Systems. lu Press. hnp://www.springerl w488 I063763/fulltext,pdf

    Suad, R. Abu-Sucl Huijtr, 11. Nourcddinc, S. Muwakki1, S. Saab, R. Ahboud, MR. Bereaved Parents' Evaluation of t.he Quality of a Palliative Care Program in Lebanon. Pediatric Blood & Ctmcer. Accept.ed.

    Sakr, 0. E., lf.lbajj, I., Huijer, H. •support Vector Machines to Deline and Detccl Agitation Transition." iEEE Transacti()ns en Afftctive Computing, 19 Jul. 2010. IEEE computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society,

    Research/ContiDuiDg Education Seminars

    • • •

    • • •

    R.1cism & Health by Or Chris Abbyad. Clinical Asslstruu Professor, HSON, Fchruary 24, 20 I0 Breast cancer by Dr Arafat rfaily MD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, March 24,2010. Understanding my tcm through a research experience by Or Mrujnn Fooladi, rulbright Scholur, HSON, April21, 2010. Bedouin Health Model in Jordan by tlr Fadin Husna, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, Philadelphia Universality, Jordan, Apri1 23, 2010 What Keep< Nurses in Nursing: Qtcalitativc Research Study by Dr. Dorolhy J. Dunn, Clinical faculty, ~lorida Atlantic University, May 16,2010. When. Ilow, and What We Teach! Where is tJ1e Evidence? by Dr. Juditb Larubton, Professor, Unlversily of San f rancisco. Aug~ 9. 20 I0.


    C. PHD DISSERTATIONS Huda Abu-Saad Huijer •

    Eeva-Riitta Y!inen, PhD dissertation. Patients' Pain Assessment and Management during Medication-Free Colonoscopy. University of Easten Finland, February 12, 2010. External Examiner.

    Michael Clinton •

    Charles Harmon, PhD thesis: The process of response of mental health nurses who have experienced physical assaults by their patients; A grounded theory study conducted in mental health inpatient settings. University of Newcastle, New South Wales. (March 4, 2010). External Examiner

    Valerie Anne Goodwin, PhD thesis: The role of the psychiatric nurse in enhancing consumer and career participation in mental health services. University of Melbourne, Victoria. (March 11, 2010). External Examiner

    D. EDITORIAL POSITIONS Mary Arevian 2006 Ongoing 2006 Ongoing

    Reviewer, Journal ofinterprofessional Care Reviewer, Journal ofTranscultural Nursing

    Michael Clinton 20 10 Ongoing

    2010 Ongoing Health Services 20 lO Ongoing 201 0 Ongoing 201 0 Ongoing 20 l 0 Ongoing 20 10 Ongoing 201 0 Ongoing 201 0 Ongoing

    Editorial Board International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, formerly the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing Editorial Board Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Editorial Board Journal of Mental Health Editorial Board Journal of Ethics in Mental Health Review Panel Contemporary Nurse Review Panel Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology Reviewer, Journal of Adolescent Health Reviewer, Journal of Physical Activity & Health Reviewer, Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology

    Myrna Doumit 2006 Ongoing 2006 Ongoing 2010

    Reviewer, European Journal of Oncology Nursing Reviewer, Me Master Online Rating of Evidence (MORE) Reviewer, Journal of Transcultural Nursing

    Nuhad Dumit 2008 Ongoing 2010 Ongoing

    Reviewer, Journal of Nursing Management Reviewer, Journal oflnterprofessional Care


    Reviewer, WIN Conference Ab.10tract o.nd l>oster Judge

    2010 Ongoing LtUt Farhood

    2006 Ongoing 2006 Ongoing 2007 Ongoing 2007 Ongoing 2010 Ongoing 20 L0 Ongoing 20 I 0 Ongoing

    Reviewer, JoumaJ of TranscuhuraJ Nursing Reviewer. Journal of lmerprofessional Care Reviewer, Joumal of Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Heahh Reviewer, Journal of Social Scien-ce and Medicine Reviewer, Global Public Health Reviewer, Journal ofTrawnatic Stress Reviewer of the "'Mc;ntal Disorders in the Arab World't section of tbe book .Public Health in IM Arab World, Nuwayhid, 1., Khawajn, M., and Giacaman, R., eds.• Cambridge University Press 2010.

    Eluda Abu·Sud Ruijer 1994 Ongoing AssociRI<: Editor and later Member of Advisory Board, lnternational Joumnl of Nursing Srudies Member of the Advisory Boord, Joumnl ofTronscultumJ Nursing L999 Ongoing Member of ~te Editorial Boord, Scandinavian Joumal of Curing 2000 Ongoing Scic:oc:c Member of tbe E
    2009 Ongoing 2009 Ongoing 2008 Ongoing 2008 Ongoing 2009 Ongoing

    Reviewer. Jounml of Nursing Scholarship Reviewer. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing Reviewer, American Jourrtal ofCritict\l Core Member, Editorial Boord, Joumal ofTranscuhural Nursing Member. International Editorial Board of Metas de Enfcrmicra' Nursing Journal


    20 I0 Ongoing 20 10 Ongoing

    Review p;:~m;l member for j)fiARSON Abstract reviewer lOr the ONS II •• National Conference on Cancer Nun;ing Research. Fcbrual)·I0-12. 2011 , t..os Angeles. California


    20 10 Ongoing 20 10

    Laila Farbood 20100ngoing gr.mts. AUB

    lntcmallonal Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) Conference Management Contmittec Appoillted as grant and abstract reviewer for Sigma Theta Tau lntc:mutiorwl for a two-year tenn. Reviewer of MedicaJ Practice Plan & University Review Bo3rd

    Ouda Abu.Saad Buijer 2006 Ongoing Reviewer, lntemationaJ Association for the Study of Paiu (lASP) Collaborative Research and other Grants: o John J Bonica Trainee Fe-llo-wship o Sean/Design Bruun Foundation Fellowship o Patrick D. Wall Young Investigator Award (for Basic SC-ie11ce)

    2010 2010

    o Ul f Lindblom Young love.
    Samar Nounddlne Reviewer of Medicol Practice Jllan & Unh.•ersity Review Board 2010 gJants, AUIJ F. SCBOLi\RLY LECTURES Christine Weir Ab byad

    Abbynd, C. (20 10). Processes Used by Urban Black Women to Prepare for Childbirth: A OroUJHied 1lteory Oral prese:nlatiofl at the 20 I 0 Southetn NW'Sing Research Society meeting. February 3, 20 10. Austin, Texas.

    Mary Arevia.o • Arevia.n, M. BeJjefs ubout BreA~1 Cancer, Breast Selr ex~1m and M~mrnography among Lcbancsc/Annen.ian Women. Conducted a workshop session during the First Global Leadership Forum for Cancer Control: Go Public. Ouawa, Canada, September 23-26, 2009. • Arevinn. M. Reproduc1ive T~ct Infections among Young People: "'A Social Fmnchising Approach 10 Prevention". Eight Qualitative Re.~arch ConJC:re.nce. Bourncmouth. England, September 6-8, 2010. • Arevim1, M. Women's Health: Issues of l,rimary Prevention. Anneoian Relief Cros.< in Lebanon, Oe<..,mber 16,2009, Beirut, Lebanon.

    Mlcbael CUnton • Clinton, M. Qu.aJity lmpi'Qve~nem in tJte Conduct of Human Subject Research at AUB. I hunan Reseu.rch Proteclion Program Semirutr Series. rssrim Fare.~ Auditorium.. American University of Bc:irut. Mnrth 20, '201 0.


    Hala Oarwi;b

    Darwish, H. Neuroscience Nursing Co_re Course: (Nursing Services Department • AUBMC); Care of Brain lnjun:d Patiems; Intracranial Pressure Corw:epts; Care of Patients with Hemorrhagic Stroke; Brain Death Criteria; Neuroanatomy


    J'hysiology; Cnre of Patient with Electrolyte imbrunnces; Care of Patients with Neuroendocrine Disorders MymaOoumit • Doumit, M, Abu-Saad Huijer, H, Kelley, ]., El Saghir, N, & Nassar, N. Coping With Breast Cnnecr, a pheuomcnologicru study. 12th World Congress of l'sychoOncology, May26 -29,20 10. Quebec, C-anada_ • Doumit, M, El Saghi r, N. Abu-Saad Huijer, H, Kelley, J & Nassar, N. living with Breast Cancer, a LebMese Experience. 16th lntcmationaJ Conference on Cancer Nursing. March 7- J I , 2010 Atlauto, Georgia. United State<. • Lambton, J, Doumit, M and Clinton. M., Chtutging the culture through baoc:llau:reate l';ing educatiol'l: A dialog·ue between nursing facuJty in the United Stales and ~bsnon. AACN Bnccaluurcatc Nursing Education, Chicag,o, Ulinois, November 21, 2009. • Doumlt, M. "Breast Cancer: A Globill Public 1-lealth Perspective". Symposium, Faculty of Medicine, Bnlarnllnd University May7, 2010.1nvited speaker •

    Downit. M. workshop on ..Trn.ining Trainers: BSE" for 45 nutses working in public: ho~pitaJs from nil over Lebanon at Beirut Govel'llmentaJ I, September 21. 2010 organized by the Lebanese Mini.
    Nuhad Yuhi.k Du·m it • Dumit, N. Selecting the Righl Learning Strategy for the Riglu Population, Grand

    • •

    round organized by the Nursing Services Department AUBMC. April I, 2010 Dumit.. N. Sexual and Reproductive lleahh aud HIV Linkages in Lebanon. National Dissemination Day, AUB. llein.u. Janmu-y 14.2010 Dumit, N. Role of Lebanese Family Caregivers in Enhancing Cardiac PatienL.::' Self-Care Pmcticcs presented at the ..We..~em

    l n~ti tute

    of Nursing" 2010

    Conference; f'hoe1lix Arizona, April 17, 20 10 Dumit., N. Nurse..:;' Role as Educ;:ators presented at the International Nurses Day Conference titled "Nursing; values and ethics in serving your heahh, "Beirut, Muy 12.2010

    Lai!Ja Farhood

    Farhood, L. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P'rSO), D<:pression and General lleahh in a civilian Population five years after Israeli withdrawal from South Leb;mon, presented at the World l-.sychiatric Associati-on (WPA) Beijing, China, Sept 1-5. 20 10. linda Abu-Saad Huijer • Huijcr Abu~ Saad. 1-1. hneroperabiliry in Aeademk•, Industry. and Govenuneut; lnnovalions in Health Care Informatics. Third Middle East Confererlce on Heallh Informatics; LIMIA. March 31 -Aprill. BeiruL Invited Speaker.


    Huijcr Abu-Saad, H. Holistic Fami ly-centered Supportive Care. Third Regional Congress of Cancer and Blood Disorders of Chi ldhood. April IS -17, Amman, Jordan. Invited Speaker. Huijer Abu-Saad, H. Successful Academic Career in Nursing; A Personal Experience. Third Regional Congress of Cancer and Blood Disorders of Childhood. April 15 -17, Amman, Jordan. lnvited Speaker. 1-luijer Abu-Saad, H. Innovations & C hallenges in Health Care InfomJatics. I st International Nursing and Heahhcare Infonnatics Training Course in the Eastern Meditcrrane.·m Region . May 6-12, HSON AUB. Huijer Abu-Saad, H. Opening Address. 1st Tntemational Nursing and Healthcare lnfonnatics Training Course in the Ea~tem Mediterranean Region. May 6-12, HSON AUB. Huijer Abu-Saad, H. Accreditation of the AUB Rafic Hariri School of Nursing. 6'h Workshop on Quality Assurance organized by the Committee on Inter-Uni versity Cooperation oftl1e Association of Universities in Lebanon. July 8, AUB.

    May Khoury •

    Khoury, M. Guest lecturer, Child wi th Fatal Illness, Balamand University, Apri l 16, 20 10

    Dina Madi •

    Madi , D. Abstract on ' Pain in Lebanese Children with Cancer' was accepted for poster presentation at the 8th Symposium on Pediatric Pain, Acapulco, Mexico. Conference was cancelled due to outbreak of the Swine Flu.

    Sana Daya-Marini •

    Marini, S Nursing Tnfonnatics in Lebanon, Nurses and the Bar coding medication admi nistration system, & System Design and life cycle. Ist International Healthcare and Nursinglntonnatics workshop EMMIT, May 6- 12, 20 I0, AU B. Marini, S, Bar-Coded Medication Administration System decreases ME and improves identification of the 5Rs~. Euro-Mediterranean Medical ln fonnatics and Telemedicine "Emmit 20 LO" 6th Intemational Conference; September 26-28, 20 I0, Split (Croatia).

    Angela Massoub • •

    Massouh, A. Guest speaker and coordinator of the Heart Failure Community Outreach Program at AUBMC. Massouh, A. Guest speaker at the AUBMC Coronary Care Un it's staff teaching sessions

    Samar Noureddioe •

    Noureddine, S. Development of a research program to reduce delay in seeking care for acute myocardia l infarction in Lebanon. Oral presentation at the lOth annual spring meeting on cardiovascular nursing by the Cardiovascular Council for Nursing and AJiied Professions, European Society of Card iology, March 12, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.


    • Nourcddinc, S. Workshops on 'Undcr.;mnding Statistics' with Rano Bashir. MPH. given to~"' AUBMC nursing lcadcr.;hip tcom on March 5, Ap

    Christine Weir Ahbyad Workshop given to AUB Postpartum nurses, "PhysiC"al assessmenl of the postp:u1um potien~" Apri120 10 • WorkshOp given w labor and delivery nurses... Evidence based care during labor... April23, 20 10 • CIS school workshop, worked with BSN Ill students aod faculty to collaborativcly presenf a se$.'liOil ijtJed ..My Body and Me." This jnclud ed the physiological and emOtional changes that g.irls and boys pass tluough during adolescence. •

    Mari.a a Adra C{)mpleled !.he American Heart As.orocialion BLS- ACJ..S InstructOr Course and is cwrcntly tc:achlng BLS and ACLS provider courses in close colfabomtion with AUBMC smffdcvelopmcnt program. Mira Abi Saad CIS school workshop, prcsemed a session titled "My Body and Me" 1ha1 included the physiological and emotional changes that girls pass through during adolescence.

    Mary Arman • In collaboration with WHO and the Ministry of Public Health planned and imrlemented, with HSON nursing students. HI N I prevention prog.r.uns llS well as dental care in schools (public and private.) in south Lebanon.

    Hala Darwi•h • Consultution and collubomti(lll with the neurol:ieieocc team at AUBMC. • A fomtaJ invitation from Dr. Samia KhouJ'y (djrector, l'artners Multiple Sclerosis Center) to spend two weeks ( September 6-18, 20 I0) at tlte Partner.: MS Center of the Brigham W'ld Worne.n's HoSpitaJ Harvard MedJcaJ S<:hool in Boston, M~assachusc.:us. The purpose of the visit is to learn about current MS clinjcal care, f!...tS database and research protocols~ and the set up of the outpatient infusion unit Myrna Doumlt Constlltant, Ministry of Health for the National Breast Cancer Campaign, 20 I0 f'articipated in a Lrajn lhe trainer course entitled "Publie He.<~l t h F'unc1ions and Heahh Communications for Heal th Workers Supporting Refugees·' organir.ed by WHO, September 29- Novembcrl7, 2009. Lebanon. • HSON representatjve to the National Colloquiwn Committee, 2008. 20 I 0.

    • •


    Doumit, M. June 2010 Founder and Coordinator of the "Cancer Patient Support Group" at AUBMC

    Nuhad Dumit •

    Organized and gave a two-day workshop and a one-day follow-up on "Writing Effective Exam Items" to faculty members from Qatar University through Regional External Programs and the Center for Teaching and Learning Developed a proposal for a bridging program for RN-BSN for King Faysal Saoudi Health Research Center nurses Working on a proposal for continuing education for nurses from Syria and Iraq Working on continuing nursing education (CNE) policies and procedures for the Order of Nurses in Lebanon Coordinated the completion of the Jabal Amel Women Association project

    • • • •

    Laila Farhood •

    Clinical Associate Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine. Clinical activities include psychiatric assessment and psychotherapy (individual, couple, and family therapy) in in-patient and out-patient settings. Reappointed to WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Nursing, 2009- ll.

    Huda Abu-Saad Huijer •

    Organized scientific meetings on pain and palliative care as President of Lebanese Society for the Study of Pain and member of the Board of the Lebanese Cancer Society. HSON coordinator of the Mohammad Almana' College of Health Sciences (MACHS) developed in close collaboration with faculty members from HSON, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Regional External Programs (REP). Meetings and consultations ongoing. Co-Chair, Steering Committee Pediatric Palliative Care in Europe, and editor of booklet 'Palliative Care for Infants, Children, and Young Adults; The Facts' funded by the Maruzza Lefebvre Foundation, Rome, Italy. Member, International Scientific Advisory Board, Centre of Excellence in Pediatric Pain Management, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, Kuwait. Member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Expanded Review Panel on Pain Guidelines, 2009. Member, Initiative to Improve Cancer Care in the Arab World (ICCAW), 2010. Member, Advisory Committee, Center for Research, Training, and Policy in Arab Mental Health, Faculty of Medicine. Member of the Board, Lebanese Center for Palliative Care

    • • • • •

    Sana Marini •

    Organized the Nursing and Healthcare Informatics course: EMMIT NI 201 0; May 6-12; as chair of the local organizing committee and member of the Scientific Committee. Consultation on the JAW A project regarding the initiation of a nursing computer lab and simulation lab

    May Khoury •

    School ofNursing representative to the National Colloquium Committee, 2010


    Angela M.,soab • Mny 2010: L'resemcd community sessions on "Heallhy Ufestyle for Adolescents" in the City lmerrunional School for grades 6 through 9. • .June 20 10: Served as a member of the examinJng comminee for an applicant ror the MBA program at St Joseph's Univer.;ity. B. COMMI'ITEES

    MSN Coordinator: Samar Noureddine USN Coordinator. Mary Arevian (replaced by May Khoury, spring and summer 201 O) RN-BSN Coordinator. May Khoury (Nuhad Dumit; faU 2009) Researth Coordinator: Vacant CE/Ollilhore Programs Coordinator. Nuhad Dumit Stauding Committees Acaderale & Cu.rricu.lu_m Corru:n.ittt.e Hudn Abu-Saad Huijer (Chnir or representative) Myrna Doumit (Designated chair) Marina Adra Mary Arevian (E:<-officio) (replaced hy May Khoury, spring and summcr20JO) Hnln Darwish (Appointed) B. G rac~ Sulliv•n (Appointed) Christine Weir Abbyad (Appointed) AdmWion & Rccru.ihmmt Committee: Nuhad Azoury (Chair) May Khoury (Appointed) Dina Madi

    Snn11 M:arini

    Souhad Shbcir (Appointed) Advisory Commjttee: Huda Abu-Saad Huijer (Chair) Mary Arevian (replaced hy Myma Doumil spring and summer 2010) J,.aila Ft1thood

    Samar Noureddinc G.radur~te Studies Committee:

    Srunar Nouretldine (Chair) Michael Clinton (Appointed) Myrno Doumit (Appointed) Laila farhood

    Huda Huijer (F-x-'Ofticio)

    Gladys Mouro (inviled mernher r~presenring AUBMC Nursing Services)


    Research & Continuing Education Committee: Laila Farhood (Chair appointed) Mary Arevian Michael Clinton Hala Darwish (Appointed) Nuhad Dumit Huda Abu-Saad Huijer (Ex-officio) Samar Noureddine Souhad Shbeir (Appointed) Hera Tashjian (Invited member representing AUBMC Nursing Services)

    Student Affairs Committee: Mary Arevian (Chair) May Khoury (Nuhad Dumit; fall2009), Class advisor BSN II Dina Madi, Class Advisor BSN III Dina Madi, NSS advisor (Chair) Sana Marini, Class Advisor BSN IV

    HSON Strategy Review Team Committee Huda Abu-Saad Huijer Ghassan Afram Samar Noureddine

    HSON Task Force on Bylaws Samar Noureddine (Chair) Marina Adra Mary Arevian

    HSON Task Force on Organizational Structure Micheal Clinton (Chair) Nuhad Dumit Laila Farhood Huda Abu-Saad Huijer

    HSON Search Committee Huda Abu-Saad Huijer (Chair) Nuhad Dumit Laila Farhood Samar Noureddine

    HSON Social Committee Mary Arevian (Chair) (replaced by May Khoury, spring and summer 2010) Sara Abboud May Khoury Sana Marini

    HSON Catalogue Committee Mary Arevian, BSN coordinator (replaced by May Khoury, spring and summer 20 I 0) May Khoury, RN-BSN coordinator Samar Noureddine, MSN coordinator


    HSON Representatives on AUB, Faculty of Medicine, & AUBMC Nursing Services Committees Commencement; May Khowy Senate; Huda Abu-Saad Huijer, Laila Farhood University Unified Admissions Committee; May Khoury University Learning Outcomes Coordinating Committee; Nuhad Durnil University General Education Committee; Nuhad Dwnit New Student Orientation Program Committee; Dina Madi, Sana Marini I .ibrary Committee; Mary Arevian Health Ethics Committee; May Khoury Research Committee Faculty of Medicine; Laila Farhood Faculty of Medicine Graduate Studies Committee; Samar Nonreddine Joint Committee HSON/Nursing Services; Samar Noureddine, Nuhad Azoury, Mary Arevian AUBMC Nursing Services Education Council: Nuhad Durnit AUBMC Nursing Services APN Council: Myrna Doumit AUBMC Nursing Services Research Council: Samar Noureddine


    Weir Abbyad Recycling Task Force, Chair Sigma Theta Tau Task Force, Acting Chair Tobacco Control Research Group, Member University Wellness Committee, Member Team based learning (TBL) support group, Member

    Marina Adra Nurses' Chapter AlJB Alumni Association, Member Clearance Officer: School of Nursing

    Mary Arevian Al!B Alumni Association, Member Nurses' Chapter AUB Alumni Association, Member

    Michael Clinton Al lB Institutional Review Board- Biomedical, Member Institutional Review Board- Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vice-Chair

    Hala Darwish Served on the AUB New Faculty Orientation Panel (September 2009) Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, President

    Myrna Doumit Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member

    NuhadDumit University Learning Outcomes Coordinating Committee, Member


    Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Advisory Committee, Member Senate Committee on General Education, Member Search Committee for Nursing Director, AUBMC Nursing Department, Member FM Task Force for collaboration with King Faysal Saoudi Health Research Center, Member Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member

    Huda Abu-Saad Huijer Board of Deans, Ex-Officio Member Expanded Advisory Committees, Appointed Member Worldwide Alumni Association of AUB (WAAAUB), elected Council Member Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member Task Force on Heart Failure, Member

    May Khoury Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member

    Laila Farb.ood Worldwide Alumni Association of AUB (W AAAUB), elected Council Member

    Dina Madi Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member

    Angela Massoub. Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Vice President Task Force on Heart Failure, Member

    Samar Noureddine IRB for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Member Nurses Chapter, AUB Alumni Association, Member Consultant to JAW A project; conducted interviews with hospital and community center personnel, organized the school surveys, and submitted related reports.

    NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEES Mira Abi Saad Order ofNurses in Lebanon, Member

    Marina Adra Order ofNurses in Lebanon, Member Armenian ReliefCross, Member

    Christine Weir Abbyad Sigma Theta Tau, Member Lamaze International, Member Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses Southern Nursing Research Society, Member

    D-4 1

    Mal')' Arevlu Sism• Thc!a Tau lntematiooaLHooor Socoety of NW'Sit~$. Lambda PI Chapter Anncnion RdkfCrossln l.ebanoo (ARCL),IldM Branch. Mcmb
    Nubad iW>UI')' YWCA. Boord rresideno Voc::ulonBI Co1nminee, YWCA.. ChairCornmuni1y Services, YWCA, Member Hct~ld1 Cnrc Issues. Women's Prison, Baabda., Mttnbel Lcbnnese Hen1th Mnn3ge1net1l A.ssoci:uion, Member Mlch•el CIIDioo R~reh Eohics Committee ofUniversioy ofMonches of Alben• - Regb1gCVltnl - Follow until June 2010 Royal Coll"llc of NUTSCS Auslnllia- Fellow \lllllJ June 2010 Halo Oarwlsll Ordc:rofNurseson l.ebanoo, Member Socle1y for Newosciencc, Member \.1idwcst Nursing Research Society, Me.Ulber Nursinc llonor Society Sigma Theoa Tau (Rho Chnpoor), Mconbcr Michign_n Nutses Association, Member Myrna O.umil Order ~f Nurses in Lcbnnon, Member Sl~:vna Thttb Tnu ln t~rnntional, Honor Soctcry of lhlfju<:sne, School of Nursing Oncology NursingSodcoy, Member fnh:mtuionnl Soetct)' of Nurse Cancer Cru-e. Member

    Nu n!in~:&.

    Epsilon Phi Chapter.

    Nuhad Ouml1 Order of Nlltk$ on l.

    Arab Forum for Social Science & Hcahh, Member NOUR Arab Women's As.«>eiation, Member American Psychiatric Nurses Associotion. Member Sigma Theta Tau International, Alpha Chapter, Mernller Arab Forum for Social Seienees and Hcctlth, M~nll;cr APNA American r•sychiatrlc Nursing Association. Member NOUR Arab Womet•'s Association, m~;..'lllbc:r Bud• Abu-Slllld Huijcr Lebanese: Society for the Study of Pain {!.SSP), President l.cbam:S<: Cancer Society (LCS), elected Board Member Pain Relief and Palliative Care Group ofLCS, Member Lebanese Society of Frunil}' Medicine, Public Advisory Board, Me.mber OrderofNur:':cS in Lebanon. Member S.igmu Thetu Tau lnlemational Nursing Honor Society, Member lntcnuuional Association for the SIUdy of Pain (I ASP). Member LASP Special lnteresl Group on Pnin in Children, Fowlding Member European As.-;ociation for Palliative Care., Mernbe.r Research Network lntcmationaJ Association for llle. .Study of Pain, Member of Pain Curriculum and Nomination Cornminees JntemationaJ Assoeiatjon for lhc Study of Pain. Member of tl1e Fc llow~hips. Grants. and Award:; Committ<..-c Task Force on Pediatric Palliative Core in l}.urope, Chair International Scientific Advisory ~•rd~ Centre of Excellerice in Peditllric Pain Management, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait Urliverslt)•, Kuwail World Health Organization (WHO), M•.mbe.- of the Expanded Review Panel on Pain Guidel~s.lnitiativc to Improve Cnn¢
    Order of Nurses in Lebanon, Member The Lebanese Health Association, Board member Sigma Them Tou lmernmional, XiPi Chapter, Member

    Sane Marini Order of Nurses in Lebanon, Member UvfiA..NJ International Medical lnformalic!l Assoc:iatioo- nuTSing lnfonnatics special group NuJSes Chap1er of the Alwnni A;;sociotion Capital Area Roundtable on lnfonnatics in Nursing (CAJUNG) Network, Member F"nergeney NuJSe< A~eiation (EN A), Member Angela Musouh

    Order of Nurses in Lebanon, Member American Association or Critical Care Nurses. Member

    SlUDer Nollreddlzle Onlcr or Nw:lleS tn lebanon. Member Sicn>A 1neta Tau ln~A!mational, RhO Chapter, Membtr Midwest NW1in;! RCSlion of Critical Core Nur>cS. Mcmbtr AmcricM tleart Association. Mcmbtr Scicruific Committee, Council on Catdiovnsc:ulnr NurstnJinnd AIUed Htnhh, Membtr Cordiovusculllt Council for Nursing and Allied tlcahh Profcssiontlb of the Europenn Society ofCordiolol!.)l (W024). Member vtl.


    HSON is lnv()Jvcd in o growing number of n~tionu l 1md rc;ionol C!Onsultnney projects c:oordlrullod by AUB's Office of Regional EX1cmal Programs. • NSON tw an ongoing proje<:t wi1h the Mohammad Ain1AM' College of Heahh Sdcnccs (!\tACHS) in AI-Kbobar, Saudi Ar:tbil. which includes tho: Divisions of N.Wns. Plwmacy, and Medical Lobonotol)' TeGhnoloay. .Wivitics include ina. and offering curriculum de•'
    • IISON is also involved in a projeet ut the King FOlJ.'II Spocialisl Hospiml and Center in Saudi Aro.bia whic-h focuses on nut8lng cduatioo and aims lo uparode diplomo nurses to o BS degree throuah AUB's bridging RN-BSN •

    prognrm. At tho rt•quest of the Mini$11)' of llealth In

    Cypru.'l, II SON f>eulty developed I 0 coui'SC5 on clinical nnd mantlgement topics for selected he:lhh professionals in CypM. The <:oursc on geriatric nursing was o fTc.rcd in Stpternbtr 2009 10 nurses

    nnd UUJ"Se ntnunget!:l from differ~11 hospimJ!;,

    • Similnrly, HSON has been approached to provide courses and tmiuing in Syria to ro{liStcrod nurses in oil specialty areas. • 1 he Jnbal Amcl Women's Association [JA WAI projecl to evnllliltc the current BT n1111ing progrnm in Kfarbatto Tcchnictd School and mike reeonuncodotions for a possible opgrodc to a BS lcvd program wu «>mplotcd Rccomrncodotions were nlldo for progr:tm dc\•elopmtng. Unlred SUlles, SinGe 2006. • Dr. Samar Noun:ddine. AdjwtCt Associate Profc.ssor, Jolu\5 Hopkins University, School of' Nursing, United States, since2006. • Dr. lluda Abu~Saad l4uijer received the l..ifetime Acllievcmcnl Award from t11e

    • Dr. llud.> Abu-Soad Huijcr. Honomry


    McJI;UIIan Conctr SupJXlri and The International Journal of f>alliativc Nursing in London, February 2010. •

    Dr. Huda Abu·Saad Huijer was selected as an lnlfnmtional Fellow to the

    American Academy of for induction in November 2010.

    • Dr. Huda Abu-Solld Huijer received lhe High Achievement Awnrd for



    Alumni Nurses Chapter.

    1X- ACHIEVING FACULTY STATUS FOR HSON HSON applied for faculty status in 2008 ond submiued a follow-up leuer in Oetober 2009. Achieving faculty StAtUS bas lx:en one of the school's major S1rategic goals for mru:ay yenrs. We believe lbat a number of recent devcJopmcots provide slrong support for our application: the receipt of unconditional acc,reditation by <.:ommission on Collegiate Nu.r$iog Education, our success in reecuiting highly quaJified stutfentS nod PhD prepared foculty, os weU as lhe major gift that HSON received in 2008 to endow funds ibr scholarships and the establishment of academic chairs as welJ as financial

    suppOrl for the new building. 111is past year, HSON has achieved a numbe:;r of miJcstones:

    • l'he Board of trustees Conuniuee on Medicine and Health met with the HSON

    • • • • •

    • •

    direc.tor and faculty 0 11 February 16. 2010 to discu.<;.c; JISON'!\ tnln5:ition to faculty status. Follow-up meetings with Provost Ahmad Dallal and Dean Mohamed Sayegh took place. Based on recommendations from tbe Board of Trustees. tl1e propo.W was revl~d; in addition, a business: plru1 wn.~ prepared and submiued to the presjdent., provost, and VP and Medica) dean. It was agreed that the HSON should function autonomously during a trnnsitionaJ period. II SON Director lluijer was invited to serve as ;m ex-oflicio member of the Board

    of Deans. HSON now processes g.raduate studies applications. acceptances, and graduation requiremec1ts. HSON processes tt.Uappointments, rC3ppoin tmcnl~. and promotion app l ication.~ HSON manages il'i own funds and will be authorized to use any surplus for HSON scholwshiJ>:S and program development. The Facuhy or Medicine ...,.;)I train an HSON officer to asswnc rtSponsibifity for HSON OnanciaJ matters. HSON proposes 10 the provost 1hc nwncs of nur..;ing fncuhy to serve 011 AU und Senate committees. HSON faculty discussed and approved a new organizationaJ structure for the school.




    • •

    • •

    HSON will submit its Accreditation Interim Report in December 20 I 0 based on the CCNE standards and indicators listed in the HSON Comprehensive Evaluation Plan. HSON plans to launch a number of new academic programs: o Accelerated BA/BS-BSN (second degree) will be launched summer 2011 if there are a sufficient number of applicants. There will be promotional campaigns in Lebanon and the region to publicize the new degree program. o Postgraduate certificates in community nursing, leadership and management, and nursing informatics are currently being developed and will be launched in 2010-11. o HSON will launch the MSN pediatrics track if there are a sufficient number of applicants. HSON is currently recruiting for PhD prepared faculty with expertise in pediatric nursing. o Collaborative PhD program with Johns Hopkins University is still awaiting funding. HSON is currently looking at the possibility of developing a PhD degree program with the Faculty of Medicine in the short term. Summer Nursing Institute: HSON will continue to collaborate with partners in the United States and with experts in the region and in Lebanon to offer high-quality courses on special topics. These courses are open to our MSN students and other participants from Lebanon and the region. HSON plans to continue offering post-basic courses and workshops addressing clinical, research, and management issues as needed. Student recruitment will continue to be a priority. The HSON awarded 14 merit scholarships this year and is currently working to secure additional financial support in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and bank loans for BSN students. The recruitment of an endowed chair to direct HSON's Center for Nursing Research will be an immediate priority. We are hoping to work with AUBMC and the Faculty of Medicine to strengthen this effort. Collaboration with AUBMC/Nursing Services continues to be an important priority for HSON. Three joint appointments have been approved; two more are pending. When fully approved, the new HSON organizational structure will support joint appointments with AUBMC Nursing Services in nursing research and continuing nursing education. The establishment of a joint Centre for Nursing Research and a Joint Office/Institute for Continuing Nursing Education will be discussed. The establishment of joint appointments with the Faculty of Medicine were discussed and approved for possible implementation in September 2011. REP projects: We plan to continue to be involved in national and regional projects depending on the availability of human resources.


    • We are currendy working on cqwppong the HSON OuHding \\

2009 - American University of Beirut


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